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17411 - 17430 Weaknesses and drivers for power-to-X diffusion in Europe. Insights from technological innovation system analysis
Decourt B
17431 - 17442 Techno-economic modelling of water electrolysers in the range of several MW to provide grid services while generating hydrogen for different applications: A case study in Spain applied to mobility with FCEVs
Matute G, Yusta JM, Correas LC
17443 - 17459 Artificial Neural Networks based thermodynamic and economic analysis of a hydrogen production system assisted by geothermal energy on Field Programmable Gate Array
Yilmaz C, Koyuncu I, Alcin M, Tuna M
17460 - 17469 Experimental study and kinetic modeling of methane decomposition in a rotating arc plasma reactor with different cross-sectional areas
Kheirollahivash M, Rashidi F, Moshrefi MM
17470 - 17492 Synergistic properties of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) with electro-active materials for high-performance supercapacitors
Wazir MB, Daud M, Ullah N, Hai A, Muhammad A, Younas M, Rezakazemi M
17493 - 17504 Development and testing of a novel catalyst-coated membrane with platinum-free catalysts for alkaline water electrolysis
Hnat J, Plevova M, Tufa RA, Zitka J, Paidar M, Bouzek K
17505 - 17514 Liquid metal activated hydrogen production from waste aluminum for power supply and its life cycle assessment
Xu S, Yang XH, Tang SS, Liu J
17515 - 17524 Hydrogen generation via hydrolysis of ball milled WE43 magnesium waste
Al Bacha S, Awad AS, El Asmar E, Tayeh T, Bobet JL, Nakhl M, Zakhour M
17525 - 17534 Integrated system of thermochemical cycle of ammonia, nitrogen production, and power generation
Juangsa FB, Aziz M
17535 - 17543 Tailoring morphological characteristics of zinc oxide using a one-step hydrothermal method for photoelectrochemical water splitting application
Marlinda AR, Yusoff N, Pandikumar A, Huang NM, Akbarzadeh O, Sagadevan S, Wahab YA, Johan MR
17544 - 17550 Synthesis of three-dimensional graphene@Ni(OH)(2) nanoflakes on Ni foam by RF magnetron sputtering for application in supercapacitor
Zhang HY, Qi CH, Du XJ, Zhang H, Zhang Y, Ma TH, Sun YY
17551 - 17564 Numerical study of syngas production via CH4-H2S mixture partial oxidation
Savelieva VA, Titova NS, Favorskii ON
17565 - 17577 Improvement of splitting performance of Ce0.75Zr0.25O2 material: Tuning bulk and surface properties by hydrothermal synthesis
Luciani G, Landi G, Imparato C, Vitiello G, Deorsola FA, Di Benedetto A, Aronne A
17578 - 17585 Understanding water-splitting thermochemical cycles based on nickel and cobalt ferrites for hydrogen production
Goikoetxea NB, Gomez-Mancebo MB, Fernandez-Saavedra R, Borlaf F, Garcia-Perez F, Jimenez JA, Llorente I, Rucandio I, Quejido AJ
17586 - 17594 Hydrogen generation from sodium borohydride hydrolysis by multi-walled carbon nanotube supported platinum catalyst: A kinetic study
Uzundurukan A, Devrim Y
17595 - 17610 Thermodynamic assessment of a lab-scale experimental copper-chlorine cycle for sustainable hydrogen production
Farsi A, Zamfirescu C, Dincer I, Naterer GF
17611 - 17621 High-efficiency photoelectrochemical water splitting with heterojunction photoanode of In2O3-x nanorods/black Ti-Si-O nanotubes
Dong ZB, Ding DY, Li T, Ning CQ
17622 - 17629 Boosted charge transfer from single crystalline titanium nanotubes for a dual-purpose PEC system
Long LL, Bai CW, Zhang SR, Deng SH, Tian D, Shen F, Zhang YZ, Wu J, He JS, Yang G
17630 - 17648 Synthesis and characterization of nanoporous ZnO and Pt/ZnO thin films for dye degradation and water splitting applications
Zayed M, Ahmed AM, Shaban M
17649 - 17661 Thermodynamic analysis of a new double-pressure condensation power generation system recovering LNG cold energy for hydrogen production
Bao JJ, Yuan T, Song CX, Zhang XP, Zhang N, He GH
17662 - 17668 Engineering bimetallic PtX (X=Sn, Cu) immobilized on graphene as efficient catalysts: Boosted charge migration and hydrogen evolution
Huang SS, Zhang YX, Wang XJ, Su YG
17669 - 17687 Potential and economic viability of green hydrogen production by water electrolysis using wind energy resources in South Africa
Ayodele TR, Munda JL
17688 - 17696 Ta2O5 hollow fiber composed of internal interconnected mesoporous nanotubes and its enhanced photochemical H-2 evolution
Liu WS, Perng TP
17697 - 17708 Deposition of CdS and Au nanoparticles on TiO2(B) spheres towards superior photocatalytic performance
Liu YJ, Zhang X, Wang YY, Xie C, Zhao YB, Song YX, Yang P
17709 - 17719 Enhanced anaerobic digestion of up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) by blast furnace dust (BFD): Feasibility and mechanism
Yang G, Fang HY, Wang J, Jia H, Zhang HW
17720 - 17731 Biohydrogen fermentation from Pistia stratiotes (aquatic weed) using mixed and pure bacterial cultures
Mthethwa NP, Nasr M, Kiambi SL, Bux F, Kumari S
17732 - 17741 Hydrogen-rich syngas production by chemical looping steam reforming of acetic acid as bio-oil model compound over Fe-doped LaNiO3 oxygen carriers
Liu CL, Li S, Then D, Xiao YP, Li TL, Wang WJ
17742 - 17749 Effect of hydraulic retention time on the hydrogen production in a horizontal and vertical continuous stirred-tank reactor
Ri PC, Kim JS, Kim TR, Pang CH, Mun HG, Pak GC, Ren NQ
17750 - 17766 Biogas dry reforming for hydrogen production over Ni-M-Al catalysts (M = Mg, Li, Ca, La, Cu, Co, Zn)
Calgaro CO, Perez-Lopez OW
17767 - 17780 Effects of size and autoclavation of fruit and vegetable wastes on biohydrogen production by dark dry anaerobic fermentation under mesophilic condition
Abubackar HN, Keskin T, Arslan K, Vural C, Aksu D, Yavuzyilmaz DK, Ozdemir G, Azbar N
17781 - 17791 Intrinsic hydrogen yield from gasification of biomass with oxy-steam mixtures
Jaganathan VM, Mohan O, Varunkumar S
17792 - 17801 Hydrogen and methane production potential of agave bagasse enzymatic hydrolysates and comparative technoeconomic feasibility implications
Tapia-Rodriguez A, Ibarra-Faz E, Razo-Flores E
17802 - 17812 Improvement of biohydrogen production from glycerol in micro-oxidative environment
Paillet F, Marone A, Moscouiz R, Steyer JP, Tapia-Venegas E, Bernet N, Trably E
17813 - 17822 In-silico-mining of small sequence repeats in hydrogenase maturation subunits of E. coli, clostridium, and Rhodobacter
Rai P, Pandey A, Pandey A
17823 - 17834 Evaluation of calcined copper slag as an oxygen carrier for chemical looping gasification of sewage sludge
Deng ZB, Huang Z, He F, Zheng AQ, Wei GG, Meng JG, Zhao ZL, Li HB
17835 - 17844 A new approach for improving microalgal biohydrogen photoproduction based on safe & fast oxygen consumption
Khosravitabar F, Hippler M
17845 - 17862 Techno-economic comparison of three biodiesel production scenarios enhanced by glycerol supercritical water reforming process
Ziyai MR, Mehrpooya M, Aghbashlo M, Omid M, Alsagri AS, Tabatabaei M
17863 - 17877 Experimental investigation of improved calcium-based CO2 sorbent and Co3O4/SiO2 oxygen carrier for clean production of hydrogen in sorption-enhanced chemical looping reforming
Hafizi A, Rahimpour MR, Heravi M
17878 - 17886 Performance evaluation of molybdenum dichalcogenide (MoX2; X = S, Se, Te) nanostructures for hydrogen evolution reaction
Bhat KS, Nagaraja HS
17887 - 17899 Methane decomposition and carbon deposition over Ni/ZrO2 catalysts: Comparison of amorphous, tetragonal, and monoclinic zirconia phase
Zhang XP, Zhang M, Zhang JF, Zhang QD, Tsubaki N, Tan YS, Han YZ
17900 - 17908 Ni3S2-MoSx nanorods grown on Ni foam as high-efficient electrocatalysts for overall water splitting
Zhang DW, Jiang LJ, Liu YY, Qiu LJ, Zhang JM, Yuan DS
17909 - 17921 Insights into the unique role of cobalt phosphide for boosting hydrogen evolution activity based on MIL-125-NH2
Li YB, Jin ZL, Hao XQ, Wang GR
17922 - 17929 Effect of mechanochemical preparation of 2D g-C3N4 on electronic properties and efficiency of photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Posudievsky OY, Kondratyuk AS, Kozarenko OA, Cherepanov VV, Koshechko VG, Pokhodenko VD
17930 - 17942 Cobalt oxide on mesoporous carbon nitride for improved photocatalytic hydrogen production under visible light irradiation
Kheradmand A, Zhu YX, Zhang WW, Marianov A, Jiang YJ
17943 - 17953 Rational synthesis of one-dimensional carbon nitride-based nanofibers atomically doped with Au/Pd for efficient carbon monoxide oxidation
Eid K, Sliem MH, Eldesoky AS, Al-Kandari H, Abdullah AM
17954 - 17962 Graphene modified Co-B catalysts for rapid hydrogen production from NaBH4 hydrolysis
Shi LM, Xie W, Jian ZY, Liao XM, Wang YJ
17963 - 17973 Insights into the visible light photocatalytic activity of S-doped hydrated TiO2
Vorontsov AV, Valdes H
17974 - 17984 Facile preparation of large-area self-supported porous nickel phosphide nanosheets for efficient electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Liu S, Hu C, Lv C, Cai JG, Duan M, Luo JH, Song JF, Shi Y, Chen CG, Luo DL, Watanabe A, Aoyagi E, Ito S
17985 - 17994 Promoting effects of pretreatment on Pd/CeO2 catalysts for CO oxidation
Ye JR, Xia Y, Cheng DG, Chen FQ, Zhan XL
17995 - 18006 MnO2 nanowires anchored on mesoporous graphitic carbon nitride (MnO2@mpg-C3N4) as a highly efficient electrocatalyst for the oxygen evolution reaction
Elmaci G, Erturk AS, Sevim M, Metin O
18007 - 18018 Insights into the hydrogen generation from water-iron rock reactions at low temperature and the key limiting factors in the process
Irfan M, Zhou L, Bai Y, Yuan S, Liang TT, Liu YF, Liu JF, Yang SZ, Gu JD, Mu BZ
18019 - 18027 Biomass derivative-based fibrous perovskite electrocatalysts with a hierarchical porous structure for oxygen reduction in alkaline media
Cao ZX, Chen SN, Wang ZC, Mao XX, Zhang HS, Yang MG, Yin YH, Yang ST
18028 - 18037 Three-dimensional inorganic polymer of Pd aerogel as a highly active support-less anode catalyst toward formic acid oxidation
Douk AS, Saravani H, Farsadrooh M
18038 - 18049 Titania - Supported transition metals sulfides as photocatalysts for hydrogen production from propan-2-ol and methanol
Maheu C, Puzenat E, Geantet C, Cardenas L, Afanasiev P
18050 - 18057 PtCu nanoframes as ultra-high performance electrocatalysts for methanol oxidation
Li XL, Zhou YS, Du YY, Xu J, Wang WC, Chen ZD, Cao JY
18058 - 18071 Dielectric, ferroelectric, impedance and photocatalytic water splitting study of Y3+ modified SrBi2Ta2O9 ferroelectrics
Senthil V, Panigrahi S
18072 - 18082 Fabrication of 1D long chain-like metal porphyrin-based coordination complexes for high-efficiency hydrogen evolution and photoelectric response
Li XH, Zhang YZ, Wang WX, Meng JJ, Li K, Lin WX, Peng ZQ, Wan JM, Hu ZW
18083 - 18092 PtFe alloy catalyst supported on porous carbon nanofiber with high activity and durability for oxygen reduction reaction
Mao LC, Fu K, Jin JH, Yang SL, Li G
18093 - 18102 On the use of an in situ magnetometer to study redox and sintering properties of NiO based oxygen carrier materials for chemical looping steam methane reforming
Bukur DB, Silvester L, Fischer N, Claeys M, Lemonidou AA
18103 - 18114 Iron (II) phthalocyanine/N-doped graphene: A highly efficient non-precious metal catalyst for oxygen reduction
Komba N, Zhang GX, Wei QL, Yang XH, Prakash J, Chenitz R, Rosei F, Sun SH
18115 - 18122 Amorphous Ni/C nanocomposites from tandem plasma reaction for hydrogen evolution
Guo YR, Chang XH, Fu K, Zheng XY, Zheng J, Li XG
18123 - 18133 Mesoporous composite NiCr2O4/Al-MCM-41: A novel photocatalyst for enhanced hydrogen production
Chen D, Yang Y, Zhang XQ, Wang XN, Xu Y, Qian GR
18134 - 18144 Simultaneously enhanced hydroxide conductivity and mechanical properties of quaternized chitosan/functionalized carbon nanotubes composite anion exchange membranes
Jong SC, Tsen WC, Chuang FS, Gong CL
18145 - 18152 Linear complex HC C-TMH (TM=Sc-Ni): A simple and efficient adsorbent for hydrogen molecules
Ma LJ, Wang JF, Han M, Jia JF, Wu HS, Zhang X
18153 - 18158 Theoretical discovery of high capacity hydrogen storage metal tetrahydrides
Pan Y
18159 - 18168 Efficiently generating COx-free hydrogen by mechanochemical reaction between alkali hydrides and carbon dioxide
Zhao J, Sheng YJ, Cai YL, Teng YL, Wang L, Ping C, Shen M, Dong BX
18169 - 18178 Static and dynamic studies of hydrogen adsorption on nanoporous carbon gels
Czakkel O, Nagy B, Dobos G, Fouquet P, Bahn E, Laszlo K
18179 - 18192 Hydrogen storage materials for hydrogen and energy carriers
Kojima Y
18193 - 18204 Effect of in-situ boron doping on hydrogen adsorption properties of carbon nanotubes
Sawant SV, Banerjee S, Patwardhan AW, Joshi JB, Dasgupta K
18205 - 18213 Co/Ni mixed-metal expanded IRMOF-74 series and their hydrogen adsorption properties
Montes-Andres H, Orcajo G, Martos C, Botas JA, Calleja G
18214 - 18224 Transient thermodynamic analysis of a novel integrated ammonia production, storage and hydrogen production system
Al-Zareer M, Dincer I, Rosen MA
18225 - 18239 An integrated quantitative-qualitative study to monitor the utilization and assess the perception of hydrogen fueling stations
Ramea K
18240 - 18254 Thermodynamical analysis of a hydrogen fueling station via dynamic simulation
Schafer S, Klein H
18255 - 18264 The influence of the reverse Mossbauer effect on diffusion and desorption of hydrogen absorbed in metals
Demontis P, Gabrieli A, Suffritti GB
18265 - 18271 Effects of oxidation on the deuterium permeation behavior of the SIMP steel
Lyu YM, Xu YP, Liu HD, Pan XD, Zhou HS, Li XC, Li YF, Shan YY, Xu Q, Yang ZS, Luo GN
18272 - 18282 Solution combustion synthesis of LiMnPO4/C cathode material: The effect of four fuel sources on the electrochemical performances
El Khalfaouy R, Addaou A, Laajeb A, Lahsini A
18283 - 18292 Optimization of powerplant component size on board a fuel cell/battery hybrid bus for fuel economy and system durability
Wang YQ, Moura SJ, Advani SG, Prasad AK
18293 - 18307 Exergoeconomic analysis and determination of power cost in MCFC - steam turbine combined cycle
da Silva FS, Matelli JA
18308 - 18318 Glass fiber reinforced sealants for solid oxide fuel cells
Timurkutluk B, Altan T, Celik S, Timurkutluk C, Palaci Y
18319 - 18329 A model study on correlation between microstructure-gas diffusion and Cr deposition in porous LSM/YSZ cathodes of solid oxide fuel cells
Niu YH, Lv WQ, Chen DJ, Han JC, He WD
18330 - 18339 Characterization methodology for anode starvation in HT-PEM fuel cells
Yezerska K, Dushina A, Liu F, Rastedt M, Wagner P, Dyck A, Wark M
18340 - 18350 Investigating effect of different gas diffusion layers on water droplet characteristics for proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells
Patel V, Battrell L, Anderson R, Zhu N, Zhang LF
18351 - 18359 One-step synthesis of nanoblocks@nanoballs NiMnO3/Ni6MnO8 nanocomposites as electrode material for supercapacitors
Qiao SM, Huang NB, Zhang YY, Zhang JJ, Gao ZY, Zhou SX
18360 - 18371 Insights into the dynamic hydrogenation of mayenite [Ca24Al28O64](4+)(O2-)(2): Mixed ionic and electronic conduction within the sub-nanometer cages
Jiang D, Zhao ZY, Mu SL, Phaneuf V, Tong JH
18372 - 18381 Use of a bilayer platinum-silver cathode to selectively perform the oxygen reduction reaction in a high concentration mixed-reactant microfluidic direct ethanol fuel cell
Estrada-Solis MJ, Abrego-Martinez JC, Moreno-Zuria A, Arriaga LG, Sun SH, Cuevas-Muinz FM, Mohamedi M
18382 - 18392 Operation of solid oxide fuel cells with alternative hydrogen carriers
Hagen A, Langnickel H, Sun XF
18393 - 18402 Fe3C/C nanoparticles encapsulated in N-doped graphene aerogel: an advanced oxygen reduction reaction catalyst for fiber-shaped fuel cells
Yang Y, Wang JX, Zhu YL, Lan LH, Zhang H, Liu CM, Tao K, Li J
18403 - 18414 Quaternary ammonium-functionalized poly(ether sulfone ketone) anion exchange membranes: The effect of block ratios
Mayadevi TS, Sung S, Chae JE, Kim HJ, Kim TH
18415 - 18424 Fabrication of a double-layered Co-Mn-O spinel coating on stainless steel via the double glow plasma alloying process and preoxidation treatment as SOFC interconnect
Cheng FP, Sun JC
18425 - 18437 Oxygen excess ratio control for proton exchange membrane fuel cell using model reference adaptive control
Han J, Yu S, Yi S
18438 - 18449 Application of flower pollination algorithm for enhanced proton exchange membrane fuel cell modelling
Priya K, Rajasekar N
18450 - 18460 Compressive behaviour of thin catalyst layers. Part I - Experimental study
Malekian A, Salari S, Tam M, Oldknow K, Djilali N, Bahrami M
18461 - 18471 Compressive behaviour of thin catalyst layers. Part II - Model development and validation
Malekian A, Salari S, Tam M, Djilali N, Bahrami M
18472 - 18482 Life cycle assessment of alternative energy types - including hydrogen - for public city buses in Taiwan
Chang CC, Liao YT, Chang YW
18483 - 18495 Investigation of the void fraction-quality correlations for two-phase hydrogen flow based on the capacitive void fraction measurement
Sakamoto Y, Kobayashi H, Naruo Y, Takesaki Y, Nakajima Y, Furuichi A, Tsujimura H, Kabayama K, Sato T
18496 - 18504 Hydrogen refueling process from the buffer and the cascade storage banks to HV cylinder
Sadi M, Deymi-Dashtebayaz M
18505 - 18516 Effects of fuel compositions on the heat generation and emission of syngas/producer gas laminar diffusion flame
Piemsinlapakunchon T, Paul MC
18517 - 18531 On the capabilities and limitations of predictive, multi-zone combustion models for hydrogen-diesel dual fuel operation
Tuchler T, Dimitriou P
18532 - 18544 Effect of the turbulence intensity on knocking tendency in a SI engine with high compression ratio using biogas and blends with natural gas, propane and hydrogen
Montoya JPG, Arrieta AAA
18545 - 18558 Hydrogen rich exhaust gas recirculation (H2EGR) for performance improvement and emissions reduction of a compression ignition engine
Chintala V, Benaerjee D, Ghodke PK, Porpatham E
18559 - 18572 Experimental and numerical study on formation mechanism of premixed hydrogen-air squish flame in wall constrained environment
Hua Y, Liu FS, Zhang XY, Wu H, Li SY
18573 - 18585 A skeletal mechanism for prediction of ignition delay times and laminar premixed flame velocities of hydrogen-methane mixtures under gas turbine conditions
Jiang YJ, del Alamo G, Gruber A, Bothien MR, Seshadri K, Williams FA
18586 - 18596 Thermo dynamic methodology of A type microreactor based on Contourlet finite element method
Zhao B, Ren Y, Gao DK, Xu LZ, Zhang YY
18597 - 18605 SKPFM study of hydrogen in a two phase material. Experiments and modelling
Tohme E, Barnier V, Christien F, Bosch C, Wolski K, Zamanzade M
18606 - 18615 The effect of prior austenite grain size on hydrogen embrittlement of Co-containing 18Ni 300 maraging steel
da Silva MJG, Cardoso JL, Carvalho DS, Santos LPM, Herculano LFG, de Abreu HFG, Pardal JM
18616 - 18627 Effects of H segregation on shear-coupled motion of < 110 > grain boundaries in alpha-fe
Li JQ, Lu C, Pei LQ, Zhang C, Wang R, Tieu K
18628 - 18638 Localized surface plasmon resonance H-2 detection by MoO3 colloidal nanoparticles fabricated by the flame synthesis method
Shafieyan AR, Ranjbar M, Kameli P
18639 - 18647 Simplified approach to evaluating safety distances for hydrogen vehicle fuel dispensers
Hirayama M, Ito Y, Kamada H, Kasai N, Otaki T
18648 - 18656 Hydrogen sensing characteristics of perovskite based calcium doped BiFeO3 thin films
Bala A, Majumder SB, Dewan M, Chaudhuri AR
18657 - 18658 Commercialization of biohydrogen production process from distillery effluent
Das D
18659 - 18659 Comment on the paper "Radiative flow of micropolar nanofluid accounting thermophoresis and Brownian moment, T. Hayat, M. Ijaz Khan, M. Waqas, A. Alsaedi, Muhammad Imran Khan, Int j Hydrogen Energy 42(2017) 16821-16833"
Pantokratoras A
18660 - 18660 Reply to comments on Tong et al.: "Experimental study on dynamics of confined low swirl partially premixed methane-hydrogen-air flame"
Tong YH