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13309 - 13310 Preface to the special issue on "The 21st World Hydrogen Energy Conference (WHEC 2016), 13-16 June 2016, Zaragoza, Spain"
Correas LC, Larrea A, Lazaro MJ, Pena JA
13311 - 13320 Energiepark Mainz: Technical and economic analysis of the worldwide largest Power-to-Gas plant with PEM electrolysis
Kopp M, Coleman D, Stiller C, Scheffer K, Aichinger J, Scheppat B
13321 - 13328 Commercial potential for renewable hydrogen in California
Schoenung SM, Keller JO
13329 - 13338 Roadmap to economically viable hydrogen liquefaction
Cardella U, Decker L, Klein H
13339 - 13356 Adapting the French nuclear fleet to integrate variable renewable energies via the production of hydrogen: Towards massive production of low carbon hydrogen?
Cany C, Mansilla C, da Costa P, Mathonniere G
13357 - 13367 Significance of CO2-free hydrogen globally and for japan using a long-term global energy system analysis
Ishimoto Y, Kurosawa A, Sasakura M, Sakata K
13368 - 13381 Investment decisions in imperfect power markets with hydrogen storage and large share of intermittent electricity
Michalski J
13382 - 13388 Eliciting preferences on the design of hydrogen refueling infrastructure
Brey JJ, Brey R, Carazo AF
13389 - 13406 Long-term power-to-gas potential from wind and solar power: A country analysis for Italy
Guandalini G, Robinius M, Grube T, Campanari S, Stolten D
13407 - 13414 Improved operation of SO2 depolarized electrolyser stack for H-2 production at ambient conditions
Gasik MM, Virtanen J, Santasalo-Aarnio A
13415 - 13426 23,000 h steam electrolysis with an electrolyte supported solid oxide cell
Schefold J, Brisse A, Poepke H
13427 - 13443 Hydrogen generation by electrolysis and storage in salt caverns: Potentials, economics and systems aspects with regard to the German energy transition
Michalski J, Bunger U, Crotogino F, Donadei S, Schneider GS, Pregger T, Cao KK, Heide D
13444 - 13453 Development of large scale unified system for hydrogen energy carrier production and utilization: Experimental analysis and systems modeling
Kojima H, Matsumoto H, Tsujimura T
13454 - 13462 Development of novel metal-supported proton ceramic electrolyser cell with thin film BZY15-Ni electrode and BZY15 electrolyte
Stange M, Stefan E, Denonville C, Larring Y, Rorvik PM, Haugsrud R
13463 - 13476 Hydrogen production by compact combined dimethyl ether reformer/combustor for automotive applications
Jung S, Choi B, Park S, Lee DW, Kim YB
13477 - 13485 Current R&D status of thermochemical water splitting iodine-sulfur process in Japan Atomic Energy Agency
Kasahara S, Iwatsuki J, Takegami H, Tanaka N, Noguchi H, Kamiji Y, Onuki K, Kubo S
13486 - 13497 Solar thermochemical gasification of wood biomass for syngas production in a high-temperature continuously-fed tubular reactor
Bellouard Q, Abanades S, Rodat S, Dupassieux N
13498 - 13509 Hydrogen production by coupling pressurized high temperature electrolyser with solar tower technology
Monnerie N, von Storch H, Houaijia A, Roeb M, Sattler C
13510 - 13531 H2RES2 simulator. A new solution for hydrogen hybridization with renewable energy sources-based systems
Vivas FJ, De las Heras A, Segura F, Andujar JM
13532 - 13543 Thermochemical hydrogen production using manganese cobalt spinels as redox materials
Orfila M, Linares M, Molina R, Botas JA, Marugan J, Sanz R
13544 - 13553 Investigation on PEM water electrolysis cell design and components for a HyCon solar hydrogen generator
Fallisch A, Schellhase L, Fresko J, Zechmeister M, Zedda M, Ohlmann J, Zielke L, Paust N, Smolinka T
13554 - 13567 Hybridization strategies of power-to-gas systems and battery storage using renewable energy
Gillessen B, Heinrichs HU, Stenzel P, Linssen J
13568 - 13588 South African hydrogen infrastructure (HySA infrastructure) for fuel cells and energy storage: Overview of a projects portfolio
Bessarabov D, Human G, Kruger AJ, Chiuta S, Modisha PM, du Preez SP, Oelofse SP, Vincent I, Van Der Merwe J, Langmi HW, Ren JW, Musyoka NM
13589 - 13597 Dry reforming of biogas in fluidized bed: Process intensification
Ugarte P, Duran P, Lasobras J, Soler J, Menendez M, Herguido J
13598 - 13606 Solar-driven pyrolysis and gasification of low-grade carbonaceous materials
Arribas L, Arconada N, Gonzalez-Fernandez C, Lohrl C, Gonzalez-Aguilar J, Kaltschmitt M, Romero M
13607 - 13616 Iron oxide ores as carriers for the production of high purity hydrogen from biogas by steam-iron process
Lachen J, Plou J, Duran P, Herguido J, Pena JA
13617 - 13624 Oxidative pyrolysis reforming of methanol in warm plasma for an on-board hydrogen production
Lian HY, Li XS, Liu JL, Zhu XB, Zhu AM
13625 - 13632 Future applications of hydrogen production and CO2 utilization for energy storage: Hybrid Power to Gas-Oxycombustion power plants
Bailera M, Kezibri N, Romeo LM, Espatolero S, Lisbona P, Bouallou C
13633 - 13640 Autothermal chemical looping reforming process of different fossil liquid fuels
Garcia-Diez E, Garcia-Labiano F, de Diego LF, Abad A, Gayan P, Adanez J
13641 - 13648 Molten metal capillary reactor for the high-temperature pyrolysis of methane
Parra AAM, Agar DW
13649 - 13660 Pulse electrodeposited cathode catalyst layers for PEM fuel cells
Egetenmeyer A, Radev I, Durneata D, Baumgartner M, Peinecke V, Natter H, Hempelmann R
13661 - 13680 Sorption enhanced steam methane reforming by Ni-CaO materials supported on mayenite
Di Giuliano A, Girt J, Massacesi R, Gallucci K, Courson C
13681 - 13690 Finding a suitable catalyst for on-board ethanol reforming using exhaust heat from an internal combustion engine
Casanovas A, Divins NJ, Rejas A, Bosch R, Llorca J
13691 - 13703 Influence of the reduction of graphene oxide (rGO) on the structure and photoactivity of CdS-rGO hybrid systems
Leo IM, Soto E, Vaquero F, Mota N, Navarro RM, Fierro JLG
13704 - 13711 Hydrogen production from methanol steam reforming over Al2O3- and ZrO2-modified CuOZnOGa2O3 catalysts
Liu XY, Toyir J, de la Piscina PR, Homs N
13712 - 13723 Electrochemical vs. chemical promotion in the H-2 production catalytic reactions
Gonzalez-Cobos J, Valverde JL, de Lucas-Consuegra A
13724 - 13740 Syngas production via the biogas dry reforming reaction over Ni supported on zirconia modified with CeO2 or La2O3 catalysts
Goula MA, Charisiou ND, Siakavelas G, Tzounis L, Tsiaoussis I, Panagiotopoulou P, Goula G, Yentekakis IV
13741 - 13753 Preparation of CO-tolerant anode electrocatalysts for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Guban D, Tompos A, Bakos I, Vass A, Paszti Z, Szabo EG, Sajo IE, Borbath I
13754 - 13762 Low temperature-high selectivity carbon monoxide methanation over yttria-stabilized zirconia-supported Pt nanoparticles
Isaifan RJ, Couillard M, Baranova EA
13763 - 13776 Palladium based membranes and membrane reactors for hydrogen production and purification: An overview of research activities at Tecnalia and TU/e
Fernandez E, Helmi A, Medrano JA, Coenen K, Arratibel A, Melendez J, de Nooijer NCA, Spallina V, Viviente JL, Zuniga J, Annaland MV, Tanaka DAP, Gallucci F
13777 - 13788 Hydrogen enhanced fatigue in full scale metallic vessel tests - Results from the MATHRYCE project
de Miguel N, Acosta B, Moretto P, Briottet L, Bortot P, Mecozzi E
13789 - 13809 Optimization of hydrogen vehicle refuelling requirements
Bourgeois T, Brachmann T, Barth F, Ammouri F, Baraldi D, Melideo D, Acosta-Iborra B, Zaepffel D, Saury D, Lemonnier D
13810 - 13817 Risks and safety level of composite cylinders
Becker B, Mair GW
13818 - 13826 Development of a heat storage demonstration unit on the basis of Mg2FeH6 as heat storage material and molten salt as heat transfer media
Urbanczyk R, Peinecke K, Peil S, Felderhoff M
13827 - 13838 Experimental study on laboratory scale Totalized Hydrogen Energy Utilization System using wind power data
Bhogilla SS, Ito H, Segawa T, Kato A, Nakano A
13839 - 13849 Water build-up and evolution during the start-up of a PEMFC: Visualization by means of Neutron Imaging
Iranzo A, Salva A, Boillat P, Biesdorf J, Tapia E, Rosa F
13850 - 13859 Development of a polymer electrolyte fuel cell dead-ended anode purge strategy for use with a nitrogen-containing hydrogen gas supply
Okedi TI, Meyer Q, Hunter HMA, Shearing PR, Brett DJL
13860 - 13875 Demonstrating feasibility of a high temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell operation with natural gas reformate composition
Pinar FJ, Rastedt M, Pilinski N, Wagner P, Dyck A
13876 - 13888 A generic FPGA-based PWM generator with automatic device fault recovery for fuel cell, interleaved, multi-phase and multi-switch DC/DC boost converters
Sobrino-Manzanares F, Garrigos A
13889 - 13901 Towards a high fuel utilization and low degradation of micro-tubular solid oxide fuel cells
Hornes A, Torrell M, Morata A, Kendall M, Kendall K, Tarancon A
13902 - 13912 Synergetic integration of a methanol steam reforming cell with a high temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Ribeirinha P, Schuller G, Boauentura M, Mendes A
13913 - 13926 The effect of water introduction rate and liquid saturation jumps on the performance of the flowing electrolyte - Direct methanol fuel cell
Ouellette D, Matida E, Cruickshank CA
13927 - 13938 Direct utilization of carbonaceous fuels in multifunctional SOFC anodes for the electrosynthesis of chemicals or the generation of electricity
Venancio SA, Emilio P, de Miranda V
13939 - 13948 Characterization of laser-processed thin ceramic membranes for electrolyte-supported solid oxide fuel cells
Cebollero JA, Lahoz R, Laguna-Bercero MA, Pena JT, Larrea A, Orera VM
13949 - 13959 Brazilian hybrid electric-hydrogen fuel cell bus: Improved on-board energy management system
de Miranda PEV, Carreira ES, Icardi UA, Nunes GS
13960 - 13969 Investigating fuel-cell transport limitations using hydrogen limiting current
Spingler FB, Phillips A, Schuler T, Tucker MC, Weber AZ
13970 - 13987 Advanced m-CHP fuel cell system based on a novel bio-ethanol fluidized bed membrane reformer
Viviente JL, Melendez J, Tanaka DAP, Gallucci F, Spallina V, Manzolini G, Foresti S, Palma V, Ruocco C, Roses L
13988 - 14002 Investigation of a 5 kW micro-CHP PEM fuel cell based system integrated with membrane reactor under diverse EU natural gas quality
Di Marcoberardino G, Manzolini G
14003 - 14009 On-board hydrogen production for auxiliary power in passenger aircraft
Elitzur S, Rosenband V, Gany A
14010 - 14018 Experimental investigation of stabilization and emission characteristics of ammonia/air premixed flames in a swirl combustor
Hayakawa A, Arakawa Y, Mimoto R, Somarathne KDKA, Kudo T, Kobayashi H
14019 - 14029 The utilization of hydrogen in hydrogen/diesel dual fuel engine
Tsujimura T, Suzuki Y
14030 - 14043 LCA evaluation for the hydrogen production from biogas through the innovative BioRobur project concept
Battista F, Camacho YSM, Hernandez S, Bensaid S, Herrmann A, Krause H, Trimis D, Fino D