International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.43, No.29 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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12917 - 12928 Nickel-cobalt-oxide cathodes for hydrogen production by water electrolysis in acidic and alkaline media
Vidales AG, Choi K, Omanovic S
12929 - 12938 One-step synthesis of amorphous Ni-Fe-P alloy as bifunctional electrocatalyst for overall water splitting in alkaline medium
Lian JQ, Wu YH, Zhang HA, Gu SY, Zeng ZW, Ye XY
12939 - 12947 Thermochemical production of hydrogen from hydrogen sulfide with iodine thermochemical cycles
Gillis RJ, Al-Ali K, Green WH
12948 - 12969 Millisecond methane steam reforming for hydrogen production: A computational fluid dynamics study
Chen JJ, Gao XH, Yan LF, Xu DG
12970 - 12984 Iron precipitated onto ceria-zirconia nanoparticle mixtures for the production of hydrogen via two-step thermochemical water splitting
Roberts SJ, Carr NG, McLaughlin J, Hagelin-Weaver HE
12985 - 12998 Chemical looping reforming of ethanol-containing organic wastewater for high ratio H-2/CO syngas with iron-based oxygen carrier
Qin W, Wang JY, Luo LX, Liu L, Xiao XB, Zheng ZM, Sun S, Hu XY, Dong CQ
12999 - 13008 Thermodynamic evaluation of hydrazine assisted glycerol reforming for syngas production and coke inhibition
Ashraf J, Kumar A
13009 - 13021 Thermodynamic analysis of steam reforming and oxidative steam reforming of propane and butane for hydrogen production
Cui XT, Kaer SK
13022 - 13031 Efficient hydrogen evolution performance of phase-pure NiS electrocatalysts grown on fluorine-doped tin oxide-coated glass by facile chemical bath deposition
Rahman G, Chae SY, Joo OS
13032 - 13038 Effect of alkaline-doping on photoelectrochemical activity of electrodeposited cuprous oxide films
Chen YC, Hsiao ZQ, Hsu YK
13039 - 13050 Efficient hydrogen production over MOFs (ZIF-67) and g-C3N4 boosted with MoS2 nanoparticles
Wang ZJ, Jin ZL, Wang GR, Ma BZ
13051 - 13063 Hydrogen evolution in microbial electrolysis cells treating landfill leachate: Dynamics of anodic biofilm
Hassan M, Fernandez AS, San Martin I, Xie B, Moran A
13064 - 13071 Revealing the impact of hydrogen production-consumption loop against efficient hydrogen recovery in single chamber microbial electrolysis cells (MECs)
Wang LG, Singh L, Liu H
13072 - 13080 Enhancement of hydrogen production rate by high biomass concentrations of Thermotoga neapolitana
Dreschke G, d'Ippolito G, Panico A, Lens PNL, Esposito G, Fontana A
13081 - 13089 Continuous hydrogen production from cofermentation of sugarcane vinasse and cheese whey in a thermophilic anaerobic fluidized bed reactor
Ramos LR, Silva EL
13090 - 13097 Investigation of the interaction between intermediates from gasification of biomass in supercritical water: Formaldehyde/formic acid mixtures
Fan YJ, Zhu W, Gong M, Su Y, Wang CY
13098 - 13109 Dry reforming of CH4-CO2 in AC rotating gliding arc discharge: Effect of electrode structure and gas parameters
Lu N, Sun DF, Xia Y, Shang KF, Wang B, Jiang N, Li J, Wu Y
13110 - 13121 Real time optimization of steam reforming of methane in an industrial hydrogen plant
Taji M, Farsi M, Keshavarz P
13122 - 13132 Co-Al spinel oxide modified ordered mesoporous alumina supported cobalt-based catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Wang J, Wang JG, Huang X, Chen CB, Ma ZY, Jia LT, Hou B, Li DB
13133 - 13144 A proposed reaction mechanism for the selective oxidation of methane with nitrous oxide over Co-ZSM-5 catalyst forming synthesis gas (CO + H-2)
Khan NA, Kennedy EM, Dlugogorski BZ, Adesina AA, Stockenhuber M
13145 - 13157 Facile synthesis of noble-metal free polygonal Zn2TiO4 nanostructures for highly efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution under solar light irradiation
Manchala S, Nagappagari LR, Venkatakrishnan SM, Shanker V
13158 - 13176 Active and robust novel bilayer photoanode architectures for hydrogen generation via direct non-electric bias induced photo-electrochemical water splitting
Patel PP, Ghadge SD, Hanumantha PJ, Datta MK, Gattu B, Shanthi PM, Kumta PN
13177 - 13189 Syngas production from CO2 reforming of methane over Ni supported on hierarchical silicalite-1 fabricated by microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis
Bawah AR, Malaibari ZO, Muraza O
13190 - 13199 Hierarchical spheres assembled from large ultrathin anatase TiO2 nanosheets for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution from water splitting
Ding ZX, Hu HH, Xu J, Lin P, Cui C, Qian DG, Wang P, Xu LB, Pan JQ, Li CR
13200 - 13211 Chemical looping glycerol reforming for hydrogen production by Ni@ZrO2 nanocomposite oxygen carriers
Jiang B, Li L, Bian ZF, Li ZW, Sun Y, Sun ZH, Tang DW, Kawi S, Dou BL, Goula MA
13212 - 13224 Mechanistic study of bio-oil catalytic steam reforming for hydrogen production: Acetic acid decomposition
Li XB, Xue LJ, Zhu YY, Chen G, Yang GH, Wang SR
13225 - 13236 Structural transformations of highly porous nickel catalysts during ethanol conversion towards hydrogen
Manukyan KV, Yeghishyan AV, Danghyan V, Rouvimov S, Mukasyan AS, Wolf EE
13237 - 13255 Comparative evaluation of autothermal reforming of biogas into synthesis gas over bimetallic Ni-Re/Al2O3 catalyst in fixed-bed and coated-wall microreactors: A computational study
Bawornruttanaboonya K, Devahastin S, Mujumdar AS, Laosiripojana N
13256 - 13265 Achieving superior performance for oxygen electrode catalyst by the assistance of NaCl to construct cobalt sulfide on nitrogen and sulfur dual-doped graphene
Ma XX, He XQ
13266 - 13275 Direct synthesis of nitrogen-rich carbon sheets via polybenzoxazine as highly active electrocatalyst for water splitting
Thirukumaran P, Atchudan R, Balasubramanian R, Parveen AS, Kim SC
13276 - 13283 Efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting of CaBi6O10 decorated with Cu2O and NiOOH for improved photogenerated carriers
Liu ZF, Wang X
13284 - 13293 Multiphase TiO2 surface coating g-C3N4 formed a sea urchin like structure with interface effects and improved visible-light photocatalytic performance for the degradation of ibuprofen
Chen X, Li XF, Yang JH, Sun QY, Yang YZ, Wu XT
13294 - 13304 High pressure membrane separator for hydrogen purification of gas from hydrothermal treatment of biomass
Cholewa M, Durrschnabel R, Boukis N, Pfeifer P
13305 - 13317 Elevated temperature pressure swing adsorption process for reactive separation of CO/CO2 in H-2-rich gas
Zhu XC, Shi YX, Li S, Cai NS
13318 - 13327 Extraction of ultrapure hydrogen with V-alloy membranes: From laboratory studies to practical applications
Alimou VN, Bobylev IV, Busnyuk AO, Kolgatin SN, Kuzenov SR, Peredistov EY, Livshits AI
13328 - 13338 Influence of Ti/Hf doping on hydrogen storage performance and mechanical properties of ZrCo compounds: A first principle study
Wang LS, Ding J, Huang X, Song K, Liu B, Zeng XG
13339 - 13347 Investigation of graphene oxide-hydrogen interaction using in-situ X-ray diffraction studies
Tyagi C, Kulriya PK, Ojha S, Avasthi DK, Tripathi A
13348 - 13355 Hydrogen storage in MgH2-LaNi5 composites prepared by cold rolling under inert atmosphere
Marquez JJ, Leiva DR, Floriano R, Soyama J, Silva WB, Ishikawa TT, Kiminami CS, Botta WJ
13356 - 13372 Design of a large-scale metal hydride based hydrogen storage reactor: Simulation and heat transfer optimization
Afzal M, Sharma P
13373 - 13382 Isotopic exchange between hydrogen from the gas phase and proton-conducting oxides: Theory and experiment
Ananyev MV, Farlenkov AS, Kurumchin EK
13383 - 13392 Effect of MWCNTs and lithium modified MWCNTs on electrochemical hydrogen storage properties of Co0.9Cu0.1Si alloy
Zhao JX, Zhai XJ, Tao X, Liu H, Liu WQ, Jiang DY, Gao S
13393 - 13405 Microwave effect on barium strontium ferrate and co-fired fuel cells
Wang YM, Tsai SF, Kuo YL, Chang KH, Chen TC, Chang HY
13406 - 13419 A comparison of temperature distribution in PEMFC with single-phase water cooling and two-phase HFE-7100 cooling methods by numerical study
Choi EJ, Park JY, Kim MS
13420 - 13429 Alkaline metal doped strontium cobalt ferrite perovskites as cathodes for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Wang ZX, Yang ZQ, Song YF, Mao JK, Liang FL, Zhou W
13430 - 13439 Development and performance evaluation of a high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cell with stamped 304 stainless steel bipolar plates
Chen CY, Su SC
13440 - 13449 Reduced graphene oxide-poly-(2-(dimethylamino)ethyl methacrylate)-Pt/Ag nanoscrolls and its electrocatalytic performance for oxidation of methanol
Jin XG, Wang XB, Zhang Y, Wang HF, Yang YF
13450 - 13461 Double metal oxide based nickel hybrid nanocatalyst for electrooxidation and alkaline fuel cell device fabrication
Saranya D, Selvaraj V
13462 - 13474 Effect of Sr2+ doping on sintering behavior, microstructural development and electrical properties of LaPO4 center dot nH(2)O nanorods prepared by dry mechanical milling
Colomer MT
13475 - 13488 A model for direct ethanol fuel cells considering variations in the concentration of the species
De Souza MM, Gomes RS, De Bortoli AL
13489 - 13500 Experimental investigation of the thermal response of open-cathode proton exchange membrane fuel cell stack
Jian QF, Huang B, Luo LZ, Cao JZS, Cao SY, Huang ZP
13501 - 13511 Enhancing sinterability and electrochemical properties of Ba(Zr0.1Ce0.7Y0.2)O3-delta proton conducting electrolyte for solid oxide fuel cells by addition of NiO
Liu ZJ, Wang XQ, Liu ML, Liu J
13512 - 13520 Catalyst degradation diagnostics of proton exchange membrane fuel cells using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Pivac I, Bezmalinovic D, Barbir F
13521 - 13531 Dynamic analysis of a PEM fuel cell hybrid system with an on-board dimethyl ether (DME) steam reformer (SR)
Zhang T, Ou K, Jung S, Choi B, Kim YB
13532 - 13542 Time dependent failure probability estimation of the solid oxide fuel cell by a creep-damage related Weibull distribution model
Zhang YC, Zhao HQ, Jiang WC, Tu ST, Zhang XC, Wang RZ
13543 - 13549 Mini CHP based on the electrochemical generator and impeded fluidized bed reactor for methane steam reforming
Dubinin AM, Shcheklein SE, Tuponogov VG, Ershov MI
13550 - 13562 Characteristics and mixing enhancement of a self-throttling system in a supersonic flow with transverse injections
Bian YF, Zhao MJ, Li QL, Ye TH
13563 - 13574 Combustion and heat release characteristics of hydrogen/air diffusion flame on a micro jet array burner
Li J, Huang HY, Bai Y, Li SJ, Kobayashi N
13575 - 13582 A numerical investigation of hydrogen injection into noble gas working fluids
Shahsavan M, Morovatiyan M, Mack JH
13583 - 13593 Effect of hydrogen addition on the combustion and emission of a diesel free-piston engine
Yuan CH, Han CJ, Liu Y, He YT, Shao YM, Jian XC
13594 - 13604 Evaporating system for cryogenic support of long length HTS power cables
Firsov VP, Galeev AG, Kostyuk VV, Antyukhou IV
13605 - 13617 Combustion and emission characteristics of a hydrogen-diesel dual-fuel engine
Dimitriou P, Kumar M, Tsujimura T, Suzuki Y
13618 - 13631 Numerical investigation of the effect of inlet mass flow rates on H-2/airnon-premixed rotating detonation wave
Meng QY, Zhao NB, Zheng HT, Yang JL, Qi L
13632 - 13638 First-principles GGA plus U calculation investigating the hydriding and diffusion properties of hydrogen in PuH2+x 0 <= x <=, 1
Yang XY, Yang Y, Lu Y, Sun ZY, Hussain S, Zhang P
13639 - 13648 Structural, electronic, dynamical and thermodynamic properties of Ca-10(PO4)(6)(OH)(2) and Sr-10(PO4)(6)(OH)(2): First-principles study
Yuan ZH, Li SC, Liu JC, Kong XG, Gao T
13649 - 13658 Simplified partitioning model to simulate high pressure under-expanded jet flows impinging vertical obstacles
Hu JH, Christopher DM, Li XF
13659 - 13675 Detached Eddy Simulation of hydrogen turbulent dispersion in nuclear containment compartment using GASFLOW-MPI
Zhang H, Li YB, Xiao JJ, Jordan T
13676 - 13686 Experimental study of premixed syngas/air flame deflagration in a closed duct
Yu MG, Yang XF, Zheng K, Zheng LG, Wen XP
13687 - 13699 Safety investigation of hydrogen charging platform package with CFD simulation
Han U, Oh J, Lee H