International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.44, No.12 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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5661 - 5675 Review of hydrogen economy in Malaysia and its way forward
Mah AXY, Ho WS, Bong CPC, Hassim MH, Liew PY, Asli UA, Kamaruddin MJ, Chemmangattuvalappil NG
5676 - 5685 Natural hydrogen continuous emission from sedimentary basins: The example of a Brazilian H-2-emitting structure
Prinzhofer A, Moretti I, Francolin J, Pacheco C, D'Agostino A, Werly J, Rupin F
5686 - 5695 A novel two-step method to design inter-plant hydrogen network
Lou YQ, Liao ZW, Sun JY, Jiang BB, Wang JD, Yang YR
5696 - 5703 Life cycle assessment of hydrogen energy facility by criterion for maximum load frequency
Bairamov AN
5704 - 5716 Electrodeposition of Ni-Mo-Cu coatings from roasted nickel matte in deep eutectic solvent for hydrogen evolution reaction
Lu Y, Geng SH, Wang SJ, Rao SC, Huang Y, Zou XL, Zhang YW, Xu Q, Lu XG
5717 - 5724 Ultra-small RuPx nanoparticles on graphene supported schiff-based networks for all pH hydrogen evolution
Zhai TT, Zhu YZ, Li Y, Peng WC, Zhang GL, Zhang FB, Fan XB
5725 - 5738 Performance of the ZrO2 promoted Cu-ZnO catalyst supported on acetic acid-treated MCM-41 in methanol steam reforming
Mohtashami Y, Taghizadeh M
5739 - 5747 In-situ synthesis of porous Ni2P nanosheets for efficient and stable hydrogen evolution reaction
Jin X, Li J, Cui YT, Liu XY, Wang K, Zhou Y, Yang WJ, Zhang XL, Zhang C, Jiang X, Liu BD
5748 - 5754 Hydrogen sensing characteristics of a Pd/Nickel oxide/GaN-based Schottky diode
Liu IP, Chang CH, Huang YM, Lin KW
5755 - 5765 Porous copper fiber sintered felts with surface microchannels for methanol steam reforming microreactor for hydrogen production
Ke YZ, Zhou W, Chu XY, Yuan D, Wan SL, Yu W, Liu YX
5766 - 5772 Criteria for chemical equilibrium with application to methane steam reforming
Haseli Y
5773 - 5786 A well to pump life cycle environmental impact assessment of some hydrogen production routes
Siddiqui O, Dincer I
5787 - 5798 Hierarchical ZnIn2S4: A promising cocatalyst to boost visible-light-driven photocatalytic hydrogen evolution of In(OH)(3)
Geng MJ, Peng YH, Zhang Y, Guo XL, Yu FK, Yang XL, Xie GW, Don WS, Liu CL, Li JF, Yu JQ
5799 - 5811 Hydrogen production from phototrophic microorganisms: Reality and perspectives
Bolatkhan K, Kossalbayev BD, Zayadan BK, Tomo T, Veziroglu TN, Allakhuerdiev SI
5812 - 5820 Improving fermentative hydrogen and methane production from an algal bloom through hydrothermal/steam acid pretreatment
Cheng J, Yue LC, Ding LK, Li YY, Ye Q, Zhou JH, Cen KF, Lin RC
5821 - 5829 Bioaugmentation with Thermoanaerobacterium thermosaccharolyticum W16 to enhance thermophilic hydrogen production using corn stover hydrolysate
Zhang K, Cao GL, Ren NQ
5830 - 5843 Biotoxicity assessment and lignocellulosic structural changes of phosphoric acid pre-treated young coconut husk hydrolysate for biohydrogen production
Arisht SN, Abdul PM, Liu CM, Lin SK, Maaroff RM, Wu SY, Jahim JM
5844 - 5853 Search for new strains of microalgae-producers of lipids from natural sources for biodiesel production
Sadvakasova AK, Akmukhanova NR, Bolatkhan K, Zayadan BK, Usserbayeva AA, Bauenova MO, Akhmetkaliyeva AE, Allakhverdiev SI
5854 - 5862 Three-dimensionally ordered macroporous FeP self-supported structure for high-efficiency hydrogen evolution reaction
Ai J, Jin RH, Liu ZP, Jiang JW, Yuan SS, Huang GQ, Li N, Li XT
5863 - 5871 Electrocatalytic property of water oxidation reaction depends on charging state of intermediates on Ag-M (M = Fe, co, Ni, Cu) in alkaline media
Bhatt MD, Lee G, Lee JS, Lee JY
5872 - 5880 Alloyed Pd-Ni hollow nanoparticles as cocatalyst of CdS for improved photocatalytic activity toward hydrogen production
Ba QQ, Jia XJ, Huang L, Li XY, Chen W, Mao LQ
5881 - 5889 Synergetic effect of carbon self-doping and TiO2 deposition on boosting the visible-light photocatalytic hydrogen production efficiency of carbon nitride
Ma YJ, Wang H, Yu JC, Mo WL, Yuan H
5890 - 5898 Facile synthesis of N, P-doped hierarchical porous carbon framework catalysts based on gelatin/phytic acid supermolecules for electrocatalytic oxygen reduction
Mao XX, Cao ZX, Chen SN, Jia JY, Li XN, Yin YH, Yang ST
5899 - 5911 Ultrafast fabrication of amorphous bimetallic hydroxide layer on nickel nanocones array for oxygen evolution electrocatalyst
Wu LK, Zhu YX, Liu M, Hou GY, Tang YP, Cao HZ, Zhang HB, Zheng GQ
5912 - 5920 Stable composite of flower-like NiFe-layered double hydroxide nucleated on graphene oxide as an effective catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
Cao L, Ma YH, Song AL, Bai L, Zhang PP, Li XH, Shao GJ
5921 - 5928 Promoting stability and activity of PtNi/C for oxygen reduction reaction via polyaniline-confined space annealing strategy
Nie Y, Deng JH, Chen SG, Wei ZD
5929 - 5939 Electrolytic splitting of saline water: Durable nickel oxide anode for selective oxygen evolution
Juodkazyte J, Sebeka B, Savickaja I, Petruleviciene M, Butkute S, Jasulaitiene V, Selskis A, Ramanauskas R
5940 - 5947 Nano-sized RuO2 electrocatalyst improves the electrochemical performance for hydrogen oxidation reaction
He RN, Xu GY, Wu YJ, Shi K, Tang H, Ma PL, Zeng JP, Bai YS, Chen S
5948 - 5954 2D Triphosphides: SbP3 and GaP3 monolayer as promising photocatalysts for water splitting
Yao S, Zhang X, Zhang ZH, Chen A, Zhou Z
5955 - 5969 Optimizations of rGO supported CdS photo-electrocatalyst for dissociation of water
Ranjan R, Sinha ASK
5970 - 5982 Electrooxidation of ethanol and glycerol on carbon supported PtCu nanoparticles
Castagna RM, Sieben JM, Alvarez AE, Duarte MME
5983 - 5989 Bimetallic metal-organic framework derived electrocatalyst for efficient overall water splitting
Che ZM, Xu B, Yan XD, Zhan HJ, Li CC
5990 - 5996 Facile fabrication of a flexible electrode by electrodeposition of palladium on silver nanowires for ethanol oxidation
Sun J, Li YH, Liu Y, Zhou WH, Zhen X, Lang MF
5997 - 6006 Proton exchange membranes with ultra-low vanadium ions permeability improved by sulfated zirconia for all vanadium redox flow battery
Zhang Y, Zhou XJ, Xue R, Yu QC, Jiang FJ, Zhong YG
6007 - 6018 Mg-based metastable nano alloys for hydrogen storage
Li B, Li JD, Zhao HJ, Yu XQ, Shao HY
6019 - 6030 Hydrogen storage in scandium doped small boron clusters (BnSc2, n=3-10): A density functional study
Ray SS, Sahoo SR, Sahu S
6031 - 6035 The long-term stability of deuterated thin titanium films
Fritzsche H, Ellis B, Patel J, Lang J
6036 - 6044 Study on the hydrogen storage properties of the dual active metals Ni and Al doped graphene composites
Gu J, Zhang XP, Fu L, Pang AM
6045 - 6054 The role of surface coarsening and sintering during thermal decomposition of titanium hydride
Ben David R, Finkelstein Y, Nativ-Roth E, Danon A, Cohen D, Rabkin E
6055 - 6064 Adsorption of hydrazine on XC3 (X = B, Al, N, Si, and Ge) nanosheets: A computational study
Zheng FF, Dong HL, Ji YJ, Li YY
6065 - 6073 First-principles rational design of M-doped LiBH4(010) surface for hydrogen release: Role of strain and dopants (M=Na, K, Al, F, or Cl)
Li YY, Chung JS, Kang SG
6074 - 6085 Molecular insight on unusually high specific hydrogen adsorption over silicon carbide
Yaremov PS, Shcherban ND, Aho A, Murzin DY
6086 - 6092 Hydrogen sorption properties of metal hydride beds: Effect of internal stresses caused by reactor geometry
Borzenko VI, Romanov IA, Dunikov DO, Kazakov AN
6093 - 6102 Vanadium carbide coating as hydrogen permeation barrier: A DFT study
Liu Y, Huang SS, Ding JH, Yang YC, Zhao JJ
6103 - 6115 Sol-gel synthesis of ternary conducting polymer hydrogel for application in all-solid-state flexible supercapacitor
Guo GZ, Sun YY, Fu Q, Ma YB, Zhou YY, Xiong ZY, Liu YQ
6116 - 6135 Additives in proton exchange membranes for low- and high-temperature fuel cell applications: A review
Wong CY, Wong WY, Ramya K, Khalid M, Loh KS, Daud WRW, Lim KL, Walvekar R, Kadhum AAH
6136 - 6147 Synthesis and properties of sulfonated poly(arylene ether ketone sulfone) containing amino groups/functional titania inorganic particles hybrid membranes for fuel cells
Wang YY, Xu JM, Zang H, Wang Z
6148 - 6159 Enhanced anhydrous proton conductivity of SPEEK/IL composite membrane embedded with amino functionalized mesoporous silica
Zhang XY, Yu SY, Zhu Q, Zhao LH
6160 - 6171 Performance characteristics of a robust and compact propane-fueled 150 W-class SOFC power-generation system
Mehran MT, Park SW, Kim J, Hong JE, Lee SB, Park SJ, Song RH, Shim JH, Lim TH
6172 - 6181 Graphitized carbon nanocages/palladium nanoparticles: Sustainable preparation and electrocatalytic performances towards ethanol oxidation reaction
Li ZS, Zhang L, Yang CX, Chen JM, Wang Z, Bao L, Wu FW, Shen PK
6182 - 6191 A novel fabrication of yttria-stabilized-zirconia dense electrolyte for solid oxide fuel cells by 3D printing technique
Wei LY, Zhang JJ, Yu FY, Zhang WM, Meng XX, Yang NT, Liu SM
6192 - 6211 Dynamic modelling and performance analysis of reversible solid oxide fuel cell with syngas
Yang C, Shu C, Miao H, Wang ZH, Wu Y, Wang JT, Zhao JP, Wang F, Ye WQ, Yuan JL
6212 - 6222 Electrocatalytic activity of perovskite-based cathodes for solid oxide fuel cells
Clematis D, Barbucci A, Presto S, Viviani M, Carpanese M
6223 - 6228 Effect of hetero-structured nano-particulate coating on the oxygen surface exchange properties of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-delta
Samreen A, Saher S, Ali S, Seema H, Qamar A
6229 - 6244 Numerical simulation for metal foam two-phase flow field of proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Bao ZM, Niu ZQ, Jiao K
6245 - 6256 Impact of ionomer resistance in nanofiber-nanoparticle electrodes for ultra-low platinum fuel cells
Hwang M, Elabd YA
6257 - 6270 Supersonic combustion of hydrogen using an improved strut injection scheme
Aravind S, Kumar R
6271 - 6277 On the explosion characteristics of hydrogen-air mixtures in a constant volume vessel with an orifice plate
Wang LQ, Ma HH, Shen ZW
6278 - 6286 Numerical analysis of the effect of the hydrogen composition on a partially premixed gas turbine combustor
Nam J, Lee Y, Joo S, Yoon Y, Yoh JJ
6287 - 6298 Control of backfire and NOx emission reduction in a hydrogen fueled multi-cylinder spark ignition engine using cooled EGR and water injection strategies
Dhyani V, Subramanian KA
6299 - 6312 Effect of syngas composition on high frequency combustion instability in a non-premixed turbulent combustor
Baraiya NA, Chakravarthy SR
6313 - 6324 Large-eddy simulation of turbulent autoigniting hydrogen lifted jet flame with a multi-regime flamelet approach
Hu Y, Kurose R
6325 - 6332 High pressure study of H-2 oxidation and its interaction with NO
Colom-Diaz JM, Millera A, Bilbao R, Alzueta MU
6333 - 6343 Microstructural and micro-mechanical characterization during hydrogen charging: An in situ scanning electron microscopy study
Kim J, Tasan CC
6344 - 6352 Highly sensitive hydrogen sensor based on a new suspended structure of cross-stacked multiwall carbon nanotube sheet
Yan KY, Toku Y, Ju Y
6353 - 6365 Modeling of underexpanded hydrogen jets through square and rectangular slot nozzles
Li XF, Chen Q, Chen MJ, He Q, Christopher DM, Cheng X, Chowdhury BR, Hecht ES
6366 - 6368 Conference report-7th International conference on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells during 9th-11th December 2018 at Hotel Marriot Jodhpur, India
Sharma A
6369 - 6369 study on the harvest of oleaginous microalgae chlorella sp. by photosynthetic hydrogen mediated auto-flotation for biodiesel production (vol 41, pg 16772, 2016)
Feng QZ, Chen M, Wang WR, Chang S, Zhang L, Li JH, Li SZ