International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.42, No.51 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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30037 - 30043 CoRh nanoparticles supported on ZIF-67 as highly efficient catalysts for hydrolytic dehydrogenation of ammonia boranes for chemical hydrogen storage
Qu XP, Yu ZQ, Li ZP, Gui XY, Jiang R, Xu ZM, Chen CH, Peng J
30044 - 30056 Development of a hybrid solar thermal system with TEG and PEM electrolyzer for hydrogen and power production
Demir ME, Dincer I
30057 - 30066 Solvothermal synthesis of TiO2 with exposed (001) facets, mixed-phase and small particle size by using mixture of water and acetic anhydride as solvent
Cao Y, Gong HH, Zhang YF, Liu KW, Cao HM, Yan HJ
30067 - 30075 Evolution of the state of copper-based co-catalysts of the Cd0.3Zn0.7S photocatalyst at the photoproduction of hydrogen under action of visible light
Markovskaya DV, Kozlova EA, Stonkus OA, Saraev AA, Cherepanoua SV, Parmon VN
30076 - 30085 Silicon/TiO2 core-shell nanopillar photoanodes for enhanced photoelectrochemical water oxidation
Paulenko M, Siuzdak K, Coy E, Jancelewicz M, Jurga S, Iatsunskyi I
30086 - 30097 A combined experimental and computational study of water-gas shift reaction over rod-shaped Ce0.75M0.25O2 = Ti, Zr, and Mn) supported Cu catalysts
Ren ZB, Peng F, Chen BH, Mei DH, Li JW
30098 - 30108 Solid-state preparation of CuO/ZnO nanocomposites for functional supercapacitor electrodes and photocatalysts with enhanced photocatalytic properties
Wu FS, Wang XH, Hu SZ, Hao C, Gao HW, Zhou SS
30109 - 30118 Catalytic performance of non-alloyed bimetallic PtAu electrocatalysts for methanol oxidation reaction
Feng YY, Song GH, Zhang Q, Hu HS, Feng MY, Wang JY, Kong DS
30119 - 30125 Novel Ni(S0.49Se0.51)(2) porous flakes array on carbon fiber cloth for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction
Xu B, Chen ZM, Zhang HJ, Sun YQ, Li CC
30126 - 30134 Sponge Ni catalyst with high activity in CO2 methanation
Tada S, Ikeda S, Shimoda N, Honma T, Takahashi M, Nariyuki A, Satokawa S
30135 - 30144 Effect of Al presence and synthesis method on phase composition of the hydrogen absorbing La-Mg-Ni-based compounds
Guzik MN, Lang JL, Huot J, Sartori S
30145 - 30155 Electrochemical hydrogen storage performance of carbon nanosheets synthesized from bituminous coal
Seifi H, Masoum S
30156 - 30165 Performance assessment of an integrated molten carbonate fuel cell-thermoelectric devices hybrid system for combined power and cooling purposes
Wu MM, Zhang HC, Liao TJ
30166 - 30178 Homogeneity and representativeness analyses of solid oxide fuel cell cathode microstructures
Yan ZL, Hara S, Kim Y, Shikazono N
30179 - 30185 Hydrogen vehicles in China: Replacing the Western Model
Kendall K, Kendall M, Liang B, Liu ZX
30186 - 30192 Singular room-temperature hydrogen sensing characteristics with ultrafast recovery of Pt-Nb2O5 porous composite ceramics
Li PC, Xiong ZH, Zhu S, Wang MY, Hu YM, Gu HS, Wang Y, Chen WP
30193 - 30194 Preface to the special issue section on "The XVI-SMH International Congress of the Mexican Hydrogen Society, 26-30 September 2016, Queretaro City, Mexico"
Ortiz AL, Collins-Martinez V
30195 - 30207 Hydrogen production by a Fe-based oxygen carrier and methane-steam redox process: Thermodynamic analysis
Lopez-Ortiz A, Melendez-Zaragoza MJ, Collins-Martinez V
30208 - 30215 Influence of the architecture of Au-Ag-Pt nanoparticles on the electrocatalytic activity for hydrogen evolution reaction
Londono-Calderon A, Campos-Roldan CA, Gonzalez-Huerta RG, Hernandez-Pichardo ML, del Angel P, Yacaman MJ
30216 - 30222 Raman and inelastic neutron scattering spectra of (NH4)(2)SO3, an intermediate for solar hydrogen production
Orozco-Mena RE, Parker SF, Herrera-Peraza EF, Chavez-Flores D, Romero-Paredes H, Ramos-Sanchez VH
30223 - 30236 Thermodynamic analysis and process simulation of syngas production from methane using CoWO4 as oxygen carrier
Lopez-Ortiz A, Gonzalez-Vargas PE, Melendez-Zaragoza MJ, Collins-Martinez V
30237 - 30241 Ti-decorated C-120 nanotorus: A new molecular structure for hydrogen storage
Lopez-Chavez E, Pena-Castaneda Y, Garcia-Quiroz A, Castillo-Alvarado F, Diaz-Gongora J, Jimenez-Gonzalez L
30242 - 30248 Optical properties determination of NiFe2O4 nanoparticles and their photocatalytic evaluation towards hydrogen production
Dominguez-Aruizu JL, Jimenez-Miramontes JA, Salinas-Gutierrez JM, Melendez-Zaragoza MJ, Lopez-Ortiz A, Collins-Martinez V
30249 - 30256 Photoelectrochemical hydrogen generation on TiO2 nanotube arrays sensitized with CdS@Sb2S3 core shell particles
Carrera-Crespo JE, Ramos-Sanchez G, De la Luz V, Gonzalez F, Barrera E, Gonzalez I
30257 - 30266 Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic evaluation of strontium ferrites towards H-2 production by water splitting under visible light irradiation
Jimenez-Miramontes JA, Dominguez-Aruizu JL, Salinas-Gutierrez JM, Melendez-Zaragoza MJ, Lopez-Ortiz A, Collins-Martinez V
30267 - 30273 Bio-hydrogen production by SSF of paper industry wastes using anaerobic biofilms: A comparison of the use of wastes with/without pretreatment
Moreno-Davila IMM, Herrera-Ramirez EB, Rodriguez-Garza MM, Garza-Garcia Y, Rios-Gonzalez LJ
30274 - 30283 N-doped porous carbon from Sargassum spp. as metal-free electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline media
Escobar B, Perez-Salcedo KY, Alonso-Lemus IL, Pacheco D, Barbosa R
30284 - 30290 Significant promotion effect of Fe3O4 on the mass catalytic activity of Pd nanocatalyst for the formic acid oxidation reaction
Melendez-Gonzalez PC, Carrillo-Rodriguez JC, Morales-Acosta D, Mukherjee S, Rodriguez-Varela FJ
30291 - 30300 Synthesis of FAU zeolite-C composite as catalyst support for methanol electro-oxidation
Ramirez AM, Aguilera MV, Lopez-Badillo CM, Ruiz-Camacho B
30301 - 30309 Enhanced catalytic activity of supported nanostructured Pd for the oxidation of organic molecules using gamma-Fe2O3 and Fe3O4 as co-electrocatalysts
Solis-Tobias JE, Diaz-Guillen JA, Melendez-Gonzalez PC, Sanchez-Padilla NM, Perez-Hernandez R, Alonso-Lemus IL, Rodriguez-VareIa FJ
30310 - 30317 First-principles investigation of adsorption and dissociation of molecular oxygen on pure Pd, Ni-doped Pd and NiPd alloy clusters
Cruz-Martinez H, Lopez-Soso L, Solorza-Feria O, Calaminici P
30318 - 30329 Parametric study on the influence of synthesis variables in the properties of nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes
Gonzalez IZ, Valenzuela-Muniz AM, Ben Youssef C, Yoshida MM, Brodusch N, Gauvin R, Gomez YV
30330 - 30338 Low-cost sonochemical synthesis of nitrogen-doped graphene metal-free electrocatalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline media
Alonso-Lemus IL, Figueroa-Torres MZ, Garcia-Hernandez AB, Escobar-Morales B, Rodriguez-Varela FJ, Fuentes AF, Lardizabal-Gutierrez D, Quintana-Owen P
30339 - 30348 On site formation of N-doped carbon nanofibers, an efficient electrocatalyst for fuel cell applications
Ojeda-Lopez R, Ramos-Sanchez G, Esparza-Schulz JM, Lartundo L, Dominguez-Ortiz A
30349 - 30358 Effect of OMC and MWNTC support on mass activity of Pd-Co catalyst for formic acid electro-oxidation
Cazares-Avila E, Ruiz-Ruiz EJ, Hernandez-Ramirez A, Rodriguez-Varela FJ, Morales-Acosta MD, Morales-Acosta D
30359 - 30363 First-principles investigation of Pd3Bi as a catalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction
Guerrero-Gutierrez OX, Solorza-Feria O, Balbuena PB
30364 - 30373 EIS analysis of oxygen reduction reaction of Pt supported on different substrates
Ruiz-Camacho B, Vera JCB, Medina-Ramirez A, Fuentes-Ramirez R, Carreno-Aguilera G
30374 - 30382 Harvesting energy from leachates in microbial fuel cells using an anion exchange membrane
Hernandez-Flores G, Poggi-Varaldo HM, Romero-Castanon T, Solorza-Feria O, Rinderknecht-Seijas N
30383 - 30388 Easy synthesis of N-doped graphene by milling exfoliation with electrocatalytic activity towards the Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR)
Carrillo-Rodriguez JC, Alonso-Lemus IL, Siller-Ceniceros AA, Martinez E, Piza-Ruiz P, Vargas-Gutierrez G, Rodriguez-Varela FJ
30389 - 30399 Continuous input-current buck-boost DC-DC converter for PEM fuel cell applications
Valdez-Resendiz JE, Sanchez VM, Rosas-Caro JC, Mayo-Maldonado JC, Sierra JM, Barbosa R
30400 - 30406 Quadratic buck-boost converter with positive output voltage and continuous input current for PEMFC systems
Rosas-Caro JC, Sanchez VM, Valdez-Resendiz JE, Mayo-Maldonado JC, Beltran-Carbajal F, Valderrabano-Gonzalez A
30407 - 30416 Sulfonated polystyrene-co-acrylic acid membranes modified by transmembrane reduction of platinum
Melo L, Benavides R, Martinez G, Morales-Acosta D, Paula MMS, Da Silva L
30417 - 30422 Gamma irradiation of polystyrene-co-acrylic acid copolymers to use them as membranes in fuel cells
Benavides R, Urbano R, Morales-Acosta D, Martinez-Pardo ME, Carrasco H