International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.44, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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495 - 510 Techno-economic modelling and analysis of hydrogen fuelling stations
Blazquez-Diaz C
511 - 522 Crystallization behavior-dependent electrocatalytic activity and stability of Ti/IrO2-RuO2-SiO2 anodes for oxygen evolution reaction
Liu B, Wang CY, Chen YQ, Ma BZ, Zhang JL
523 - 530 Hydrogen generation from Mg-NdNiMg15 composites by hydrolysis reaction
Alasmar E, Aubert I, Durand A, Nakhl M, Zakhour M, Gaudin E, Bobet JL
531 - 539 Heterogeneous cobalt phosphides nanoparticles anchored on carbon cloth realizing the efficient hydrogen generation reaction
Tao BX, Ye C, Li XL, Wang XH, Chen G, Li LJ, Luo HQ, Li NB
540 - 577 A critical review in strategies to improve photocatalytic water splitting towards hydrogen production
Fajrina N, Tahir M
578 - 586 Plasmonic nickel nanoparticles decorated on to LaFeO3 photocathode for enhanced solar hydrogen generation
Pawar GS, Elikkottil A, Pesala B, Tahir AA, Mallick TK
587 - 593 Hydrogen from wet air and sunlight in a tandem photoelectrochemical cell
Xu K, Chatzitakis A, Vollestad E, Ruan Q, Tang J, Norby T
594 - 604 An efficient tandem photoelectrochemical cell composed of FeOOH/TiO2/BiVO4 and Cu2O for self-driven solar water splitting
Yin X, Liu Q, Yang YH, Liu Y, Wang KK, Li YM, Li DW, Qiu XQ, Li WZ, Li J
605 - 617 Nano P zeolite modified with Au/Cu bimetallic nanoparticles for enhanced hydrogen evolution reaction
Amiripour F, Azizi SN, Ghasemi S
618 - 628 g-C3N4/B doped g-C3N4 quantum dots heterojunction photocatalysts for hydrogen evolution under visible light
Wang YP, Li YK, Zhao JL, Wang JS, Li ZJ
629 - 640 On the outlook for solar thermal hydrogen production in South Africa
Hoffmann JE
641 - 651 Hydrogen production by a mixed photoheterotrophic culture: Correlation between gene expression analysis and physiological behavior
Jurado-Marban VH, Tapia-Bustos MA, Gonzalez-Garcia RA, Salgado-Manjarrez E, Garcia-Pena EI
652 - 660 Domestic wastewater treatment in a tubular microbial electrolysis cell with a membrane electrode assembly
Jwa E, Yun YM, Kim H, Jeong N, Park SC, Nam JY
661 - 673 Lactate wastewater dark fermentation: The effect of temperature and initial pH on biohydrogen production and microbial community
Ziara RMM, Miller DN, Subbiah J, Dvorak BI
674 - 679 Biohydrogen by Rhodobacter sphaeroides during photo-fermentation: Mixed vs. sole carbon sources enhance bacterial growth and H-2 production
Hakobyan L, Gabrielyan L, Trchounian A
680 - 693 Effective hydrogen production from partial oxidation of propane over composite Ni/Al2O3-SiC catalyst
Wang C, Liao MZ, Bu EQ, Jiang ZQ, Chen Y, Cheng ZD, Luo XL, Liang B, Shu RY, Song QB
694 - 706 Cerium-promoted bi-functional hybrid materials made of Ni, Co and hydrotalcite for sorption-enhanced steam methane reforming (SESMR)
Ghungrud SA, Dewoolkar KD, Vaidya PD
707 - 719 Enhanced photocatalytic H-2 evolution and phenol degradation over sulfur doped meso/macroporous g-C3N4 spheres with continuous channels
Li YD, Ruan ZH, He YZ, Li JZ, Li KQ, Yang YL, Xia DB, Lin KF, Yuan Y
720 - 728 TiO2 nanoparticles modified with 2D MoSe2 for enhanced photocatalytic activity on hydrogen evolution
Wu LL, Shi S, Li QD, Zhang XY, Cui XL
729 - 747 Steam reforming of acetic acid over Ni-KOH/Al2O3 catalyst with low nickel loading: The remarkable promotional effects of KOH on activity
Zhang ZM, Hu X, Gao GG, Wei T, Dong DH, Wang Y, Hu S, Xiang J, Liu Q, Geng DS
748 - 756 A green one-pot approach for mesoporous g-C3N4 nanosheets with in situ sodium doping for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Shu Z, Wang Y, Wang WB, Zhou J, Li TT, Liu XQ, Tan YG, Zhao ZL
757 - 767 Chemically prepared Polypyrrole/ZnWO4 nanocomposite electrodes for electrocatalytic water splitting
Brijesh K, Bindu K, Shanbhag D, Nagaraja HS
768 - 777 The kinetic effect of H2O pressure on CO hydrogenation over different Rh cluster sizes
Jimenez R, Fuentes K, Medina MP, Godoy S, Gracia F, Karelouic A
778 - 787 Simultaneously engineering K-doping and exfoliation into graphitic carbon nitride (g-C3N4) for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production
Sun SD, Li J, Cui J, Gou XF, Yang Q, Jiang YH, Liang SH, Yang ZM
788 - 800 Enhanced charge transfer for efficient photocatalytic H-2 evolution over UiO-66-NH2 with annealed Ti3C2Tx MXenes
Tian P, He X, Zhao L, Li WX, Fang W, Chen H, Zhang FQ, Huang ZH, Wang HL
801 - 808 Application of a photostable silver-assisted Z-scheme NiTiO3 nanorod/g-C3N4 nanocomposite for efficient hydrogen generation
Kim SR, Jo WK
809 - 818 Enhanced hydrogen evolution reaction of WS2-CoS2 heterostructure by synergistic effect
Jing YQ, Mu XY, Xie CW, Liu HL, Yan RJ, Dai HT, Liu CL, Zhang XD
819 - 834 A comprehensive DFT study of CO2 catalytic conversion by H-2 over Pt-doped Ni catalysts
Ou ZL, Qin CL, Niu JT, Zhang LH, Ran JY
835 - 843 Simultaneous removal of NO and Hg-0 over Nb-Modified MnTiOx catalyst
Liu J, Guo RT, Guan ZZ, Sun X, Pan WG, Liu XY, Wang ZY, Shi X, Qin H, Qiu ZZ, Liu SW
844 - 852 Phytic acid-derived Co2-xNixP2O7-C/RGO and its superior OER electrocatalytic performance
Zhao CJ, Li PW, Shao DM, Zhang RZ, Wang SQ, Zhu ZQ, Zhao CH
853 - 859 Ultrathin alpha-Mo2C dominated by (100) Surface/Cu Schottky junction as efficient catalyst for hydrogen evolution
Yin YC, Xu C, Liu ZB, Ren WC, Sun CH
860 - 869 Investigation of photocatalytic, electrochemical, optical and magnetic behaviors of rare-earth double perovskites using combustion synthesized Gd2NiMnO6 nanostructures in the presence of different saccharides
Mohassel R, Sobhani A, Salavati-Niasari M
870 - 879 Petal-biotemplated synthesis of two-dimensional Co3O4 nanosheets as photocatalyst with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Yang J, Wang MY, Zhao SS, Liu YY, Zhang W, Wu BW, Liu Q
880 - 894 Ni-W nanostructure well-marked by Ni selective etching for enhanced hydrogen evolution reaction
Rad PJ, Aliofkhazraei M, Darband GB
895 - 912 A review on bismuth-based composite oxides for photocatalytic hydrogen generation
Fang WJ, Shangguan WF
913 - 922 The alcohol-modified CuZnAl hydroxycarbonate synthesis as a convenient preparation route of high activity Cu/ZnO/Al2O3 catalysts for WGS
Kowalik P, Antoniak-Jurak K, Bicki R, Prochniak W, Wiercioch P, Michalska K
923 - 936 Au nanoparticles supported on nanorod-like TiO2 as catalysts in the CO-PROX reaction under dark and light irradiation: Effect of acidic and alkaline synthesis conditions
Rodriguez-Aguado E, Infantes-Molina A, Talon A, Storaro L, Leon-Reina L, Rodriguez-Castellon E, Moretti E
937 - 951 Structural analysis of PdRh/C and PdSn/C and its use as electrocatalysts for ethanol oxidation in alkaline medium
Fontes EH, Ramos CED, Nandenha J, Piasentin RM, Neto AO, Landers R
952 - 964 Steam reforming of ethanol over Ni/MgAl2O4 catalysts
Di Michele A, Dell'Angelo A, Tripodi A, Bahadori E, Sanchez F, Motta D, Dimitratos N, Rossetti I, Ramis G
965 - 976 Hierarchical MoS2 nanosheets integrated Ti3C2 MXenes for electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Huang L, Ai LH, Wang M, Jiang J, Wang SB
977 - 987 Thermally reduced graphite oxide/carbon nanotubes supported molybdenum disulfide as catalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction
Niyitanga T, Jeong HK
988 - 999 On the energy efficiency of hydrogen production processes via steam reforming using membrane reactors
Bruni G, Rizzello C, Santucci A, Alique D, Incelli M, Tosti S
1000 - 1009 Performance evaluation of Pd-Ag membrane reactor in glycerol steam reforming process: Development of the CFD model
Ghasemzadeh K, Ghahremani M, Amiri TY, Basile A
1010 - 1020 The fill density of automotive cryo-compressed hydrogen vessels
Moreno-Blanco J, Petitpas G, Espinosa-Loza F, Elizalde-Blancas F, Martinez-Frias J, Aceves SM
1021 - 1033 Li-decorated Pmmn8 phase of borophene for hydrogen storage. A van der Waals corrected density-functional theory study
Lebon A, Aguilera-del-Toro RH, Gallego LJ, Vega A
1034 - 1046 Energetic modeling, simulation and experimental of hydrogen desorption in a hydride tank
Chabane D, Harel F, Djerdir A, Candusso D, Elkedim O, Fenineche N
1047 - 1058 Influence of the ECAP and HEBM processes and the addition of Ni catalyst on the hydrogen storage properties of AZ31-x Ni (x=0,2,4) alloy
Huang SJ, Rajagopal V, Ali AN
1059 - 1069 ZIF-67 derived Co@CNTs nanoparticles: Remarkably improved hydrogen storage properties of MgH2 and synergetic catalysis mechanism
Liu MJ, Xiao XZ, Zhao SC, Saremi-Yarahmadi S, Chen M, Zheng JG, Li SQ, Chen LX
1070 - 1077 alpha-Fe2O3 hollow microspheres assembled by ultra-thin nanoflakes exposed with (241) high-index facet: Solvothermal synthesis, lithium storage performance, and superparamagnetic property
Liu XD, Fan HT, Li B, Hu M, Hu YT, Liu M, Liu GY, Ma JM
1078 - 1087 Carbon particles modified macroporous Si/Ni composite as an advanced anode material for lithium ion batteries
Chen ZZ, Ye JJ, Qin R, Hao Q, Xu CX, Hou JG
1088 - 1095 Investigation of the Fe doping effect on the B-site of the layered perovskite PrBa0.8Ca0.2Co2O5+delta for a promising cathode material of the intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Lim C, Sengodan S, Jeong D, Shin J, Kim G
1096 - 1109 Investigation, modeling, and optimization of parameters affecting sulfonated polyether ether ketone membrane-electrode assembly
Karimi A, Kalfati MS, Rowshanzamir S
1110 - 1121 Online electrochemical impedance spectroscopy detection integrated with step-up converter for fuel cell electric vehicle
Wang HQ, Gaillard A, Hissel D
1122 - 1129 Facile synthesis of uniform LaSrCoO4 using amino acid-derived surfactant and its utilization as an excellent cathode material for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell
Meng F, Sun CM, Shi JC, Zhang HJ, Xu B, Ding YH
1130 - 1138 Synthesis and characterization of dense proton-conducting La1-xSrxScO3-alpha ceramics
Kuzmin AV, Stroeva AY, Gorelov VP, Novikova YV, Lesnichyova AS, Farlenkov AS, Khodimchuk AV
1139 - 1150 Examining the effect of the secondary flow-field on polymer electrolyte fuel cells using X-ray computed radiography and computational modelling
Kulkarni N, Meyer Q, Hack J, Jervis R, Iacoviello F, Ronaszegi K, Adcock P, Shearing PR, Brett DJL
1151 - 1165 A novel approach to analyse incomplete design of experiments - Application to the study of the influence of operational parameters on the performance of a solid oxide fuel cell based micro-combined heat and power system
Mocoteguy P, Pellegrino S, Ludwig B, Esposito A, Iwanschitz B, Mai A
1166 - 1173 Maximization of quadruple phase boundary for alkaline membrane fuel cell using non-stoichiometric alpha-MnO2 as cathode catalyst
Shi X, Ahmad S, Perez-Salcedo K, Escobar B, Zheng H, Kannan AM
1174 - 1181 Effects of discharge mode and fuel treating temperature on the fuel utilization of direct carbon solid oxide fuel cell
Wang CQ, Lu Z, Su CX, Li JW, Cao ZQ, Zhu XB, Wu YY, Li H
1182 - 1191 Dye-sensitized solar cells based on natural and artificial phycobiliproteins to capture low light underwater
Li WJ, Pu Y, Ge BS, Wang YC, Yu DY, Qin S
1192 - 1212 Experimental and chemical kinetic studies of the effect of H-2 enrichment on the laminar burning velocity and flame stability of various multicomponent natural gas blends
Khan AR, Ravi MR, Ray A
1213 - 1226 Enhancement of thermal performance by converging-diverging channel in a micro tube combustor fueled by premixed hydrogen/air
Yang X, He ZH, Dong SK, Tan HP
1227 - 1238 Parameter extraction from spherically expanding flames propagated in hydrogen/air mixtures
Liu QM, Chen X, Shen Y, Zhang YM
1239 - 1252 Comparative analysis of H-2-diesel co-combustion in a single cylinder engine and a chassis dynamometer vehicle
Talibi M, Hellier P, Watkinson M, Ladommatos N
1253 - 1262 Effect of hydrogen and strain rate on nanoindentation creep of austenitic stainless steel
Hong YJ, Zhou CS, Zheng YY, Zhang L, Zheng JY, Chen XY
1263 - 1271 Effect of nitrogen-addition on the absorption and diffusivity of hydrogen in a stable austenitic stainless steel
Macadre A, Masumura T, Manabe R, Tsuchiyama T, Takaki S
1272 - 1287 Modeling a hydrogen pressure regulator in a fuel cell system with Joule-Thomson effect
Chen JX, Veenstra M, Purewal J, Hobein B, Papasauva S
1288 - 1298 Quantitative risk assessment of an urban hydrogen refueling station
Gye HR, Seo SK, Bach QV, Ha D, Lee CJ