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International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.44, No.29 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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14467 - 14480 Experimental studies of natural convective mass transfer in a water-splitting system
Babu R, Das MK
14481 - 14492 Development of anion conducting zeolitic imidazolate framework bottle around ship incorporated with ionic liquids
Zhang TT, Yu GL, Liang XQ, Zhao N, Zhang F, Qu FY
14493 - 14499 Effects of a YSZ porous layer between electrolyte and oxygen electrode in solid oxide electrolysis cells on the electrochemical performance and stability
Su CX, Lu Z, Wang CQ, Li JW, Li PZ, Yue X, Li H
14500 - 14526 The Sono-Hydro-Gen process (Ultrasound induced hydrogen production): Challenges and opportunities
Rashwan SS, Dincer I, Mohany A, Pollet BG
14527 - 14535 One-pot production of gamma-valerolactone from furfural using Zr-graphitic carbon nitride/H-beta composite
Zhang TW, Lu YJ, Li WZ, Su MX, Yang T, Ogunbiyi A, Jin YC
14536 - 14549 Gibbs free energy (Delta G) analysis for the Na-O-H (sodium-oxygen-hydrogen) thermochemical water splitting cycle
Marques JGO, Costa AL, Pereira C
14550 - 14560 Well-dispersed CoSx nanoparticles modified tubular sulfur doped carbon nitride for enhanced photocatalytic H-2 production activity
Shen QH, Bibi R, Wei LF, Hao DD, Li NX, Zhou JC
14561 - 14570 Three-dimensional plasmonic photoanode of Co3O4 nanosheets coated onto TiO2 nanorod arrays for visible-light-driven water splitting
Zhao X, Wang WZ, Liang YJ, Yao LZ, Fu JL, Shi HL, Tao CJ
14571 - 14579 Application of ANOVA method to study solar energy for hydrogen production
Hossain MS, Rahim NA, Aman MM, Selvaraj J
14580 - 14587 The synthesis and characterization of carbon dots and their application in dye sensitized solar cell
Ghann W, Sharma V, Kang H, Karim F, Richards B, Mobin SM, Uddin J, Rahman MM, Hossain F, Kabir H, Uddin N
14588 - 14595 Electrochemical nano-patterning of brass for stable and visible light-induced photoelectrochemical water splitting
Eissa DS, El-Hagar SS, Ashour EA, Allam NK
14596 - 14604 Construction and operation of hydrogen energy utilization system for a zero emission building
Endo N, Shimoda E, Goshome K, Yamane T, Nozu T, Maeda T
14605 - 14623 Hydrogen production from sucrose via aqueous-phase reforming
Godina LI, Heeres H, Garcia S, Bennett S, Poulston S, Murzin DY
14624 - 14634 Photocatalytic H-2 production over RuO2@ZnS and RuO2@CuS nanostructures
Wojtyla S, Baran T
14635 - 14641 Hybrid amorphous MoSx-graphene protected Cu2O photocathode for better performance in H-2 evolution
Le HV, Le LT, Tran PD, Chang JS, Thuy UTD, Liem NQ
14642 - 14660 Enhanced control strategies for a hybrid battery/photovoltaic system using FGS PID in grid-connected mode
Dadfar S, Wakil K, Khaksar M, Rezvani A, Miveh MR, Gandomkar M
14661 - 14670 Conjoint effect of microwave irradiation and metal nanoparticles on biogas augmentation from anaerobic digestion of green algae
Zaidi AA, Feng RZ, Malik A, Khan SZ, Bhutta AJ, Shi Y, Mushtaq K
14671 - 14682 Renewable hydrogen production via steam reforming of simulated bio-oil over Ni-based catalysts
Italiano C, Bizkarra K, Barrio VL, Cambra JF, Pino L, Vita A
14683 - 14693 Investigating how biomass hydrolysis derivatives inhibit H-2 production by an isolated Clostridium beijerinckii
Giraldeli LD, Fonseca BC, Reginatto V
14694 - 14706 Co-digestion of cassava starch wastewater with buffalo dung for bio-hydrogen production
Wadjeam P, Reungsang A, Imai T, Plangklang P
14707 - 14714 New methods for hydrogen production by marine microalga Chlorella pyrenoidosa in natural seawater
Shastik E, Li L, Liu JG
14715 - 14720 A novel method for increasing biohydrogen production from food waste using electrodialysis
Hassan GK, Massanet-Nicolau J, Dinsdale R, Jones RJ, Abo-Aly MM, El-Gohary FA, Guwy A
14721 - 14731 Membrane bubble column reactor model for the production of hydrogen by methane pyrolysis
Farmer TC, McFarland EW, Doherty MF
14732 - 14743 Exploring the opportunities for carbon capture in modular, small-scale steam methane reforming: An energetic perspective
Sharma I, Friedrich D, Golden T, Brandani S
14744 - 14769 Recent progress of anode catalysts and their support materials for methanol electrooxidation reaction
Mansor M, Timmiati SN, Lim KL, Wong WY, Kamarudin SK, Kamarudin NHN
14770 - 14779 3D graphene decorated with hexagonal micro-coin of Co(OH)(2): A competent electrocatalyst for hydrogen and oxygen evolution reaction
Ullah N, Shah SA, Xie M, Rasheed HU, Oluigbo CJ, Jiang D, Xu YG, Xie JM
14780 - 14795 Dihydroazulene-vinylheptafulvene based photoswitchable lewis pairs for tunable H-2 activation
Sheikh NS, Hashmi MA, Munsif S, Gilani MA, Alkhalifah MA, Khan A, Ayub K
14796 - 14807 Efficient H-2 production by photocatalytic water splitting under UV or solar light over variously modified TiO2-based catalysts
Fiorenza R, Scire S, D'Urso L, Compagnini G, Bellardita M, Palmisano L
14808 - 14819 Enhanced Electro-catalytic Activity of Nitrogen-doped Reduced Graphene Oxide Supported PdCu Nanoparticles for Formic Acid Electro-oxidation
Chowdhury SR, Maiyalagan T
14820 - 14830 Effect of LDH composition on the catalytic activity of Ru/LDH for the hydrolytic dehydrogenation of ammonia borane
Zhao W, Wang RY, Wang Y, Feng JW, Li CC, Chen GZ
14831 - 14841 CO2 hydrogenation to methanol over CuO-ZnO-TiO2-ZrO2 catalyst prepared by a facile solid-state route: The significant influence of assistant complexing agents
Xiao J, Mao DS, Wang G, Guo XM, Yu J
14842 - 14852 A highly active oxygen evolution electrocatalyst: Ni-Fe-layered double hydroxide intercalated with the Molybdate and Vanadate anions
Nejati K, Davari S, Akbari A, Asadpour-Zeynali K, Rezvani Z
14853 - 14860 An important parameter for synthesis of Al2O3 supported Cu-Zn catalysts in low-temperature water-gas shift reaction under practical reaction condition
Shim JO, Na HS, Ahn SY, Jeon KW, Jang WJ, Jeon BH, Roh HS
14861 - 14868 Single Mo atoms supported on N-Doped carbon with N/C edge-site for enhanced electrochemical hydrogen evolution
Gao XP, Zhou YA, Tan YJ, Yang BW, Cheng ZW, Shen ZM
14869 - 14876 Nickel doped cobalt - hollow nanoparticles as an efficient electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution from neutral water
Abdullah MI, Hameed A, Zhang N, Ma MM
14877 - 14888 Solution blow spun nickel oxide/carbon nanocomposite hollow fibres as an efficient oxygen evolution reaction electrocatalyst
Silva VD, Simoes TA, Loureiro FJA, Fagg DP, Figueiredo FML, Medeiros ES, Macedo DA
14889 - 14907 Ordered mesoporous Fe-Al2O3 based-catalysts synthesized via a direct "one-pot" method for the dry reforming of a model biogas mixture
Jabbour K, Saad A, Inaty L, Davidson A, Massiani P, El Hassan N
14908 - 14917 Ultrafine and highly-dispersed bimetal Ni2P/Co2P encapsulated by hollow N-doped carbon nanospheres for efficient hydrogen evolution
Zhang XY, Guo BY, Chen QW, Dong B, Zhang JQ, Qin JF, Xie JY, Yang M, Wang L, Chai YM, Liu CG
14918 - 14926 Layered Au-Pd-Au nanorod catalysts: Pd-layer thickness effects on catalyst performance
Laghrissi A, Es-Souni M
14927 - 14937 One-pot synthesis of non-noble metal WS2/g-C3N4 photocatalysts with enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production
Zhou YL, Ye XY, Lin DY
14938 - 14944 In situ fabrication of nanostructured Au-B-i as high-efficient electrocatalyst for water splitting
Zhao Q, Guo WJ, Liu FY, Liu L, Li DD, Zhong DZ, Hao GY
14945 - 14954 A new insight into Au/TiO2-catalyzed hydrogen production from water-methanol mixture using lamps containing simultaneous ultraviolet and visible radiation
Mendez FJ, Gonzalez-Millan A, Garcia-Macedo JA
14955 - 14967 In-situ surface selective removal: An efficient way to prepare water oxidation catalyst
Wang P, Qi J, Li C, Chen X, Luo JJ, Li WP, Shi XD, Olivet L, Wang TH, Liang CH
14968 - 14980 Vapour phase hydrodeoxygenation of furfural into fuel grade compounds on NiPMoS catalyst: Synergetic effect of NiP and laponite support
Krishnan PS, Tamizhdurai P, Alagarasi A, Shanthi K
14981 - 14991 Catalytic activities of non-noble metal catalysts (Cu-B, Fe-B, and Ni-B) with C.Vulgaris microalgal strain support modified by using phosphoric acid for hydrogen generation from sodium borohydride methanolysis
Bekirogullari M
14992 - 15000 Effect of ZSM-5-carbon black composites as supports on the activity of Pd nanoparticles for propan-1-ol oxidation
Cai N, Wu JL, Jin CC
15001 - 15008 Fabrication of nanoporous gold-islands via hydrogen bubble template: An efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction and hydrogen evolution reactions
Hernandez-Saravia LP, Sukeri A, Bertotti M
15009 - 15016 Engineering of molybdenum sulfide nanostructures towards efficient electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Xie S, Sun BW, Sun H, Zhan K, Zhao B, Yan Y, Xia BY
15017 - 15025 Amino acids assisted hydrothermal synthesis of W-type SrFe18O27 nanostructures; a potential hydrodesulfurization catalyst
Mandizadeh S, Salehabadi A, Amiri O, Salavati-Niasari M
15026 - 15044 Liquid hydrogen, methylcyclohexane, and ammonia as potential hydrogen storage: Comparison review
Wijayanta AT, Oda T, Purnomo CW, Kashiwagi T, Aziz M
15045 - 15055 Minimum entropy generation in a heat exchanger in the cryogenic part of the hydrogen liquefaction process: On the validity of equipartition and disappearance of the highway
Hande R, Wilhelmsen O
15056 - 15071 Analysis and assessment of partial re-liquefaction system for liquefied hydrogen tankers using liquefied natural gas (LNG) and H-2 hybrid propulsion
Lee H, Shao Y, Lee S, Roh G, Chun K, Kang H
15072 - 15086 Hydrogen energy, economy and storage: Review and recommendation
Abe JO, Popoola API, Ajenifuja E, Popoola OM
15087 - 15099 Development of Ti1.02Cr2-x-yFexMny (0.6 <= x <= 0.75, y=0.25, 0.3) alloys for high hydrogen pressure metal hydride system
Li JG, Jiang XJ, Li GL, Li XG
15100 - 15109 Highly dispersed metal nanoparticles on TiO2 acted as nano redox reactor and its synergistic catalysis on the hydrogen storage properties of magnesium hydride
Chen M, Xiao XZ, Zhang M, Zheng JG, Liu MJ, Wang XC, Jiang LJ, Chen LX
15110 - 15117 High-capacity hydrogen generation from hydrazine monohydrate using a noble-metal-free Ni10Mo/Ni-Mo-O nanocatalyst
Qiu YP, Cao GX, Wen H, Shi Q, Dai H, Wang P
15118 - 15134 Hydrogen storage systems for fuel cells: Comparison between high and low-temperature metal hydrides
Gambini M, Stilo T, Vellini M
15135 - 15145 Estimation of system-level hydrogen storage for metal-organic frameworks with high volumetric storage density
Purewal J, Veenstra M, Tamburello D, Ahmed A, Matzger AJ, Wong-Foy AG, Seth S, Liu YY, Siegel DJ
15146 - 15158 Hydrogen storage properties of nanostructured 2MgH(2)-Co powders: The effect of high-pressure compression
Khan D, Zou JX, Pan MG, Ma ZW, Zhu W, Huang TP, Zeng XQ, Ding WJ
15159 - 15172 Stability of LaNi5-xCox alloys cycled in hydrogen - Part 1 evolution in gaseous hydrogen storage performance
Zhu ZD, Zhu S, Lu HQ, Wu J, Yan K, Cheng HH, Liu JJ
15173 - 15182 Investigation of structural, electronic and lattice dynamical properties of XNiH3 (X = Li, Na and K) perovskite type hydrides and their hydrogen storage applications
Gencer A, Surucu G
15183 - 15192 A DFT study of H-2 adsorption on lithium decorated 3D hybrid Boron-Nitride-Carbon frameworks
Bi L, Yin J, Huang X, Wang YH, Yang ZH
15193 - 15204 Preliminary assessment of underground hydrogen storage sites in Ontario, Canada
Lemieux A, Sharp K, Shkarupin A
15205 - 15217 Fabrication and optical property improvement of gasochromic switchable mirror based on Pd/Mg-Nb2O5 thin film
Liu Y, Chen J, Peng LM, Deng NX, Ding WJ
15218 - 15227 Hydrogen sorption kinetics, hydrogen permeability, and thermal properties of compacted 2LiBH(4)-MgH2 doped with activated carbon nanofibers
Thiangviriya S, Sitthiwet C, Plerdsranoy P, Capurso G, Pistidda C, Utke O, Dornheim M, Klassen T, Utke R
15228 - 15238 Effect of iron content on the hydrogen production kinetics of electroless-deposited Co-Ni-Fe-P alloy catalysts from the hydrolysis of sodium borohydride, and a study of its feasibility in a new hydrolysis using magnesium and calcium borohydrides
Kim DH, Jo S, Kwon J, Lee S, Eom K
15239 - 15245 Mg@C-60 nano-lamellae and its 12.50 wt% hydrogen storage capacity
Wang Y, Luo K, Ye W, Du SY, Francisco JS, Yin JS, Gao P
15246 - 15261 Node-based vs. path-based location models for urban hydrogen refueling stations: Comparing convenience and coverage abilities
Honma Y, Kuby M
15262 - 15277 Multi-component high aspect ratio turbulent jets issuing from non-planar nozzles
Nia MS, Oshkai P, Djilali N
15278 - 15286 SOC-dependent high-rate dischargeability of AB(5)-type metal hydride anode: Mechanism linking phase transition to electrochemical H-desorption kinetics
Zhu D, Zhou WH, Tang ZY, Heng Y, Liu K, Li JC, Xie LZ, Chen YG
15287 - 15312 Applications of enzymatic biofuel cells in bioelectronic devices - A review
Nasar A, Perveen R
15313 - 15321 Combined methane reforming by carbon dioxide and steam in proton conducting solid oxide fuel cells for syngas/power co-generation
Chen B, Xu HR, Zhang Y, Dong FF, Tan P, Zhao TS, Ni M
15322 - 15332 Study on improvement of the proton conductivity and anti-fouling of proton exchange membrane by doping SGO@SiO2 in microbial fuel cell applications
Xu QB, Wang L, Li C, Wang XD, Li CC, Geng YT
15333 - 15343 Performance prediction and evaluation of the scroll-type hydrogen pump for FCVs based on CFD-Taguchi method
Zhang QQ, Feng JM, Zhang QQ, Peng XY
15344 - 15354 Response of ceramic microbial fuel cells to direct anodic airflow and novel hydrogel cathodes
Winfield J, Greenman J, Ieropoulos I
15355 - 15369 ANFIS-MPPT control algorithm for a PEMFC system used in electric vehicle applications
Reddy KJ, Sudhakar N
15370 - 15376 Fast ion channels for crab shell-based electrolyte fuel cells
Liu L, Li LY, Yang YC, Wu Y, Zhu B
15377 - 15386 Microbial fuel cells: A fast converging dynamic model for assessing system performance based on bioanode kinetics
Gadkari S, Shemfe M, Sadhukhan J
15387 - 15399 A strontium-free and iron-based oxygen electrode for solid-oxide electrochemical cells (SOCs)
Zeng QM, Liu XJ, Xie DT, Ni JP, Ni CS
15400 - 15408 A novel dual phase BaCe0.5Fe0.5O3-delta cathode with high oxygen electrocatalysis activity for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Zhu L, Hong T, Xu CX, Cheng JG
15409 - 15416 DFT-based study of single transition metal atom doped g-C3N4 as alternative oxygen reduction reaction catalysts
Chen X, Hu R
15417 - 15435 Development of Pr2-xSrxCuO4 +/-delta mixed ion-electron conducting system as cathode for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell
Khandale AP, Pahune BS, Bhoga SS, Kumar RV, Tomov R
15436 - 15440 Deuterium isotope separation by polymer electrolyte fuel cells connected in series
Matsushima H, Ogawa R, Ueda M
15441 - 15455 CFD modelling and experimental validation of cell performance in a 3-D planar SOFC
Tikiz I, Taymaz I, Pehlivan H
15456 - 15481 Three-dimensional micro/macroscale simulation of planar, anode-supported, intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells: I. Model development for hydrogen fueled operation
Baek SM, Jeong A, Nam JH, Kim CJ
15482 - 15493 Pendent piperidinium-functionalized blend anion exchange membrane for fuel cell application
Niu MY, Zhang CM, He GH, Zhang FX, Wu XM
15494 - 15510 Fuel processor-battery-fuel cell hybrid drivetrain for extended range operation of passenger vehicles
Purnima P, Jayanti S
15511 - 15522 Parametric study on combustion characteristics of virtual. HCCI engine fueled with methane-hydrogen blends under low load conditions
Yoon W, Park J
15523 - 15535 Experimental study on the detonation propagation behaviors through a small-bore orifice plate in hydrogen-air mixtures
Sun XX, Li Q, Xu MJ, Wang LQ, Guo J, Lu SX
15536 - 15552 Numerical research of rotating detonation initiation processes with different injection patterns
Zheng YS, Wang C, Wang YH, Liu Y, Yan ZH
15553 - 15564 Experimental study on explosion characteristics of syngas with different ignition positions and hydrogen fraction
Yu MG, Luan PP, Zheng K, Yang XF, Han SX, Duan YL
15565 - 15574 Effects of hydrogen addition on engine performance in a spark ignition engine with a high compression ratio under lean burn conditions
Naruke M, Morie K, Sakaida S, Tanaka K, Konno M
15575 - 15586 Effects of ignition advance on a dual sequential ignition engine at lean mixture for hydrogen enriched butane usage
Yontar AA
15587 - 15597 Numerical study on stability and influencing factors of heterogeneous reaction for hydrogen/oxygen mixture in planar catalytic micro combustor
Pan JF, Zhang Y, Lu QB, Shao X, Quaye EK, Zhu YJ
15598 - 15609 Excitation of high frequency thermoacoustic oscillations by syngas in a non-premixed bluff body combustor
Baraiya NA, Chakravarthy SR
15610 - 15621 Numerical study of blended fuel natural gas-hydrogen combustion in rich/quench/lean combustor of a micro gas turbine
Meziane S, Bentebbiche A
15622 - 15633 Characterization and corrosion behaviour of grade 2 titanium used in electrolyzers for hydrogen production
Dubent S, Mazard A
15634 - 15643 Hydrogen embrittlement of structural steels: Effect of the displacement rate on the fracture toughness of high-pressure hydrogen pre-charged samples
Alvarez G, Peral LB, Rodriguez C, Garcia TE, Belzunce FJ
15644 - 15656 Estimating leaked hydrogen gas flow in confined space through coupling zone model and point source buoyancy plume theory
Wang QH, Zhai CJ, Gong JH, Jiang JC, Wang ZR, Zhou Y
15657 - 15664 Pyroelectric sensor based on Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)(1-x)Ti(x)O(3 )single crystals for solid state hydrogen storage reactors
Alaoui-Belghiti A, Lifi H, Laasri S, Touhtouh S, Hajjaji A
15665 - 15676 Fast hydrogen diffusion induced by hydrogen pre-split for gasochromic based optical hydrogen sensors
Wang HR, Gao GH, Wu GM, Zhao HY, Qi WY, Chen KC, Zhang W, Li YY
15677 - 15688 High response and low concentration hydrogen gas sensing properties using hollow ZnO particles transformed from polystyrene@ZnO core-shell structures
Nakate UT, Ahmad R, Patil P, Bhat KS, Wang YS, Mahmoudi T, Yu YT, Suh EK, Hahn YB
15689 - 15701 Numerical study of the effects of vent opening time on hydrogen explosions
Pang L, Hu QR, Zhao JJ, Lv PF, Sun SH, Yang K