International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.44, No.60 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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31700 - 31711 Optimization of a fluidized bed reactor for methane decomposition over Fe/Al2O3 catalysts: Activity and regeneration studies
Qian JX, Enakonda LR, Wang WJ, Gary D, Del-Gallo P, Basset JM, Liu DB, Zhou L
31712 - 31723 Techno - Economic assessment of flexible decarbonized hydrogen and power co-production based on natural gas dry reforming
Szima S, Cormos CC
31724 - 31730 Hydrogen bubble evolution from magnetized nickel wire electrode
Liu HB, Zhong DH, Han JX, Pan LM, Liu Y
31731 - 31744 Numerical simulation and exergoeconomic analysis of a high temperature polymer exchange membrane electrolyzer
Toghyani S, Baniasadi E, Afshari E
31745 - 31756 Kinetics of formic acid decomposition in subcritical and supercritical water - a Raman spectroscopic study
Pinkard BR, Gorman DJ, Rasmussen EG, Kramlich JC, Reinhall PG, Novosselov IV
31757 - 31771 Experimental and numerical study of syngas production during premixed and ultra-rich partial oxidation of methane in a porous reactor
Nourbakhsh H, Shahrouzi JR, Ebrahimi H, Zamaniyan A, Nasr MRJ
31772 - 31779 Energy efficiency control of hydrogen production using exothermic reaction heat
Isakou GI, Suleymanou AS, Isakoua VG
31780 - 31789 Controlled growth of hierarchical FeCo2O4 ultrathin nanosheets and Co3O4 nanowires on nickle foam for supercapacitors
Wu QF, Zhao YH, Yu J, Song DL, Chen RR, Liu Q, Li RM, Fan MQ
31790 - 31799 Photochemical characteristics of Chlamydomonas mutant hpm91 lacking proton gradient regulation 5 (PGR5) during sustained H-2 photoproduction under sulfur deprivation
Chen M, Liu P, Zhang F, Peng LW, Huang F
31800 - 31807 Optimized photoactive coatings prepared with functionalized TiO2
Treekamol Y, Schieda M, Herrmann-Geppert I, Klassen T
31808 - 31831 GIS based multi-criteria decision making for solar hydrogen production sites selection in Algeria
Messaoudi D, Settou N, Negrou B, Settou B
31832 - 31840 Cd0.5Zn0.5S/Ni2P noble-metal-free photocatalyst for high-efficient photocatalytic hydrogen production: Ni2P boosting separation of photocarriers
Yu TP, Si YY, Lv ZH, Wang KH, Zhang Q, Liu X, Wang GX, Xie GW, Jiang LH
31841 - 31852 High efficient biohydrogen production from palm oil mill effluent by two-stage dark fermentation and microbial electrolysis under thermophilic condition
Khongkliang P, Jehlee A, Kongjan P, Reungsang A, O-Thong S
31853 - 31859 Green synthesis of well dispersed TiO2/Pt nanoparticles photocatalysts and enhanced photocatalytic activity towards hydrogen production
Lin XB, Wang JH
31860 - 31872 Bio-hydrogen production from tequila vinasses: Effect of detoxification with activated charcoal on dark fermentation performance
Garcia-Becerra M, Macias-Muro M, Arellano-Garcia L, Aguilar-Juarez O
31873 - 31883 Catalytic DBD plasma reactor for low temperature partial oxidation of methane: Maximization of synthesis gas and minimization of CO2
Shareei M, Taghvaei H, Azimi A, Shahbazi A, Mirzaei M
31884 - 31891 Photo-electrocatalytic water oxidation based on an earth-abundant metallic semiconductor-molecule hybrid photoanode
Hu GL, Lei YJ, Hu R, Sun HM, Gu Q, Ren DZ, Wang HY
31892 - 31901 Light-driven proton reduction with in situ supported copper nanoparticles
Kreft S, Sonneck M, Lunge H, Papcke A, Kammer A, Kreyenschulte C, Lochbrunner S, Wohlrab S, Beller M
31902 - 31915 Water splitting catalysis beginning with FeCo2S4@Ni(OH)(2): Investigation of the true catalyst with favorable stability
Du XQ, Huang CR, Zhang XS
31916 - 31929 Excellent visible light photocatalytic efficiency of Na and S co-doped g-C3N4 nanotubes for H-2 production and organic pollutant degradation
Chen KL, Zhang SS, Yan JQ, Peng W, Lei DP, Huang JH
31930 - 31939 One-pot synthesis of MoS2/CdS nanosphere heterostructures for efficient H-2 evolution under visible light irradiation
Li LL, Yin XL, Pang DH, Du XX, Xue H, Zhou HW, Yao QX, Wang HW, Qian JC, Yang J, Li DC, Dou JM
31940 - 31948 Niobium-based semiconductor electrodes for hydrogen evolution reaction
Franceschini EA, Hainer A, Lanterna AE
31949 - 31959 Waste wine mash-derived doped carbon materials as an efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
Wang YY, Duan DC, Ma JJ, Gao W, Peng HL, Huang PR, Lin XC, Xu F, Sun LX
31960 - 31968 The catalytic performance enhancement of Ni2P electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction by carbon-based substrates
Ma D, Meng K, Ma JZ, Jia ZJ, Wang Y, Liu LJ, Zhu GM, Qi T
31969 - 31978 In-situ synthesis of BiVO4 QDs/cellulose fibers composite for photocatalytic application
Wang T, Liu XQ, Han DL, Sun YX, Ma CC, Liu Y, Huo PW, Yan YS
31979 - 31986 Cu2-xSe@CuO core-shell assembly grew on copper foam for efficient oxygen evolution
Wei CC, Zhong DZ, Li DD, Hao GY, Liu G, Li JP, Zhao Q
31987 - 31994 A partial sulfidation approach that significantly enhance the activity of FeCo layered double hydroxide for oxygen evolution reaction
Qiao XS, Kang HJ, Wu JZ, Li Y, Wang Q, Jia X, Qiao YD, Lu ST, Wu XH, Qin W
31995 - 32002 Insights on the electrooxidation of ethanol with Pd-based catalysts in alkaline electrolyte
Torrero J, Montiel M, Pena MA, Ocon P, Rojas S
32003 - 32018 Si-MCM-41 obtained from different sources of silica and its application as support for nickel catalysts used in dry reforming of methane
Aguiar M, Cazula BB, Colpini LMS, Borba CE, da Silva FA, Noronha FB, Alves HJ
32019 - 32029 Micrometer-Scale biomass carbon tube matrix auxiliary MoS2 heterojunction for electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Qiao SL, Zhao J, Zhang BY, Liu CH, Li Z, Hu SZ, Li Q
32030 - 32041 Kinetic study of the effects of pH on the photocatalytic hydrogen production from alcohols
Estahbanati MRK, Mahinpey N, Feilizadeh M, Attar F, Iliuta MC
32042 - 32053 Fabrication of a Cu2-xSe/rGO heterojunction photocatalyst to achieve efficient photocatalytic H-2 generation
Xie X, Wang RM, Liu EZ, Fan J, Chen B, Hu XY
32054 - 32065 Metal-organic framework derived Co@NC/CNT hybrid as a multifunctional electrocatalyst for hydrogen and oxygen evolution reaction and oxygen reduction reaction
Yu DS, Ilango PR, Han SL, Ye M, Hu YX, Li LL, Peng SJ
32066 - 32079 Use of a micro-porous membrane multi-tubular fixed-bed reactor for tri-reforming of methane to syngas: CO2, H2O or O-2 side-feeding
Alipour-Dehkordi A, Khademi MH
32080 - 32094 Numerical investigation on implication of dual cavity on combustion characteristics in strut based scramjet combustor
Suneetha L, Randive P, Pandey KM
32095 - 32100 A new catalyst (colemanite) for coal-to-liquid technology; a case study for the liquefaction of Elbistan Lignite: the effect of colemanite and Fe2O3 catalyst blending
Koyunoglu C, Karaca H
32101 - 32111 Unusual adsorption behavior of hydrogen molecules on Zr-doped perfect and oxygen-vacancy defective rutile TiO2(110) surfaces: Periodic DFT study
Panta R, Ruangpornvisuti V
32112 - 32123 In situ observation of hydride nucleation and selective growth in magnesium thin-films with environmental transmission electron microscopy
Hamm M, Bongers MD, Roddatis V, Dietrich S, Lang KH, Pundt A
32124 - 32135 Can fool's gold "pyrite" become real gold as a catalyst for clean-energy H-2 production?
Inger E
32136 - 32150 Modeling hydrogen networks for future energy systems: A comparison of linear and nonlinear approaches
Reuss M, Welder L, Thurauf J, Linssen J, Grube T, Schewe L, Schmidt M, Stolten D, Robinius M
32151 - 32157 The effects of irradiation and high temperature on chemical states in Li2TiO3
Gu SX, Ji BL, Qi Q, Wang J, Zhou HS, Zhang YC, Luo GN
32158 - 32163 Operation of micro tubular solid oxide fuel cells integrated with propane reformers
Huang WH, Finnerty C, Wang K, Sharp R, Balili B
32164 - 32169 Zr doped BaFeO3-delta as a robust electrode for symmetrical solid oxide fuel cells
He W, Fan JC, Zhang H, Chen MN, Sun ZM, Ni M
32170 - 32183 A discrete particle packing model for the formation of a catalyst layer in polymer electrolyte fuel cells
So M, Park K, Ohnishi T, Ono M, Tsuge Y, Inoue G
32184 - 32191 Fabricating carbon nanocages as ORR catalysts in alkaline electrolyte from F127 self-assemble core-shell micelle
Qiu ZY, Huang NB, Zhang JJ, Zhou SX, Wang P
32192 - 32200 Electricity production characterization of a Sediment Microbial Fuel Cell using different thermo-treated flat carbon cloth electrodes
Tran TV, Lee IC, Kim K
32201 - 32209 CHS-WSiA doped hexafluoropropylidene-containing polybenzimidazole composite membranes for medium temperature dry fuel cells
Ooi YX, Ya KZ, Maegawa K, Tan WK, Kawamura G, Muto H, Matsuda A
32210 - 32218 Co-free La0.6Sr0.4Fe0.9Nb0.1O3-delta symmetric electrode for hydrogen and carbon monoxide solid oxide fuel cell
Bian LZ, Wang LJ, Duan CC, Cai CK, Song XW, An SL
32219 - 32230 Performance and durability studies of perfluorosulfonic acid ionomers as binders in PEMFC catalyst layers using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
Balogun EO, Hussain N, Chamier J, Barendse P
32231 - 32239 Improving cell performance and alleviating performance degradation by constructing a novel structure of membrane electrode assembly (MEA) of DMFCs
Sun W, Zhang WQ, Su HN, Leung PK, Xing L, Xu L, Yang CZ, Xu Q
32240 - 32253 Numerical investigation of wavy wall strut fuel injector for hydrogen fueled scramjet combustor
Kummitha OR, Pandey KM, Gupta R
32254 - 32270 Fundamental characterization of backfire in a hydrogen fuelled spark ignition engine using CFD and experiments
Dhyani V, Subramanian KA
32271 - 32279 In-line adsorption system for reducing cold-start ammonia emissions from engines fueled with ammonia and hydrogen
Koike M, Suzuoki T
32280 - 32291 Observing hydrogen in steel using cryogenic atom probe tomography: A simplified approach
Chen YS, Bagot PAJ, Moody MP, Haley D
32292 - 32306 Hydrogen embrittlement behavior of high strength low carbon medium manganese steel under different heat treatments
Du Y, Gao XH, Lan LY, Qi XY, Wu HY, Du LX, Misra RDK
32307 - 32322 Theoretical study of the insertion and diffusivity of hydrogen in the Ti3Al-D0(19) system: Comparison with Ti-hcp and TiAl-L1(0) systems
Connetable D
32323 - 32331 On the role of nitrogen on hydrogen environment embrittlement of high-interstitial austenitic CrMnC(N) steels
Egels G, Fussik R, Weber S, Theisen W
32332 - 32342 Suppression effects of ultrafine water mist on hydrogen/methane mixture explosion in an obstructed chamber
Wen XP, Wang MM, Su TF, Zhang SM, Pan RK, Ji WT
32343 - 32350 External overpressure of vented hydrogen-air explosion in the tube
Cao Y, Wang YX, Song XZ, Xing HD, Li B, Xie LF
32351 - 32361 Study of a GaN Schottky diode based hydrogen sensor with a hydrogen peroxide oxidation approach and platinum catalytic metal
Liu IP, Chang CH, Ke BY, Lin KW