International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.43, No.9 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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4143 - 4159 Probabilistic risk model for assessing hydrogen fuel contamination effects in automotive FC systems
Tuominen R, Helppolainen N, Ihonen J, Viitakangas J
4160 - 4166 Experimental study of effect of anolyte concentration and electrical potential on electrolyzer performance in thermochemical hydrogen production using the Cu-Cl cycle
Vaghasia R, Jianu OA, Rosen MA
4167 - 4176 Energy and exergy analyses of hybrid photocatalytic hydrogen production reactor for Cu-Cl cycle
Ratlamwala TAH, Dincer I
4177 - 4185 The mechanism of the chain-growth of ammoniaborane: A classic Lewis pairs catalysed by a Frustrated Lewis Pairs
Wang K, Cheng LJ, Zhang JG, Yu XB
4186 - 4194 Experimental density-composition data and thermal expansion coefficient of HI-I-2-H2O solution
Chen SZ, Zhang P, Wang LJ, Xu JM
4195 - 4210 Potential of molten lead oxide for liquid chemical looping gasification (LCLG): A thermochemical analysis
Sarafraz MM, Jafarian M, Arjomandi M, Nathan GJ
4211 - 4222 Towards autothermal hydrogen production by sorption-enhanced water gas shift and methanol reforming: A thermodynamic analysis
Iruretagoyena D, Hellgardt K, Chadwick D
4223 - 4232 Thermodynamic analysis and experimental investigation of a unique photoelectrochemical hydrogen production system
Acar C, Dincer I
4233 - 4243 Thermodynamic analysis and assessment of a novel integrated geothermal energy-based system for hydrogen production and storage
Yuksel YE, Ozturk M, Dincer I
4244 - 4255 A new sustainable hydrogen clean energy paradigm
Stern AG
4256 - 4264 Enhanced Z-scheme visible light photocatalytic hydrogen production over alpha-Bi2O3/CZS heterostructure
Imran M, Bin Yousaf A, Farooq M, Kasak P
4265 - 4275 Hydrogen production by a low-cost electrolyzer developed through the combination of alkaline water electrolysis and solar energy use
Palhares DDD, Vieira LGM, Damasceno JJR
4276 - 4283 Production of biohydrogen from brewery wastewater using Klebsiella pneumoniae isolated from the environment
Estevam A, Arantes MK, Andrigheto C, Fiorini A, da Silva EA, Alves HJ
4284 - 4293 Two-stage thermophilic bio-hydrogen and methane production from lime-pretreated oil palm trunk by simultaneous saccharification and fermentation
Sitthikitpanya S, Reungsang A, Prasertsan P
4294 - 4304 Syngas production frorn polyethylene and biogas in porous media combustion
Gonzalez H, Caro S, Toledo M, Olguin H
4305 - 4310 Effect of catalytic electrode and plate for methanol decomposition by in-liquid plasma
Shiraishi R, Nomura S, Mukasa S, Nakano R, Kamatoko R
4311 - 4320 Nitrogen-doped carbon nanoflower with superior ORR performance in both alkaline and acidic electrolyte and enhanced durability
Zhang JX, Lv MY, Liu DD, Du L, Liang ZX
4321 - 4334 The effects of Co/Ce loading ratio and reaction conditions on CDRM performance of Co Ce/ZrO2 catalysts
Paksoy AI, Caglayan BS, Ozensoy E, Okte AN, Aksoylu AE
4335 - 4346 Hydrogen production from organic fatty acids using carbon-doped TiO2 nanoparticles under visible light irradiation
Li Y, Kuang LY, Xiao DQ, Badireddy AR, Hu MC, Zhuang SQ, Wang XQ, Lee ES, Marhaba T, Zhang W
4347 - 4354 Giant enhancement of photocatalytic H-2 production over KNbO3 photocatalyst obtained via carbon doping and MoS2 decoration
Yu JX, Chen ZQ, Chen QQ, Wang Y, Lin HJ, Hu X, Zhao LH, He YM
4355 - 4370 Numerical study of flow distribution uniformity for the optimization of gradient porosity configuration of porous copper fiber sintered felt for hydrogen production through methanol steam reforming micro-reactor
Xu ZJ, Yang S, Hu GH, Wang QH, Li JR
4371 - 4380 Effect of equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) on hydrogen storage properties of commercial magnesium alloy AZ61
Huang SJ, Chiu C, Chou TY, Rabkin E
4381 - 4392 Ultrasonic assisted synthesis of a nano-sized Co2SnO4/graphene: A potential material for electrochemical hydrogen storage application
Masjedi-Arani M, Salauati-Niasari M
4393 - 4400 Ca and K decorated germanene as hydrogen storage: An ab initio study
Rojas KIM, Villagracia AC, Moreno JL, David M, Arboleda NB
4401 - 4414 Screening and ranking framework for underground hydrogen storage site selection in Poland
Lewandowska-Smierzchalska J, Tarkowski R, Uliasz-Misiak B
4415 - 4427 Cycling stability of RNi5 (R = La, La plus Ce) hydrides during the operation of metal hydride hydrogen compressor
Tarasov BP, Bocharnikov MS, Yanenko YB, Fursikov PV, Lototskyy MV
4428 - 4438 Techno-economic analysis of conventional and advanced high-pressure tube trailer configurations for compressed hydrogen gas transportation and refueling
Reddi K, Elgowainy A, Rustagi N, Gupta E
4439 - 4447 3-D structured PtJrGO-polyethyleneimine-functionalized MWCNTs prepared with different mass ratio of rGO and MWCNT for proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Yang HN, Ko YO, Kim WJ
4448 - 4457 Effects of mesoporous fillers on properties of polybenzimidazole composite membranes for high-temperature polymer fuel cells
Kuo YJ, Lin HL
4458 - 4470 Layered perovskite LnBa(0.5)Sr(0.5)Cu(2)O(5+delta) (Ln = Pr and Nd) as cobalt-free cathode materials for solid oxide fuel cells
Meng XW, Lu SQ, Yu WW, Ji Y, Sui YR, Wei MB
4471 - 4481 Degradation behavior of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell stack under dynamic cycles between idling and rated condition
Wang GJ, Huang F, Yu Y, Wen S, Tu ZK
4482 - 4491 Optimization on the electrochemical properties Of La2NiO4+delta cathodes by tuning the cathode thickness
Wang YP, Zhao K, Xu Q, Huang DP, Chen M, Kim BH
4492 - 4504 Effect of operating temperature on creep and damage in the bonded compliant seal of planar solid oxide fuel cell
Zhang YC, Jiang WC, Tu ST, Wang CL, Chen C
4505 - 4516 PdxNby electrocatalysts for DEFC in alkaline medium: Stability, selectivity and mechanism for FOR
Souza FM, Nandenha J, Batista BL, Oliveira VHA, Pinheiro VS, Parreira LS, Neto AO, Santos MC
4517 - 4527 Chemically modified Poly(arylene ether ketone)s with pendant imidazolium groups: Anion exchange membranes for alkaline fuel cells
Tuan CM, Patra AK, Kim D
4528 - 4533 Electrical conductivity of NiMo-based double perovskites under SOFC anodic conditions
Presto S, Kumar P, Varma S, Viviani M, Singh P
4534 - 4545 Thermal and electrochemical performance analysis of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell under assembly pressure on gas diffusion layer
Toghyani S, Nafchi FM, Afshari E, Hasanpour K, Baniasadi E, Atyabi SA
4546 - 4562 Four different configurations of a 5 kW class shell-and-tube methane steam reformer with a low-temperature heat source
Yun J, Cho K, Lee YD, Yu S
4563 - 4582 Numerical analysis of ice-induced stresses in the membrane electrode assembly of a PEM fuel cell under sub-freezing operating conditions
Zhan ZG, Zhao HL, Sui PC, Jiang PX, Pan M, Djilali N
4583 - 4596 Environmental impact categories of hydrogen and ammonia driven transoceanic maritime vehicles: A comparative evaluation
Bicer Y, Dincer I
4597 - 4608 Comparative assessments of two integrated systems with/without fuel cells utilizing liquefied ammonia as a fuel for vehicular applications
Ezzat MF, Dincer I
4609 - 4622 Propagation process of H-2/air rotating detonation wave and influence factors in plane-radial structure
Xia ZJ, Ma H, Zhuo CF, Zhou CS
4623 - 4631 Modelling of aluminum-fuelled power plant with steam-hydrogen enthalpy utilization
Vlaskin MS, Dudoladov AO, Buryakovskaya OA, Ambaryan GN
4632 - 4644 Numerical investigation of mixture formation and combustion in a hydrogen direct injection plus natural gas port injection (HDI plus NGPI) rotary engine
Fan BW, Pan JF, Liu YX, Chen W, Lu Y, Otchere P
4645 - 4656 Experimental study of detonation propagation in a square tube filled with orifice plates
Wang LQ, Ma HH, Shen ZW, Lin MJ, Li XJ
4657 - 4670 Evaluation of hydrogen permeation through standalone thermally sprayed coatings of AISI 316L stainless steel
Moshref-Javadi M, Edris H, Shafyei A, Salimi-Jazi H, Abdolvand E
4671 - 4680 Replication of liner collapse phenomenon observed in hyperbaric type IV hydrogen storage vessel by explosive decompression experiments
Pepin J, Laine E, Grandidier JC, Benoit G, Mellier D, Weber M, Langlois C
4681 - 4681 Preface for Eleventh International Symposium on Advances in Electrochemical Science and Technology Special Issue
Sangaranarayanan MV, Pillai VK
4682 - 4690 The electrocatalysis of oxygen evolution reaction on La1-xCaxFeO3-delta perovskites in alkaline solution
Sankannavar R, Sarkar A
4691 - 4705 Exploring the role of the spacers and acceptors on the triphenylamine-based dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells
Sivanadanam J, Mukkamala R, Mandal S, Vedarajan R, Matsumi N, Aidhen IS, Ramanujam K
4706 - 4715 Micro and nano-architectures of Co3O4 on Ni foam for electro-oxidation of methanol
Rajeshkhanna G, Rao GR
4716 - 4725 Nitrogen doped mesoporous carbon supported Pt electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Prithi JA, Rajalakshmi N, Rao GR
4726 - 4737 Nitrogen doped graphene quantum dots (N-GQDs)/Co3O4 composite material as an efficient bi-functional electrocatalyst for oxygen, evolution and-oxygen reduction reactions
Muthurasu A, Mers SVS, Ganesh V
4738 - 4745 Tuning the oxygen reduction reactivity of interconnected porous carbon by incorporation of phosphorus and activity enhancement through blending with 2D metal dichalcogenides materials
Mutyala S, Rajaram R, Karuppasamy D, Suresh C, Mathiyarasu J
4746 - 4753 Noble metal-free Fe-N-CNFs as an efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
Mutyala S, Mathiyarasu J
4754 - 4762 Iron(III) chloride-benzotriazole adduct for oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline medium
Sheelam A, Ramanujam K
4763 - 4772 Novel perovskite structured calcium titanate-PBI composite membranes for high-temperature PEM fuel cells: Synthesis and characterizations
Muthuraja P, Prakash S, Shanmugam VM, Radhakrsihnan S, Manisankar P
4773 - 4783 One-pot hydrothermal synthesis of supported CoS electrocatalysts: The effect of support nature on oxygen reduction reaction activity in alkaline medium
Kumar SMS, Selvakumar K, Thangamuthu R