International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.44, No.48 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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26109 - 26117 Synthesis and electrocatalytic activity of Ni0.85Se/MoS2 for hydrogen evolution reaction
Yang ZX, Cai Q, Feng CQ, Wu HM, Mei H
26118 - 26127 Plasma-assisted synthesis of three-dimensional hierarchical NiFeOx/NiFeP electrocatalyst for highly enhanced water oxidation in alkaline media
Zhang C, Gong N, Ding CY, Li Y, Peng WC, Zhang GL, Zhang FB, Fan XB
26128 - 26147 Methanol synthesis from renewable H-2 and captured CO2 from S-Graz cycle - Energy, exergy, exergoeconomic and exergoenvironmental (4E) analysis
Nami H, Ranjbar F, Yari M
26148 - 26157 Advanced Co3O4-CuO nano-composite based electrocatalyst for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline media
Tahira A, Ibupoto ZH, Willander M, Nur O
26158 - 26168 Catalyst-free low temperature conversion of n-dodecane for co-generation of COx-free hydrogen and C-2 hydrocarbons using a gliding arc plasma
Ma YC, Harding JD, Tu X
26169 - 26180 Effects of Pt3Ni alloy polyhedral and its de-alloying on CdS's performance in hydrogen evolution from water-splitting under visible light
Jia XJ, Ba QQ, Huang L, Devaraji P, Chen W, Li XY, Mao LQ
26181 - 26192 Catalytic supercritical water gasification of aqueous phase directly derived from microalgae hydrothermal liquefaction
Xu DH, Liu L, Wei N, Guo Y, Wang SZ, Wu ZQ, Duan PG
26193 - 26203 High quality H-2-rich syngas production from pyrolysis-gasification of biomass and plastic wastes by Ni-Fe@Nanofibers/Porous carbon catalyst
Zhang SP, Zhu SG, Zhang HL, Liu XZ, Xiong YQ
26204 - 26212 Cell degeneration and performance decline of immobilized Clostridium acetobutylicum on bagasse during hydrogen and butanol production by repeated cycle fermentation
Liu JY, Zhou WC, Fan SQ, Qiu BY, Wang YY, Xiao ZY, Tang XY, Wang WG, Jian SZ, Qin YM
26213 - 26225 Dark fermentative hydrogen production from food waste: Effect of biomass ash supplementation
Alavi-Borazjani SA, Capela I, Tarelho LAC
26226 - 26236 Polarity reversal facilitates the development of biocathodes in microbial electrosynthesis systems for biogas production
Li Z, Fu Q, Kobayashi H, Xiao S, Li J, Zhang L, Liao Q, Zhu X
26237 - 26247 A standardized biohydrogen potential protocol: An international round robin test approach
Carrillo-Reyes J, Tapia-Rodriguez A, Buitron G, Moreno-Andrade I, Palomo-Briones R, Razo-Flores E, Juarez OA, Arreola-Vargas J, Bernet N, Braga AFM, Braga L, Castello E, Chatellard L, Etchebehere C, Fuentes L, Leon-Becerril E, Mendez-Acosta HO, Ruiz-Filippi G, Tapia-Venegas E, Trably E, Wenzel J, Zaiat M
26248 - 26260 Maximum hydrogen production by using a gasifier based on the adaptive control design
Huang CN, Shen HT
26261 - 26270 Numerical simulation of effect of operating conditions on flash reduction behaviour of magnetite under H-2 atmosphere
Wang XN, Fu GQ, Li W, Zhu MY
26271 - 26284 Hetero-structure CdS-CuFe2O4 as an efficient visible light active photocatalyst for photoelectrochemical reduction of CO2 to methanol
Tarek M, Karim KMR, Sarkar SM, Deb A, Ong HR, Abdullah H, Cheng CK, Khan MMR
26285 - 26295 Pore-rich iron-nitrogen-doped carbon nanofoam as an efficient catalyst towards the oxygen reduction reaction
Xu HX, Li YS, Wang R
26296 - 26307 Ceria supported ruthenium nanoparticles: Remarkable catalyst for H-2 evolution from dimethylamine borane
Karaboga S, Ozkar S
26308 - 26321 The effect of imidazolium ionic liquid on the morphology of Pt nanoparticles deposited on the surface of SrTiO3 and photoactivity of Pt-SrTiO3 composite in the H-2 generation reaction
Zwara J, Paszkiewicz-Gawron M, Luczak J, Pancielejko A, Lisowski W, Trykowski G, Zaleska-Medynska A, Grabowska E
26322 - 26337 In situ reduction of graphene oxide by different plant extracts as a green catalyst for selective hydrogenation of nitroarenes
Kurt BZ, Durmus Z, Sevgi E
26338 - 26346 Ultrafine monodisperse NiS/NiS2 heteronanoparticles in situ grown on N-doped graphene nanosheets with enhanced electrocatalytic activity for hydrogen evolution reaction
Zhou GY, Chen Y, Dong H, Xu L, Liu X, Ge CW, Sun DM, Tang YW
26347 - 26360 A triptych photocatalyst based on the Co-Integration of Ag nanoparticles and carbo-benzene dye into a TiO2 thin film
Cure J, Cocq K, Mlayah A, Hungria T, Alphonse P, Chabal YJ, Maraval V, Chauvin R, Esteve A, Rossi C
26361 - 26372 Preparation of Pt/graphene catalysts for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells by strong electrostatic adsorption technique
Pothaya S, Regalbuto JR, Monnier JR, Punyawudho K
26373 - 26386 Multidisciplinary methods (co-precipitation, ultrasonic, microwave, reflux and hydrothermal) for synthesis and characterization of CaMn3O6 nanostructures and its photocatalytic water splitting performance
Gholamrezaei S, Ghiyasiyan-Arani M, Salavati-Niasari M, Moayedi H
26387 - 26395 Efficient oxygen reduction electrocatalysis on Mn3O4 nanoparticles decorated N-doped carbon with hierarchical porosity and abundant active sites
Wu FW, Feng BM, Li W, Liu H, Mei YH, Hu WH
26396 - 26404 Pure hydrogen production by steam reforming of methane mixtures with various propane contents in a membrane reactor with the industrial nickel catalyst and a Pd-Ru alloy foil
Didenko LP, Sementsova LA, Chizhov PE, Dorofeeva TV
26405 - 26418 Single- and double-bed pressure swing adsorption processes for H-2/CO syngas separation
Zhang NN, Xiao JS, Benard P, Chahine R
26419 - 26427 Interaction of O-2, H2O and H-2 with proton-conducting oxides based on lanthanum scandates
Farlenkov AS, Zhuravlev NA, Denisova TA, Ananyev MV
26428 - 26443 Synergetic effect of reactive ball milling and cold pressing on enhancing the hydrogen storage behavior of nanocomposite MgH2/10 wt% TiMn2 binary system
El-Eskandarany MS, Al-Ajmi F, Banyan M, Al-Duweesh A
26444 - 26458 Sonochemical synthesis of novel decorated graphene nanosheets with amine functional Cu-terephthalate MOF for hydrogen adsorption: Effect of ultrasound and graphene content
Dastbaz A, Karimi-Sabet J, Moosavian MA
26459 - 26468 Aluminum-silicon hydride clusters for prospective hydrogen storage
Ma L, Zhou T, Li JY, Chen HS
26469 - 26476 First-principles study of bubble formation and cohesion properties of hydrogen at Fe/W interfaces
Wang Q, Du GP, Chen N, Jiang CS
26477 - 26488 A novel hard-template method for fabricating tofu-gel based N self-doped porous carbon as stable and cost-efficient electrocatalyst in microbial fuel cell
Liu JT, Wei LL, Cao C, Lang FZ, Wang HQ, Shen JQ
26489 - 26497 Investigation on the oxygen reduction reaction mechanism of PrBa0.5Sr0.5Co1.5Fe0.5O5+delta@La2NiO4+delta core-shell structure cathode for solid oxide fuel cells
Li J, Liu B, Jia LC, Chi B, Pu J, Li J, Wang SM
26498 - 26516 Investigation of two-phase flow in the compressed gas diffusion layer microstructures
Zhou X, Niu ZA, Li YN, Sun XY, Du Q, Xuan J, Jiao K
26517 - 26529 A fast start up system for microfluidic direct methanol fuel cells
Massing J, van der Schoot N, Kahler CJ, Cierpka C
26530 - 26544 A new durable and high performance platinum supported on Ag-Ni-porous coordination polymer as an anodic DMFC nano-electrocatalyst: DFT and experimental investigation
Khakpour R, Peyravi M, Jahanshahi M, Lashkenari MS
26545 - 26553 High-performance anode for solid acid fuel cells prepared by mixing carbon substances with anode catalysts
Tada S, Tajima S, Fujiwara N, Kikuchi R
26554 - 26564 Investigation of perovskite oxide SrFe0.8Cu0.1Nb0.1O3-delta as cathode for a room temperature direct ammonia fuel cell
Zou PM, Chen SG, Lan R, Humphreys J, Jeerh G, Tao S
26565 - 26576 Facile construction of poly(arylene ether)s-based anion exchange membranes bearing pendent N-spirocyclic quaternary ammonium for fuel cells
Lin CX, Yu DM, Wang JX, Zhang Y, Xie D, Cheng FL, Zhang SG
26577 - 26588 Oxygen isotope exchange in proton-conducting oxides based on lanthanum scandates
Farlenkov AS, Khodimchuk AV, Shevyrev NA, Stroeva AY, Fetisov AV, Ananyev MV
26589 - 26596 Evaluation of laser-induced carbons with concentric graphitic layers for highly durable and adaptable at low humidity
Choi I
26597 - 26608 Heat release rate and thermal fume behavior estimation of fuel cell vehicles in tunnel fires
Seike M, Kawabata N, Hasegawa M, Tanaka H
26609 - 26623 Analysis of flame stabilization mechanism in a hydrogen-fueled reacting wall-jet flame
Wu WT, Piao Y, Liu H
26624 - 26636 Study of liquid oxygen and hydrogen diffusive flow past a sphere with rough surface
Patil PM, Shashikant A, Hiremath PS, Roy S
26637 - 26645 First principles investigations of hydrogen interaction with vacancy-oxygen complexes in vanadium alloys
Zhang PB, Zou TT, Feng SB, Zhao JJ
26646 - 26664 Low-operating temperature resistive nanostructured hydrogen sensors
Hashtroudi H, Atkin P, Mackinnon IDR, Shafiei M
26665 - 26678 Dynamic Bayesian network based approach for risk analysis of hydrogen generation unit leakage
Chang Y, Zhang CS, Shi JH, Li JY, Zhang SY, Chen GM
26679 - 26684 Numerical approach to evaluate performance of porous SiC5/4O3/2 as potential high temperature hydrogen gas sensor
Liao NB, Zheng BR, Zhang M, Xue W
26685 - 26697 Effect of helium implantation on the hydrogen retention of Cr2O3 films formed in an ultra-low oxygen environment
Zhou QY, Ling YH, Lu ZX, Zhang MY, Zhang ZJ, Xiao T, Wang RG
26698 - 26710 Modeling the mechanical response of gas hydrate reservoirs in triaxial stress space
Wu Y, Li N, Hyodo M, Gu MX, Cui J, Spencer BF