International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.43, No.15 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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7201 - 7215 Al-water reactivity of Al-Mg-Ga-In-Sn alloys used for hydraulic fracturing tools
Du BD, He TT, Liu GL, Chen W, Wang YM, Wang W, Chen DM
7216 - 7226 Ultrashort-pulse laser structured titanium surfaces with sputter-coated platinum catalyst as hydrogen evolution electrodes for alkaline water electrolysis
Gabler A, Muller CI, Rauscher T, Gimpel T, Hahn R, Kohring M, Kieback B, Rontzsch L, Schade W
7227 - 7236 Performance of Fe/SiC catalysts for cracking of toluene under microwave irradiation
Zhang YC, Song ZL, Yan YC, Zhao XQ, Sun J, Mao YP, Wang WL
7237 - 7244 Sodium borohydride and propylene glycol, an effective combination for the generation of 2.3 wt% of hydrogen
Ould-Amara H, Alligier D, Petit E, Yot PG, Demirci UB
7245 - 7256 Electrochemical proton reductions in varying acidic media by a simple synthetic hydrogenase mimic
Gao S, Liang QC, Duan Q, Jiang DY, Zhao JX
7257 - 7265 Numerical analysis of the electrochemical Bunsen reaction for hydrogen production from sulfur-iodine cycle
Ying Z, Zhang Y, Zheng XY, Wang YB, Cui GM
7266 - 7289 Techno-economic feasibility of fleets of far offshore hydrogen-producing wind energy converters
Babarit A, Gilloteaux JC, Clodic G, Duchet M, Simoneau A, Platzer MF
7290 - 7298 Effect of bioaugmentation on hydrogen production from organic fraction of municipal solid waste
Sharma P, Melkania U
7299 - 7306 Ternary nickel iron phosphide supported on nickel foam as a high-efficiency electrocatalyst for overall water splitting
Zhang C, Xie YC, Deng H, Zhang C, Su JW, Dong Y, Lin J
7307 - 7316 Zn-doped hematite modified by graphene-like WS2: A p-type semiconductor hybrid photocathode for water splitting to produce hydrogen
Chu DM, Li KZ, Liu AJ, Huang L, Zhang CY, Yang P, Du YK, Lu C
7317 - 7325 Catalytic dehydrogenation study of dodecahydro-N-ethylcarbazole by noble metal supported on reduced graphene oxide
Wang B, Chang TY, Jiang Z, Wei JJ, Zhang YH, Yang S, Fang T
7326 - 7337 Facile synthesis of MoS2/N-doped macro-mesoporous carbon hybrid as efficient electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Chen XL, Zhang KN, An ZZ, Wang LN, Wang Y, Sun S, Guo T, Zhang DX, Xue ZH, Zhou XB, Lu XQ
7338 - 7346 PtRu nanoalloys loaded on graphene and TiO2 nanotubes co-modified Ti wire as an active and stable methanol oxidation electrocatalyst
Han JS, Yang LM, Yang LX, Jiang WJ, Luo XB, Luo SL
7347 - 7355 Mo remarkably enhances catalytic activity of Cu@MoCo core-shell nanoparticles for hydrolytic dehydrogenation of ammonia borane
Wang C, Wang HL, Wang ZL, Li XJ, Chi Y, Wang MG, Gao DW, Zhao ZK
7356 - 7365 Preparation of carbon nanotube and graphene doped polyphenylene sulfide flexible film electrodes and the electrodeposition of Cu2O nanocrystals for hydrogen-generation
Zhou YX, Jia LP, Wang TX, Du YL, Wang CM
7366 - 7371 Fe-Cu coated nickel mesh usage as cathode catalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Telli E, Ozer D
7372 - 7380 Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes anode with low oxygen content for ascorbic acid fuel cells design
Arrocha-Arcos AA, Miranda-Hernandez M
7381 - 7387 A new catalyst of AlCu@ZnO for hydrogen evolution reaction
Huner B, Farsak M, Telli E
7388 - 7396 A 2D/1D TiO2 nanosheet/CdS nanorods heterostructure with enhanced photocatalytic water splitting performance for H-2 evolution
Wang JM, Wang ZJ, Qu P, Xu QC, Zheng JF, Jia SP, Chen JZ, Zhu ZP
7397 - 7404 Benign synthesis of robust nickel thin films as stretchable electrodes for electrochemical hydrogen evolution reaction
Raj RP, Kumaraguru S, Mohan S
7405 - 7410 Hydrogen production by water-gas shift reaction over Co-promoted MoS2/Al2O3 catalyst: The intrinsic activities of Co-promoted and unprompted sites
Chen JJ, Zhang JC, Mi JX, Garcia ED, Cao YN, Jiang LL, Oliviero L, Mauge F
7411 - 7423 Application of microwave synthesized Ag-Rh nanoparticles in cyclohexane dehydrogenation for enhanced H-2 delivery
Pande JV, Bindwal AB, Pakade YB, Biniwale RB
7424 - 7429 Effect of addition of Zr, Ni, and Zr-Ni alloy on the hydrogen absorption of Body Centred Cubic 52Ti-12V-36Cr alloy
Kamble A, Sharma P, Huot J
7430 - 7439 Effect of additive distribution in H-2 absorption and desorption kinetics in MgH2 milled with NbH0.9 or NbF5
Pighin SA, Coco B, Troiani H, Castro FJ, Urretavizcaya G
7440 - 7446 Improved reversible dehydrogenation properties of MgH2 by the synergetic effects of graphene oxide-based porous carbon and TiCl3
Wang KK, Wu GL, Cao HJ, Li HL, Zhao XS
7447 - 7455 Improved electrochemical hydrogen storage performance of Ti49Zr26Ni25 quasicrystal alloy by doping with mesoporous alpha-Fe2O3 particles
Liu H, Zhai XJ, Li Z, Tao X, Liu WQ, Zhao JX
7456 - 7464 Mechanism of improving oxygen transport resistance of polytetrafluoroethylene in catalyst layer for polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Wan ZH, Liu SF, Zhong Q, Jin AP, Pan M
7465 - 7472 A strategy for regulating the performance of DCFC with semi-coke fuel
Liu GY, Zhang YT, Cai JT, Zhou AN, Dang YQ, Qiu JS
7473 - 7482 Improvement in the durability of carbon black-supported Pt cathode catalysts by silica-coating for use in PEFCs
Takenaka S, Goto M, Masuda Y, Emura S, Kishida M
7483 - 7491 Exploring a novel ceramic (Ti,W)(3)SiC2 for interconnect of intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell
Zheng LL, Hua QS, Li XC, Li MS, Qian YH, Xu JJ, Dai ZQ, Zhang HX, Zhang TZ, Wu JW
7492 - 7500 Effect of CeO2 on oxidation and electrical behaviors of ferritic stainless steel interconnects with Ni-Fe coatings
You PF, Zhang X, Zhang HL, Liu HJ, Zeng CL
7501 - 7510 Bismuth doped TiO2 as an excellent photocathode catalyst to enhance the performance of microbial fuel cell
Bhowmick GD, Noori MT, Das I, Neethu B, Ghangrekar MM, Mitra A
7511 - 7514 Stable SrCo0.7Fe0.2Zr0.1O3-delta cathode material for proton conducting solid oxide fuel cell reactors
Shao L, Si FZ, Fu XZ, Luo JL
7515 - 7524 Hydrogen-fueled detonation ramjet model: Wind tunnel tests at approach air stream Mach number 5.7 and stagnation temperature 1500 K
Frolov SM, Zvegintsev VI, Ivanov VS, Aksenov VS, Shamshin IO, Vnuchkov DA, Nalivaichenko DG, Berlin AA, Fomin VM, Shiplyuk AN, Yakovlev NN
7525 - 7537 Molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC)-based hybrid propulsion systems for a liquefied hydrogen tanker
Ahn J, Park SH, Lee S, Noh Y, Chang DJ
7538 - 7549 Effects of steam dilution on laminar flame speeds of H-2/air/H2O mixtures at atmospheric and elevated pressures
Lyu YJ, Qiu PH, Liu L, Yang CC, Sun SZ
7550 - 7561 Study on combustion and emission characteristics of a n-butanol engine with hydrogen direct injection under lean burn conditions
Meng FB, Yu XM, He L, Liu YH, Wang Y
7562 - 7569 Crosswise stream of hydrogen-oxide (H2O) through a porous media containing copper nanoparticles
Mehmood R, Tabassum R, Pourmehran O, Ganji DD
7570 - 7580 Effect of hydrogen supplementation on engine performance and emissions
Sharma P, Dhar A
7581 - 7590 Numerical investigation on combustion characteristics of methane/air in a micro-combustor with a regular triangular pyramid bluff body
Yan YF, Yan HY, Zhang L, Li LX, Zhu JC, Zhang ZE
7591 - 7599 Numerical study on supersonic combustion of hydrogen and its mixture with Ethylene and methane with strut injection
Ma SG, Zhong FQ, Zhang XY
7600 - 7617 Thermal desorption spectrometer for measuring ppm concentrations of trapped hydrogen
Tapia-Bastidas CV, Atrens A, Gray EM
7618 - 7642 Effects of congestion and confining walls on turbulent deflagrations in a hydrogen storage facility-part 1: Experimental study
Shirvill LC, Roberts TA, Royle M, Willoughby DB, Sathiah P
7643 - 7651 Dilution of hazardous vapor cloud in liquid hydrogen spill process under different source conditions
Liu YL, Wei JJ, Lei G, Lan YQ, Chen H, Jin T
7652 - 7658 Nickel nanocones as efficient and stable catalyst for electrochemical hydrogen evolution reaction (vol 42, pg 14560, 2017)
Darband GB, Aliofkhazraei M, Rouhaghdam AS
7659 - 7661 Preface to the special issue of the 13th International Conference on Catalysis in Membrane Reactors (ICCMR13), July 10-13, 2017, Houston, USA
Tong J, Wilhite B, Basile A
7662 - 7674 CFD study of heat and mass transfer in ethanol steam reforming in a catalytic membrane reactor
Ma R, Castro-Dominguez B, Dixon AG, Ma YH
7675 - 7683 CFD analysis of Pd-Ag membrane reactor performance during ethylbenzene dehydrogenation process
Ghasemzadeh K, Zeynali R, Bahadori F, Basile A
7684 - 7692 Hydrogen production by steam methane reforming in a membrane reactor equipped with a Pd composite membrane deposited on a porous stainless steel
Kim CH, Han JY, Kim S, Lee B, Lim H, Lee KY, Ryi SK
7693 - 7702 Techno-economic analysis: Ethane steam reforming in a membrane reactor with H-2 selectivity effect and profitability analysis
Jeong S, Kim S, Lee B, Ryi SK, Lim H
7703 - 7712 Novel esterification reaction from biomass product by coupled acetate membrane and catalysts for ethyl lactate separation
Okon E, Shehu H, Gobina E
7713 - 7721 Fabrication & performance study of a palladium on alumina supported membrane reactor: Natural gas steam reforming, a case study
Anzelmo B, Liguori S, Mardilovich I, Iulianelli A, Ma YH, Wilcox J, Basile A
7722 - 7730 Hydrogen production by a Pd-Ag membrane reactor during glycerol steam reforming: ANN modeling study
Ghasemzadeh K, Ahmadnejad F, Aghaeinejad-Meybodi A, Basile A