International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.43, No.39 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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18059 - 18076 Sustainability analysis of different hydrogen production options using hesitant fuzzy AHP
Acar C, Beskese A, Temur GT
18077 - 18082 Revealing contribution of pore size to high hydrogen storage capacity
Huang JY, Liang YR, Dong HW, Hu H, Yu PF, Peng L, Zheng MT, Xiao Y, Liu YL
18083 - 18094 Hydrogen in low-carbon energy systems in Japan by 2050: The uncertainties of technology development and implementation
Ozawa A, Kudoh Y, Murata A, Honda T, Saita I, Takagi H
18095 - 18104 Synthesis and electrochemical analysis of novel IrO2 nanoparticle catalysts supported on carbon nanotube for oxygen evolution reaction
Badam R, Hara M, Huang HH, Yoshimura M
18105 - 18114 Novel polymer supported graphene and molybdenum sulfide as highly efficient cocatalyst for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Mu HY, Wan JF, Wu YW, Xu J, Wang L, Cao XJ
18115 - 18124 A novel K2Ti8O17 nanorod photocatalyst rich in surface OH groups for efficient hydrogen Chock for production by water splitting
Yu ZB, Wang RY, Jia JF, Yuan Y, Waclawik ER, Zheng ZF
18125 - 18135 Mesoporous Ta2O5 nanoparticles as an anode material for lithium ion battery and an efficient photocatalyst for hydrogen evolution
Manukumar KN, Kishore B, Manjunath K, Nagaraju G
18136 - 18141 Silicon nanowires' based photoanode for hydrogen evolution
Dytrych P, Drinek V, Bumba J, Kastanek F, Solcova O
18142 - 18150 Enhanced hydrogen production performance of cbbR & pycA inactived R.sphaeroides mutant by improving the ammonium tolerance
Feng JL, Yang HH, Wang XQ, Guo LJ
18151 - 18159 Role of hydrogenases 3 and 4 in Escherichia coli growth and H-2 producing hydrogenase activity during anaerobic utilization of lactose
Mirzoyan S, Trchounian A, Trchounian K
18160 - 18168 Hydrogen production via steam reforming of acetic acid over biochar-supported nickel catalysts
Chen JH, Wang MJ, Wang SR, Li XB
18169 - 18184 Electro-analytical performance of bifunctional electrocatalyst materials in unitized regenerative fuel cell system
Sadhasivam T, Palanisamy G, Roh SH, Kurkuri MD, Kim SC, Jung HY
18185 - 18193 Photoelectrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide to methanol on p-type CuFe2O4 under visible light irradiation
Karim KMR, Ong HR, Abdullah H, Yousuf A, Cheng CK, Khan MMR
18194 - 18201 Effect of methane concentration on oxygen reduction reaction of carbon films in alkaline solution
Suo N, Huang H, Wu AM, Cao GZ, Zhang GF
18202 - 18210 Dramatic enhancement of photocurrent for BiVO4/TiO2 heterojunction photoanode with suitable band-match via in-situ band regulation using Ta
Li JH, Bai J, Niu XH, Li XY, Chen S, Wang JC, Zhou BX
18211 - 18219 Tailoring catalytic performance of carbon nanotubes confined CuO-CeO2 catalysts for CO preferential oxidation
Shi LM, Zhang G, Wang YJ
18220 - 18231 L-Cysteine assisted synthesis of Zn0.5Cd0.5S solid solution with different morphology, crystal structure and performance for H-2 evolution
Song JG, Sun RR, Chen YL, Sun DJ, Li XY
18232 - 18241 Facile preparation of Z-scheme CdS-Ag-TiO2 composite for the improved photocatalytic hydrogen generation activity
Zhao W, Liu JC, Deng ZY, Zhang JH, Ding ZX, Fang YX
18242 - 18252 Constructing Z-scheme based CoWO4/CdS photocatalysts with enhanced dye degradation and H-2 generation performance
Cui HJ, Li BB, Zhang YZ, Zheng XD, Li XZ, Li ZY, Xu S
18253 - 18260 Ruthenium nanoclusters distributed on phosphorus-doped carbon derived from hypercrosslinked polymer networks for highly efficient hydrolysis of ammonia-borane
Lu R, Xu CL, Wang Q, Wang Y, Zhang Y, Gao DJ, Bi J, Fan GY
18261 - 18269 Decoration of WS2 as an effective noble-metal free cocatalyst on ZnIn2S4 for enhanced visible light photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Zhou JB, Chen D, Bai LQ, Qin LS, Sun XG, Huang YX
18270 - 18278 Zingiber striolatum diels derived O/N dual-doped porous carbon for high performance oxygen Cheddar reduction reaction and energy storage
Liu B, Yang M, Yang DG, Chen HB, Li HM
18279 - 18288 Enhanced catalytic performance for CO oxidation and preferential CO oxidation over CuO/CeO2 Chock for catalysts synthesized from metal organic framework: Effects of preparation methods
Zhang XD, Zhang XL, Song L, Hou FL, Yang YQ, Wang YX, Liu N
18289 - 18295 Hydrolysis of NaBH4 using ZVI/Fe-2(MoO4)(3) nanocatalyst
Aman D, Alkahlawy AA, Zaki T
18296 - 18305 Thermodynamic modeling of hydrogen solubility in a series of ionic liquids
Kordi A, Sabzi F
18306 - 18315 Silicon atom and silicon oxide molecule, within the metallic and semiconducting carbon nanotubes as promising centers candidates for hydrogen adsorption: A DFT theoretical study
Hosseini SV, Arabi H, Kompany A
18316 - 18329 Electrochemical hydrogen storage, photocatalytical and antibacterial activity of Fe-Ag bimetallic nanoparticles supported on TiO2 nanowires
Akbarzadeh R, Ghaedi M, Kokhdan SN, Jannesar R, Sadeghfar F, Sadri F, Tayebi L
18330 - 18338 Effects of Li on hydrogen absorption properties of Mg17Al12(110) surface: A density functional theory study
Zhou XY, Ma SY, Xu SL, Guo J, Ning H
18339 - 18348 A facile approach to improve the electrochemical properties of polyaniline-carbon nanotube composite electrodes for highly flexible solid-state supercapacitors
Zhou HH, Zhi XM, Zhai HJ
18349 - 18362 Preparation of NiMoO4-PANI core-shell nanocomposite for the high-performance all-solid-state asymmetric supercapacitor
Gao HW, Wu FS, Wang XH, Hao C, Ge CW
18363 - 18371 Experimental assessment of thin film high pressure metal hydride material properties
Corgnale C, Hattrick-Simpers J, Sulic M, Weidner J, Lopata J
18372 - 18381 Accounting for the thermo-stability of PdHx (x=1-3) by density functional theory
Long DB, Li MK, Meng DX, He YB, Yoon IT, Ahuja R, Luo W
18382 - 18391 Synthesis of beta-Ti-Nb alloys from elemental powders by high-energy ball milling and their hydrogenation features
de Araujo-Silva R, Neves AM, Vega LER, Triques MRM, Leiva DR, Kiminami CS, Ishikawa TT, Jorge AM, Botta WI
18392 - 18402 Penetrated hydrogen content and volume inflation in unfilled NBR exposed to high-pressure hydrogen-What are the characteristics of unfilled-NBR dominating them?
Ono H, Fujiwara H, Nishimura S
18403 - 18420 Liquid hydrogen pump performance and durability testing through repeated cryogenic vessel filling to 700 bar
Petitpas G, Aceves SM
18421 - 18435 In situ grown Co3O4 nanocubes on N-doped graphene as a synergistic hybrid for applications in nickel metal hydride batteries
Li MM, Wang Y, Yang CC, Jiang Q
18436 - 18443 Pt-Ni alloy hyperbranched nanostructures with enhanced catalytic performance towards oxygen reduction reaction
Gong WH, Jiang Z, Huang L, Shen PK
18444 - 18451 A power cycle of natural gas decarbonization and dual fuel cells with inherent 100% carbon capture
Zhuang Q, Geddis P, Runstedtler A, Clements B
18452 - 18462 Standalone condition diagnosing of fuel cell in microgrid composed of wind turbine/fuel cell/combined heat & power using Variational Mode Decomposition analysis model
Liang ZH, Qin Y, Wu FZ, Ren ZL, Liu YZ, Li K, Berti S
18463 - 18476 Fabrication and characterization of Ca2+, Sr2+, Ba2+, Sm3+, and La3+ co-doped ceria-based electrolyte powders for low-temperature anode-supported solid oxide fuel cells
Wu YC, Chen WY
18477 - 18487 Catalytic performance of non-platinum-based hybrid carbon hetero-structure for oxygen reduction and hydrogen oxidation reactions in proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Chandran P, Ramaprabhu S
18488 - 18497 Design and experimental validation of an HT-PEFC stack with metallic BPP
Janssen H, Edelmann A, Mildebrath T, Muller P, Lehnert W, Stolten D
18498 - 18508 Electrodeposited AgPd alloy coatings as efficient catalysts for the ethanol oxidation reaction
Lovic JD, Elezovic NR, Jovic BM, Zabinski P, Gajic-Krstajic L, Jovic VD
18509 - 18515 A novel single-step fabrication anode/electrolyte/cathode triple-layer hollow fiber micro-tubular SOFC
Jamil SM, Othman MHD, Mohamed MH, Adam MR, Rahman MA, Jaafar J, Ismail AF
18516 - 18520 Boosting power density of microfluidic biofuel cell with porous three-dimensional graphene@nickel foam as flow-through anode
Yang Y, Ye DD, Zhu X, Liao Q, Li J, Chen R
18521 - 18529 Experimental research on ignition, quenching, reinitiation and the stabilization process in rotating detonation engine
Ma Z, Zhang SJ, Luan MY, Yao SB, Xia ZJ, Wang JP
18530 - 18541 Pressure peaking phenomenon for indoor hydrogen releases
Brennan S, Molkov V
18542 - 18543 Comments on "Sorption study of chromium sorption from wastewater using cereal by-products"
Huang YD