International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.42, No.33 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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20923 - 20933 The effect of a Lorentz-force-driven rotating flow on the detachment of gas bubbles from the electrode surface
Weier T, Baczyzmalski D, Massing J, Landgraf S, Cierpka C
20934 - 20938 Hydrogen production by low-temperature plasma decomposition of liquids
Bulychev NA, Kazaryan MA, Averyushkin AS, Chernou AA, Gusev AL
20939 - 20954 Development of the hybrid sulfur cycle for use with concentrated solar heat. I. Conceptual design
Gorensek MB, Corgnale C, Summers WA
20955 - 20969 Review on fermentative biohydrogen production from water hyacinth, wheat straw and rice straw with focus on recent perspectives
Rezania S, Din MFM, Taib SM, Sohaili J, Chelliapan S, Kamyab H, Saha BB
20970 - 20978 Biomolecule-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of Zn(x)Cdi(1-x)S nanocrystals and their outstanding photocatalytic performance for hydrogen production
Liu MY, He YF, Chen H, Zhao HM, You WS, Shi JY, Zhang LC, Li JS
20979 - 20993 From solar to hydrogen: Preliminary experimental investigation on a small scale facility
Ancona MA, Bianchi M, Branchini L, De Pascale A, Melino F, Peretto A, Rosati J, Scarponi LB
20994 - 21005 Perturbation estimation based robust state feedback control for grid connected DFIG wind energy conversion system
Yang B, Hu YL, Huang HY, Shu HC, Yu T, Jiang L
21006 - 21015 Crystalline-to-amorphous transformation of tantalum-containing oxides for a superior performance in unassisted photocatalytic water splitting
Wang Y, Li LP, Zhang YL, Zhang NN, Fang SF, Li GS
21016 - 21026 Improved conductivity and stability of anion exchange membrane modified with bi-phenylguanidinium bridged silsesquioxane
Li XL, Cheng J, Liu YX, Gong ST, He GH, Li LD, Li SS, Zhang FX
21027 - 21039 Design of a dynamical hybrid observer for pressure swing adsorption processes
Fakhroleslam M, Boozarjomehry RB, Fatemi S
21040 - 21047 In-situ hydrodeoxygenation of phenol by supported Ni catalyst - explanation for catalyst performance
Wang Z, Zeng Y, Lin WG, Song WL
21048 - 21062 Impact of HI Schlesinger's discoveries upon the course of modern chemistry on B-(N-)H hydrogen carriers
Demirci UB
21063 - 21072 Highly stable and controllable CoB/Ni-foam catalysts for hydrogen generation from alkaline NaBH4 solution
Guo SQ, Wu QQ, Sun J, Chen T, Feng MQ, Wang Q, Wang ZB, Zhao B, Ding WP
21073 - 21085 One step electrodeposition of V2O5/polypyrrole/graphene oxide ternary nanocomposite for preparation of a high performance supercapacitor
Asen P, Shahrokhian S, Zad AI
21086 - 21095 Structural, electronic and spectral properties referring to hydrogen storage capacity in binary alloy ScBn (n=1-12) clusters
Huang HS, Wu B, Gao QX, Li P, Yang XD
21096 - 21104 Enhancement of hydrogen storage properties in 4MgH(2)- Na3AlH6 composite catalyzed by TiF3
Yap FAH, Yahya MS, Ismail M
21105 - 21113 Modeling of the lithium hydride hydrolysis under low relative humidity
Oury A, Namy P, Bellat JP, Sciora E, Besnard R
21114 - 21120 MnFe2O4 nanopowder synthesised via a simple hydrothermal method for promoting hydrogen sorption from MgH2
Idris NH, Mustafa NS, Ismail M
21121 - 21130 Dehydrogenation steps and factors controlling desorption kinetics of a Mg-Ce hydrogen storage alloy
Xie LS, Li JS, Zhang TB, Song L
21131 - 21145 Superior electrocatalytic activity of Pt-SrCoO3-delta nanoparticles supported on functionalized reduced graphene oxide-chitosan for ethanol oxidation
Ekrami-Kakhki MS, Farzaneh N, Fathi E
21146 - 21157 Changes in the wettability of polymer electrolyte fuel cells components during cationic contamination and mitigation
Park J, Uddin MA, Pasaogullari U, Bonville L
21158 - 21166 Energy management of PEM fuel cell/supercapacitor hybrid power sources for an electric vehicle
Allaoua B, Asnoune K, Mebarki B
21167 - 21176 A high performance direct carbon solid oxide fuel cell fueled by Ca-loaded activated carbon
Cai WZ, Liu J, Yu FY, Zhou Q, Zhang YP, Wang XQ, Liu ML, Ni M
21177 - 21190 Transient model of oxygen-starved proton exchange membrane fuel cell for predicting voltages and hydrogen emissions
Ebrahimi S, DeVaal J, Narimani M, Vijayaraghavan K
21191 - 21197 Release of chemisorbed hydrogen from carbon nanotubes: Insights from ab-initio molecular dynamics simulations
Mercuri F
21198 - 21202 Dynamic modeling of a continuous two-chamber microbial fuel cell with pure culture of Shewanella
Esfandyari M, Fanaei MA, Gheshlaghi R, Mandavi MA
21203 - 21214 In-operando optical observations of alkaline fuel cell electrode surfaces during harsh cycling tests
Dawson R, Patel A, Alako K, Parhar S, Hinde C, Reynolds C
21215 - 21225 Electricity production from lignocellulosic biomass by direct coupling of a gasifier and a Nickel/Yttria-stabilized Zirconia-based solid oxide fuel cell. Part 1: From gas production to direct electricity production
Ricoul F, Subrenat A, Joubert O, La Salle AL
21226 - 21249 Facilitation of water management in low Pt loaded PEM fuel cell by creating hydrophobic microporous layer with PTFE, FEP and PDMS polymers: Effect of polymer and carbon amounts
Ouml;zturk A, Ficicilar B, Eroglu I, Yurtcan AB
21250 - 21262 Technical regulation issues concerning fuel cell technologies in the Russian Federation, countries of the Eurasian Economic Union and CIS countries
Ramenskiy AY, Grigoriev SA, Ramenskaya EA, Grigoriev AS
21263 - 21278 Kinetic parameters of anodic oxidation of methanol in alkali: Effect of diameter of Pd nano-catalyst, composition of electrode and solution and mechanism of the reaction
Mahajan A, Banik S, Roy PS, Chowdhury SR, Bhattacharya SK
21279 - 21293 Real-time AC voltage control and power-following of a combined proton exchange membrane fuel cell, and ultracapacitor bank with nonlinear loads
Nezhad MA, Bevrani H
21294 - 21304 Engineering mesoporosity promoting high-performance polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Wan H, Yao YF, Liu JG, You Y, Li XY, Shao KA, Zou ZG
21305 - 21310 Defects-rich graphene/carbon quantum dot composites as highly efficient electrocatalysts for aqueous zinc/air batteries
Wang MR, Fang J, Hu LT, Lai YQ, Liu ZY
21311 - 21333 Fuel cell propulsion in small fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles: Current status and research needs
Gong A, Verstraete D
21334 - 21342 An onboard hydrogen generator for hydrogen enhanced combustion with internal combustion engine
Chen SC, Kao YL, Yeh GT, Rei MH
21343 - 21359 Effects of plate vibration on the mixing and combustion of transverse hydrogen injection for scramjet
Ye K, Ye ZY, Wu J, Qu Z
21360 - 21370 Flame stabilization mechanism study in a hydrogen-fueled model supersonic combustor under different air inflow conditions
Qin F, Huang ZW, He GQ, Wang S, Wei XG, Liu B
21371 - 21378 Effect of temperature on hydrogen embrittlement susceptibility of alloy 718 in Light Water Reactor environment
Galliano F, Andrieu E, Cloue JM, Odemer G, Blanc C
21379 - 21391 Exergetic sustainability indicators for a high pressure hydrogen production and storage system
Midilli A, Inac S, Ozsaban M
21392 - 21402 On the detonation propagation behavior in hydrogen-oxygen mixture under the effect of spiral obstacles
Zhang B, Liu H, Wang C
21403 - 21403 Preface to the special issue section on "The 8th International Exergy, Energy and Environment Symposium (IEEES-8), 1-4 May 2016, Antalya, Turkey"
Colpan CO, Kizilkan O
21404 - 21413 Thermodynamic and electrochemical analyses of a solid oxide electrolyzer for hydrogen production
AlZahrani AA, Dincer I
21414 - 21428 Energy and exergy analyses of a solar based hydrogen production and compression system
Ozcan H, Dincer I
21429 - 21442 Solar assisted multi-generation system using nanofluids: A comparative analysis
Abid M, Ratlamwala TAH, Atikol U
21443 - 21453 Exergoeconomic analysis and multi objective optimization of a solar based integrated energy system for hydrogen production
Khanmohammadi S, Heidarnejad P, Javani N, Ganjehsarabi H
21454 - 21462 Techno-economic assessment of a solar-geothermal multigeneration system for buildings
Khalid F, Dincer I, Rosen MA
21463 - 21475 Enhanced biohydrogen production from microalgae by diesel engine hazardous emissions fixation
Correa DO, Santos B, Dias FG, Vargas JVC, Mariano AB, Balmant W, Rosa MP, Savi DC, Kava V, Glienke C, Ordonez JC
21476 - 21486 Upgrading of fast pyrolysis bio-oil over Fe modified ZSM-5 catalyst to enhance the formation of phenolic compounds
Saracoglu E, Uzun BB, Apaydin-Varol E
21487 - 21494 Applicability of a TSA/ZrO2 catalytic membrane for the production of ethyl levulinate as raw material of gamma-valerolactone
Unlu D, Hilmioglu ND
21495 - 21500 Assessment of an integrated solar hydrogen system for electrochemical synthesis of ammonia
Casallas C, Dincer I
21501 - 21517 Enhancement of direct methanol fuel cell performance through the inclusion of zirconium phosphate
Ozden A, Ercelik M, Ozdemir Y, Devrim Y, Colpan CO
21518 - 21529 Characterization and performance evaluation of Pt-Ru/C-TiO2 anode electrocatalyst for DMFC applications
Ercelik M, Ozden A, Seker E, Colpan CO
21530 - 21545 Reduction of methanol crossover in a flowing electrolyte-direct methanol fuel cell
Colpan CO, Ouellette D, Glusen A, Muller M, Stolten D
21546 - 21558 Designing, modeling and performance investigation of bio-inspired flow field based DMFCs
Ozden A, Ercelik M, Ouellette D, Colpan CO, Ganjehsarabi H, Hamdullahpur F
21559 - 21570 Life cycle assessment of nuclear-based hydrogen and ammonia production options: A comparative evaluation
Bicer Y, Dincer I