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1299 - 1327 Hydrogen from hydrogen sulfide: towards a more sustainable hydrogen economy
De Crisci AG, Moniri A, Xu YM
1328 - 1335 High-performance Fe-Co-P alloy catalysts by electroless deposition for overall water splitting
Sun KL, Wang KH, Yu TP, Liu X, Wang GX, Jiang LH, Bu YY, Xie GW
1336 - 1344 Electrodeposited nickel-iron-carbon-molybdenum film as efficient bifunctional electrocatalyst for overall water splitting in alkaline solution
Wu YH, He HW
1345 - 1351 First insight on Mo(II) as electrocatalytically active species for oxygen evolution reaction
Liu ZL, Yuan C, Teng F, Tang MY, Ul Abideen Z, Teng YR
1352 - 1358 Effects of magnetic field on water electrolysis using foam electrodes
Liu Y, Pan LM, Liu HB, Chen TM, Yin SY, Liu MM
1359 - 1365 Electrochemical hydrogen and electricity production by using anodes made of commercial aluminum
Raptis D, Seferlis AK, Mylona V, Politis C, Lianos P
1366 - 1373 Hydrogen generation from hydrolysis of activated magnesium/low-melting-point metals alloys
Xiao F, Guo YP, Yang RJ, Li JM
1374 - 1391 Sustainable iron-based oxygen carriers for Chemical Looping for Hydrogen Generation
De Vos Y, Jacobs M, Van der Voort P, Van Driessche I, Snijkers F, Verberckmoes A
1392 - 1408 Hydrogen production methods efficiency coupled to an advanced high-temperature accelerator driven system
Rodriguez DG, Lira CABD, Hernandez CRG, Lima FRD
1409 - 1424 Annual performance of a thermochemical solar syngas production plant based on non-stoichiometric CeO2
de la Calle A, Bayon A
1425 - 1430 First-principles investigation of BiVO3 for thermochemical water splitting
Ong M, Campbell Q, Dabo I, Jishi RA
1431 - 1440 Application of nanotechnology (nanoparticles) in dark fermentative hydrogen production
Pugazhendhi A, Shobana S, Nguyen DD, Banu JR, Sivagurunathan P, Chang SW, Ponnusamy VK, Kumar G
1441 - 1450 Donor-pi-acceptor dye-sensitized photoelectrochemical and photocatalytic hydrogen evolution by using Cu2WS4 co-catalyst
Patir IH, Aslan E, Yanalak G, Karaman M, Sarilmaz A, Can M, Can M, Ozel F
1451 - 1465 Battery-assisted low-cost hydrogen production from solar energy: Rational target setting for future technology systems
Kikuchi Y, Ichikawa T, Sugiyama M, Koyama M
1466 - 1473 Ca2+ enhances algal photolysis hydrogen production by improving the direct and indirect pathways
Ban SD, Lin WT, Luo JF
1474 - 1482 Impact of operational conditions on development of the hydrogen-producing microbial consortium in an AnSBBR from cassava wastewater rich in lactic acid
Andreani CL, Tonello TU, Mari AG, Leite LCC, Campana HD, Lopes DD, Rodrigues JAD, Gomes SD
1483 - 1491 Optimization of fermentative hydrogen production by Enterococcus faecium INET2 using response surface methodology
Yin YA, Wang JL
1492 - 1504 Hydrogen production from a model bio-oil/bio-glycerol mixture through steam reforming using Zeolite L supported catalysts
Bizkarra K, Barrio VL, Gartzia-Rivero L, Banuelos J, Lopez-Arbeloa I, Cambra JF
1505 - 1513 Modelling of H-2 production via sorption enhanced steam methane reforming at reduced pressures for small scale applications
Abbas SZ, Dupont V, Mahmud T
1514 - 1524 Novel microreactors of polyacrylamide (PAM)-CdS microgels for admirable photocatalytic H-2 production under visible light
An ZL, Gao JP, Wang LY, Zhao XX, Yao HD, Zhang M, Tian Q, Liu Y
1525 - 1533 Effects of preparation conditions on the morphology and performance of palladium nanostructures
Zhang BQ, He LH, Gong CL, Liu H, Wang GJ, Cheng F, Wen S, Liao SJ
1534 - 1543 Two-step catalytic dehydrogenation of formic acid to CO2 via formaldehyde
Viasus CJ, Alderman NP, Peneau V, Gabidullin B, Vidjayacoumar B, Albahily K, Gambarotta S
1544 - 1554 Ordered distributed nickel sulfide nanoparticles across graphite nanosheets for efficient oxygen evolution reaction electrocatalyst
Ma MB, Yang G, Wang HJ, Lu Y, Zhang BW, Cao X, Peng DD, Du XF, Liu YH, Huang YZ
1555 - 1564 Three-dimensional interconnected MoS2 nanosheets on industrial 316L stainless steel mesh as an efficient hydrogen evolution electrode
Zhang KW, Liu YH, Wang B, Yu FR, Yang YL, Xing L, Hao JH, Zeng J, Mao BD, Shi WD, Yuan SQ
1565 - 1578 Improved bi-functional ORR and OER catalytic activity of reduced graphene oxide supported ZnCo2O4 microsphere
Chakrabarty S, Mukherjee A, Su WN, Basu S
1579 - 1585 Hydrogen production by laser irradiation of metals in water under an ultrasonic field: A novel approach
Escobar-Alarcon L, Iturbe-Garcia JL, Gonzalez-Zavala F, Solis-Casados DA, Perez-Hernandez R, Haro-Poniatowski E
1586 - 1596 Surface defect and rational design of TiO2-x nanobelts/ g-C3N4 nanosheets/ CdS quantum dots hierarchical structure for enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalysis
Zhao TY, Xing ZP, Xiu ZY, Li ZZ, Yang SL, Zhu Q, Zhou W
1597 - 1609 Nano composite composed of MoOx-La2O3-Ni on SiO2 for storing hydrogen into CH4 via CO2 methanation
Li SS, Guo SX, Gong DD, Kang N, Fang KG, Liu Y
1610 - 1619 Spinel CoFe2O4 supported by three dimensional graphene as high-performance bi-functional electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction and evolution reaction
Zhang TW, Li ZF, Wang LK, Zhang ZX, Wang SW
1620 - 1626 Effective surface roughening of three-dimensional copper foam via sulfurization treatment as a bifunctional electrocatalyst for water splitting
Ma B, Yang ZC, Yuan ZH, Chen YT
1627 - 1639 Efficient hydrogen generation of indium doped BaTiO3 decorated with CdSe quantum dots: Novel understanding of the effect of doping strategy
Zhong DL, Liu WW, Tan PF, Zhu AQ, Qiao LL, Bian Y, Pan J
1640 - 1649 Carbon supported PdM (M = Fe, Co) electrocatalysts for formic acid oxidation. Influence of the Fe and Co precursors
Juarez-Marmolejo L, Perez-Rodriguez S, de Oca-Yemha MGM, Palomar-Pardave M, Romero-Romo M, Ezeta-Mejia A, Morales-Gil P, Martinez-Huerta MV, Lazaro MJ
1650 - 1658 Sulfonated mesoporous Y zeolite with nickel to catalyze hydrocracking of microalgae biodiesel into jet fuel range hydrocarbons
Cheng J, Zhang Z, Zhang X, Liu JF, Zhou JH, Cen KF
1659 - 1670 Production of syngas from carbon dioxide reforming of methane by using LaNixFe1-xO3 perovskite type catalysts
Yadau PK, Das T
1671 - 1685 Pt nanoparticles supported on a novel electrospun polyvinyl alcohol-CuO-Co3O4/chitosan based on Sesbania sesban plant as an electrocatalyst for direct methanol fuel cells
Ekrami-Kakhki MS, Naeimi A, Donyagard F
1686 - 1700 Hydrogen production from the oxidative steam reforming of methanol over Au-Cu nanoparticles supported on Ce1-xZrxO2 in a fixed-bed reactor
Luengnaruemitchai A, Pojanavaraphan C, Kumyam A, Thunyaratchatanon C, Gulari E
1701 - 1709 3D nickel foams with controlled morphologies for hydrogen evolution reaction in highly alkaline media
Siwek KI, Eugenio S, Santos DMF, Silva MT, Montemor MF
1710 - 1719 Zr promotion effect in CO2 methanation over ceria supported nickel catalysts
Iglesias I, Quindimil A, Marino F, De-La-Torre U, Gonzalez-Velasco JR
1720 - 1726 Metal and phosphonium-based ionic liquid: A new Co and P dual-source for synthesis of cobalt phosphide toward hydrogen evolution reaction
Tang DM, Li TH, Li CM
1727 - 1734 Theoretical investigations of elastic and thermodynamic properties of LiXH4 compounds for hydrogen storage
Al S
1735 - 1749 Effects of adding nano-CeO2 powder on microstructure and hydrogen storage performances of mechanical alloyed Mg90Al10 alloy
Li YQ, Shang HW, Zhang YH, Li P, Qi Y, Zhao DL
1750 - 1759 Excellent synergistic catalytic mechanism of in-situ formed nanosized Mg2Ni and multiple valence titanium for improved hydrogen desorption properties of magnesium hydride
Chen M, Xiao XZ, Zhang M, Liu MJ, Huang X, Zheng JG, Zhang YW, Jiang LJ, Chen LX
1760 - 1773 Ternary LaNi4.75M0.25 hydrogen storage alloys: Surface segregation, hydrogen sorption and thermodynamic stability
Lodziana Z, Debski A, Cios G, Budziak A
1774 - 1781 Ruthenium supported on nitrogen-doped porous carbon for catalytic hydrogen generation from NH3BH3 hydrolysis
Chu HL, Li NP, Qiu SJ, Zou YJ, Xiang CL, Xu F, Sun LX
1782 - 1796 Hydrogen adsorption in pyridine bridged porphyrin-covalent organic framework
Ghosh S, Singh JK
1797 - 1802 Enhanced performance of carbon-based supercapacitors by constructing protonic and electric dual-channels in electrodes
Liang N, Li GQ, Ji YS, Xu J, Zuo DY, Huang LK, Zhang HW
1803 - 1815 Hydrogen integration in power-to-gas networks
Gondal IA
1816 - 1826 Partial self-sacrificing templates synthesis of sandwich-like mesoporous C-N@Fe3O4@C-N hollow spheres for high-performance Li-ion batteries
Yu QX, Ma S, Zhou HH, Li JW, Wang ZQ, Tan Z, Chen L, Huang ZY, Fu CP, Kuang YF
1827 - 1838 Electrochemical properties of porous Sr0.86Ti0.65Fe0.35O3 oxygen electrodes in solid oxide cells: Impedance study of symmetrical electrodes
Mrozinski A, Molin S, Karczewski J, Miruszewski T, Jasinski P
1839 - 1850 Increasing of fuel cell economic benefits by optima participation strategy with energy storages and other distributed resources and considering uncertainties and various markets
Shao ZH, Ahangarnejad AH, Monazzah A, Rao YS, Rodriguez D
1851 - 1856 Measurement of deuterium isotope separation by polymer electrolyte fuel cell stack
Tanii R, Ogawa R, Matsushima H, Ueda M
1857 - 1866 Improved performance of sulfonated polyimide composite membranes with rice husk ash as a bio-filler for application in direct methanol fuel cells
You PY, Kamarudin SK, Masdar MS
1867 - 1876 Plastic waste fuelled solid oxide fuel cell system for power and carbon nanotube cogeneration
Cai WZ, Liu PP, Chen B, Xu HR, Liu ZJ, Zhou Q, Yu FY, Liu ML, Chen MN, Liu J, Ni M
1877 - 1895 Numerical analysis of flow configurations and electrical contact positions in SOFC single cells and their impact on local effects
Schluckner C, Subotic V, Preissl S, Hochenauer C
1896 - 1904 Electrochemical properties of Sr(2.7-x)Ca(x)Ln(0.3)Fe(2-y)Co(y)O(7-delta) cathode for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Pacimasree KP, Lai KY, Fuentes AF, Manthiram A
1905 - 1918 Simulation of a SOFC/Battery powered vehicle
Bessekon Y, Zielke P, Wulff AC, Hagen A
1919 - 1929 Enhancing the performance of photo-bioelectrochemical fuel cell using graphene oxide/cobalt/polypyrrole composite modified photo-biocathode in the presence of antibiotic
Sun J, Xu WJ, Yang P, Li N, Yuan Y, Zhang HG, Ning XA, Zhang YP, Chang KL, Peng YP, Chen KF
1930 - 1939 Fuel cell health prognosis using Unscented Kalman Filter: Postal fuel cell electric vehicles case study
Chen K, Laghrouche S, Djerdir A
1940 - 1952 Addressing LT-PEFC 15 cell stack durability using carbon semi-coated titania nanorods-Pt electrocatalyst
Dhanasekaran P, Saravanan B, Selvaganesh SV, Bhat SD
1953 - 1966 Enhancement of an IT-SOFC cathode by introducing YSZ: Electrical and electrochemical properties of La0.6Ca0.4Fe0.8Ni0.2O3-delta-YSZ composites
Jafari M, Salamati H, Zhiani M, Shahsavari E
1967 - 1972 Catalytic enhancement of formic acid electro-oxidation through surface modifications with gold on supported Pt nanoparticles
Cappellari PS, Baena-Moncada AM, Coneo-Rodriguez R, Moreno MS, Barbero CA, Planes GA
1973 - 1987 Optimal design of a sleeve-type steam methane reforming reactor for hydrogen production from natural gas
Nguyen DD, Ngo SI, Lim YI, Kim W, Lee UD, Seo D, Yoon WL
1988 - 1997 An experimental comparative study of the stabilization mechanism of biogas-hydrogen diffusion flame
Zhen HS, Wei ZL, Chen ZB, Xiao MW, Fu LR, Huang ZH
1998 - 2012 Numerical study on premixed hydrogen/air combustion characteristics in micro-combustor with slits on both sides of the bluff body
Yan YF, He ZQ, Xu QY, Zhang L, Li LX, Yang ZQ, Ran JY
2013 - 2028 Performance evaluation of a solar thermal energy storage system using nanoparticle-enhanced phase change material
Elbahjaoui R, El Qarnia H
2029 - 2038 Effects of hydrogen addition on the explosion characteristics of n-hexane/air mixtures
Zhang L, Ma HH, Pan J, Shen ZW, Wang LQ, Liu R, Zhao K
2039 - 2052 Combustion properties of n-heptane/hydrogen mixtures
Comandini A, Chaumeix N, Maclean JD, Ciccarelli G
2053 - 2058 Hydrogen sensing characteristics of AlGaInP/InGaAs enhancement/depletion-mode co-integrated doping-channel field-effect transistors
Tsai JH, Niu JS
2059 - 2068 Modeling the development of hydrogen vapor cloud considering the presence of air humidity
Liu YL, Wei JJ, Lei G, Wang TX, Lan YQ, Chen H, Jin T
2069 - 2072 Empowering next generation power systems with hydrogen in India
Rajalakshmi N
2073 - 2074 Comment on the paper "Significance of nonlinear radiation in mixed convection flow of magneto Walter-B nanoliquid, Muhammad Ijaz Khan, Muhammad Waqas, Tasawar Hayat, Ahmed Alsaedi, Muhammad Imran Khan, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 42 (2017) 26408-26416"
Pantokratoras A
2075 - 2076 The production of hydrogen-rich gas by wet sludge gasification using waste heat of blast-furnace slag: Mass and energy balance analysis (vol 44, pg 2075, 2019)
Luo SY, Wang JZ, Guo XJ, Liu ZF, Sun W
2077 - 2077 Significance of nonlinear radiation in mixed convection flow of magneto Walter-B nanoliquid (vol 42, pg 26408, 2017)
Khan MI, Waqas M, Hayat T, Alsaedi A, Khan MI