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International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.44, No.23 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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11371 - 11384 How the hydrogen production from RES could change energy and fuel markets: A review of recent literature
Maggio G, Nicita A, Squadrito G
11385 - 11393 Economics of secondary renewable energy sources with hydrogen generation
Zhiznin SZ, Vassilev S, Gusev AL
11394 - 11401 Incentives and legal barriers for power-to-hydrogen pathways: An international snapshot
Dolci F, Thomas D, Hilliard S, Guerra CF, Hancke R, Ito H, Jegoux M, Kreeft G, Leaver J, Newborough M, Proost J, Robinius M, Weidner E, Mansilla C, Lucchese P
11402 - 11410 Co-based MOF-derived Co/CoN/Co2P ternary composite embedded in N- and P-doped carbon as bifunctional nanocatalysts for efficient overall water splitting
Hu L, Hu YW, Liu R, Mao YC, Balogun MS, Tong YX
11411 - 11420 Nanocrystalline nickel-cobalt electrocatalysts to generate hydrogen using alkaline solutions as storage fuel for the renewable energy
Negem M, Nady H, El-Rabiei MM
11421 - 11430 Encapsulated spinel CuXCo3-XO4 in carbon nanotubes as efficient and stable oxygen electrocatalysts
Jin W, Chen JP, Wu ZX, Maduraiveeran G
11431 - 11440 Hydrogen evolution reaction enhanced by water-soluble metallopyridinoporphyrazine complex adsorbed on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite
Klusackova M, Janda P, Tarabkova H
11441 - 11447 A comparative study of molybdenum phosphide catalyst for partial oxidation and dry reforming of methane
Cui YZ, Liu QY, Yao ZW, Dou BL, Shi Y, Sun Y
11448 - 11458 Hydrogen production from aluminum-water reactions subject to varied pressures and temperatures
Godart P, Fischman J, Seto K, Hart D
11459 - 11471 Electrodeposition of highly porous ZnO nanostructures with hydrothermal amination for efficient photoelectrochemical activity
Sharma V, Prasad M, Ilaiyaraja P, Sudakar C, Jadkar S
11472 - 11487 Optimal design of washcoated monolith catalyst for compact, heat-integrated ethanol reformers
Sidhu TPK, Roy S
11488 - 11502 Preparations of different ZnO nanostructures on TiO2 nanotube via electrochemical method and its application in hydrogen production
Aydin EB, Sigircik G
11503 - 11513 Trimetallic nanoparticles: Synthesis, characterization and catalytic degradation of formic acid for hydrogen generation
Khan Z
11514 - 11524 Acceleration of hydrogen production during water-olivine-CO2 reactions via high-temperature-facilitated Fe(II) release
Wang JJ, Watanabe N, Okamoto A, Nakamura K, Komai T
11525 - 11534 Techno-economic assessment of a chemical looping reforming combined cycle plant with iron and tungsten based oxygen carriers
Khan MN, Shamim T
11535 - 11545 ANOVA analysis of an integrated membrane reactor for hydrogen production by methane steam reforming
Leonzio G
11546 - 11563 Efficient operation of autothermal microchannel reactors for the production of hydrogen by steam methane reforming
Chen JJ, Han JC, Xu DG
11564 - 11573 Water photo splitting for green hydrogen energy by green nanoparticles
Basheer A, Ali I
11574 - 11583 Off-grid solar powered charging station for electric and hydrogen vehicles including fuel cell and hydrogen storage
Mehrjerdi H
11584 - 11592 Tin disulfide based ternary composites for visible light driven photoelectrochemical water splitting
Pulipaka S, Koushik AKS, Boni N, Deepa M, Meduri P
11593 - 11601 Effect of cornstalk hydrolysis on photo-fermentative hydrogen production by R. capsulatus
Feng JL, Li Q, Hu J, Yang HH, Cao W, Guo LJ
11602 - 11616 Biomass gasification coupled with producer gas cleaning, bottling and HTS catalyst treatment for H2-rich gas production
Patra TK, Sheth PN
11617 - 11624 Coproduction of hydrogen and butanol by Clostridium acetobutylicum with the biofilm immobilized on porous particulate carriers
Liu JY, Zhou WC, Fan SQ, Qiu BY, Wang YY, Xiao ZY, Tang XY, Wang WG, Jian SZ, Qin YM
11625 - 11633 Natural sand as a non-conventional catalyst for hydrogen production by methane thermo-catalytic decomposition
Yang L, Liu F, He JL
11634 - 11645 A new model for diagnostic fracture injection test (DFIT) complexity in unconventional reservoirs
Chen ZM, Liao XW, Zhang JL
11646 - 11654 Effects of Nafion content in membrane electrode assembly on electrochemical Bunsen reaction in high electrolyte acidity
Huang BY, He Y, Huang YK, Zhu YQ, Zhang YW, Wang ZH
11655 - 11663 Surfactant-free room temperature synthesis of PdxPty/C assisted by ultra-sonication as highly active and stable catalysts for formic acid oxidation
Song JL, Xiao ZJ, Jiang YC, Abdelhafiz AA, Chang I, Zeng JH
11664 - 11674 Cobalt-molybdenum disulfide supported on nitrogen-doped graphene towards an efficient hydrogen evolution reaction
Hou XW, Li Y, Cheng LN, Feng XL, Zhang HM, Han SM
11675 - 11683 PdCoNi nanoparticles supported on nitrogen-doped porous carbon nanosheets for room temperature dehydrogenation of formic acid
Dong Z, Li FY, He Q, Xiao XZ, Chen M, Wang CT, Fan XL, Chen LX
11684 - 11694 Heterogeneous Ni-Fe-P integrated with nickel foam as an efficient and durable electrocatalyst for water oxidation
Zhang JS, Hou K, Yao QQ, Wu CX, Huang MH, Guan LH
11695 - 11704 Improving hydrogen evolution activity of perovskite BaTiO3 with Mo doping: Experiments and first-principles analysis
Xie PC, Yang F, Li RJ, Ai CZ, Lin CF, Lin SW
11705 - 11716 Nanocubic bimetallic organic framework self-templated from Ni precursor as efficient electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reaction
Yuan BB, Li CQ, Liu YW, Wang C, Guan LH, Li K, Lin YQ
11717 - 11733 Investigation of the role of Nb on Pd-Zr-Zn catalyst in methanol steam reforming for hydrogen
Cai FF, Lu PJ, Ibrahim JJ, Fu Y, Zhang J, Sun YH
11734 - 11743 Highly active carbon nanotube supported PdAu alloy catalysts for ethanol electrooxidation in alkaline environment
Caglar A, Kivrak H
11744 - 11753 The 3D ultra-thin Cu1-xNixS/NF nanosheet as a highly efficient and stable electrocatalyst for overall water splitting
Li Y, Su H, Fu JP, Du XQ
11754 - 11764 Co-Fe/MIL-101(Cr) hybrid catalysts: Preparation and their electrocatalysis in oxygen reduction reaction
Li GR, He XB, Yin FX, Chen BH, Yin HQ
11765 - 11773 Continuous hydroprocessing of microalgae biodiesel to jet fuel range hydrocarbons promoted by Ni/hierarchical mesoporous Y zeolite catalyst
Cheng J, Zhang Z, Zhang X, Fan ZT, Liu JF, Zhou JH
11774 - 11787 Process optimization of DBD plasma dry reforming of methane over Ni/La2O3-MgAl2O4 using multiple response surface methodology
Khoja AH, Tahir M, Amin NAS
11788 - 11796 Conversion of peanut biomass into electrocatalysts with vitamin B12 for oxygen reduction reaction in Zn-air battery
Liu ZN, Li ZY, Tian SC, Wang M, Sun H, Liang S, Chang ZY, Lu GL
11797 - 11807 Controlled growth of small and uniformly dispersed Mo2C on carbon nanotubes as high performance electrocatalyst for the hydrogen evolution reaction
Adam A, Suliman MH, Awwad M, Siddiqui MN, Yamani ZH, Qamar M
11808 - 11816 Promotion of surface oxygen vacancies on the light olefins synthesis from catalytic CO2 hydrogenation over Fe-K/ZrO2 catalysts
Gu H, Ding J, Zhong Q, Zeng YQ, Song FJ
11817 - 11823 Silicon monoxide assisted synthesis of Ru modified carbon nanocomposites as high mass activity electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution
Shi HX, Liu LB, Shi YD, Liao F, Li YZ, Shao MW
11824 - 11837 Hydrogen production from steam reforming of methanol over Cu-based catalysts: The behavior of ZnxLaxAl1-xO4 and ZnO/La2O3/Al2O3 lined on cordierite monolith reactors
Khani Y, Bahadoran F, Safari N, Soltanali S, Taheri SA
11838 - 11847 MOF-derived cobalt-embedded nitrogen-doped mesoporous carbon leaf for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction in both acidic and alkaline media
Wang RJ, Sun P, Yuan Q, Nie RR, Wang XF
11848 - 11860 Catalytic characteristics of innovative Ni/slag catalysts for syngas production and tar removal from biomass pyrolysis
Liu Y, Yu HM, Liu JC, Chen DZ
11861 - 11871 Ni-Y2O3-Al2O3 aerogel catalysts with high coke deposition resistance for syngas production by biogas reforming
Moura-Nickel CD, Costa RL, Ferreira SRS, Moreira RDPM, Jose HJ
11872 - 11876 Energy transfer in covalent organic frameworks for visible-light-induced hydrogen evolution
Ding SY, Wang PL, Yin GL, Zhang XQ, Lu GX
11877 - 11886 Facile preparation of poly (2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene oxide)-based anion exchange membranes with improved alkaline stability
Jia GY, Zhu ZF, Li SN, Lu Y, Zhu YQ
11887 - 11900 The effect of flow direction in a novel bifunctional reactor producing formaldehyde, benzene, and hydrogen simultaneously
Dehnamaki H, Iranshahi D
11901 - 11919 Large-scale storage of hydrogen
Andersson J, Gronkvist S
11920 - 11929 Tuning the reaction mechanism and hydrogenation/dehydrogenation properties of 6Mg(NH2)(2)-9LiH system by adding LiBH4
Gizer G, Puszkiel J, Cao HJ, Pistidda C, Le TT, Dornheim M, Klassen T
11930 - 11938 MgTiO3Hx and CaTiO3Hx perovskite compounds for hydrogen storage applications
Gencer A, Surucu G, Al S
11939 - 11952 Enhancing hydrogen storage properties of the Mg/MgH2 system by the addition of bis(tricyclohexylphosphine)nickel(II) dichloride
Galey B, Auroux A, Sabo-Etienne S, Grellier M, Postole G
11953 - 11960 Desorption properties of LiAlH4 doped with LaFeO3 catalyst
Sazelee NA, Yahya MS, Idris NH, Din MFM, Ismail M
11961 - 11969 Kinetic improvement of H-2 absorption and desorption properties in Mg/MgH2 by using niobium ethoxide as additive
Cortez JJ, Castro FJ, Troiani HE, Pighin SA, Urretavizcaya G
11970 - 11978 Modeling and simulation of a composite high-pressure vessel made of sustainable and renewable alternative fibers
Bouvier M, Guiheneuf V, Jean-Marie A
11979 - 11988 Preparation of copper oxide/oak-based biomass nanocomposite for electrochemical hydrogen storage
Seifi S, Masoum S
11989 - 12002 Numerical study of heat transfer in process of gas adsorption in a Cu-benzene-1, 3, 5-tricarboxylic acid particle adsorption bed
Wang H, Bai JQ, Qu ZG, Chang M
12003 - 12009 Novel multi-center concave bottom for hydrogen storage cylinder
Liu Z, You HX, Liu PQ, Li C, Peng L, Zhao C, Dai XT
12010 - 12023 Review of transportation hydrogen infrastructure performance and reliability
Kurtz J, Sprik S, Bradley TH
12024 - 12032 1,2-Dimethylimidazole based bromine complexing agents for vanadium bromine redox flow batteries
Kim D, Kim Y, Lee Y, Jeon J
12033 - 12042 Cold-start icing characteristics of proton-exchange membrane fuel cells
Li LJ, Wang SX, Yue LK, Wang GZ
12043 - 12056 Evaluation of electrochemical performance of solid-oxide fuel cell anode with pillar-based electrolyte structures
Shimura T, Nagato K, Shikazono N
12057 - 12072 Ex situ characterization and modelling of fatigue crack propagation in catalyst coated membrane composites for fuel cell applications
Singh Y, Khorasany RMH, Kim WHJ, Alavijeh AS, Kjeang E, Rajapakse RKND, Wang GG
12073 - 12084 Effects of alloying elements on the electrochemical behaviors of Al-Mg-Ga-In based anode alloys
Li L, Liu H, Yan Y, Zhu HL, Fang HJ, Luo XE, Dai YL, Yu K
12085 - 12093 Effect of LiNiO2-coated cathode on cell performance in molten carbonate fuel cells
Song SA, Kim HT, Kim K, Lim SN, Yoon SP, Fang SC
12094 - 12107 3D multiphysics modeling aided APU development for vehicle applications: A thermo-structural investigation
Al-Masri A, Peksen M, Khanafer K
12108 - 12117 Model interpretation of electrochemical behavior of Pt/H2SO4 interface over both the hydrogen oxidation and oxide formation regions
Wongbua-ngam P, Veerasai W, Wilairat P, Kheowan OU
12118 - 12126 Effect of phase transformation of zirconia on the fracture behavior of electrolyte-supported solid oxide fuel cells
Xue YJ, He CR, Liu M, Yuan JL, Wang WG
12127 - 12137 Well-dispersed iron oxide stabilized Fe-N-4 active sites in porous N-doped carbon spheres as alternative superior catalyst for oxygen reduction
Cheng XY, Yan PX, Liu SW, Qian MC, Wang BZ, Wan ZX, Tian JNA, Shen XC, Isimjan TT, Yang XL
12138 - 12150 Optimized lithium-doped ceramic electrolytes and their use in fabrication of an electrolyte-supported solid oxide fuel cell
Accardo G, Kim GS, Ham HC, Yoon SP
12151 - 12162 Electrochemical properties and thermal neutral state of solid oxide fuel cells with direct internal reforming of methane
Lyu ZW, Li HY, Han MF
12163 - 12175 Experimental study of engine performance and emissions for hydrogen diesel dual fuel engine with exhaust gas recirculation
Nag S, Sharma P, Gupta A, Dhar A
12176 - 12187 Two-dimensional analytical investigation of conjugate heat transfer in a finite-length planar micro-combustor for a hydrogen-air mixture
Pourali M, Esfahani JA, Fanaee SA
12188 - 12199 Laminar burning velocities of H-2/CO/CH4/CO2/N-2 -air mixtures at elevated temperatures
Varghese RJ, Kolekar H, Kumar S
12200 - 12214 Effects of deep geological environments for nuclear waste disposal on the hydrogen entry into titanium
Zhang QC, Huang YL, Sand W, Wang XT
12215 - 12227 Theoretical study on hydrogen solubility and diffusivity in the gamma-TiAl L10 structure
Connetable D
12228 - 12238 Comprehensive study of deuterium-induced effects in austenitic stainless steel AISI 304L
Rohsler A, Sobol O, Unger WES, Bollinghaus T
12239 - 12253 Influence of hydrogen addition to pipeline natural gas on the combustion performance of a cooktop burner
Zhao Y, McDonell V, Samuelsen S
12254 - 12269 Hydrogen storage and delivery: Review of the state of the art technologies and risk and reliability analysis
Moradi R, Groth KM
12270 - 12276 An indirect RUL prognosis for lithium-ion battery under vibration stress using Elman neural network
Li WH, Jiao ZP, Du L, Fan WY, Zhu YZ
12277 - 12287 Preparation of Cr2O3/Al2O3 bipolar oxides as hydrogen permeation barriers by selective oxide removal on SS and atomic layer deposition
Zhang MY, Zhao RY, Ling YH, Wang RG, Zhou QY, Wang JP, Li YH, Zhang ZJ
12288 - 12290 Economic analysis of standalone wind-powered hydrogen refueling stations for road transport at selected sites in Sweden (vol 40, pg 9855, 2015)
Siyal SH, Mentis D, Howells M
12291 - 12291 Preparation and characterization of promoted Fe-Mn/ZSM-5 nano catalysts for CO hydrogenation (vol 40, pg 14816, 2015)
Feyzi M, Khodaei MM, Shahmoradi J