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19453 - 19473 Recent development in copula and its applications to the energy, forestry and environmental sciences
Bhatti MI, Do HQ
19474 - 19483 Molecular dynamics simulation on reaction and kinetics isotope effect of nano-aluminum and water
Dong RK, Mei Z, Xu SY, Zhao FQ, Ju XH, Ye CC
19484 - 19518 Mechanism and kinetics of the hydrogen evolution reaction
Lasia A
19519 - 19532 Correlative study of microstructure and performance for porous transport layers in polymer electrolyte membrane water electrolysers by X-ray computed tomography and electrochemical characterization
Majasan JO, Iacouiello F, Cho JIS, Maier M, Lu XK, Neville TP, Dedigama I, Shearing PR, Brett DJL
19533 - 19546 Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy analysis of V-I characteristics and a fast prediction model for PEM-based electrolytic air dehumidification
Li DJ, Qi RH, Zhang LZ
19547 - 19554 A safe and clean way to produce H2O2 from H-2 and O-2 within the explosion limit range
Sun B, Zhu HW, Liang WY, Zhang XM, Feng JJ, Xu W
19555 - 19562 Hydrogen impact on the shrinkage behaviors of wustite packed beds above 900 degrees C
Ma KH, Xu J, Deng JY, Kou MY, Wen LY
19563 - 19572 Catalysts evaluation for production of hydrogen gas and carbon nanotubes from the pyrolysis-catalysis of waste tyres
Li WP, Wei MM, Liu YQ, Ye YY, Li SR, Yuan WQ, Wang M, Wang D
19573 - 19584 Nanoporous nickel oxide catalyst with uniform Ni dispersion for enhanced hydrogen production from organic waste
Singh H, Yadav R, Farooqui SA, Dudnyk O, Sinha AK
19585 - 19594 A strategy for optimizing efficiencies of solar thermochemical fuel production based on nonstoichiometric oxides
Kong H, Kong XH, Wang HS, Wang J
19595 - 19602 Synthesis of CoMoO4/Co9S8 network arrays on nickel foam as efficient urea oxidation and hydrogen evolution catalyst
Du XQ, Huang CR, Zhang XS
19603 - 19613 Synergistic effects of multiple heterojunctions significantly enhance the photocatalytic H-2 evolution rate CdS/La2Ti2O7/NiS2 ternary composites
Yue JP, Xu JJ, Niu JF, Chen MD
19614 - 19627 Thermoeconomic analysis of a standalone solar hydrogen system with hybrid energy storage
Jafari M, Armaghan D, Mahmoudi SMS, Chitsaz A
19628 - 19639 Reforming of methanol with steam in a micro-reactor with Cu-SiO2 porous catalyst
Sarafraz MM, Safaei MR, Goodarzi M, Arjomandi M
19640 - 19649 Inserting MOF into flaky CdS photocatalyst forming special structure and active sites for efficient hydrogen production
Jin ZL, Wang ZJ, Yuan H, Han FL
19650 - 19657 Unassisted water splitting with 9.3% efficiency by a single quantum nanostructure photoelectrode
Alvi NU, Rodriguez PEDS, ul Hassan W, Zhou GF, Willander M, Notzel R
19658 - 19666 Size optimization and economic analysis of a coupled wind-hydrogen system with curtailment decisions
Jiang YW, Deng ZH, You S
19667 - 19675 A hematite photoelectrode grown on porous and conductive SnO2 ceramics for solar-driven water splitting
Bondarchuk AN, Corrales-Mendoza I, Tomas SA, Marken F
19676 - 19697 Recent developments of hydrogen production from sewage sludge by biological and thermochemical process
Liu Y, Lin RJ, Man Y, Ren JZ
19698 - 19708 H-2-rich biogas recirculation prevents hydrogen supersaturation and enhances hydrogen production by Thermotoga neapolitana cf. capnolactica
Dreschke G, Papirio S, d'Ippolito G, Panico A, Lens PNL, Esposito G, Fontana A
19709 - 19718 An efficient dark fermentative hydrogen production by GMV control of pH
Ozyurt B, Soysal F, Hitit ZY, Camcioglu S, Akay B, Ertunc S
19719 - 19729 HRT control as a strategy to enhance continuous hydrogen production from sugarcane juice under mesophilic and thermophilic conditions in AFBRs
Ferreira TB, Rego GC, Ramos LR, de Menezes CA, Soares LA, Sakamoto IK, Varesche MBA, Silva EL
19730 - 19741 Assessment of an Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle using waste tires for hydrogen and fresh water production
Hasan A, Dincer I
19742 - 19754 Syngas production by integrating CO2 partial gasification of pine sawdust and methane pyrolysis over the gasification residue
Zhang JB, Ren MY, Li X, Ge YJ, Gao FL, Chen HY, Hao QQ, Ma XX
19755 - 19761 FeMoO4-graphene oxide photo-electro-catalyst for berberine removal and hydrogen evolution
Tang LN, Liu L, Yang FL
19762 - 19770 Synthesis of Fe-ZSM-23 zeolite and its catalytic performance for the isomerization of n-dodecane
Chen XY, Xi HJ, Lin MG, Jia LT, Hou B, Li DB, Niu PY
19771 - 19781 Electrocatalytic properties of porous Ni-Co-WC composite electrode toward hydrogen evolution reaction in acid medium
Yang YF, Zhu X, Zhang BD, Yang H, Liang CJ
19782 - 19791 Zn doped ZIF67-derived porous carbon framework as efficient bifunctional electrocatalyst for water splitting
Peng WC, Zheng GX, Wang YB, Cao SY, Ji Z, Huan YH, Zou MQ, Yan XQ
19792 - 19804 Ni/NiO nanoparticles embedded inporous graphite nanofibers towards enhanced electrocatalytic performance
Wang P, Zhang X, Wei Y, Yang P
19805 - 19815 Heterostructured boron doped nanodiamonds@g-C3N4 nanocomposites with enhanced photocatalytic capability under visible light irradiation
Su LX, Liu ZY, Ye YL, Shen CL, Lou Q, Shan CX
19816 - 19826 A novel co-electrodeposited Co/MoSe2/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite as electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution
Khajehsaeidi Z, Sangpour P, Ghaffarinejad A
19827 - 19840 Influence of the preparation method in the metal-support interaction and reducibility of Ni-Mg-Al based catalysts for methane steam reforming
Azancot L, Bobadilla LF, Santos JL, Cordoba JM, Centeno MA, Odriozola JA
19841 - 19854 1D ZnFe2O4 nanorods coupled with plasmonic Ag, Ag2S nanoparticles and Co-Pi cocatalysts for efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting
Lan YY, Liu ZF, Liu G, Guo ZG, Ruan MN, Rong H, Li XF
19855 - 19867 Catalytic hydrotreating of pyro-oil derived from green microalgae spirulina the (Arthrospira) plantensis over NiMo catalysts impregnated over a novel hybrid support
Jafarian S, Tavasoli A, Nikkhah H
19868 - 19877 Carbon nanotubes-promoted Co-B catalysts for rapid hydrogen generation via NaBH4 hydrolysis
Shi LM, Chen Z, Jian ZY, Guo FH, Gao CL
19878 - 19889 Tailoring performance of Co-Pt/MgO-Al2O3 bimetallic aerogel catalyst for methane oxidative carbon dioxide reforming: Effect of Pt/Co ratio
Chen L, Huang QY, Wang YC, Xiao H, Liu WF, Zhang DC, Yang TZ
19890 - 19899 Phase controlled synthesis and the phase dependent photo-and electrocatalysis of CdS@CoMo2S4/MoS2 catalyst for HER
Sheng WH, Tian YY, Song Y, Ji J, Wang F
19900 - 19907 PdBi alloy nanoparticle-enhanced catalytic activity toward formic acid oxidation
Hong LY, Dong QZ, Qin Q, Li HZ, Xie J, Yu G, Chen H
19908 - 19919 Hydrogen-rich syngas production by catalytic cracking of tar in wastewater under supercritical condition
Yan M, Liu JY, Hantoko D, Kanchanatip E, Grisdanurak N, Cai Y, Gao ZL
19920 - 19928 DFT study on the oxygen titanium porphyrin as sustainable cyclic catalyst for water splitting
Yu HX, Mu HM, Zhu DR, Zhang Y, Wang XC, Zhang SXA
19929 - 19941 In-situ synthesis of PdAg/g-C3N4 composite photocatalyst for highly efficient photocatalytic H-2 generation under visible light irradiation
Xiao N, Li YD, Li SS, Li XL, Gao YQ, Ge L, Lu GW
19942 - 19952 The 2D RGO-NiS2 dual co-catalyst synergistic modified g-C3N4 aerogel towards enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production
Pan JQ, Wang BB, Dong ZJ, Zhao C, Jiang ZY, Song CS, Wang JJ, Zheng YY, Li CR
19953 - 19966 Surface modification of a Co9S8 nanorods with Ni(OH)(2) on nickel foam for high water splitting performance
Du XQ, Huang CR, Zhang XS
19967 - 19977 Facile fabrication of mesoporous biochar/ZnFe2O4 composite with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Chen D, Wang XN, Zhang XQ, Yang Y, Xu Y, Qian GR
19978 - 19985 Controllable synthesized CoP-MP (M=Fe, Mn) as efficient and stable electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction at all pH values
Du YM, Wang ZC, Li HD, Han Y, Liu YR, Yang Y, Liu YJ, Wang L
19986 - 19994 Construction of NiFeP/CoP nanosheets/nanowires hierarchical array as advanced electrocatalysts for water oxidation
Jiang XL, Li Y, He M, Zhou LX, Zheng QJ, Xie FY, Jie WJ, Lin DM
19995 - 20006 Bio-derived nanoporous activated carbon sheets as electrocatalyst for enhanced electrochemical water splitting
Prabu N, Kesavan T, Maduraiveeran G, Sasidharan M
20007 - 20016 Ca-Al layered double hydroxides-derived Ni-based catalysts for hydrogen production via auto-thermal reforming of acetic acid
Wang Q, Xie W, Jia XY, Chen BQ, An S, Xie XY, Huang LH
20017 - 20028 Optical properties of TiO2 thin films deposited by DC sputtering and their photocatalytic performance in photoinduced process
Cruz MRA, Sanchez-Martinez D, Torres-Martinez LM
20029 - 20041 Synthesis of mesoporous g-C3N4/S-PAN pi-conjugation heterojunction via sulfur-induced cyclization reaction for enhanced photocatalytic H-2 production
Che HN, Liu CB, Dong HJ, Li CM, Liu XT, Che GB
20042 - 20055 Phosphorus and sulphur co-doping of g-C3N4 nanotubes with tunable architectures for superior photocatalytic H-2 evolution
Liu ZG, Zhang X, Jiang ZX, Chen HS, Yang P
20056 - 20067 Hydroxyl-promoter on hydrated Ni-(Mg, Si) attapulgite with high metal sintering resistance for biomass derived gas reforming
Wei YX, Song M, Yu L, Meng FY, Xiao J
20068 - 20078 An experimental and theoretical study of the effect of Ce doping in ZnO/CNT composite thin film with enhanced visible light photo-catalysis
Elias M, Uddin MN, Hossain MA, Saha JK, Siddiquey IA, Sarker DR, Diba ZR, Uddin J, Choudhury MHR, Firoz SH
20079 - 20084 Amphiphilic micellar CdSe QD as microreactors to self-assemble nickel complexes for photosynthetic hydrogen evolution in water
Lei YJ, Liu S, Hu GL, Hu R, Yan RT, Lu YB, Wang HY
20085 - 20092 Galvanic exchange carving growth of Co-Fe LDHs with enhanced water oxidation
Ma YM, Wang K, Chen Y, Yang XX, Zhao S, Xi K, Xie SM, Ding SJ, Xiao CH
20093 - 20098 Hydrogenation and dehydrogenation cycle properties of Ti-Mn based alloy Ti0.93Zr0.07Mn1.15Cr0.35 in hydrogen gas
Noritake T, Aoki M
20099 - 20109 Hydrogen storage on cross stacking nanocones
El-Barbary AA
20110 - 20120 Green synthesis, characterization and investigation of the electrochemical hydrogen storage properties of Dy2Ce2O7 nanostructures with fig extract
Zinatloo-Ajabshir S, Salehi Z, Amiri O, Salavati-Niasari M
20121 - 20132 A first-principles simulation of the metal borohydride ammonia borane complex (LiBH4)(2)(NH3BH3) and the decomposition reaction pathway for hydrogen storage
Song Q, Zhao QF, Jiang ZY, Zhang ZY, Zhu HY
20133 - 20144 Hydrogen desorption/absorption properties of the extensively cold rolled beta Ti-40Nb alloy
de Araujo-Silva RA, Jorge AM, Vega LER, Neto RML, Leiva DR, Botta WJ
20145 - 20149 Deuterium absorption properties of V85Ni15 and evidence of isotope effect
Brutti S, Tosti S, Santucci A, Paolone A
20150 - 20157 Charge-controlled switchable H-2 storage on conductive borophene nanosheet
Li XF, Tan X, Xue QZ, Smith S
20158 - 20172 Thermal stratification suppression in reduced or zero boil-off hydrogen tank by self-spinning spray bar
Zuo ZQ, Sun PJ, Jiang WB, Qin XJ, Li P, Huang YH
20173 - 20182 MgH2-TiF4-MWCNTs based hydrogen storage tank with central tube heat exchanger
Thiangviriya S, Plerdsranoy P, Sitthiwet C, Dansirima P, Thongtan P, Eiamlamai P, Utke O, Utke R
20183 - 20190 From the can to the tank: NaAlH4 from recycled aluminum
Guerrero-Ortiz R, Tena-Garcia JR, Flores-Jacobo A, Suarez-Alcantara K
20191 - 20202 Generation of hydrogen from sodium borohydride at low temperature using metal halides additive
Singh PK, Sharan I, Kumar M, Das T
20203 - 20212 Hydrogen storage properties of 2 Mg-Fe mixtures processed by hot extrusion: Effect of ram speeds
Andreani GFD, Triques MRM, Leiva DR, Roche V, Cardoso KR, Ishikawa TT, Botta WJ, Jorge AM
20213 - 20222 Integration of hydrogenation and dehydrogenation system for hydrogen storage and electricity generation - simulation study
Hamayun MH, Hussain M, Maafa IM, Aslam R
20223 - 20238 Comparative study of the hydrogen isotopes yield from Ti, Zr, Ni, Pd, Pt during thermal, electric current and radiation heating
Tyurin YI, Sypchenko VS, Nikitenkov NN, Zhang HR, Chernou IP
20239 - 20248 "Preliminary results of hydrogen production from water vapor decomposition using DBD plasma in a PMCR reactor"
El-Shafie M, Kambara S, Hayakawa Y, Miura T
20249 - 20256 Low-temperature fabrication of Li2O porous ceramic pebbles by two-stage support decomposition
Chen RC, Yang M, Shi YL, Wang HL, Guo H, Zeng YY, Qi JQ, Shi QW, Liao ZJ, Lu TC
20257 - 20266 Fabrication of CoFe/N-doped mesoporous carbon hybrids from Prussian blue analogous as high performance cathodes for lithium-sulfur batteries
Qi WT, Wu WJ, Cao BQ, Zhang Y, Wu YC
20267 - 20277 A simple spray assisted method to fabricate high performance layered graphene/silicon hybrid anodes for lithium-ion batteries
Azeemi RY, Ergun R, Tasdemir A, Gursel SA, Yurum A
20278 - 20292 Design methodology and thermal modelling of industrial scale reactor for solid state hydrogen storage
Raju NN, Muthukumar P, Selvan PV, Malleswararao K
20293 - 20303 Durability and degradation of CrMoN coated SS316L in simulated PEMFCs environment: High potential polarization and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS)
Jin J, Zhao XH, Liu HJ
20304 - 20311 Welding assembly of 3D interconnected carbon nanotubes on carbon fiber as the high-performance anode of microbial fuel cells
Yang QZ, Zhao XD, Yang J, Zhou B, Wang JZ, Dong YS, Zhao HZ
20312 - 20322 Co-substrate strategy for improved power production and chlorophenol degradation in a microbial fuel cell
Yu Y, Ndayisenga F, Yu ZS, Zhao MY, Lay CH, Zhou DD
20323 - 20335 Effect of frame material on the creep of solid oxide fuel cell
Wang Y, Jiang WC, Song M, Zhang YC, Tu ST
20336 - 20344 PtIr alloy nanowire assembly on carbon cloth as advanced anode catalysts for methanol oxidation
Zheng YY, Qiao JH, Hu JG, Song FF, Huo D, Yuan JH, Shen JF, Niu L, Wang AJ
20345 - 20354 Synthesis of BaCe0.9-xZrxY0.1O3-delta nanopowders and the study of proton conductors fabricated on their basis by low-temperature spark plasma sintering
Simonenko TL, Kalinina MV, Simonenko NP, Simonenko EP, Glumov OV, Mel'nikova NA, Murin IV, Shichalin OO, Papynov EK, Shilova OA, Sevastyanou VG, Kuznetsov NT
20355 - 20367 Economic optimization of stacked microbial fuel cells to maximize power generation and treatment of wastewater with minimal operating costs
Mehravanfar H, Mandavi MA, Gheshlaghi R
20368 - 20378 Carbon supported PdSn nanocatalysts with enhanced performance for ethanol electrooxidation in alkaline medium
Adam AMM, Zhu AM, Ning LN, Deng M, Zhang QG, Liu QL
20379 - 20388 Influence of oxygen on the cathode in HT-PEM fuel cells
Sondergaard S, Cleemann LN, Jensen JO, Bjerrum NJ
20389 - 20403 A simulation study on electrochemical properties of Bi-layered electrolytes GDC(Gd0.1Ce0.9O1.95)/YSZ(Y0.16Zr0.84O1.92), ESB(Er0.4Bi1.6O3)/GDC and ESB/YSZ with different layer thickness fractions in solid oxide fuel cells
Wang ZT, Zeng YW, Li CM, Ye ZP, Zhang Y
20404 - 20415 Highly carbon- and sulfur-tolerant Sr2TiMoO6-delta double perovskite anode for solid oxide fuel cells
Niu BB, Jin FJ, Liu JC, Zhang Y, Jiang PP, Feng T, Xu BM, He TM
20416 - 20425 Effect of variable stroke on fuel combustion and heat release of a free piston linear hydrogen engine
Yuan CH, Jing Y, Liu CZ, He YT
20426 - 20439 Numerical study of a laminar hydrogen diffusion flame based on the non-premixed finite-rate chemistry model; thermal NO assessment
Lopez-Ruiz G, Fernandez-Akarregi AR, Diaz L, Urresti I, Alava I, Blanco JM
20440 - 20451 Experimental based comparative exergy analysis of a multi-cylinder spark ignition engine fuelled with different gaseous (CNG, HCNG, and hydrogen) fuels
Dhyani V, Subramanian KA
20452 - 20461 Effects of the external turbulence on centrally-ignited spherical unstable Ch(4)/H-2/air flames in the constant-volume combustion bomb
Xie YL, Sun ZY
20462 - 20469 Lean hydrogen-air premixed flame with heat loss
Gavrikov AI, Golub VV, Mikushkin AY, Petukhov VA, Volodin VV
20470 - 20481 The effect of equivalence ratio, temperature and pressure on the combustion characteristics of hydrogen-air pre-mixture with turbulent jet induced by pre-chamber sparkplug
Qing-he L, Bai-gang S, Yong-li G, Xi W, Han W, Ji-bin H, Fu-shui L, Ling-zhi B, Chao L
20482 - 20492 Influence of controllable slit width and angle of controllable flow on hydrogen/air premixed combustion characteristics in micro combustor with both sides-slitted bluff body
Yan YF, Xu FL, Xu QY, Zhang L, Yang ZQ, Ran JY
20493 - 20503 URANS study of pulsed hydrogen jet characteristics and mixing enhancement in supersonic crossflow
Zhao MJ, Ye TH
20504 - 20515 A method of rib-bed plate enhancing heat transfer in hydrogen rocket engine chamber wall
Xie PY, Zhang XB
20516 - 20528 Anisotropy of of cold-worked Type-304 austenitic stainless steel: Focus on the hydrogen diffusivity
Sezgin JG, Takatori D, Yamabe J
20529 - 20544 The effect of age-hardening mechanism on hydrogen embrittlement in high-nitrogen steels
Panchenko MY, Maier GG, Tumbusova IA, Astafurov SV, Melnikou EV, Moskvina VA, Burlachenko AG, Mirovoy YA, Mironov YP, Galchenko NK, Astafurova EG
20545 - 20551 Insight into hydrogen effect on a duplex medium-Mn steel revealed by in-situ nanoindentation test
Lu X, Ma Y, Zamanzade M, Deng Y, Wang D, Bleck W, Song WW, Barnoush A
20552 - 20571 An overview on how Pd on resistive-based nanomaterial gas sensors can enhance response toward hydrogen gas
Mirzaei A, Yousefi HR, Falsafi F, Bonyani M, Lee JH, Kim JH, Kim HW, Kim SS
20572 - 20586 Assessment of risk factors and effects in hydrogen logistics incidents from a network modeling perspective
Lam CY, Fuse M, Shimizu T
20587 - 20597 Full-scale experimental investigation on the shock-wave characteristics of high-pressure natural gas pipeline physical explosions
Cheng LY, Ji C, Zhong MS, Long Y, Gao FY
20598 - 20605 Effects of ignition, obstacle, and side vent locations on vented hydrogen-air explosions in an obstructed duct
Li HW, Guo J, Tang ZS, Li JL, Huang P, Zhang S
20606 - 20615 Improved hydrogen sensing of (004) oriented anatase TiO2 thin films through post annealing
Zhou XY, Zhang HH, Wang Z, Xia XH, Bao YW, Homewood K, Shao GS, Huang ZB, Gao Y
20616 - 20631 Individual impact of several impurities on the performance of direct internal reforming biogas solid oxide fuel cell using W-Ni-CeO2 as anode
Escudero MJ, Serrano JL
25103 - 25103 Preface to special issue on International Conference on novel functional materials 2018
Jiang H, Li X
25104 - 25111 Control strategy of electrolyzer in a wind-hydrogen system considering the constraints of switching times
Fang RM, Liang Y
25112 - 25118 Effects of temperature on corrosion performances of TiO2/SS316L in supercritical water for hydrogen production
Wang YZ, Zhang XQ, Gao F, Liu Z, Fang CQ, Yang JQ, Xu DH
25119 - 25128 Preparation of Z-Scheme system of CdS-RGO-BiVO4 and its activity for hydrogen production
Zhu RS, Yang RJ, Hu LJ, Chen BY
25129 - 25144 Modeling, control and simulation of a photovoltaic /hydrogen/ supercapacitor hybrid power generation system for grid-connected applications
Kong LG, Yu JM, Cai GL
25145 - 25150 Bio-hydrogen production by a new isolated strain Rhodopseudomonas sp. WR-17 using main metabolites of three typical dark fermentation type
Wang RQ, Wen HQ, Cui CW
25151 - 25159 Improved photo-fermentative hydrogen production by biofilm reactor with optimizing carriers and acetate concentration
Wen HQ, Cao GL, Xie GJ, Xing DF, Yin TM, Ren NQ, Liu BF
25160 - 25168 Numerical study of heat transfer characteristics of semi-coke and steam in waste heat recovery steam generator for hydrogen production
Gao HB, Liu YQ, Song XY, Zheng B, Sun P, Lu M, Ma YX, Gao ZQ
25169 - 25179 A dual-porosity dual-permeability model for acid gas injection process evaluation in hydrogen-carbonate reservoirs
Luo EH, Fan ZF, Hu YL, Zhao L, Zhao HY, Wang JJ, He CG, Zeng X
25180 - 25187 Synthesis of cobalt and nitrogen co-doped carbon nanotubes and its ORR activity as the catalyst used in hydrogen fuel cells
Zhao HW, Xing TY, Li LX, Geng X, Guo K, Sun CG, Zhou WM, Yang HM, Song RF, An BG
25188 - 25198 Microstructure and hydrogen storage properties of V48Fe12Ti15-xCr25Alx (x=0, 1) alloys
Luo L, Li YZ, Zhai TT, Hu F, Zhao ZW, Bian X, Wu WY
25199 - 25206 Study on electrochemical performances of composite carbon (FeO/C) materials fabricated by coal tar pitch and Fe3O4 particles
Wang K, Ju DY, Xu GY, Wang YF, Chen SB, Zhang J, Wu YY, Zhou WM
25207 - 25220 Coordinated power control with virtual inertia for fuel cell-based DC microgrids cluster
Han Y, Pu YC, Li Q, Fu WX, Chen WR, You ZY, Liu H
25221 - 25228 Study on heating performances of steam generator for solid oxide fuel cell using waste heat from solid particles
Zheng B, Liu YQ, Sun P, Tang S, Zhao C, Xu JG, Zhang K
25229 - 25239 A dual mode distributed economic control for a fuel cell- photovoltaic-battery hybrid power generation system based on marginal cost
Yang HQ, Li Q, Wang TH, Qiu YB, Chen WR
25240 - 25247 Modeling of fractal heat conduction of semi-coke bed in waste heat recovery steam generator for hydrogen production
Gao HB, Liu YQ, Zheng B, Sun P, Lu M, Yin Q
25248 - 25256 Experimental study on self-acceleration characteristics of unstable flame of low calorific value gas blended with hydrogen
Hu ZQ, Wang Y, Zhang JB, Hou XS
25257 - 25264 Evaluation mass fraction burned obtained from the ion current signal fuelled with hydrogen/carbon dioxide and natural gas
Song ZF, Zhang X, Wang Y, Hu ZQ
25265 - 25275 Low temperature reduction of NO by activated carbons impregnated with Fe based catalysts
Li XC, Wang HR, Shao GG, Wang GY, Lu LM