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6371 - 6382 A review of four case studies assessing the potential for hydrogen penetration of the future energy system
Chapman A, Itaoka K, Hirose K, Davidson FT, Nagasawa K, Lloyd AC, Webber ME, Kurban Z, Managi S, Tamaki T, Lewis MC, Hebner RE, Fujii Y
6383 - 6391 MOF-74-immobilized ternary Rh-Ni-P nanoparticles as highly efficient hydrous hydrazine dehydrogenation catalysts in alkaline solutions
Jiang R, Qu XP, Zeng FN, Li Q, Zheng X, Xu ZM, Peng J
6392 - 6402 The effect of Fe as constituent in Ni-base alloys on the oxygen evolution reaction in alkaline solutions at high current densities
Rauscher T, Bernacker CI, Muhle U, Kieback B, Rontzsch L
6403 - 6414 Optimization of operating parameters of a polymer exchange membrane electrolyzer
Toghyani S, Fakhradini S, Afshari E, Baniasadi E, Jamalabadi MYA, Shadloo MS
6415 - 6426 Steady-state and transient modelling of a microchannel reactor for coupled ammonia decomposition and oxidation
Schumacher K, Engelbrecht N, Everson RC, Friedl M, Bessarabov DG
6427 - 6436 The competitive adsorption behavior of CO and H-2 molecules on FeO surface in the reduction process
Lu F, Wen LY, Zhao Y, Zhong H, Xu J, Zhang SF, Yang ZQ
6437 - 6447 Theoretical studies in the stability of vacancies in zeolite templated carbon for hydrogen storage
Isidro-Ortega FJ, Pacheco-Sanchez JH, Alejo R, Desales-Guzman LA, Arellano JS
6448 - 6460 Biomass steam gasification in bubbling fluidized bed for higher-H-2 syngas: CFD simulation with coarse grain model
Qi T, Lei TZ, Yan BB, Chen GY, Li ZS, Fatehi H, Wang ZW, Bai XS
6461 - 6480 Effect of Ni precursor salts on Ni-mayenite catalysts for steam methane reforming and on Ni-CaO-mayenite materials for sorption enhanced steam methane reforming
Di Giuliano A, Gallucci K, Foscolo PU, Courson C
6481 - 6490 Loading rate effect on the mechanical behavior of brittle longmaxi shale in nanoindentation
Shi X, He ZL, Long SX, Peng YM, Li DJ, Jiang S
6491 - 6504 Enhanced sintering resistance of Fe2O3/CeO2 oxygen carrier for chemical looping hydrogen generation using core-shell structure
Ma SW, Chen SY, Zhu M, Zhao ZH, Hu J, Wu MD, Toan S, Xiang WG
6505 - 6513 Methanation of CO2 over nanostructured nickel-4f block element bimetallic oxides
Ferreira AC, Branco JB
6514 - 6524 Photothermal hydrogen production from oxidative hydrolysis of electrochemically synthesized nano-sized zinc
Kotkondawar AV, Mangrulkar P, Wanjari S, Maddigapu PR, Rayalu S
6525 - 6534 Biomass-derived porous carbon supported Co-CoO yolk-shell nanoparticles as enhanced multifunctional electrocatalysts
Yang MJ, Wu DF, Cheng DJ
6535 - 6543 Vertically aligned NiP2 nanosheets with interlaced mesh network for highly efficient water splitting under alkaline and acid solutions
Cao QH, Wang CQ, Chen SJ, Xu XD, Liu FG, Geng XH, Wang JH
6544 - 6550 A simple and clean method for the synthesis of Pd/G catalyst for ethanol oxidation
Dehvari M, Saravani H, Akbarzadeh N, Yazdan-Abad MZ
6551 - 6559 Controlling the surface roughness of chain-like Pd nanowires by pH values as excellent catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction
Zhang YL, Sui XL, Zhao L, Gu DM, Huang GS, Wang ZB
6560 - 6572 Ni-encapsulated graphene chainmail catalyst for ethanol steam reforming
Chen D, Wang WJ, Liu CL
6573 - 6581 Flower-like MoS2 with stepped edge structure efficient for electrocatalysis of hydrogen and oxygen evolution
Wang AQ, Hu K, Liu YQ, Li RQ, Ye CL, Yi ZX, Yan K
6582 - 6591 Highly efficient electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction: Nitrogen-doped PtNiMo ternary alloys
Luo L, Abbo HS, Titinchi SJJ, Tsiakaras P, Yin SB
6592 - 6607 An anti-symmetric dual (ASD) Z-scheme photocatalytic system: (ZnIn2S4/Er3+:Y3Al5O12@ZnTiO3/CaIn2S4) for organic pollutants degradation with simultaneous hydrogen evolution
Wang J, Wang D, Zhang X, Zhao C, Zhang M, Zhang ZH, Wang J
6608 - 6611 One-pot synthesis of Pd-ZnO/C by microwave sintering method as an efficient electro catalyst for ethanol oxidation reaction
Zhang ZJ, Zhou DB, Wu XW, Bao XJ, Liao JJ, Zhang FF
6612 - 6617 NiCo2O4 nanowire arrays rich in oxygen deficiencies for hydrogen evolution reaction
Wei BB, Wu J, Mei G, Qi ZB, Hu WS, Wang ZC
6618 - 6630 A facile fabrication of functionalized rGO crosslinked chemically stable polysulfone-based anion exchange membranes with enhanced performance
Bai Y, Yuan YF, Yang Y, Lu CL
6631 - 6654 Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) - Assessment based on chemical and economic properties
Niermann M, Beckendorff A, Kaltschmitt M, Bonhoff K
6655 - 6662 A novel Al-BiOCl composite for hydrogen generation from water
Zhao C, Xu F, Sun LX, Chen J, Guo XL, Yan EH, Yu F, Chu HL, Peng HL, Zou YJ, Liu ZW, Li FW
6663 - 6673 BN-analogue of [2,2]paracyclophane functionalized with Sc and Ti for hydrogen storage
Sathe RY, Kumar S, Kumar TJD
6674 - 6686 The dual capacity of the Ni-Sn alloy/MWCNT nanocomposite for sodium and hydrogen ions storage using porous Cu foam as a current collector
Varshoy S, Khoshnevisan B, Behpour M
6687 - 6701 Nanostructured hydrogen storage materials prepared by high-energy reactive ball milling of magnesium and ferrovanadium
Lototskyy M, Goh J, Davids MW, Linkov V, Khotseng L, Ntsendwana B, Denys R, Yartys VA
6702 - 6708 Heterofullerene-linked metal-organic framework with lithium decoration for storing hydrogen and methane gases
Xu GJ, Meng ZS, Liu YZ, Guo XJ, Deng KM, Lu RF
6709 - 6719 Cyclic stability of the C36-type TiCr2 Laves phase synthesized in the abnormal glow discharge plasma under hydrogenation
Murashkina TL, Syrtanou MS, Laptev RS, Lider AM
6720 - 6727 Modifying the hydrogen storage performances of NaBH4 by catalyzing with MgFe2O4 synthesized via hydrothermal method
Ali NA, Yahya MS, Mustafa NS, Sazelee NA, Idris NH, Ismail M
6728 - 6737 Characterization of microstructure, hydrogen storage kinetics and thermodynamics of a melt-spun Mg86Y10Ni4 alloy
Yang T, Wang P, Xia CQ, Li Q, Liang CY, Zhang YH
6738 - 6747 Synthesis of MgH2 using autocatalytic effect of MgH2
Bhatnagar A, Shaz MA, Srivastava ON
6748 - 6755 Hydrogen (H-2) adsorption on natural and cation-exchanged clinoptilolite, mordenite and chabazite
Alver BE, Sakizci M
6756 - 6762 An ab initio study of spectroscopic and thermodynamic characteristics of MgH2 and TiC systems
Khalil RMA, Hussain F, Imran M, Rasheed U, Rana AM, Murtaza G
6763 - 6772 Hydrogen capability of bimetallic boron cycles: A DFT and ab initio MD study
Du JG, Sun XY, Jiang G, Zhang CY
6773 - 6786 Paratacamite doped polypyrrole for effective hydrogen storage
Padmapriya S, Sudha V, Harinipriya S
6787 - 6794 Catalytic effect of Ti2C MXene on the dehydrogenation of MgH2
Li JX, Wang S, Du YL, Liao WH
6795 - 6812 Energetic evaluation of hydrogen refueling stations with liquid or gaseous stored hydrogen
Bauer A, Mayer T, Semmel M, Morales MAG, Wind BJ
6813 - 6843 Carbon-based coatings for metallic bipolar plates used in proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Yi PY, Zhang D, Qiu DK, Peng LF, Lai XM
6844 - 6861 Review on health-conscious energy management strategies for fuel cell hybrid electric vehicles: Degradation models and strategies
Yue ML, Jemei S, Gouriveau R, Zerhouni N
6862 - 6870 In-situ modified titanium suboxides with polyaniline/graphene as anode to enhance biovoltage production of microbial fuel cell
Li ZL, Yang SK, Song YN, Xu HY, Wang ZZ, Wang WK, Dang Z, Zhao YQ
6871 - 6885 Numerical simulation of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3Gd0.1Ce0.9O1.95 composite cathodes with micro pillars
He A, Shimura T, Gong J, Shikazono N
6886 - 6895 Hollow Pt skim-sandwiched Cu spheres supported on reduced graphene oxide-carbon nanotube architecture for efficient methanol electrooxidation
Guo M, Tu QY, Wang LL, Tang YH, Song HJ, Zhou J, Zhang ZZ, Wang Y, Liu CB
6896 - 6908 Optimal economic-emission performance of fuel cell/CHP/storage based microgrid
Pashaei-Didani H, Nojavan S, Nourollahi R, Zare K
6909 - 6918 A facile approach of fabricating proton exchange membranes by incorporating polydopamine-functionalized carbon nanotubes into chitosan
Wang J, Gong CL, Wen S, Liu H, Qin CQ, Xiong CX, Dong LJ
6919 - 6928 Thermodynamic analysis and assessment of an integrated hydrogen fuel cell system for ships
Evrin RA, Dincer I
6929 - 6937 Characterization of hydrogenated niobium interlayer and its application in TiAl/Ti2AlNb diffusion bonding
Wang ZC, Li C, Qi JL, Feng JC, Cao J
6938 - 6948 Mechanism of hydrogen-restrained crack propagation and practical application research of thermohydrogen treatment in a TiAl-based alloy
Wen DS, Kong BB, Wang SR, Shan DB, Qiao Y, Zong YY
6949 - 6964 Numerical investigation on influence of diamond shaped strut on the performance of a scramjet combustor
Suneetha L, Randive P, Pandey KM
6965 - 6977 Steam reforming of n-dodecane over mesoporous alumina supported nickel catalysts: Effects of metal-support interaction on nickel catalysts
Li L, Shang ZY, Xiao ZR, Wang L, Liang XH, Liu GZ
6978 - 6990 An overview on dry low NOx micromix combustor development for hydrogen-rich gas turbine applications
Funke HHW, Beckmann N, Abanteriba S
6991 - 6999 Burning velocity and flame structure of CH4/NH3/air turbulent premixed flames at high pressure
Ichikawa A, Naito Y, Hayakawa A, Kudo T, Kobayashi H
7000 - 7013 Low-temperature tensile and impact properties of hydrogen-charged high-manganese steel
Nam YH, Park JS, Baek UB, Suh JY, Ncihm SH
7014 - 7031 Combined effects of prior plastic deformation and sensitization on hydrogen embrittlement of 304 austenitic stainless steel
Wang YF, Wu XP, Li XF, Wu WJ, Gong JM
7032 - 7040 The effect of concentration gradients on deflagration-to-detonation transition in a rectangular channel with and without obstructions - A numerical study
Azadboni RK, Heidari A, Boeck LR, Wen JX
7041 - 7048 Experimental investigation on effects of CO2 additions on spontaneous ignition of high-pressure hydrogen during its sudden release into a tube
Gong L, Duan QL, Liu JL, Li M, Jin KA, Sun JH
7049 - 7050 Comment on the paper "Analysis of magnetohydrodynamics peristaltic transport of hydrogen bubble in water, A. Zeeshan, N. Ijaz, A. Majeed, Int J Hydrogen Energy 43(2018) 979-985"
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