International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.42, No.9 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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5627 - 5637 Influence of In and Sn compositions on the reactivity of Al-Ga-In-Sn alloys with water
He TT, Wang W, Chen W, Chen DM, Yang K
5638 - 5648 High efficient noble metal free Zn(O,S) nanoparticles for hydrogen evolution
Abdullah H, Kuo DH, Chen XY
5649 - 5656 Impact of the current fluctuation on the efficiency of Alkaline Water Electrolysis
Dobo Z, Palotas AB
5657 - 5666 In-situ constructing NiO nanoplatelets network on La0.75Sr0.25Mn0.5Cr0.5O3-delta electrode with enhanced steam electrolysis
Qi WT, Zhang Y, Cui JW, Shu X, Wang Y, Wu YC
5667 - 5675 Step-wise reduction kinetics of Fe2O3 by CO/CO2 mixtures for chemical looping hydrogen generation
Wang YD, Hua XN, Zhao CC, Fu TT, Li W, Wang W
5676 - 5683 PtNi and PtMo nanoparticles as efficient catalysts using TEA-PS.BF4 ionic liquid as electrolyte towards HER
Lima DW, Fiegenbaum F, Trombetta F, de Souza MO, Martini EMA
5684 - 5693 Kinetics of catalytic decomposition of hydrous hydrazine over CeO2-supported bimetallic Ni-Pt nanocatalysts
Dai H, Dai HB, Zhong YJ, Kang Q, Sun LX, Wang P
5694 - 5707 Impact of In2S3 shells thickness on the electrochemical and optical properties of oriented ZnO/In2S3 core/shell nanowires
Braiek Z, Ben Assaker I, Gannouni M, Alem H, Roques-Carmes T, Chtourou R
5708 - 5718 Fe3O4-H2O nanofluid natural convection in presence of thermal radiation
Sheikholeslami M, Shamlooei M
5719 - 5732 Tantalum membrane reactor for enhanced HI decomposition in Iodine-Sulphur (IS) thermochemical process of hydrogen production
Bhushan B, Goswami N, Parida SC, Singha AK, Rath BN, Sodaye HS, Bindal RC, Kar S
5733 - 5740 Synergetic catalysis of Ni-Pd nanoparticles supported on biomass-derived carbon spheres for hydrogen production from ammonia borane at room temperature
Shang NZ, Zhou X, Feng C, Gao ST, Wu QH, Wang C
5741 - 5748 Enhanced efficiency and stability of Co0.5Cd0.5S/g-C3N4 composite photo-catalysts for hydrogen evolution from water under visible light irradiation
Fang XY, Song JL, Shi HC, Kang SF, Li YG, Sun GW, Cui LF
5749 - 5757 Properties of Cu-Co-P/gamma-Al2O3 catalysts for efficient hydrogen generation by hydrolysis of alkaline NaBH4 solution
Li Z, Wang LN, Zhang Y, Xie GW
5758 - 5767 Fe controlled charge-dynamics in ZnO for solar hydrogen generation
Dom R, Baby LR, Kim HG, Borse PH
5768 - 5779 Production of bio-hydrogen and methane during semi-continuous digestion of maize silage in a two-stage system
Martin PCB, Schlienz M, Greger M
5780 - 5792 Does the volume matter in bioprocess model development? An insight into modelling and optimization of biohydrogen production
Sewsynker-Sukai Y, Kana EBG
5793 - 5803 A biomaterial doped with LaB6 nanoparticles as photothermal media for enhancing biofilm growth and hydrogen production in photosynthetic bacteria
Li YS, Zhong NB, Liao Q, Fu Q, Huang Y, Zhu X, Li QL
5804 - 5811 Statistical optimization of simultaneous saccharification fermentative hydrogen production from Platanus orientalis leaves by photosynthetic bacteria HAU-M1
Li YM, Zhang ZP, Jing YY, Ge XM, Wang Y, Lu CY, Zhou XH, Zhang QG
5812 - 5819 Elucidating substrate utilization in biohydrogen production from palm oil mill effluent by Escherichia coli
Taifor AF, Zakaria MR, Yusoff MZM, Toshinari M, Hassan MA, Shirai Y
5820 - 5831 A novel biohydrogen production process: Co-digestion of vinasse and Nejayote as complex raw substrates using a robust inoculum
Garcia-Depraect O, Gomez-Romero J, Leon-Becerril E, Lopez-Lopez A
5832 - 5839 Alternate green approach of spent media utilization for hydrogen and for lipid production
Pachapur VL, Brar SK, Le Bihan Y, Buelna G
5840 - 5848 Absorption-enhanced steam gasification of biomass for hydrogen production: Effects of calcium-based absorbents and NiO-based catalysts on corn stalk pyrolysis-gasification
Li B, Yang HP, Wei LY, Shao JA, Wang XH, Chen HP
5849 - 5864 Techno-economic and energetic assessment of hydrogen production through gasification in the Colombian context: Coffee Cut-Stems case
Garcia CA, Moncada J, Aristizabal V, Cardona CA
5865 - 5872 Direct production of high hydrogen syngas by steam gasification of Shengli lignite/chars: Remarkable promotion effect of inherent minerals and pyrolysis temperature
Li N, Li Y, Ban YP, Song YM, Zhi KD, Teng YY, He RX, Zhou HC, Liu QS, Qi YD
5873 - 5885 Numerical investigation of gas-liquid two-phase flow in a quench chamber of an entrained flow gasifier
Chai HL, Geng F, Wu X, Yang YY, Luo G, Zhang TT
5886 - 5898 Sorption-enhanced hydrogen production by steam reforming of ethanol over mesoporous Co/CaO-Al2O3 xerogel catalysts: Effect of Ca/Al molar ratio
Han SJ, Song JH, Yoo J, Park S, Kang KH, Song IK
5899 - 5907 Nitrogen doped graphene anchored cobalt oxides efficiently bi-functionally catalyze both oxygen reduction reaction and oxygen revolution reaction
Wang Q, Hu WH, Huang YM
5908 - 5915 Fe/N/C carbon nanotubes with high nitrogen content as effective non-precious catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline medium
Liu BC, Dai WL, Liang ZX, Ye JS, Ouyang LZ
5916 - 5929 Multilayer and open structure of dendritic crosslinked CeO2-ZrO2 composite: Enhanced photocatalytic degradation and water splitting performance
Hao YT, Li L, Zhang JJ, Luo HX, Zhang XY, Chen EY
5930 - 5937 Cobalt nanoparticle decorated graphene aerogel for efficient oxygen reduction reaction electrocatalysis
Liu XQ, Yu YA, Niu YL, Bao SJ, Hu WH
5938 - 5947 Hollow porous carbon nanofibers as novel support for platinum-based oxygen reduction reaction electrocatalysts
Wang Y, Li G, Jin JH, Yang SL
5948 - 5957 Flower-structured titanium oxide with two phase coexistence supported Pt electrocatalyst for effective enhancement of electrocatalytic activity
Chen L, Hua H, Yang Q, Javed MS, Hu CG, Zhang CL
5958 - 5970 Heat-treatment effects on the ORR activity of Pt nanoparticles deposited on multi-walled carbon nanotubes using magnetron sputtering technique
Hussain S, Erikson H, Kongi N, Merisalu M, Ritslaid P, Sammelselg V, Tammeveski K
5971 - 5984 g-C3N4 (2D)/CdS (1D)/rGO (2D) dual-interface nano-composite for excellent and stable visible light photocatalytic hydrogen generation
Tonda S, Kumar S, Gawli Y, Bhardwaj M, Ogale S
5985 - 5992 Hierarchical Ni3.5Co5.5S8 nanosheet-assembled hollow nanocages: Superior electrocatalyst towards oxygen evolution reaction
Ganesan V, Ramasamy P, Kim J
5993 - 5999 Remarkably efficient PtRh alloyed with nanoscale WC for hydrogen evolution in alkaline solution
Lu JJ, Zhang LS, Jing SY, Luo L, Yin SB
6000 - 6011 Systematic optimization of H-2 recovery from water splitting process using membranes and N-2 diluent
Alsayegh S, Johnson JR, Ohs B, Lohaus J, Wessling M
6012 - 6023 Preparation of an H-2-permselective silica membrane for the separation of H-2 from the hydrogen iodide decomposition reaction in the iodine-sulfur process
Myagmarjav O, Ikeda A, Tanaka N, Kubo S, Nomura M
6024 - 6032 Interaction between Li2Mg(NH)(2) and CO: Effect on the hydrogen storage behavior of the Li-4(NH2)(3)BH4 doped Mg(NH2)(2)-2LiH composite
Gamba NS, Amica G, Larochette PA, Gennari FC
6033 - 6050 Introducing and energy analysis of a novel cryogenic hydrogen liquefaction process configuration
Sadaghiani MS, Mehrpooya M
6051 - 6064 Phase transformation and electrochemical hydrogen storage performances of La3RMgNi19 (R = La, Pr, Nd, Sm, Gd and Y) alloys
Xue CJ, Zhang L, Fan YP, Fan GX, Liu BZ, Han SM
6065 - 6071 Facile synthesis of porous Nb2O5 microspheres as anodes for lithium-ion batteries
Liu GY, Jin B, Bao KY, Xie HQ, Guo JL, Ji XG, Zhang RX, Jiang Q
6072 - 6079 Fast hydrogen generation from NaBH4 hydrolysis catalyzed by nanostructured Co-Ni-B catalysts
Wei YS, Meng W, Wang Y, Gao YX, Qi KZ, Zhang K
6080 - 6087 Single-step growth of pyramidally textured NiO nanostructures with improved supercapacitive properties
Kumar A, Sanger A, Kumar A, Chandra R
6088 - 6095 Evolution of the active species and catalytic mechanism of Ti doped NaAlH4 for hydrogen storage
Xiong RJ, Sang G, Zhang GH, Yan XY, Li PL, Yao Y, Luo DL, Chen CA, Tang T
6096 - 6103 Synthesis of anatase TiO2 with exposed (001) facets grown on N-doped reduced graphene oxide for enhanced hydrogen storage
Gohari-Bajestani Z, Akhlaghi O, Yurum Y, Yurum A
6104 - 6117 Nickel nanoparticle-doped and steam-modified multiscale structure of carbon micro-nanofibers for hydrogen storage: Effects of metal, surface texture and operating conditions
Yadav A, Faisal M, Subramaniam A, Verma N
6118 - 6126 The effect of Mm content on microstructure and hydrogen storage properties of the as-cast Mg-10Ni-xMm (x=1, 2, 3 at.%) alloys
Yuan JG, Xing N, Wu Y
6127 - 6136 Two-controlling mechanisms model for hydrogen desorption in the Li-4(NH2)(3)BH4 doped Mg(NH2)(2)-2LiH system
Amica G, Cova F, Larochette PA, Gennari FC
6137 - 6143 Facile synthesis of P-doped Rh nanoparticles with superior catalytic activity toward dehydrogenation of hydrous hydrazine
Du XQ, Cai P, Luo W, Cheng GZ
6144 - 6151 Improvement of hydrogen storage kinetics in ball-milled magnesium doped with antimony
Cermak J, Kral L, Roupcova P
6152 - 6159 Surface modification of MgH2 by ZrCl4 to tailor the reversible hydrogen storage performance
Kumar S, Jain A, Yamaguchi S, Miyaoka H, Ichikawa T, Mukherjee A, Dey GK, Kojima Y
6160 - 6165 Hydrogen and deuterium interaction of NaAlHxD4-x (0 <= x >= 4) and its kinetics isotope effect
Xiong RJ, Sang G, Yan XY, Zhang GH, Li PL, Qin C, Lu JB, Song JF, Chen CA, Tang T
6166 - 6172 A strategy for constructing the compact carbon structure with high volumetric performance for supercapacitors from porous carbons
Zhang XS, Yan PT, Zhang RJ, Xue XJ
6173 - 6180 Synthesis, structural characterization, and hydrogen desorption properties of Na[Al(NH2BH3)(4)]
Nakagawa Y, Shinzato K, Nakagawa T, Nakajima K, Isobe S, Goshome K, Miyaoka H, Ichikawa T
6181 - 6188 Effect of Al on the dehydrogenation of LiBH4 from first-principles calculations
Jiang WQ, Cao SL
6189 - 6201 Effects of specific surface area and pore volume of activated carbon nanofibers on nanoconfinement and dehydrogenation of LiBH4
Plerdsranoy P, Kaewsuwan D, Chanlek N, Utke R
6202 - 6210 Semi-emprical techniques for the specification of Shafranov shift in the large aspect ratio tokamaks
Elahi AS, Ghoranneviss M
6211 - 6219 Phosphomolybdic acid and mixed phosphotungstic/phosphomolybdic acid chitosan membranes as polymer electrolyte for H-2/O-2 fuel cells
Santamaria M, Pecoraro CM, Di Franco F, Di Quarto F
6220 - 6230 A novel sol-gel coating method for fabricating dense layers on porous surfaces particularly for metal-supported SOFC electrolyte
Lee K, Kang J, Jin S, Lee S, Bae J
6231 - 6242 Characterization and evaluation of Ba-doped BaxSr1-xCo0.9Sb0.1O3-delta as cathode materials for LaGaO3-based solid oxide fuel cells
Chen Y, Zhang L, Niu BB, Long W, Song ZY, Zhang LL, Huang YR, He TM
6243 - 6249 Alkaline anion exchange membrane degradation as a function of humidity measured using the quartz crystal microbalance
Bharath VJ, Jervis R, Millichamp J, Neville TP, Mason T, Tjaden B, Shearing PR, Brown RJC, Manos G, Brett DJL
6250 - 6261 Effect of calcination temperature on hydrophobicity of microporous layers prepared with two different molecular weights of PDMS polymer on PEM fuel cell performance with low Pt loading
Ozturk A, Yurtcan AB
6262 - 6271 Phase evolution and electrochemical performance of iron doped lanthanum strontium chromite in oxidizing and reducing atmosphere
Gupta S, Sabarou H, Zhong Y, Singh P
6272 - 6280 Ecologic and sustainable objective thermodynamic evaluation of molten carbonate fuel cell-supercritical CO2 Brayton cycle hybrid system
Acikkalp E
6281 - 6289 Characterization of PrBa0.92CoCuO6-delta as a potential cathode material of intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cell
Jiang XN, Wang J, Jia GQ, Qie ZJ, Shi YC, Idrees A, Zhang QY, Jiang L
6290 - 6302 Survey on electrochemical properties of La2-xSrxNiO4 +/-delta (x=0.2 and 0.8, delta > 0) cathodes related with structural stability under cathodic polarization conditions
Wang YP, Xu Q, Huang DP, Zhao K, Chen M, Kim BH
6303 - 6309 Corrosion-resistant characteristics of nitrided Ni-free stainless steel for bipolar plate of polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Yu Y, Shironita S, Mizukami T, Nakatsuyama K, Souma K, Umeda M
6310 - 6323 Influences of flow direction, temperature and relative humidity on the performance of a representative anion exchange membrane fuel cell: A computational analysis
Machado BS, Chakraborty N, Das PK
6324 - 6331 Carbonate-tin composite liquid anode for solid oxide direct carbon fuel cell
Cao TY, Song PD, Shi YX, Cai NS
6332 - 6337 Development of nanostructured La0.8Sr0.2 MnO3-delta-Er0.4Bi1.6O3 cathodes via an infiltration process with different polymeric agents for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Park JW, Joh DW, Yun BH, Samdani KJ, Lee KT
6338 - 6349 Effect of hydrogen on the microstructure and superplasticity of Ti-55 alloy
Li XF, Jiang J, Wang S, Chen J, Wang YQ
6350 - 6359 Zr hydrogenation by cathodic charging and its application in TC4 alloy diffusion bonding
Wang D, Cao J, Li WJ, Dai XY, Feng JC
6360 - 6368 Numerical analysis of hydrogen fuel scramjet combustor with turbulence development inserts and with different turbulence models
Kummitha OR
6369 - 6383 The effect of varying EGR and intake air boost on hydrogen-diesel co-combustion in CI engines
Talibi M, Hellier P, Ladommatos N
6384 - 6393 Detonation simulations in expanding channel with supersonic combustible mixture
Chen WQ, Liang JH, Cai XD, Lin ZY
6394 - 6400 Analytical evaluation of hydrogen induced stress in metal
Stashchuk M, Dorosh M
6401 - 6408 Effect of hydrogen concentration on fatigue crack growth behaviour in pipeline steel
Dmytrakh IM, Leshchak RL, Syrotyuk AM, Barna RA
6409 - 6419 Diffusion behavior of hydrogen through thermally sprayed coating of 316L stainless steel
Moshref-Javadi M, Edris H, Shafyei A, Salimi-Jazi H
6420 - 6424 Pt-WO3 porous composite ceramics outstanding for sensing low concentrations of hydrogen in air at room temperature
Song CB, Wu GT, Sun BL, Xiong Y, Zhu S, Hu YM, Gu HS, Wang Y, Chen WP
6425 - 6434 Photon assisted room-temperature hydrogen sensors using PdO loaded WO3 nanohybrids
Geng X, Luo YF, Zheng BB, Zhang C