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795 - 806 Hydrogen production by hydrothermal oxidation of FeO under acidic conditions
Crouzet C, Brunet F, Recham N, Findling N, Lanson M, Guyot F, Ferrasse JH, Goffe B
807 - 820 Highly stabilized Ag2O-loaded nano TiO2 for hydrogen production from glycerol: Water mixtures under solar light irradiation
Sadanandam G, Kumari VD, Scurrell MS
821 - 829 Influence of Coulomb forces on Fe3O4-H2O nanofluid thermal improvement
Sheikholeslami M
830 - 837 Coproduction of hydrogen and volatile fatty acid via thermophilic fermentation of sweet sorghum stalk from co-culture of Clostridium thermocellum and Clostridium thermosaccharolyticum
Islam MS, Zhang C, Sui KY, Aic CG, Liu CZ
838 - 847 Dry autothermal reforming of glycerol with in situ hydrogen separation via thermodynamic evaluation
Wang S, Wang Q, Song XJ, Chen JH
848 - 857 Improved photocatalytic efficiency and stability of CdS/ZnO shell/core nanoarrays with high coverage and enhanced interface combination
Nan HL, Wu WB, Feng K, Shan BB, Qiu YS, Zhang YX
858 - 866 Simple size-controlled fabrication of Zn2SnO4 nanostructures and study of their behavior in dye sensitized solar cells
Masjedi-Arani M, Salavati-Niasari M
867 - 875 A promising synergistic effect of nickel ferrite loaded on the layered double hydroxide-derived carrier for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Chen D, Zhang F, Li Q, Wang WD, Qian GR, Jin YG, Xu ZP
876 - 885 Nitrogen doped amorphous carbon as metal free electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
Cao LM, Lin ZP, Huang JL, Yu X, Wu XX, Zhang BD, Zhan YF, Xie FY, Zhang WH, Chen J, Xie WG, Mai WJ, Meng H
886 - 894 Enhanced catalytic activity towards hydrogen evolution on polythiophene via microstructural changes
Ng CH, Winther-Jensen O, Ohlin CA, Winther-Jensen B
895 - 905 CO2 hydrogenation on Ru/Ce based catalysts dispersed on highly ordered micro-channelled 3YSZ monoliths fabricated by freeze-casting
Gaudillere C, Navarrete L, Serra JM
906 - 913 Preparation of NiO nanofibers by electrospinning and their application for electro-catalytic oxidation of ethylene glycol
Hosseini SR, Ghasemi S, Karnali-Rousta M, Nabavi SR
914 - 927 Methane formation from successive hydrogenation of C over stepped Ni and Ni3Fe surfaces: Effect of surface composition
Yang KW, Zhang MH, Yu YZ
928 - 937 Design and preparation of CdS/H-3D-TiO2/Pt-wire photocatalysis system with enhanced visible-light driven H-2 evolution
Win J, Li X, Yang SY, Wang XJ, Zhou WY, Fang YP, Zhang SQ, Peng F, Zhang SS
938 - 952 Methane decomposition kinetics and reaction rate over Ni/SiO2 nanocatalyst produced through co-precipitation cum modified Stober method
Ashik UPM, Daud WMAW, Abbas HF
953 - 959 Impact of surface modifications on hydrogen uptake by Fe@f-MWCNTs and Cu@f-MWCNTs at non-cryogenic temperatures
Konni M, Dadhich AS, Mukkamala SB
960 - 968 Experimental and first principle studies on hydrogen desorption behavior of graphene nanofibre catalyzed MgH2
Singh MK, Bhatnagar A, Pandey SK, Mishra PC, Srivastava ON
969 - 977 Comparison of hydrogen absorption in metallic and semiconductor single-walled Ge- and GeO2-doped carbon nanotubes
Hosseini SV, Arabi H, Kompany A
978 - 986 Compaction of LiBH4-MgH2 doped with MWCNTs-TiO2 for reversible hydrogen storage
Plerdsranoy P, Chanthee S, Utke R
987 - 995 Effects of MWCNTs on improving the hydrogen storage performance of the Li3N system
Dong BX, Zhang YR, Chen LT, Teng YL, Zhao J
996 - 1003 Measuring the effects of boron mass addition to V-Fe hydrogen storage alloys on their hydrogen absorbing-desorbing characteristics and loss of boron by hydrogenation by employing new analysis methods; hybrid of Sieverts' method, inert gas fusion method, and gravimetric method
Kadono J, Maruoka T, Nakazawa D, Hoshiyama Y, Miyake H
1004 - 1011 Hydrogen absorption properties of carbon supported Pd-Ni nanoalloys
Oumellal Y, Ghimbeu CM, de Yuso AM, Zlotea C
1012 - 1017 Effect on de-hydrogenation efficiency on doping of rare earth elements (Pr, Nd, Gd, Dy) in MgH2 - A density functional theory study
Chakrabarti S, Biswas K
1018 - 1026 Changes in microstructure, phases, and hydrogen storage characteristics of metal hydro-borate and nickel-added magnesium hydride with hydrogen absorption and release reactions
Kwak YJ, Park HR, Song MY
1027 - 1035 Efficient synthesis for large-scale production and characterization for hydrogen storage of ligand exchanged MOF-74/174/184-M (M = Mg2+, Ni2+)
Oh H, Maurer S, Balderas-Xicohtencatl R, Arnold L, Magdysyuk OV, Schutz G, Muller U, Hirscher M
1036 - 1047 Compaction of LiBH4-LiAlH4 nanoconfined in activated carbon nanofibers: Dehydrogenation kinetics, reversibility, and mechanical stability during cycling
Plerdsranoy P, Javadian P, Jensen ND, Nielsen UG, Jensen TR, Utke R
1048 - 1052 A new perspective on hydrogen plasma equilibrium calculation along with the MHD potential energy
Elahi AS, Ghoranneviss M
1053 - 1062 Behaviour of hydrogenated lead lithium alloy
Pozio A, Carewska M, Santucci A, Tosti S
1063 - 1074 Sulfonated poly(arylene ether sulfone) nanocomposite electrolyte membrane for fuel cell applications: A review
Lade H, Kumar V, Arthanareeswaran G, Ismail AF
1075 - 1084 A noble silver nanoflower on nitrogen doped carbon nanotube for enhanced oxygen reduction reaction
Yasmin S, Ahmed MS, Jeon S
1085 - 1092 Engineered catalyst layer design with graphene-carbon black hybrid supports for enhanced platinum utilization in PEM fuel
Sanli LI, Bayram V, Ghobadi S, Duzen N, Gursel SA
1093 - 1102 High performance yttria-stabilized zirconia based intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells with double nano layer composite cathode
Wu XY, Tian Y, Zhou XL, Kong XW, Zhang J, Zuo W, Ye XS
1103 - 1112 Enhanced electrocatalytic activity and stability of Pd nanoparticles supported on TiO2-modified nitrogen-doped carbon for ethanol oxidation in alkaline media
Qin YH, Xiong ZY, Ma JY, Yang L, Wu ZK, Feng WL, Wang TL, Wang WG, Wang CW
1113 - 1119 Graphite oxide-incorporated SnP2O7 solid composite electrolyte for high-temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Huang M, Huang X, Deng YM, Fei MM, Xu CX, Cheng JG
1120 - 1129 Bimetallic AuPt alloy nanodendrites/reduced graphene oxide: One-pot ionic liquid-assisted synthesis and excellent electrocatalysis towards hydrogen evolution and methanol oxidation reactions
Feng JJ, Chen LX, Ma XH, Yuan JH, Chen JR, Wang AJ, Xu QQ
1130 - 1141 Sequential microbial activities mediated bioelectricity production from distillery wastewater using bio-electrochemical system with simultaneous waste remediation
Deval AS, Parikh HA, Kadier A, Chandrasekhar K, Bhagwat AM, Dikshit AK
1142 - 1153 Effect of Ni content on the electrical and corrosion properties of CrNiN coating in simulated proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Jin J, Zheng DC, Han SW, Ma JJ, Zhu ZX
1154 - 1160 Monolithic flat tubular types of solid oxide fuel cells with integrated electrode and gas channels
Park S, Sammes NM, Song KH, Kim T, Chung JS
1161 - 1169 A new approach on morphological features of synthesized graphene using the LPCVD technique applicable for fuel cell membrane
Alipour R, Jafari A, Elahi AS, Ghoranneviss M
1170 - 1180 Characteristics of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-Cu2O mixture as a contact material in SOFC stacks
Shong WJ, Liu CK, Lu CW, Wu SH, Lee RY
1181 - 1188 Effect of the Nafion content in the MPL on the catalytic activity of the Pt/C-Nafion electrode prepared by pulsed electrophoresis deposition
Adilbish G, Yu YT
1189 - 1202 Characterizing membrane electrode assemblies for high temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells using design of experiments
Rahim Y, Janssen H, Lehnert W
1203 - 1211 A 2D and 3D X-ray mu-diffraction and mu-fluorescence study of a mixed ionic electronic conductor
Sanchez DF, Grolimund D, Hubert M, Bleuet P, Laurencin J
1212 - 1220 Electrochemical properties and durability of in-situ composite cathodes with SmBa0.5Sr0.5Co2O5+delta for metal supported solid oxide fuel cells
Irvine JTS, Bae J, Park JY, Choi WS, Kim JH
1221 - 1236 Improving the load-following capability of a solid oxide fuel cell system through the use of time delay control
Yang J, Qin S, Zhang WY, Ding TF, Zhou B, Li X, Jian L
1237 - 1251 Unsteady three-dimensional numerical study of mass transfer in PEM fuel cell with spiral flow field
Monsaf T, Hocine BM, Youcef S, Abdallah M
1252 - 1263 Parametric effect on the flow and mixing properties of transverse gaseous injection flow fields with streamwise slot: A numerical study
Huang W, Li LQ, Chen XQ, Yan L
1264 - 1275 Large eddy simulation of hydrogen combustion in supersonic flows using an Eulerian stochastic fields method
Gong C, Jangi M, Bai XS, Liang JH, Sun MB
1276 - 1286 Impacts of low temperature combustion and diesel post injection on the in-cylinder production of hydrogen in a lean-burn compression ignition engine
Jeftic M, Reader GT, Zheng M
1287 - 1297 A polygeneration process concept for HCCI-engines - Modeling product gas purification and exergy losses
Hegner R, Atakan B
1298 - 1305 Critical slot size for deflagration initiation by hot products discharge into hydrogen air-atmospheres
Carpio J, Iglesias I, Vera M, Sanchez AL
1306 - 1317 Application of the developed CFD analysis methodology to H-2 explosion accidents in an open space
Kang HS, No HC, Kim SB, Kim MH
1318 - 1326 Role of crystallographic texture on the improvement of hydrogen-induced crack resistance in API 5L X70 pipeline steel
Masoumi M, Silva CC, Beres M, Ladino DH, de Abreu HFG
1327 - 1336 Small-scale flame acceleration and application of medium and large-scale flame speed correlations
Rocourt X, Sochet I, Pellegrinelli B
1337 - 1343 Immobilization of glucose oxidase on 3D graphene thin film: Novel glucose bioanalytical sensing platform
Mansouri N, Babadi AA, Bagheri S, Abd Hamid SB
1344 - 1352 Micro-contacted self-assembled tungsten oxide nanorods for hydrogen gas sensing
Haviar S, Chlupova S, Kus P, Gillet M, Matolin V, Matolinova I
1353 - 1353 Hydrogen for the Future: A preface to the special issue section on "The 4th International Conference on Renewable Energy: Generation and Applications (ICREGA'16), 8-10 February 2016, Belfort, France"
Becherif M, Hissel D, Fardoun A, Ramadan HS
1354 - 1360 Synergistic effects of des tabilization, catalysis and nanoconfinement on dehydrogenation of LiBH4
Zhao Y, Liu HQ, Liu YC, Wang YJ, Yuan HT, Jiao LF
1361 - 1365 A review on plasma gasification for solid waste disposal
Sanlisoy A, Carpinlioglu MO
1366 - 1374 Analytical modelling and experimental validation of proton exchange membrane electrolyser for hydrogen production
Aouali FZ, Becherif M, Ramadan HS, Emziane M, Khellaf A, Mohammedi K
1375 - 1382 Study of an energy mix for the production of hydrogen
Pereira CA, Coelho PM, Fernandes JF, Gomes MH
1383 - 1395 Prospects of hydrogen production potential from renewable resources in Algeria
Rahmouni S, Negrou B, Settou N, Dominguez J, Gouareh A
1396 - 1402 Energetic recovery of biomass in the region of Rabat, Morocco
Naimi Y, Saghir M, Cherqaoui A, Chatre B
1403 - 1411 Electrocatalytic oxidation of ethylene glycol and glycerol on nickel ion implanted-modified indium tin oxide electrode
Lin QH, Wei YM, Liu WT, Yu YA, Hu JB
1412 - 1419 Influence of the key parameters on the dynamic behavior of the hydrogen absorption by LaNi5
Chabane D, Harel F, Djerdir A, Ibrahim M, Candusso D, Elkedim O, Fenineche N
1420 - 1428 Electrochemical properties of Ti2Ni hydrogen storage alloy
Hosni B, Khaldi C, ElKedim O, Fenineche N, Lamloumi J
1429 - 1435 Common ion effect in the hydrolysis reaction of Mg-Ca alloy hydride-salt composites
Li JF, Liu PP, Wu CL, Chen YG
1436 - 1443 Hydrogenation and electrochemical studies of La-Mg-Ni alloys
Balcerzak M, Nowak M, Jurczyk M
1444 - 1450 The phase transformation and electrochemical properties of TiNi alloys with Cu substitution: Experiments and first-principle calculations
Zhang Z, Elkedim O, Ma YZ, Balcerzak M, Jurczyk M
1451 - 1455 Water-promoted, safe and, scalable preparation of ammonia borane
Ramachandran PV, Kulkarni AS
1456 - 1465 Optimal energy control of a PV-fuel cell hybrid system
Tiar M, Betka A, Drid S, Abdeddaim S, Becherif M, Tabandjat A
1466 - 1471 The dynamic multifractality in PEMFC stack voltage signal as a tool for the aging monitoring
Benouioua D, Candusso D, Harel F, Oukhellou L
1472 - 1480 Proton exchange membrane fuel cell ageing forecasting algorithm based on Echo State Network
Morando S, Jemei S, Hissel D, Gouriveau R, Zerhouni N
1481 - 1489 Design of an adaptive EMS for fuel cell vehicles
Ettihir K, Cano MH, Boulon L, Agbossou K
1490 - 1498 Numerical study on the effects of the macropatterned active surfaces on the wall-coated steam methane reformer performances
Settar A, Nebbali R, Madani B, Abboudi S
1499 - 1509 Identification of a PEMFC fractional order model
Taleb MA, Bethoux O, Godoy E
1510 - 1517 Experimental validation of differential flatness-based control applied to stand alone using photovoltaic/fuel cell/battery hybrid power sources
Tegani I, Aboubou A, Ayad MY, Saadi R, Becherif M, Bahri M, Benaouadj M, Kraa O
1518 - 1526 On the sizing and energy management of an hybrid multistack fuel cell -Battery system for automotive applications
Marx N, Hissel D, Gustin F, Boulon L, Agbossou K
1527 - 1533 Long-term tests duration reduction for PEMFC mu-CHP application
Pahon E, Morando S, Petrone R, Pera MC, Hissel D, Yousfi-Steiner N, Jemei S, Gouriveau R, Chamagne D, Mocoteguy P, Zerhouni N
1534 - 1543 Fault diagnosis methods for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell system
Benmouna A, Becherif M, Depernet D, Gustin F, Ramadan HS, Fukuhara S
1544 - 1557 Dynamic modeling and experimental analysis of PEMFCs: A comparative study
Saadi A, Becherif M, Hissel D, Ramadan HS
1558 - 1564 Electric circuit modeling of fuel cell system including compressor effect and current ripples
Fardoun AA, Hejase HAN, A-Marzouqi A, Nabag M
1565 - 1576 A nonlinear control strategy for fuel delivery in PEM fuel cells considering nitrogen permeation
Hong L, Chen J, Liu ZY, Huang LH, Wu ZL