International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.43, No.31 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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14059 - 14077 Catalytic partial oxidation of methane for the production of syngas using microreaction technology: A computational fluid dynamics study
Chen JJ, Song WY, Xu DG
14078 - 14086 Gasification of guaiacol in supercritical water: Detailed reaction pathway and mechanisms
Zhu C, Guo LJ, Jin H, Ou ZS, Wei WW, Huang JB
14087 - 14095 Defect-rich MoS2 nanosheets vertically grown on graphene-protected Ni foams for high efficient electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Zhu P, Chen Y, Zhou Y, Yang ZX, Wu D, Xiong X, Ouyang FP
14096 - 14102 Electrochemical hydrogen storage in a nitrogen-doped uniformed microporous carbon
Zhou LN, Liu D, Li JS, Tang HL, Xie ZZ, Qu DY
14103 - 14120 Methanol steam reforming in a microchannel reactor by Zn-, Ce- and Zr-modified mesoporous Cu/SBA-15 nanocatalyst
Tajrishi OZ, Taghizadeh M, Kiadehi AD
14121 - 14129 Heterostructured SnS2/SnO2 nanotubes with enhanced charge separation and excellent photocatalytic hydrogen production
Li YY, Wang JG, Sun HH, Hua W, Liu XR
14130 - 14139 Significantly improve photoelectrochemical performance of Ti:Fe2O3 with CdSe modification and surface oxidation
Xiong JY, Xie JL, Yang PP, Liang XR, Li CM
14140 - 14157 Multi-criteria optimization of an integrated energy system with thermoelectric generator, parabolic trough solar collector and electrolysis for hydrogen production
Habibollahzade A, Gholamian E, Ahmadi P, Behzadi A
14158 - 14171 A novel maximum power point tracking technique based on fuzzy logic for photovoltaic systems
Al-Majidi SD, Abbod MF, A-Raweshidy HS
14172 - 14182 Simultaneously improving solar water oxidation kinetics and passivating surface states of hematite by loading an amorphous Ni doped cobalt phosphate layer
Zhou Y, Hou JX, Guo K, Niu YK, Ni DW, Shen HY, Ma Y
14183 - 14192 NaBH4 reduction of Ti-Si-O nanotubes photoanode for high-efficiency photoelectrochemical water splitting
Dong ZB, Ding DY, Li T, Ning CQ
14193 - 14201 Evaluation of semi-continuous hydrogen production from enzymatic hydrolysates of Agave tequilana bagasse: Insight into the enzymatic cocktail effect over the co-production of methane
Toledo-Cervantes A, Arreola-Vargas J, Elias-Palacios SV, Marino-Marmolejo EN, Davila-Vazquez G, Gonzalez-Alvarez V, Mendez-Acosta HO
14202 - 14213 Nanoparticles augmentation on biogas yield from microalgal biomass anaerobic digestion
Zaidi AA, Feng RZ, Yue S, Khan SZ, Mushtaq K
14214 - 14225 Influences of equivalence ratio, oxygen concentration and fluidization velocity on the characteristics of oxygen-enriched gasification products from biomass in a pilot-scale fluidized bed
Liu CQ, Huang YJ, Niu MM, Pei HP, Liu LQ, Wang YX, Dong L, Xu LG
14226 - 14237 Combined thermal characteristics analysis of steam reforming and combustion for 5 kW domestic PEMFC system
Jo T, Koo B, Lee Y, Kim D, Lee D
14238 - 14251 CO preferential oxidation on cordierite monoliths coated with CuO-CeO2/SBA-15 catalysts. Further insights into the physico-chemical aspects of the catalytic behavior
Lacoste AM, Tiscornia IS, Boix AV
14252 - 14264 Boosting the electrocatalytic performance of Pt, Pd and Au embedded within mesoporous cobalt oxide for oxygen evolution reaction
Qu Q, Pan GL, Lin YT, Xu CW
14265 - 14272 The effect of the concentration of hydrochloric acid and acetic acid aqueous solution for fast hydrogen production from methanol solution of NaBH4
Balbay A, Saka C
14273 - 14280 Fe, N codoped porous carbon nanosheets for efficient oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline and acidic media
Dong L, Wang WP, Zang JB, Zhang Y, Wang ZY, Su J, Wang YH
14281 - 14292 Enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution using a novel in situ heterojunction yttrium-doped Bi4NbO8Cl@Nb2O5
Wei ZD, Liu JY, Fang WJ, Qin Z, Jiang Z, Shangguan WF
14293 - 14300 Monodisperse PtCu alloy nanoparticles as highly efficient catalysts for the hydrolytic dehydrogenation of ammonia borane
Gao MY, Yang WW, Yu YS
14301 - 14309 Ni and N co-doped MoCx as efficient electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction at all-pH values
Chen J, Jia J, Wei ZQ, Li GX, Yu JY, Yang LJ, Xiong TL, Zhou WJ, Tong QX
14310 - 14318 Steam reforming of dimethyl ether promoted by surface protonics in an electric field
Inagaki R, Manabe R, Hisai Y, Kamite Y, Yabe T, Ogo S, Sekine Y
14319 - 14327 Fabrication of highly efficient water splitting CoxNi1-xTa2O6 (x=0-1) photocatalysts with high crystallinity and surface nanostructure
Jiang W, Li W, Lu WJ, Wang YF, Sun J, Shao SM, Zhang PP
14328 - 14336 Fabrication of CdS/Ni-Fe LDH heterostructure for improved photocatalytic hydrogen evolution from aqueous methanol solution
Zhou HL, Song YX, Liu YC, Li HD, Li WJ, Chang ZD
14337 - 14346 Pt-CoN supported on TiN-modified carbon nanotubes (Pt-CoN/TiN-CNT) as efficient oxygen reduction reaction catalysts in acidic medium
Chen SZ, Huang QC, Yang W, Zou HB, Mai HW, Wang JH
14347 - 14359 The catalytic effect of the Au(111) and Pt(111) surfaces to the sodium borohydride hydrolysis reaction mechanism: A DFT study
Genc AE, Akca A, Kutlu B
14360 - 14368 ACo(2)O(4) (A=Ni, Zn, Mn) nanostructure arrays grown on nickel foam as efficient electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reaction
Gong YQ, Pan HL, Xu ZF, Yang Z, Lin Y, Zhang ML
14369 - 14378 Controlled synthesis of MnO2@TiO2 hybrid nanotube arrays with enhanced oxygen evolution reaction performance
Li X, Zhang MR, Zhang Y, Yu CP, Qi WT, Cui JW, Wang Y, Qin YQ, Liu JQ, Shu X, Chen Y, Xie T, Wu YC
14379 - 14387 In-situ ammonia-modulated silver oxide as efficient oxygen evolution catalyst in neutral organic carboxylate buffer
Li DD, Wei CC, Wang Q, Liu L, Zhong DZ, Hao GY, Li JP, Zhao Q
14388 - 14405 Mutual effect of extrinsic defects and electronic carbon traps of M-TiO2 (M = V, Co, Ni) nanorod arrays on photoexcited charge extraction of CdS for superior photoelectrochemical activity of hydrogen production
Mumtaz A, Mohamed NM, Irshad MI, Yar A, Saheed MSM
14406 - 14416 Using pomegranate peel powders as a new capping agent for synthesis of CuO/ZnO/Al2O3 nanostructures; enhancement of visible light photocatalytic activity
Goudarzi M, Salavati-Niasari M
14417 - 14426 A co-catalyst free, eco-friendly, novel visible light absorbing iron based complex oxide nanocomposites for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Vijayaraghavan T, Reddy NL, Shankar MV, Vadivel S, Ashok A
14427 - 14438 Composition effect of oxygen reduction reaction on PtSn nanorods: An experimental and computational study
Yan SY, Liu CW, Huang TH, Guo YZ, Lee SW, Wang JH, Wang KW
14439 - 14450 Photon-absorption-based explanation of ultrasonic-assisted solar photochemical splitting of water to improve hydrogen production
Cheng ZM, Wang FQ, Liang HX, Hu SP, Lin B, Tan JY, Li HY
14451 - 14465 Design, modeling, and optimization of a lightweight MeOH-to-H-2 processor
Wu W, Yang SB, Hwang JJ, Zhou XG
14466 - 14477 Effect of Pd overlayer and mixed gases on hydrogen permeation of Pd/Nb30Hf35Co35/Pd composite membranes
Yan EH, Huang HR, Min RN, Zhao P, Misra RDK, Huang PR, Xu F, Sun LX
14478 - 14485 Methane conversion to syngas and hydrogen in a dual phase Ce0.8Sm0.2O2-delta-Sr2Fe1.5Mo0.5O5+delta membrane reactor with improved stability
Liang WY, Zhou HY, Caro J, Jiang HQ
14486 - 14492 Highly purified hydrogen production from ammonia for PEM fuel cell
Miyaoka H, Miyaoka H, Ichikawa T, Ichikawa T, Kojima Y
14493 - 14497 Ammonia decomposition to clean hydrogen using non-thermal atmospheric-pressure plasma
Akiyama M, Aihara K, Sawaguchi T, Matsukata M, Iwamoto M
14498 - 14506 Nanosizing ammonia borane with nickel - An all-solid and all-in-one approach for H-2 generation by hydrolysis
Lai QW, Aguey-Zinsou KF, Demirci UB
14507 - 14519 Assessing the reactivity of TiCl3 and TiF3 with hydrogen
Kang S, Klebanoff LE, Baker AA, Cowgill DF, Stavila V, Lee JRI, Nielsen MH, Ray KG, Liu YS, Wood BC
14520 - 14531 The destabilising effect of alkali metal (Na and K) of hydrazine-borane N2H4BH3 for hydrogen storage: Ab-initio study
Aichouche A, Bouhadda Y, Bououdina M, Benyelloul K, Bentria B
14532 - 14540 Improvement of hydrogen storage properties in MgH2 catalysed by K2NbF7
Yahya MS, Sulaiman NN, Mustafa NS, Yap FAH, Ismail M
14541 - 14549 Achieving the dehydriding reversibility and elevating the equilibrium pressure of YFe2 alloy by partial Y substitution with Zr
Pang HL, Li ZM, Zhou C, Wang H, Ouyang LZ, Yuan SR, Zhao YJ, Zhu M
14550 - 14556 Assessment methodology of promising porous materials for near ambient temperature hydrogen storage applications
Minuto FD, Balderas-Xicohtencatl R, Policicchio A, Hirscher M, Agostino RG
14557 - 14568 Characterization of hydrogen storage behavior of the as-synthesized p-type NiO/n-type CeO2 nanocomposites by carbohydrates as a capping agent: The influence of morphology
Sangsefidi FS, Salavati-Niasari M, Shabani-Nooshabadi M
14569 - 14577 Synthesis of hierarchical tube-like yolk-shell Co3O4@NiMoO4 for enhanced supercapacitor performance
Dong T, Li M, Wang P, Yang P
14578 - 14583 Catalytic effects of V and V2O5 on hydrogen storage property of Mg17Al12 alloy
Wu HJ, Du JQ, Cai FF, Xu F, Wei WL, Guo J, Lan ZQ
14584 - 14617 Hydrogen related degradation in pipeline steel: A review
Ohaeri E, Eduok U, Szpunar J
14618 - 14628 Developing titanium micro/nano porous layers on planar thin/tunable LGDLs for high-efficiency hydrogen production
Kang ZY, Yang GQ, Mo JK, Yu SL, Cullen DA, Retterer ST, Toops TJ, Brady MP, Bender G, Pivovar BS, Green JB, Zhang FY
14629 - 14637 Fuel cell power conditioning unit for standalone application with real time validation
Dixit TV, Bankupalli PT, Yadav A, Gupta S
14638 - 14647 Determination of formability characteristics of Crofer 22 APU sheets as interconnector for solid oxide fuel cells
Timurkutluk B, Toros S, Onbilgin S, Korkmaz HG
14648 - 14664 Modeling and optimization of electrode structure design for solid oxide fuel cell
Wu CR, Yang ZR, Huo S, Najmi AUH, Du Q, Jiao K
14665 - 14674 The effect of pre-oxidation parameters on the corrosion behavior of AISI 441 in dual atmosphere
Goebel C, Alnegren P, Faust R, Svensson JE, Froitzheim J
14675 - 14690 Homogeneous polymer/filler composite membrane by spraying method for enhanced direct methanol fuel cell performance
Prapainainar P, Maliwan S, Sarakham K, Du ZH, Prapainainar C, Holmes SM, Kongkachuichay P
14691 - 14700 Investigating different break-in procedures for reformed methanol high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Thomas S, Araya SS, Vang JR, Kaer SK
14701 - 14709 Encapsulation of metal precursor within ZIFs for bimetallic N-doped carbon electrocatalyst with enhanced oxygen reduction
Wu MC, Hu XX, Li CL, Li J, Zhou HJ, Zhang X, Liu R
14710 - 14728 Comparisons between methane and methanol steam reforming in thermally integrated microchannel reactors for hydrogen production: A computational fluid dynamics study
Chen JJ, Yan LF, Song WY, Xu DG
14729 - 14741 Surfactant assisted synthesis of Pt-Pd/MWCNT and evaluation as cathode catalyst for proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Bharti A, Cheruvally G
14742 - 14750 Lanthanum chromite based composite anodes for dry reforming of methane
Sarno C, Luisetto I, Zurlo F, Licoccia S, Di Bartolomeo E
14751 - 14761 Steady-state and dynamic models of solid oxide fuel cells based on Satin Bowerbird Optimizer
El -Hay EA, El-Hameed MA, El-Fergany AA
14762 - 14774 Thermodynamic analysis for high-power electricity generation systems based on closed-Brayton-cycle with finite cold source on hypersonic vehicles
Cheng KL, Qin J, Dang CL, Lv CW, Zhang SL, Bao W
14775 - 14786 Detonation behaviors of syngas-oxygen in round and square tubes
Wang LQ, Ma HH, Shen ZW, Cheng YF, Chen DG
14787 - 14797 Investigation of rotating detonation wave fueled by "ethylene-acetylene-hydrogen" mixture
Zhong YP, Jin D, Wu Y, Chen X
14798 - 14805 Effect of hydrogen-air mixture diluted with argon/nitrogen/carbon dioxide on combustion processes in confined space
Wei HQ, Xu ZL, Zhou L, Zhao JF, Yu J
14806 - 14815 Rapidly mixed combustion of hydrogen/oxygen diluted by N-2 and CO2 in a tubular flame combustor
Shi BL, Li B, Zhao XY, Chen R, Fujita O, Wang NF
14816 - 14833 Catalytic oxidative desulfurization of dibenzothiophene utilizing molybdenum and vanadium oxides supported on MCM-41
Teimouri A, Mahmoudsalehi M, Salavati H
14834 - 14847 Application of catalytic membrane reactor for pure hydrogen production by flare gas recovery as a novel approach
Saidi M
14848 - 14858 Planar solid-state amperometric hydrogen gas sensor based on Nafion (R)/Pt/nano-structured polyaniline/Au/Al2O3 electrode
Do JS, Chen YY, Tsai ML
14859 - 14865 Inhibition of hydrogen production reactions in the wet dust removal system using CeCl3 solutions
Xu KL, Wang YT, Shen RQ, Wang QS