International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.44, No.14 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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7051 - 7052 Transient positive ignition engines have now surpassed the 50% fuel conversion efficiency barrier
Boretti A
7053 - 7058 A completely slot die coated membrane electrode assembly
Stahler M, Stahler A, Scheepers F, Carmo M, Stolten D
7059 - 7072 Design and experimental validation of a high voltage ratio DC/DC converter for proton exchange membrane electrolyzer applications
Collura SM, Guilbert D, Vitale G, Luna M, Alonge F, D'Ippolito F, Scipioni A
7073 - 7082 Experimental investigation of synthesis gas production by methane reforming with flue gas over a NiO-Al2O3 catalyst: Reforming characteristics and pressure drop
Pashchenko D
7083 - 7094 Percolation of hydrogen atoms adsorbed on Cu(100) surfaces: DFT, Monte Carlo and finite size scaling techniques
Gomez ED, Avalle LB, Gimenez MC
7095 - 7107 Nanoheterojunction through PbS nanoparticles anchored CdS nanowires towards solar cell application
Majumder S, Mendhe AC, Sankapal BR
7108 - 7117 Composite of g-C3N4 and poly(3-hexylthiophene) prepared by polymerizing thiophene-3-acetic acid treated g-C3N4 and 3-hexylthiophene for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production
Luo ML, Gong HH, Yang WB, He FF, Cao Y, Zhang YF, Zhang Y, Liu KW, Cao HM, Yan HJ
7118 - 7124 Simulation of design and operation of hydrogen energy utilization system for a zero emission building
Endo N, Shimoda E, Goshome K, Yamane T, Nozu T, Maeda T
7125 - 7136 Comparative kinetic modeling of growth and molecular hydrogen overproduction by engineered strains of Thermotoga maritima
Singh R, Tevatia R, White D, Demirel Y, Blum P
7137 - 7148 Process simulation and integration of IGCC systems for H-2/syngas/electricity generation with control on CO2 emissions
Ahmed U, Zahid U, Lee Y
7149 - 7157 Methanol solution promoting cotton fiber chemical looping gasification for high H-2/CO ratio syngas
Qin W, Chen SB, Ma BY, Wang JY, Li JH, Liang R, Xu ZY, Liu L, Dong CQ, Zhang HF
7158 - 7167 Production of hydrogen by steam oxidation of calcium ferrite reduced with various coals
Siriwardane R, Poston J, Monazam E, Richards G
7168 - 7180 The effect of completion strategy on fracture propagation from multiple cluster perforations in fossil hydrogen energy development
Lu Y, Li HT, Lu C, Wu KL, Chen ZX, Wang K, Luo HW, Shan JC
7181 - 7193 Potential dependent growth of Cu(OH)(2) nanostructures on Cu and their thermal conversion to mixed-valent copper oxides p-type photoelectrode
Udachyan I, Vishwanath RS, Kumara CSP, Kandaiah S
7194 - 7204 A direct one-step synthesis of ultrathin g-C3N4 nanosheets from thiourea for boosting solar photocatalytic H-2 evolution
Hong Y, Liu EL, Shi JY, Lin X, Sheng LZ, Zhang M, Wang LY, Chen JH
7205 - 7215 Effect of metal additives on the catalytic performance of Ni/Al2O3 catalyst in thermocatalytic decomposition of methane
Wang D, Zhang J, Sun JB, Gao WM, Cui YB
7216 - 7221 Photocatalytic H-2 evolution of porous silicon derived from magnesiothermic reduction of mesoporous SiO2
Sun HW, Chen JJ, Liu S, Agrawal DK, Zhao Y, Wang DJ, Mao ZY
7222 - 7227 Synthesis of La0.2Sr0.8CoO3 and its electrocatalytic activity for oxygen evolution reaction in alkaline solution
Zhang ZJ, Zhou DB, Wu XW, Bao XJ, Liao JJ, Wen MS
7228 - 7240 Optimal Ni loading towards efficient CH4 production from H-2 and CO2 over Ni supported onto fibrous SBA-15
Bukhari SN, Chong CC, Setiabudi HD, Ainirazali N, Aziz MAA, Jalil AA, Chin SY
7241 - 7251 Hydrogen production by water reduction on Si photocathode coupled with Ni2P
Mondal I, Moon SY, Kim H, Park JY
7252 - 7261 Morphology effect of ceria on the performance of CuO/CeO2 catalysts for hydrogen production by methanol steam reforming
Yang SQ, Zhou F, Liu YJ, Zhang L, Chen Y, Wang HH, Tian Y, Zhang CS, Liu DS
7262 - 7275 Highly efficient Co-B catalysts with Chlorella Vulgaris microalgal strain modified using hydrochloric acid as a new support material for hydrogen production from methanolysis of sodium borohydride
Bekirogullari M, Kaya M, Saka C
7276 - 7287 Thermodynamic and catalytic properties of Cu- and Pd- oxides over mixed gamma-chi-Al2O3 for methanol dehydration toward dimethyl ether
Armenta MA, Maytorena VM, Alamilla RG, Valdez R, Olivas A
7288 - 7299 A novel visible-light responsive photocatalytic fuel cell with a highly efficient BiVO4/WO3 inverse opal photoanode and a MnO2/graphene oxide nanocomposite modified cathode
Ouyang K, Xie S, Wang P, Zhu J, Zhan P
7300 - 7307 Ruthenium catalyst supported on Ba modified ZrO2 for ammonia decomposition to COx-free hydrogen
Wang ZQ, Qu YM, Shen XL, Cai ZF
7308 - 7319 Preparation and characterization of a bioanode (GC/MnO2/PSS/Gph/Frt/GOx) for biofuel cell application
Ul Haque S, Nasar A, Inamuddin, Asiri AM
7320 - 7325 Highly-dispersed Ru nanoparticles sputtered on graphene for hydrogen production
Tan MH, Wang Y, Taguchi A, Abe T, Yang GH, Wu MB, Tsubaki N
7326 - 7336 Electrochemical hydrogen storage in iron-nitrogen dual-doped ordered mesoporous carbon
Qu DY, Xu XD, Zhou LN, Li WJ, Wu J, Liu D, Xie ZZ, Li JS, Tang HL
7337 - 7344 Machine learning based prediction of metal hydrides for hydrogen storage, part I: Prediction of hydrogen weight percent
Rahnama A, Zepon G, Sridhar S
7345 - 7353 Machine learning based prediction of metal hydrides for hydrogen storage, part II : Prediction of material class
Rahnama A, Zepon G, Sridhar S
7354 - 7370 The enhancement of hydrogen storage capacity in Li, Na and Mg-decorated BC3 graphene by CLICH and RICH algorithms
Aydin S, Simsek M
7371 - 7380 Microstructure characteristics, hydrogen storage kinetic and thermodynamic properties of Mg80-xNi20Yx (x=0-7) alloys
Li YZ, Yang J, Luo L, Hu F, Zhai TT, Zhao ZW, Zhang YH, Zhao DL
7381 - 7391 Mechanochemical reactions and hydrogen storage capacities in MBH4-SiS(2 )systems (M=Li or Na)
Dolotko O, Gupta S, Kobayashi T, McDonald E, Hlova I, Majzoub E, Balema VP, Pruski M, Pecharsky VK
7392 - 7401 Magnesium borohydride hydrolysis with kinetics controlled by ammoniate formation
Wang MC, Ouyang LZ, Zeng MQ, Liu JW, Peng CH, Shao HY, Zhu M
7402 - 7413 Superior electrochemical performances of La-Mg-Ni alloys with A(2)B(7)/A(5)B(19) double phase
Fan YP, Zhang L, Xue CJ, Fan GX, Liu JJ, Liu BZ, Han SM
7414 - 7421 ( )Elastic, electronic properties and QTAIM of new H-enriched hydrogen storage material Mg(BH4)(2)center dot(NE3)(2) (NH3BH3)
Li XH, Cui HL, Yong YL, Zhang RZ
7422 - 7427 Pressure artifacts at isothermal operation of a metal hydride tank
Dunikov DO, Blinov DV
7428 - 7437 Decompression of hydrogen-natural gas mixtures in high-pressure pipelines: CFD modelling using different equations of state
Liu B, Liu X, Lu C, Godbole A, Michal G, Teng L
7438 - 7447 Rice husk derived porous carbon decorated with hierarchical molybdenum disulfide microflowers: Synergistic lithium storage performance and lithiation kinetics
Zhang X, Li Y, Li DQ, Xiao J, Zhang WJ, Xu YD
7448 - 7493 Development of lanthanum strontium cobalt ferrite perovskite electrodes of solid oxide fuel cells - A review
Jiang SP
7494 - 7504 Confinement of functionalized graphene oxide in sulfonated poly (ether ether ketone) nanofibers by coaxial electrospinning for polymer electrolyte membranes
Wu Y, He GH, Wu XM, Yuan QQ, Gong X, Zhen DX, Sun B
7505 - 7517 Investigation on cold start of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells with different cathode serpentine flow fields
Zhu YK, Lin R, Jiang ZH, Zhong D, Wang BH, Shangguan WY, Han LH
7518 - 7530 A parametric comparison of three fuel recirculation system in the closed loop fuel supply system of PEM fuel cell
Toghyani S, Afshari E, Baniasadi E
7531 - 7537 A high-performance cobalt-free Ruddlesden-Popper phase cathode La1.2Sr0.Ni-8(0).6Fe0.4O4+delta for low temperature proton-conducting solid oxide fuel cells
Miao LN, Hou J, Gong Z, Jin ZZ, Liu W
7538 - 7543 Understanding mass and charge transports to create anion-ionomer-free high-performance alkaline direct formate fuel cells
Sun XD, Li YS
7544 - 7554 Isotope effects H/D in a PEFC with Pt-Ru/anode at low and high current density
Pozio A, Tosti S
7555 - 7563 SOFC cathodic layers using wet powder spraying technique with self synthesized nanopowders
Wain-Martin A, Moran-Ruiz A, Laguna-Bercero MA, Campana R, Larranaga A, Slater PR, Arriortua MI
7564 - 7573 Investigation of the effect of cathode stoichiometry of proton exchange membrane fuel cell using localized electrochemical impedance spectroscopy based on print circuit board
Liu DC, Lin R, Feng BW, Yang Z
7574 - 7582 Integration of submersible microbial fuel cell in anaerobic digestion for enhanced production of methane and current at varying glucose levels
Vu HT, Min B
7583 - 7595 X-ray tomography and modelling study on the mechanical behaviour and performance of metal foam flow-fields for polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Fly A, Meyer Q, Whiteley M, Iacoviello F, Neville T, Shearing PR, Brett DJL, Kim C, Chen R
7596 - 7606 Supersonic driven detonation dynamics for rotating detonation engines
Sosa J, Ahmed KA, Fieuisohn R, Hoke J, Ombrello T, Schauer F
7607 - 7615 Effect of hydrogen addition on RCCI combustion of a heavy duty diesel engine fueled with landfill gas and diesel oil
Ebrahimi M, Jazayeri SA
7616 - 7627 Detonation propagation characteristics for CH4-2H(2)-3O(2) mixtures in a tube filled with orifice plates
Sun XX, Li Q, Li CH, Lu SX
7628 - 7641 Counter-rotating wave mode transition dynamics in an RDC
Bluemner R, Bohon MD, Paschereit CO, Gutmark EJ
7642 - 7655 Study of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in hydrogen-enriched methane diffusion flames
Ezenwajiaku C, Talibi M, Doan NAK, Swaminathan N, Balachandran R
7656 - 7666 Finite element simulations for energy transfer in a lid-driven porous square container filled with micropolar fluid: Impact of thermal boundary conditions and Peclet number
Nazeer M, Ali N, Javed T, Razzaq M
7667 - 7674 Prediction of half reaction length for H-2-O-2-Ar detonation with an extended vibrational nonequilibrium Zel'dovich -von Neumann -Doring (ZND) model
Uy KCK, Shi LS, Wen CY
7675 - 7683 The mechanism of flame propagation affected by flow/shock wave in a confined combustion chamber equipped with a perforated plate
Wei HQ, Zhao JF, Zhou L
7684 - 7691 The propagation mechanism of detonation wave in a round tube filled with larger blockage ratio orifice plates
Sun XX, Li Q, Lu SX
7692 - 7705 Numerical and entropy studies of hydrogen-fuelled micro-combustors with different geometric shaped ribs
Ni SL, Zhao D, Sun YZ, E JQ
7706 - 7714 Susceptibility of different crystal orientations and grain boundaries of polycrystalline Ni to hydrogen blister formation
Zamanzade M, Muller C, Velayarce JR, Motz C
7715 - 7724 Sensitivity of ferromagnetic resonance in PdCo alloyed films to hydrogen gas
Lueng C, Lupo P, Schefer T, Metaxas PJ, Adeyeye AO, Kostylev M
7725 - 7733 Enhancement of the room-temperature hydrogen sensing performance of MoO3 nanoribbons annealed in a reducing gas
Yang SL, Lei G, Lan ZG, Xie W, Yang BP, Xu HX, Wang Z, Gu HS
7734 - 7735 Response to Comment on the paper "Analysis of magnetohydrodynamics peristaltic transport of hydrogen bubble in water, A. Zeeshan, N. Ijaz, A. Majeed, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 43(2018) 979-985"
Zeeshan A