International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.44, No.5 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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2417 - 2425 A monolith CuNiFe/gamma-Al2O3/Al catalyst for steam reforming of dimethyl ether and applied in a microreactor
Deng XQ, Yang TT, Zhang Q, Chu YM, Luo J, Zhang L, Li P
2426 - 2434 Avenues to the financial viability of microbial electrolysis cells [MEC] for domestic wastewater treatment and hydrogen production
Aiken DC, Curtis TP, Heidrich ES
2435 - 2445 Corrosion-protection of moulded graphite conductive plastic bipolar plates in PEM electrolysis by plasma processing
Sievers GW, Anklam K, Henkel R, Hickmann T, Bruser V
2446 - 2453 Mixed-metal organic framework-coated ZnO nanowires array for efficient photoelectrochemical water oxidation
Peng Z, Abbas SC, Lv JQ, Yang R, Wu MX, Wang Y
2454 - 2460 Electrolysis of humidified methane to hydrogen and carbon dioxide at low temperatures and voltages
Hori T, Ma Q, Kobayashi K, Nagao M, Teranishi S, Hibino T
2461 - 2473 Low temperature glycerol steam reforming over a Rh-based catalyst combined with oxidative regeneration
Silva JM, Ribeiro LS, Orfao JJM, Soria MA, Madeira LM
2474 - 2507 A review on photoelectrochemical hydrogen production systems: Challenges and future directions
Ahmed M, Dincer I
2508 - 2518 A new insight for photocatalytic hydrogen production by a Cu/Ni based cyanide bridged polymer as a co-catalyst on titania support in glycerol water mixture
Ibrahim S, Cheng YD, Zhao D, Nadeem MA
2519 - 2532 Solar-driven high temperature hydrogen production via integrated spectrally split concentrated photovoltaics (SSCPV) and solar power tower
Kaleibari SS, Zhang YP, Abanades S
2533 - 2545 Genetically engineered hydrogenases promote biophotocatalysis-mediated H-2 production in the green alga Chlorella sp. DT
Yang DW, Syn JW, Hsieh CH, Huang CC, Chien LF
2546 - 2559 Reactivity of Co-doped Ca2Fe2O5 brownmillerite oxides as oxygen carriers for microalgae chemical looping gasification
Liu GC, Liao YF, Wu YT, Ma XQ
2560 - 2568 Improvement of photofermentative biohydrogen production using pre-treated brewery wastewater with banana peels waste
Al-Mohammedawi HH, Znad H, Eroglu E
2569 - 2579 Exergy analysis of biomass staged-gasification for hydrogen-rich syngas
Li Q, Song GH, Xiao J, Sun TT, Yang K
2580 - 2591 Reconstruction of a genome-scale metabolic model for Auxenochlorella protothecoides to study hydrogen production under anaerobiosis using multiple optimal solutions
Mekanik M, Motamedian E, Fotovat R, Jafarian V
2592 - 2602 Efficient hydrogen gas production from molasses in hybrid anaerobic-activated sludge-rotating biological contactor
Mohammadi M, Mohammadi P, Karami N, Barzegar A, Annuar MSM
2603 - 2619 A comprehensive mathematical model of a serial composite process for biomass and coal Co-gasification
Xiang XN, Gong GC, Shen YH, Wang CH, Shi Y
2620 - 2632 On the dynamics and reversibility of the deactivation of a Rh/CeO2-ZrO2 catalyst in raw bio-oil steam reforming
Remiro A, Ochoa A, Arandia A, Castano P, Bilbao J, Gayubo AG
2633 - 2644 In situ generation of nickel/carbon catalysts by partial gasification of coal char and application for methane decomposition
Zhang JB, Xie WT, Li X, Hao QQ, Chen HY, Ma XX
2645 - 2655 CoFe2O4 nanoparticles anchored on N/S co-doped mesoporous carbon spheres as efficient bifunctional electrocatalysts for oxygen catalytic reactions
Oh T, Park D, Kim J
2656 - 2663 Enhanced oxygen evolution reaction activity of NiFe layered double hydroxide on nickel foam-reduced graphene oxide interfaces
Li CC, Chen J, Wu Y, Cao WY, Sang SB, Wu QM, Liu HT, Liu KY
2664 - 2674 One-step preparation of Fe-doped Ni3S2/rGO@NF electrode and its superior OER performances
Shao DM, Li PW, Zhang RZ, Zhao CH, Wang DQ, Zhao CJ
2675 - 2684 One-step synthesis of petals-like graphitic carbon nitride nanosheets with triazole defects for highly improved photocatalytic hydrogen production
Wen X, Sun N, Tan YG, Wang WB, Yan CJ, Wang HQ
2685 - 2693 Novel one-step synthesis of nickel encapsulated carbon nanotubes as efficient electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Oluigbo CJ, Xie M, Ullah N, Yang SS, Zhao WT, Zhang MM, Lu XM, Xu YG, Xie JM
2694 - 2703 Influence of group IIA metals on the performance of the Ni-Cu/CeO2-Al2O3 catalysts in high-temperature water gas shift reaction
Maboudi NS, Meshkani F, Rezaei M
2704 - 2710 Ti3C2 MXene nanoparticles modified metal oxide composites for enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting
Yu XL, Wang T, Yin WC, Zhang YH
2711 - 2730 Green synthesis of Ag/Fe3O4/RGO nanocomposites by Punica Granatum peel extract: Catalytic activity for reduction of organic pollutants
Adyani SH, Soleimani E
2731 - 2740 Facile fabrication of stable PdCu clusters uniformly decorated on graphene as an efficient electrocatalyst for formic acid oxidation
Zhang Z, Gong YY, Wu DB, Li Z, Li Q, Zheng LW, Chen W, Yuan WY, Zhang LY
2741 - 2751 Fabrication of electrochemically interconnected MoO3/GO/MWCNTs/graphite sheets for high performance all-solid-state symmetric supercapacitor
Faraji M, Abedini A
2752 - 2759 Scalable preparation of PtPd/carbon nanowires in the form of membrane as highly stable electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction
Deng XT, Yin SF, Wu XB, Sun M, Li ZQ, Xie ZY, Liang YL, Huang QZ
2760 - 2769 Understanding the role of carbon in alkaline oxygen electrocatalysis: A case study on La0.6Sr0.4CoO3-delta/Vulcan carbon composite electrocatalyst
Mattick VF, Jin XF, White RE, Huang K
2770 - 2783 Photocatalytic hydrogen production by biomimetic indium sulfide using Mimosa pudica leaves as template
Carrasco-Jaim OA, Ahumada-Lazo R, Clark PCJ, Gomez-Solis C, Fairclough SM, Haigh SJ, Leontiadou MA, Handrup K, Torres-Martinez LM, Flavell WR
2784 - 2796 Mechanism to H-2 production on rhenium carbide from pyrolysis of coconut shell
Granados-Fitch MG, Quintana-Melgoza JM, Juarez-Arellano EA, Avalos-Borja M
2797 - 2810 2D MOFs enriched g-C3N4 nanosheets for highly efficient charge separation and photocatalytic hydrogen evolution from water
Liang YH, Shang R, Lu JR, An WJ, Hu JS, Liu L, Cui WQ
2811 - 2822 Cost-effective preparation of metal-free electrocatalysts by phosphoric acid activation of lignocellulosic materials for oxygen reduction reaction
Wang YF, Zuo SL, Miao M, Liu Y, Gu ZR, Jin YC
2823 - 2831 Chlorella-derived porous heteroatom-doped carbons as robust catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction in direct glucose alkaline fuel cell
Yang L, Liu XH, Ding J, Li SL, Dong F, Irfan M, Li Y, Wang GY, Du XW, Zhang PP
2832 - 2840 Mesoporous nickel-sulfide/nickel/N-doped carbon as HER and OER bifunctional electrocatalyst for water electrolysis
Ding JT, Ji S, Wang H, Gai HJ, Liu FS, Linkov V, Wang RF
2841 - 2847 A binary copper-nickel hierarchical structure templated by metal-organic frameworks for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction
Gan L, Fang J, Zhang K, Lai YQ, Li J
2848 - 2856 Production of hydrogen from steam reforming of methanol carried out by self-combusted CuCr1-xFexO2 (x=0-1) nanopowders catalyst
Hwang BY, Sakthinathan S, Chiu TW
2857 - 2867 A tetranuclear nickel(II) complex for water oxidation: Meeting new challenges
Azadi G, Zand Z, Mousazade Y, Bagheri R, Cui JF, Song ZL, Bikas R, Wozniak K, Allakhverdiev SI, Najafpour MM
2868 - 2876 Bundle-shaped cobalt-nickel selenides as advanced electrocatalysts for water oxidation
Tian L, Wang K, Wo HX, Pang XL, Zhai XH, Zhuang WC, Li TX, Chen Y
2877 - 2882 One-pot synthesis of Fe2O3/C by urea combustion method as an efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction
Zhang ZJ, Zhou DB, Bao XJ, Huang GH, Huang BY
2883 - 2888 Metal tungstate dominated NiCo2O4@NiWO4 nanorods arrays as an efficient electrocatalyst for water splitting
Du XQ, Shao QZ, Zhang XS
2889 - 2904 Fabrication, characterization, and application of palladium composite membrane on porous stainless steel substrate with NaY zeolite as an intermediate layer for hydrogen purification
Kiadehi AD, Taghizadeh M
2905 - 2917 Comparison of co-current and counter-current flow in a bifunctional reactor containing ammonia synthesis and 2-butanol dehydrogenation to MEK
Ghani R, Iranshahi D
2918 - 2925 Hydrogen evolution in the dehydrogenation of methylcyclohexane over Pt/Ce-Mg-Al-O catalysts derived from their layered double hydroxides
Wang WY, Miao L, Wu K, Chen GL, Huang YP, Yang YQ
2926 - 2933 Tuning the de/hydriding thermodynamics and kinetics of Mg by mechanical alloying with Sn and Zn
Zhong HC, Xu JB
2934 - 2942 Lithium decoration of boron-doped hybrid fullerenes and nanotubes as a novel 3D architecture for enhanced hydrogen storage: A DFT study
Bi L, Yin J, Huang X, Ren SL, Yan G, Wu Q, Wang YH, Yang ZH
2943 - 2950 Carbon layer supported nickel catalyst for sodium borohydride (NaBH4) dehydrogenation
Lee J, Shin H, Choi KS, Lee J, Choi JY, Yu HK
2951 - 2959 A experimental study on the dehydrogenation performance of dodecahydro-N-ethylcarbazole on M/TiO2 catalysts
Jiang Z, Gong X, Wang B, Wu ZQ, Fang T
2960 - 2975 Hydrogen storage of dual-Ti-doped single-walled carbon nanotubes
Yang L, Yu LL, Wei HW, Li WQ, Zhou X, Tian WQ
2976 - 2980 The effect of ball-milling gas environment on the sorption kinetics of MgH2 with/without additives for hydrogen storage
Alsabawi K, Gray EM, Webb CJ
2981 - 2987 XPS study on the vanadocene-magnesium system to understand the hydrogen sorption reaction mechanism under room temperature
Kumar S, Kojima Y, Kain V
2988 - 2996 Metal-organic frameworks based on monodisperse palladium-cobalt nanohybrids as highly active and reusable nanocatalysts for hydrogen generation
Sen B, Aygun A, Savk A, Yenikaya C, Cevik S, Sen F
2997 - 3012 Study of internal pressure strength of the titanium-steel composite tube based on yield and shear failure mechanisms
Deng KH, Li JL, Li B, Pen L, Liu WY, Lin YH
3013 - 3020 A novel battery-supercapacitor system with extraordinarily high performance
Lee SH, Jin BS, Kim HS, Ahn HJ, Lee BG
3021 - 3030 Code development for analyzing transient behaviors induced by the in-box LOCA of liquid blanket in hydrogen fusion energy systems
Meng Z, Zhang SC, Chen ZB, Wang SS, Wang CJ
3031 - 3054 Critical challenges in the system development of direct alcohol fuel cells as portable power supplies: An overview
Fadzillah DM, Kamarudin SK, Zainoodin MA, Masdar MS
3055 - 3062 Effect of humidity on La0.4Sr0.6Co0.2Fe0.7Nb0.1O3-delta cathode of solid oxide fuel cells
Wang JL, Yang ZB, He XF, Chen Y, Lei Z, Peng SP
3063 - 3074 Enhancing the long-term stability of Ag based seals for solid oxide fuel/electrolysis applications by simple interconnect aluminization
Si XQ, Cao J, Ritucci I, Talic B, Feng JC, Kiebach R
3075 - 3087 Cuckoo search algorithm with explosion operator for modeling proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Chen YP, Wang N
3088 - 3098 Enhanced performance of microbial fuel cells by electrospinning carbon nanofibers hybrid carbon nanotubes composite anode
Cai T, Huang MH, Huang YX, Zheng W
3099 - 3114 Novel proton exchange membranes based on proton conductive sulfonated PAMPS/PSSA-TiO2 hybrid nanoparticles and sulfonated poly (ether ether ketone) for PEMFC
Salarizadeh P, Javanbakht M, Pourmahdian S, Hazer MSA, Hooshyari K, Askari MB
3115 - 3120 Ag monolayer doped by Pt atom on WC (0001) surface: A good catalyst for H-2 dissociation with high sulfur tolerance
Zhang YX, Zhang XL, Yang ZX
3121 - 3137 Thermal management in PEMFCs: The respective effects of porous media in the gas flow channel
Pourrahmani H, Moghimi M, Siavashi M
3138 - 3143 High power direct methanol fuel cell for mobility and portable applications
Goor M, Menkin S, Peled E
3144 - 3156 Niobium doped amorphous carbon film on metallic bipolar plates for PEMFCs: First principle calculation, microstructure and performance
Hou K, Yi PY, Peng LF, Lai XM
3157 - 3169 Evaluation of pulse electroplated cobalt/yttrium oxide composite coating on the Crofer 22 APU stainless steel interconnect
Saeidpour F, Zandrahimi M, Ebrahimifar H
3170 - 3184 Numerical investigation of attached cavitating flow in thermo-sensitive fluid with special emphasis on thermal effect and shedding dynamics
Zhang SF, Li XJ, Hu B, Liu Y, Zhu ZC
3185 - 3194 Safety integrity level (SIL) determination for a maritime fuel cell system as electric propulsion in accordance with IEC 61511
Ahn J, Noh Y, Joung T, Lim Y, Kim J, Seo Y, Chang D
3195 - 3207 Response of heat release to equivalence ratio variations in high Karlovitz premixed H-2/air flames at 20 atm
Wang XJ, Jin T, Luo KH
3208 - 3220 Effect of hythane enrichment on performance, emission and combustion characteristics of an ci engine
Sandalci T, Isin O, Galata S, Karagoz Y, Guler I
3221 - 3229 Atom doping in alpha-Fe2O3 thin films to prevent hydrogen permeation
Li XL, Chen L, Liu HM, Mi ZS, Shi CM, Qiao LJ
3230 - 3239 Numerical simulation of the hydrogen trapping effect on crack propagation in API 5CT P110 steel under cathodic overprotection
Carrasco JP, Diniz DDS, Barbosa JMA, Silva AA, dos Santos MA
3240 - 3249 Adaptive back-stepping control for a permanent magnet synchronous generator wind energy conversion system
Wang J, Bo DD, Ma X, Zhang Y, Li ZJ, Miao Q
3250 - 3263 Thermodynamic analysis of plant-wide CLC-SESMR scheme for H-2 production: Studying the effect of oxygen carrier supports
Alam S, Sumana C
3264 - 3276 Experimental study of hydrogen explosion in repeated pipe congestion - Part 2: Effects of increase in hydrogen concentration in hydrogen-methane-air mixture
Shirvill LC, Roberts TA, Royle M, Willoughby DB, Sathiah P