International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.44, No.26 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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12891 - 12906 Transitioning electricity systems: The environmental benefits and economic cost of repurposing surplus electricity in non-conventional end users
Mukherjee U, Haghi E, Prabhakaran P, Graf F, Fowler M
12907 - 12917 Households' willingness to pay for developing marine bio-hydrogen technology: The case of South Korea
Kim J, Lee HJ, Huh SY, Yoo SH
12918 - 12930 Flexible sector coupling with hydrogen: A climate-friendly fuel supply for road transport
Emonts B, Reuss M, Stenzel P, Welder L, Knicker F, Grube T, Gorner K, Robinius M, Stolten D
12931 - 12940 One-step electrodeposition of cauliflower-like CozNiySx@polypyrrole electrocatalysts on carbon fiber paper for hydrogen evolution reaction
Li Q, Yan WJ, Liu Y, Du HY, Wang ZD, Hao XG, Guan GQ
12941 - 12951 Phosphorus-doped hierarchical porous carbon as efficient metal-free electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction
Wu J, Yang RZ, Yan WN
12952 - 12957 The effect of Fe3+ contamination in feed water on proton exchange membrane electrolyzer performance
Li N, Araya SS, Kaer SK
12958 - 12970 Morphology controlled synthesis of Pd2Ge nanostructures and their shape-dependent catalytic properties for hydrogen evolution reaction
Chen JY, Jheng SL, Chan CY, Tuan HY
12971 - 12982 Investigation of an integrated system with industrial thermal management options for carbon emission reduction and hydrogen and ammonia production
Ishaq H, Dincer I
12983 - 13010 Catalyst modification strategies to enhance the catalyst activity and stability during steam reforming of acetic acid for hydrogen production
Kumar A, Singh R, Sinha ASK
13011 - 13021 Carboxymethyl cellulose gel membrane loaded with nanoparticle photocatalysts for hydrogen production
Kang HY, Gao JP, Xie MH, Sun Y, Wu FM, Gao CJ, Liu Y, Qiu HX
13022 - 13039 Recent advances in non-metals-doped TiO2 nanostructured photocatalysts for visible-light driven hydrogen production, CO2 reduction and air purification
Patil SB, Basavarajappa PS, Ganganagappa N, Jyothi MS, Raghu AV, Reddy KR
13040 - 13051 Improving the photocatalytic performance of a sea-cucumber-like nanoporous TiO2 loaded with Pt-Ag for water splitting
Shi WY, Duan D, Wang HY, Ma C, Sun ZB, Song XP
13052 - 13060 Enhanced photocatalytic performance in preyssler-type P5W30-CdS nanohybrids synthesized by L-cystine-mediated hydrothermal assembly
Chen H, Cao Y, Wang R, Li YH, Liu MY, Zhang LC, You WS
13061 - 13070 Photoelectrochemical water splitting with 600 keV N2+ ion irradiated BiVO4 and BiVO4/Au photoanodes
Srivastav A, Verma A, Khan SA, Smith YR, Satsangi VR, Shrivastav R, Dass S
13071 - 13084 Energetic and exergetic assessments of a novel solar power tower based multigeneration system with hydrogen production and liquefaction
Yuksel YE, Ozturk M, Dincer I
13085 - 13097 Z-scheme design of Ag@g-C3N4/ZnS photoanode device for efficient solar water oxidation: An organic-inorganic electronic interface
Mahvelati-Shamsabadi T, Goharshadi EK, Karimi-Nazarabad M
13098 - 13105 Enhancement of visible light photocatalytic hydrogen evolution by bio-mimetic C-doped graphitic carbon nitride
Mohamed MA, Zain MFM, Minggu LJ, Kassim MB, Jaafar J, Amin NAS, Hir ZAM, Rosmi MS
13106 - 13113 Application of nanotechnology in dark fermentation for enhanced biohydrogen production using inorganic nanoparticles
Kumar G, Mathimani T, Rene ER, Pugazhendhi A
13114 - 13125 Sustainable biohydrogen production by dark fermentation using carbon monoxide as the sole carbon and energy source
Sinharoy A, Baskaran D, Pakshirajan K
13126 - 13134 Heat-shock treatment applied to inocula for H-2 production decreases microbial diversities, interspecific interactions and performance using cellulose as substrate
Hernandez C, Alamilla-Ortiz ZL, Escalante AE, Navarro-Diaz M, Carrillo-Reyes J, Moreno-Andrade I, Valdez-Vazquez I
13135 - 13146 Fuzzy-inference-based failure mode and effects analysis of the hydrogen production process using Thermococcus onnurineus NA1
Park S, Ahn J, Choi K, Kim S, Yoo Y, Kang S, Chang D
13147 - 13156 Microbial community diversity during fermentative hydrogen production inoculating various pretreated cultures
Yang G, Yin YA, Wang JL
13157 - 13168 Aqueous-phase reforming of bio-oil aqueous fraction over nickel-based catalysts
Arandia A, Coronado I, Remiro A, Gayubo AG, Reinikainen M
13169 - 13174 Nickel powder blended activated carbon cathodes for hydrogen production in microbial electrolysis cells
Kim KY, Logan BE
13175 - 13184 Improved iron oxide oxygen carriers for chemical looping hydrogen generation using colloidal crystal templated method
Hu J, Song YH, Chen SY, Li M, Zhang L, Xiang W
13185 - 13194 The preparation and performance of a novel spherical spider web-like structure Ru-Ni / Ni foam catalyst for NaBH4 methanolysis
Wang FH, Luo YM, Wang YA, Zhu H
13195 - 13204 3-Dimensional flower-like clusters of CoNiP nanofoils in-situ grown on randomly-dispersed rGO-Nanosheets with superior electrocatalysis for hydrogen evolution reactions
Huang M, Ge K, Dong GD, Zhou ZH, Zeng YW
13205 - 13213 Self-standing and efficient bifunctional electrocatalyst for overall water splitting under alkaline media enabled by Mo1-xCoxS2 nanosheets anchored on carbon fiber paper
Wang JZ, He Y, Yang QB, Li HJ, Xie ZF, Fan Y, Chen JY
13214 - 13220 Enhanced electrocatalytic methanol oxidation properties by photo-assisted Fe2O3 nanoplates
Hu SJ, Jiang L, Wang BL, Ma YH
13221 - 13231 TiO2 hollow spheres with separated Au and RuO2 co-catalysts for efficient photocatalytic water splitting
Rahman ZU, Wei N, Feng M, Wang DA
13232 - 13241 Special Z-scheme CdS@WO3 hetero-junction modified with CoP for efficient hydrogen evolution
Zhang YP, Hao XQ, Ma XL, Liu H, Jin ZL
13242 - 13252 Separation of hot electrons and holes in Au/LaFeO3 to boost the photocatalytic activities both for water reduction and oxidation
Huang YB, Liu J, Cao DW, Liu ZM, Ren KK, Liu K, Tang AW, Wang ZJ, Li L, Qu SC, Wang ZG
13253 - 13261 High temperature methanation over Ni catalysts supported on high surface area ZnxMg1-xAl2O4: Influence on Zn loading
Zhou JY, Ma HF, Liu CX, Zhang HT, Ying WY
13262 - 13272 Functionalized conjugated polymer with plasmonic Au nanoalloy for photocatalytic hydrogen generation under visible-NIR
Ghosh S, Rashmi D, Bera S, Basu RN
13273 - 13283 Structure and electrochemical property of amorphous molybdenum selenide H-2-evolving catalysts prepared by a solvothermal synthesis
Nguyen CT, Duong TM, Nguyen M, Nguyen QT, Nguyen AD, Thuy UTD, Truong QD, Nguyen TT, Nguyen QL, Tran PD
13284 - 13295 Synergistic effect of ascorbic acid on the synthesis of mesoporous rGO-MoS2(100) nanocomposites and promotion of hydrogen evolution reaction
Khazraei S, Karimipour M, Molaei M, Moghadam MR
13296 - 13309 Simulation and characterization of hydrogen evolution reaction on porous Ni-Cu electrode using surface response methodology
Lotfi N, Farahani TS, Yaghoubinezhad Y, Darband GB
13310 - 13322 Ru-Rh based catalysts for hydrogen production via methanol steam reforming in conventional and membrane reactors
Lytkina AA, Orekhova NV, Ermilova MM, Petriev IS, Baryshev MG, Yaroslavtsev AB
13323 - 13333 Engineering multiphase for activating electroactive sites for highly efficient hydrogen evolution: Experimental and theoretical investigation
Yang W, Tian B, Xia YG, Liu FG, Chen SJ, Dong XF, Chen SZ, Wang JH
13334 - 13344 Robust bifunctional catalytic activities of N-doped carbon aerogel-nickel composites for electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution and hydrogenation of nitrocompounds
Shanmugam P, Murthy AP, Theerthagiri J, Wei W, Madhavan J, Kim HS, Maiyalagan T, Xie JX
13345 - 13353 Synthesis of high performing Cu0.31Ni0.69O/rGO hybrid for oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline medium
Yu JM, Jiang ZK, Wang JG, Fang HY, Huang TZ, Sun SH
13354 - 13363 Bimetallic Ni-Pd/SBA-15 alloy as an effective catalyst for selective hydrogenation of CO2 to methane
Li YP, Zhang H, Zhang LH, Zhang H
13364 - 13372 Pt/C catalyst impregnated with tungsten-oxide - Hydrogen oxidation reaction vs. CO tolerance
Brkovic SM, Nikolic VM, Kaninski MPM, Pasti IA
13373 - 13382 Impacts of anions on the electrochemical oxygen reduction reaction activity and stability of Pt/C in alkaline electrolyte
You GP, Zhu W, Zhuang ZB
13383 - 13396 Effective encapsulation of Ni nanoparticles in metal-organic frameworks and their application for CO2 methanation
Mihet M, Grad O, Blanita G, Radu T, Lazar MD
13397 - 13414 Synergic influence of potassium loading and plasma-treatment on anti-coke property of K-Promoted bimetallic NiCo-NiAl2O4 nanocatalyst applied in O-2-Enhanced dry reforming of CH4
Sajjadi SM, Haghighi M, Eshghi J
13415 - 13423 Experimental investigation on DMFCs using reduced noble metal loading with NiTiO3 as supportive material to enhance cell performances
Thiagarajan V, Karthikeyan P, Thanarajan K, Neelakrishnan S, Manoharan R, Chen R, Fly A, Anand R, Raj TRK, Kumar NS
13424 - 13431 Greatly improved HER electrocatalytic activity by the composite of CoSe2 and N, S-dual doped graphitic carbon
Tong JH, Li T, Bo LL, Li WY, Li YL, Zhang Q
13432 - 13442 Catalytic methanolysis and hydrolysis of hydrazine-borane with monodisperse Ru NPs@nano-CeO2 catalyst for hydrogen generation at room temperature
Karatas Y, Gulcan M, Sen F
13443 - 13455 Nickel-cobalt catalyst supported on TiO2-coated SiO2 spheres for CO2 methanation in a fluidized bed
Jia CM, Dai YH, Yang YH, Chew JW
13456 - 13465 Solvothermal synthesis of flower-like structure Cu-Mn bimetallic sulfide on Ni-foam for high-performance symmetric supercapacitors
Zhai MM, Cheng Y, Jin Y, Hu JB
13466 - 13479 Self-doped Ti3+ mediated TiO2/In2O3/SWCNTs heterojunction composite under acidic/basic heat medium for boosting visible light induced H-2 evolution
Umer M, Tahir M, Azam MU, Tahir B, Musaab M
13480 - 13489 Hydrogen promotion by Co/SiO2@HZSM-5 core-shell catalyst for syngas from plastic waste gasification: The combination of functional materials
Wu SL, Kuo JH, Wey MY
13490 - 13501 3D self-standing grass-like cobalt phosphide vesicles-decorated nanocones grown on Ni-foam as an efficient electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Ge K, Zeng YW, Dong GD, Zhao LF, Wang ZT, Huang M
13502 - 13508 Boron removal from silicon by hydrogen assistant during the electromagnetic directional solidification of Al-Si alloys
Jiang WY, Yu WZ, Qin H, Xue Y, Li CM, Lv XW
13509 - 13522 Hydrogen and energy savings using heuristic allocation of mass exchangers in process synthesis: Technical analysis
Fischer CD, Iribarren OA
13523 - 13537 Activated carbon-supported catalyst loading of CH4N2O for selective reduction of NO from flue gas at low temperatures
Liu KJ, Yu QB, Wang BL, Xie HQ, Duan WJ, Qin Q
13538 - 13548 Effect of LaH3 additive on microstructures and hydrogen storage properties of V40Ti26Cr26Fe8 alloys prepared by hydride powder sintering method
Chen ZG, Luo LS, Su ZJ, Liu WW, Zhang F, Huang YS
13549 - 13560 Experimental studies on industrial scale metal hydride based hydrogen storage system with embedded cooling tubes
Kumar A, Raju NN, Muthukumar P, Selvan PV
13561 - 13568 Improvement of hydrogen storage properties of Mg by catalytic effect of Al-containing phases in Mg-Al-Ti-Zr-C powders
Kral L, Cermak J
13569 - 13582 Effects of some key-parameters on the thermal stratification in hydrogen tanks during the filling process
Melideo D, Baraldi D, Echevarria ND, Iborra BA
13583 - 13591 Accurate measurement of pressure-composition isotherms and determination of thermodynamic and kinetic parameters of metal hydrides
Rodriguez PC, Gallandat N, Zuttel A
13592 - 13605 Theoretical study of M-H (M=Ti, V, Zr or Nb) structure phase diagram at high pressures
Zhao XY, Yang XB, Ouyang LZ, Zhao YJ
13606 - 13612 Oxygen vacancy in magnesium/cerium composite from ball milling for hydrogen storage improvement
Liu P, Chen HP, Yu H, Liu XJ, Jiang RQ, Li XY, Zhou SX
13613 - 13622 Effect of nitrogen and sulfur co-doping on the performance of electrochemical hydrogen storage of graphene
Ramezani Z, Dehghani H
13623 - 13631 Manganese oxide(III)/carbon hybrids with interesting morphologies as improved active materials for supercapacitors
Wang P, Wen Y, Lu JJ, Yin SB, Key J, Wang NZ, Shen PK
13632 - 13646 Zinc substituted MgH2 - a potential material for hydrogen storage applications
Varunaa R, Fjellvag H, Ravindran P
13647 - 13654 Measurements of expansion of LaNi5 compacted powder during hydrogen absorption/desorption cycles and their influences on the reactor wall
Briki C, de Rango P, Belkhiria S, Dhaou MH, Jemni A
13655 - 13665 Improvement of hydrogen storage capacity on the palladium-decorated N-doped graphene sheets as a novel adsorbent: A hybrid MD-GCMC simulation study
Bakhshi F, Farhadian N
13666 - 13674 Hydrogen decompression analysis by multi-stage Tesla valves for hydrogen fuel cell
Qian JY, Wu JY, Gao ZX, Wu AJ, Jin ZJ
13675 - 13683 Formation of ultra-small Mn3O4 nanoparticles trapped in nanochannels of hollow carbon spheres by nanoconfinement with excellent supercapacitor performance
Shi XZ, Zhang S, Chen XC, Chu PK, Tang T, Mijowska E
13684 - 13689 Preparation and electrochemical performances of Ni-rich LiNi0.91Co0.06Mn0.03O2 cathode for high-energy LIBs
Lee SH, Lee S, Jin BS, Kim HS
13690 - 13699 Flexible all-solid-state asymmetric supercapacitor based on three-dimensional MoS2/Ketjen black nanoflower arrays
Zhao YH, He XY, Chen RR, Liu Q, Liu JY, Yu J, Zhang HS, Dong HX, Zhang ML, Li RM, Wang J
13700 - 13727 A review study on software-based modeling of hydrogen-fueled solid oxide fuel cells
Ghorbani B, Vijayaraghavan K
13728 - 13736 Optimizing strontium titanate anode in solid oxide fuel cells by ytterbium doping
Miao H, Chen B, Wu XY, Wang Q, Lin PJ, Wang JT, Yang C, Zhang HC, Yuan JL
13737 - 13743 Investigation of the effect of humidity at both electrode on the performance of PEMFC using orthogonal test method
Wang BH, Lin R, Liu DC, Xu J, Feng BW
13744 - 13756 Influence of preoxidation on high temperature behavior of NiFe2 coated SOFC interconnect steel
Zhao QQ, Geng SJ, Chen G, Wang FH
13757 - 13767 Enhancing catalysis activity of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.8Fe0.2O3-delta cathode for solid oxide fuel cell by a facile and efficient impregnation process
Wang HC, Zhang X, Zhang WW, Wei ZY, Guan K, Meng JL, Meng FZ, Meng J, Liu XJ
13768 - 13776 Approaches for co-sintering metal-supported proton-conducting solid oxide cells with Ba(Zr,Ce,Y,Yb)O3-delta electrolyte
Wang RF, Lau GY, Ding D, Zhu TL, Tucker MC
13777 - 13785 An integrated model of the water transport in nonuniform compressed gas diffusion layers for PEMFC
Xu YF, Qiu DK, Yi PY, Lan SH, Peng LF
13786 - 13793 Failure mechanism of PEM fuel cell under high back pressures operation
Cai C, Rao Y, Zhang Y, Wu F, Li S, Pan M
13794 - 13806 A solid oxide fuel cell operating on liquid organic hydrogen carrier-based hydrogen A kinetic model of the hydrogen release unit and system performance
Peters R, Deja R, Fang QP, Nguyen VN, Preuster P, Blum L, Wasserscheid P, Stolten D
13807 - 13819 Comparative analysis of two-phase flow in sinusoidal channel of different geometric configurations with application to PEMFC
Anyanwu IS, Hou YZ, Xi FQ, Wang XY, Yin Y, Du Q, Jiao K
13820 - 13834 Electrodeposited Pt nanorods on a novel flowered-like nanostructured Ni-Co alloy as an electrocatalyst for methanol oxidation
Elrouby M, Abd El-Lateef HM, Sadek M
13835 - 13842 An easily sintered and chemically stable La2-xMgxCe2O7-delta proton conductor for high-performance solid oxide fuel cells
Wu YS, Gong Z, Hou J, Miao LN, Tang HD, Liu W
13843 - 13851 3D printed Sm-doped ceria composite electrolyte membrane for low temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Feng ZY, Liu L, Li LY, Chen JH, Liu YH, Li Y, Hao L, Wu Y
13852 - 13863 Electric-field-aligned functionalized-layered double hydroxide/polyphenyl ether composite membrane for ion transport
Wang D, Chen NJ, Long C, Lu CR, Li YX, Zhu H, Wang FH
13864 - 13874 In situ study of a composition of outlet gases from biogas fuelled Solid Oxide Fuel Cell performed by the Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
Chlipala M, Blaszczak P, Wang SF, Jasinski P, Bochentyn B
13875 - 13884 Enhanced bioelectricity generation and cathodic oxygen reduction of air breathing microbial fuel cells based on MoS2 decorated carbon nanotube
Xu YT, Zhou SQ, Li M
13885 - 13894 Fluid sloshing dynamic performance in a liquid hydrogen tank
Liu Z, Feng YY, Lei G, Li YZ
13895 - 13909 Recent advances in cavity-based scramjet engine- a brief review
Choubey G, Deuarajan Y, Huang W, Mehar K, Tiwari M, Pandey KM
13910 - 13922 Study of laminar combustion characteristics of gasoline surrogate fuel-hydrogen-air premixed flames
He X, Hou XH, Yang Q, Ma XQ, Tian GH, Liu FS
13923 - 13931 Injection of multi hydrogen jets within cavity flameholder at supersonic flow
Edalatpour A, Hassanvand A, Gerdroodbary MB, Moradi R, Amini Y
13932 - 13952 Numerical analysis of nitrogen oxides in turbulent lifted H-2/N-2 cabra jet flame issuing into a vitiated coflow
Bazooyar B, Shariati A, Khosravi-Nikou M, Hashemabadi SH
13953 - 13963 Ozone-assisted combustion of hydrogen: A comparison with isooctane
Seignour N, Masurier J, Johansson B, Dayma G, Dagaut P, Foucher F
13964 - 13973 Influence of operating parameters on performance and emissions for a compression-ignition engine fueled by hydrogen/diesel mixtures
Jabbr AI, Koylu UO
13974 - 13987 Effect of natural gas enrichment with hydrogen on combustion characteristics of a dual fuel diesel engine
Ouchikh S, Lounici MS, Tarabet L, Loubar K, Tazerout M
13988 - 13998 Experimental study on lean-burn characteristics of an SI engine with hydrogen/gasoline combined injection and EGR
Yu XM, Guo ZZ, He L, Dong W, Sun P, Du YD, Li Z, Yang H, Wang S, Wu HM
13999 - 14011 Validation of measured data on F/A ratio and turbine inlet temperature with optimal estimation to enhance the reliability on a full-scale gas turbine combustion test for IGCC
Park S, Shin J, Morishita M, Saitoh T, Choi G, Tanahashi M
14012 - 14022 Experimental study on the turbulent premixed combustion characteristics of 70%H-2/30%CO/air mixtures
Jiang YH, Li GX, Li HM, Li L, Zhang GP
14023 - 14031 Experiment study on the combustion performance of hydrogen-enriched natural gas in a DLE burner
Ge B, Ji YB, Zhang ZL, Zang SS, Tian YS, Yu H, Chen MM, Jiao GY, Zhang DF
14032 - 14043 The effect of cavity on ethylene-air Continuous Rotating Detonation in the annular combustor
Peng HY, Liu WD, Liu SJ, Zhang HL
14044 - 14054 Effects of the pintle injector on H-2/air continuous rotating detonation wave in a hollow chamber
Huang SY, Li YP, Zhou J, Liu SJ, Peng HY
14055 - 14063 Dependence of strain rate on hydrogen-induced hardening of austenitic stainless steel investigated by nanoindentation
Hong YJ, Zhou CS, Zheng YY, Zhang L, Zheng JY, Chen XY
14064 - 14069 Hydrogen depth profiles and microhardness of electrochemically hydrogen-charged nanostructured bainitic steels
Kazum O, Ionescu M, Beladi H, Kannan MB
14070 - 14084 Winding number based automatic mesh generation algorithm for hydrogen analysis code GASFLOW-MPI
Yu FJ, Zhang H, Class A, Xiao JJ, Travis JR, Jordan T
14085 - 14091 Palladium nanoparticles doped polymer microfiber functioned as a hydrogen probe
Gao N, Mu ZZ, Li J
14092 - 14104 Hydrogen sensing performance of atmospheric plasma sprayed tin dioxide coating
Ambardekar V, Bandyopadhyay PP, Majumder SB
14105 - 14105 Structure of V-doped Pd-n (n = 2-12) clusters and their ability for H-2 dissociation (vol 43, pg 20636, 2018)
Rodriguez-Kessler PL