International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.42, No.16 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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10697 - 10707 Identification of public acceptance factors with risk perception scales on hydrogen fueling stations in Japan
Ono K, Tsunemi K
10708 - 10721 Ni/Pd-promoted Al2O3-La2O3 catalyst for hydrogen production from polyethylene terephthalate waste via steam reforming
Nabgan B, Tahir M, Abdullah TAT, Nabgan W, Gambo Y, Mat R, Saeh I
10722 - 10738 Life cycle evaluation of hydrogen and other potential fuels for aircrafts
Bicer Y, Dincer I
10739 - 10746 Public willingness to pay for hydrogen stations expansion policy in Korea: Results of a contingent valuation survey
Yang HJ, Cho Y, Yoo SH
10747 - 10751 Highly active Cu-ZnO catalysts for the WGS reaction at medium-high space velocities: Effect of the support composition
Price C, Pastor-Perez L, le Sache E, Sepulveda-Escribano A, Reina TR
10752 - 10761 Development of efficient membrane electrode assembly for low cost hydrogen production by anion exchange membrane electrolysis
Vincent I, Kruger A, Bessarabov D
10762 - 10774 Hydrogen from electrochemical reforming of C1-C3 alcohols using proton conducting membranes
Sapountzi FM, Tsampas MN, Fredriksson HOA, Gracia JM, Niemantsverdriet JW
10775 - 10784 PEM water electrolyzer model for a power-hardware-in-loop simulator
Ruuskanen V, Koponen J, Huoman K, Kosonen A, Niemela M, Ahola J
10785 - 10801 Comparative performance investigation of different gas flow configurations for a planar solid oxide electrolyzer cell
Xu ZL, Zhang XW, Li GJ, Xiao GP, Wang JQ
10802 - 10812 Hierarchical nitrogen-enriched porous carbon materials derived from Schiff-base networks supported FeCo2O4 nanoparticles for efficient water oxidation
Liu JT, Nan Y, Chang XX, Li XZ, Fang YY, Liu Y, Tang Y, Wang X, Li R, Ma JT
10813 - 10825 Highly active and durable cauliflower-like NiCo2O4 film for oxygen evolution with electrodeposited SiO2 as template
Wu LK, Xia J, Cao HZ, Tang YP, Hou GY, Zheng GQ
10826 - 10833 Ultrashort pulse laser-structured nickel surfaces as hydrogen evolution electrodes for alkaline water electrolysis
Gabler A, Muller CI, Rauscher T, Kohring M, Kieback B, Rontzsch L, Schade W
10834 - 10843 All-solid-state magnesium oxide supported Group VIII and IB metal catalysts for selective catalytic reforming of aqueous aldehydes into hydrogen
Li RH, Zhu XH, Du LL, Qian KC, Wu BL, Kawabata S, Kobayashi H, Yan XQ, Chen WX
10844 - 10853 Design an in-situ reduction of Ni/C-SiO2 catalyst and new insights into pretreatment effect for CH4-O-2 reforming reaction
Li HJ, He YL, Shen DM, Cheng SL, Wang JY, Liu HY, Xing CA, Shan SD, Lu CX, Yang RG
10854 - 10866 Modeling study of hydrogen production via partial oxidation of H2S-H2O blend
Savelieua VA, Titova NS, Starik AM
10867 - 10879 DDR zeolite membrane reactor for enhanced HI decomposition in IS thermochemical process
Goswami N, Bose A, Das N, Achary SN, Sahu AK, Karki V, Bindal RC, Kar S
10880 - 10890 New insights into high-valence state Mo in molybdenum carbide nanobelts for hydrogen evolution reaction
Wang P, Qi J, Chen XZ, Li CA, Wang TH, Liang CH
10891 - 10900 Investigation of engines radiator heat recovery using different shapes of nanoparticles in H2O/(CH2OH)(2) based nanofluids
Hatami M, Jafaryar M, Zhou J, Jing D
10901 - 10910 In-situ measurement and numerical simulation of nitriding kinetics of grain-oriented silicon steel
Wen PY, Luo HW, Zeng GM, Li J, Huang J, Yan BJ
10911 - 10924 Chemical exergy of electrochemical cell anolytes of cupric/cuprous chlorides
Zamfirescu C, Naterer GF, Rosen MA
10925 - 10930 In-situ anion exchange synthesis of copper selenide electrode as electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Zhang W, Fu DG, Bai YF, Yuan CW
10931 - 10942 Efficient solar photo-electrochemical hydrogen generation using nanocrystalline CeFeO3 synthesized by a modified microwave assisted method
Manwar NR, Borkar RG, Khobragade R, Rayalu SS, Jain SL, Bansiwal AK, Labhsetwar NK
10943 - 10951 Hydrogen generation from hydrolysis of activated Al-Bi, Al-Sn powders prepared by gas atomization method
Liu YH, Liu XJ, Chen XR, Yang SY, Wang CP
10952 - 10961 Synthesis, characterization and visible-light-driven photoelectrochemical hydrogen evolution reaction of carbazole-containing conjugated polymers
Mansha M, Khan I, Ullah N, Qurashi A
10962 - 10970 Photoelectrochemical hydrogen production at peak efficiency over 10% via PbSe QDs/TiO2 nanotube array photoanodes
Liao W, Wang B, Liu ZQ
10971 - 10985 Enhancement of hydrogen production in a modified moving bed downdraft gasifier - A thermodynamic study by including tar
Adnan MA, Susanto H, Binous H, Muraza O, Hossain MM
10986 - 10996 Exergy analyses of green hydrogen production methods from biogas-based electricity and sewage sludge
Abusoglu A, Ozahi E, Kutlar AI, Demir S
10997 - 11005 Hydrogen production using plasma gasification with steam injection
Favas J, Monteiro E, Rouboa A
11006 - 11016 Effects of supports on hydrogen production and carbon deposition of Fe-based oxygen carriers in chemical looping hydrogen generation
Ma SW, Chen SY, Soomro A, Xiang WG
11017 - 11022 Coal dust gasification in the filtration combustion mode with syngas production
Salgansky EA, Zaichenlzo AY, Podlesniy DN, Salganskaya MV, Toledo M
11023 - 11037 Conceptual design of a Ca-Cu chemical looping process for hydrogen production in integrated steelworks
Fernandez JR, Martinez I, Abanades JC, Romano MC
11038 - 11046 Research of coal-direct chemical looping hydrogen generation with iron-based oxygen carrier modified by potassium
Liu T, Hu SX, Yu ZL, Huang JJ, Li JZ, Wang ZQ, Fang YT
11047 - 11052 Co-production of hydrogen and fibrous carbons by methane decomposition using K2CO3/carbon hybrid as the catalyst
Zhang JB, Qi M, Zhang GR, Hu HQ, Xie LC, Ma XX
11053 - 11077 Electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction
Eftekhari A
11078 - 11109 Photoelectrode nanomaterials for photoelectrochemical water splitting
Eftekhari A, Babu VJ, Ramakrishna S
11110 - 11117 Facile synthesis of highly conducting and mesoporous carbon aerogel as platinum support for PEM fuel cells
Singh R, Singh MK, Bhartiya S, Singh A, Kohli DK, Ghosh PC, Meenakshi S, Gupta PK
11118 - 11129 In-situ photochemical fabrication of transition metal-promoted amorphous molybdenum sulfide catalysts for enhanced photosensitized hydrogen evolution
Hou JH, Lei YG, Wang F, Ma XH, Min SX, Jin ZL, Xu J
11130 - 11138 Ce promoting effect on the activity and coke formation of Ni catalysts supported on mesoporous nanocrystalline gamma-Al2O3 in autothermal reforming of methane
Sepehri S, Rezaei M
11139 - 11149 Fast and low-cost fabrication of 1D hematite photoanode in pure water vapor and air atmosphere: Investigation the effect of the oxidation atmosphere on the PEC performance of the hematite photoanodes
Demirci S, Sarioglu C
11150 - 11158 Coking behavior of nickel and a rhodium based catalyst used in steam reforming for power-to-gas applications
Grossmann K, Dellermann T, Dillig M, Karl J
11159 - 11165 New nitrogen-containing carbon supports with improved corrosion resistance for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Golovin VA, Maltseva NV, Gribov EN, Okunev AG
11166 - 11176 Conducting polymers inducing catalysis: Enhanced formic acid electro-oxidation at a Pt/polyaniline nanocatalyst
Abd El-Moghny MG, Alalawy HH, Mohammad AM, Mazhar AA, El-Deab MS, El-Anadouli BE
11177 - 11186 Hydrogen production from oxidative steam reforming of ethanol over it catalysts supported on Ce-La solid solution
Han X, Wang YF, Zhang Y, Yu YB, He H
11187 - 11198 A proposed mechanism to form nanosized Mn oxides from the decomposition of beta-cyclodextrin-Mn complex: Toward nanosized water-splitting catalysts with special morphology
Najafpour MM, Kaboudin B, Mostafalu R, Shahbazy M, Safdari R, Kompany-Zareh M
11199 - 11205 One-pot hydrothermal synthesis of CdS/NiS photocatalysts for high H-2 evolution from water under visible light
Zhou XZ, Sun H, Zhang HZ, Tu WX
11206 - 11214 Three-dimensional porous graphene supported Ni nanoparticles with enhanced catalytic performance for Methanol electrooxidation
Zhu H, Wang JT, Liu XL, Zhu XM
11215 - 11228 Catalytic gasification of oil palm frond biomass in supercritical water using MgO supported Ni, Cu and Zn oxides as catalysts for hydrogen production
Mastuli MS, Kamarulzaman N, Kasim MF, Sivasangar S, Saiman MI, Taufiq-Yap YH
11229 - 11238 Facile synthesis of Pd-Ru-P ternary nanoparticle networks with enhanced electrocatalytic performance for methanol oxidation
Xu H, Yan B, Zhang K, Wang CQ, Zhong JT, Li SM, Yang P, Du YK
11239 - 11251 Ni/SiO2 core-shell catalysts for catalytic hydrogen production from waste plastics-derived syngas
Yang RX, Xu LR, Wu SL, Chuang KH, Wey MY
11252 - 11261 High hydrogen selectivity and anti-carbon ability by cracking of RP-3 jet fuel over Pt/ZrO2-TiO2-Al2O3 catalyst modified by MxOy (M = Ba, Sr and Ce) promoters
Li SS, Guo CH, Zhang H, Wang ZZ, Jiao Y, Wang JL, Zhu Q, Li XY, Chen YQ
11262 - 11269 Ni-MoS2 composite coatings as efficient hydrogen evolution reaction catalysts in alkaline solution
Yin XC, Dong HF, Sun G, Yang W, Song AL, Du QH, Su L, Shao GJ
11270 - 11282 Enhanced catalytic activity of methane dry reforming by the confinement of Ni nanoparticles into mesoporous silica
Kang D, Lim HS, Lee JW
11283 - 11294 Syngas production from methane dry reforming over Ni/SBA-15 catalyst: Effect of operating parameters
Omoregbe O, Danh HT, Nguyen-Huy C, Setiabudi HD, Abidin SZ, Truong QD, Vo DVN
11295 - 11303 Peptide A4 based AuAg alloyed nanoparticle networks for electrocatalytic reduction of oxygen
Wang QN, Yang HY, Zhou ZJ, Wang LK, Yan W, Wu W, Chen SW, Liu Z, Tang ZH
11304 - 11311 Efficient carbon-supported Ag-MFe2O4 (M = Co, Mn) core-shell catalysts for oxygen reduction reactions in alkaline media
Chen YJ, Liu SB, Yu LY, Liu QH, Wang YT, Dong LF
11312 - 11320 Cobalt nickel nanoparticles encapsulated within hexagonal boron nitride as stable, catalytic dehydrogenation nanoreactor
Fan DL, Lv XM, Feng J, Zhang SY, Bai J, Lu RQ, Liu J
11321 - 11332 Cu promoted Ni-Co/hydrotalcite catalyst for improved hydrogen production in comparison with several modified Ni-based catalysts via steam reforming of ethanol
Shejale AD, Yadav GD
11333 - 11345 Dry reforming of methane to syngas over lanthanum-modified mesoporous nickel aluminate/gamma-alumina nanocomposites by one-pot synthesis
Zhang L, Wang XG, Chen CJ, Zou XJ, Ding WZ, Lu XG
11346 - 11355 Activation effect of silver nanoparticles on the photoelectrochemical performance of mesoporous TiO2 nanospheres photoanodes for water oxidation reaction
Arunachalam P, Amer MS, Ghanem MA, Al-Mayouf AM, Zhao DY
11356 - 11363 Photodeposited-metal/CdS/ZnO heterostructures for solar photocatalytic hydrogen production under different conditions
Kim YG, Jo WK
11364 - 11371 A facile nonaqueous route for preparing mixed-phase TiO2 with high activity in photocatalytic hydrogen generation
Qiu Y, Ouyang F, Zhu RS
11372 - 11378 An alternative atmospheric-pressure cold plasma method for synthesizing Pd/P25 catalysts with the assistance of ethanol
Di LB, Li Z, Lee B, Park DW
11379 - 11391 Structure-controlled mesoporous SBA-15-derived mixed matrix membranes for H-2 purification and CO2 capture
Tseng HH, Chuang HW, Zhuang GL, Lai WH, Wey MY
11392 - 11399 On the ionic character of H-2 separation through mixed conducting Nd5.5W0.5Mo0.5O11.25-delta membran
Escolastico S, Solis C, Haugsrud R, Magraso A, Serra JM
11400 - 11410 Intercalating ionic liquid in graphene oxide to create efficient and stable anhydrous proton transfer highways for polymer electrolyte membrane
Wu WJ, Wang JT, Liu JD, Chen PP, Zhang HQ, Huang JJ
11411 - 11421 Hydrogen permeation in anisotropic Nb-TiNi two-phase alloys formed by forging and rolling
Ishikawa K, Tokui S, Aoki K
11422 - 11428 Synthesis of Mg2FeD6 under low pressure conditions for Mg2FeH6 hydrogen storage studies
Chaudhary AL, Dietzel S, Li HW, Akiba E, Bergemann N, Pistidda C, Klassen T, Dornheim M
11429 - 11438 Analysis and assessment of a novel hydrogen liquefaction process
Yuksel YE, Ozturk M, Dincer I
11439 - 11451 Transportation of hydrogen atom and molecule through X12Y12 nano-cages
Ayub K
11452 - 11460 Ab initio study on hydrogen interaction with calcium decorated silicon carbide nanotube
Gueriba JS, Padama AAB, Villagracia AR, David M, Arboleda N, Kasai H
11461 - 11468 Modification of COF-108 via impregnation/functionalization and Li-doping for hydrogen storage at ambient temperature
Ke ZP, Cheng YY, Yang SY, Li F, Ding LF
11469 - 11481 Open and closed metal hydride system for high thermal power applications: Preheating vehicle components
Dieterich M, Burger I, Linder M
11482 - 11492 Thermodynamics, kinetics and microstructural evolution of Ti0.43Zr0.07Cr0.25V0.25 alloy upon hydrogenation
Ruz P, Banerjee S, Halder R, Kumar A, Sudarsan V
11493 - 11500 Hydrogen storage properties of 2Mg-Fe mixtures processed by hot extrusion at different temperatures
Andreani GFD, Miglioli MM, Triques MRM, Roche V, Kiminami CS, Botta WI, Jorge AM
11501 - 11509 Theoretical study of the temperature dependent hydrogen storage capacity of Pd and Ti nanoparticles
Maeyama Y, Kadota K, Kitayama A, Tozuka Y, Yoshida M, Shimosaka A, Shirakawa Y
11510 - 11522 Effect of catalytic Pd coating on the hydrogen storage performances of ZrCo alloy by electroless plating method
Wang F, Li RF, Ding CP, Tang WK, Wang YB, Xu SM, Yu RH, Wang ZM
11523 - 11527 Effect of doping and particle size on hydrogen absorption properties of BCC solid solution 52Ti-12V-36Cr
Kamble A, Sharma P, Huot J
11528 - 11533 Palladium nanoparticle and decorated carbon nanotube for electrochemical hydrogen storage
Shiraz HG, Shiraz MG
11534 - 11540 Rice straw-based activated carbons doped with SiC for enhanced hydrogen adsorption
Schaefer S, Muniz G, Izquierdo MT, Mathieu S, Ballinas-Casarrubias ML, Gonzalez-Sanchez G, Celzard A, Fierro V
11541 - 11552 Pressure analysis on two-step high pressure reducing system for hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle
Chen FQ, Zhang M, Qian JY, Chen LL, Jin ZJ
11553 - 11559 Hydrogen uptake of cobalt and copper oxide-multiwalled carbon nanotube composites
Rather SU
11560 - 11573 Temperature-dependent dissolution and diffusion of H isotopes in iron for nuclear energy applications: First-principles and vibration spectrum predictions
Chen QY, Yao QL, Liu YL, Han QF, Ding F
11574 - 11583 Function of aluminum in crystal structure of rare earth-Mg-Ni hydrogen-absorbing alloy and deterioration mechanism of Nd0.9Mg0.1Ni3.5 and Nd0.9Mg0.1Ni3.3Al0.2 alloys
Yasuoka S, Ishida J, Kai T, Kajiwara T, Doi S, Yamazaki T, Kishida K, Inui H
11584 - 11595 Economic energy management strategy design and simulation for a dual-stack fuel cell electric vehicle
Han X, Li FQ, Zhang T, Zhang T, Song K
11596 - 11604 Setup and experimental validation of a 5 kW HT-PEFC stack
Janssen H, Luke L, Lehnert W, Stolten D
11605 - 11613 High efficiency platinum nanoparticles based on carbon quantum dot and its application for oxygen reduction reaction
Kakaei K
11614 - 11621 Novel resolution-contrast method employed for investigating electron transfer mechanism of the mixed bacteria microbial fuel cell
Wang G, Wei LL, Cao C, Su M, Shen JQ
11622 - 11631 Microwave assisted, facile synthesis of Pt/CNT catalyst for proton exchange membrane fuel cell application
Bharti A, Cheruvally G, Muliankeezhu S
11632 - 11643 Optimal warm-up control strategy of the PEMFC system on a city bus aimed at improving efficiency
Cheng SL, Xu LF, Wu K, Fang C, Hu JM, Li JQ, Ouyang MG
11644 - 11653 Electromechanical diagnostic method for monitoring cracks in polymer electrolyte fuel cell electrodes
Jang KL, Kim S, Jeong BH, Oh JG, Hong BK, Kim TS
11654 - 11661 Electrochemical performance of melt-spinning Al-Mg-Sn based anode alloys
Ma JL, Ren FZ, Wang GX, Xiong Y, Li YQ, Wen JB
11662 - 11672 The experimental analysis of a dead-end H-2/O-2 PEM fuel cell stack with cascade type design
Alizadeh E, Khorshidian M, Saadat SHM, Rahgoshay SM, Rahimi-Esbo M
11673 - 11688 Design, manufacturing, assembling and testing of a transparent PEM fuel cell for investigation of water management and contact resistance at dead-end mode
Rahimi-Esbo M, Ramiar A, Ranjbar AA, Alizadeh E
11689 - 11698 Comparing through-plane diffusibility correlations in PEFC gas diffusion layers using the lattice Boltzmann method
Espinoza-Andaluz M, Andersson M, Sunden B
11699 - 11709 Graphene oxide reinforced ultra-thin carbon paper used for fuel cells and the mechanisms of reinforcement
Yang PP, Xie ZY, Li HB, Wang P, Huang QZ
11710 - 11723 Influence of hydrophobic block length and ionic liquid on the performance of multiblock poly (arylene ether) proton exchange membrane
Awasthi S, Kiran V, Gaur B
11724 - 11734 Expert diagnosis of polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Davies B, Jackson L, Dunnett S
11735 - 11744 Effect of MgO addition and grain size on the electrical properties of Ce0.9Gd0.1O1.95 electrolyte for IT-SOFCs
Bi HL, Liu XM, Zhu LL, Sun JL, Yu SL, Yu HM, Pei L
11745 - 11757 Sliding-mode-based temperature regulation of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell test bench
Fang C, Xu LF, Cheng SL, Li JQ, Jiang HL, Ouyang MG
11758 - 11770 Influence of Ti content on the corrosion properties and contact resistance of CrTiN coating in simulated proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Jin J, Zhu ZX, Zheng DC
11771 - 11778 Synthesis of Pd@Pt3Co/C core-shell structure as catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Wang KC, Huang HC, Wang CH
11779 - 11787 Heat balance of dry reforming in solid oxide fuel cell systems
Kushi T
11788 - 11802 Modeling of the operation conditions on the gas purging performance of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Mu YT, He P, Ding J, Tao WQ
11803 - 11812 High stability and performance of PtRu electrocatalyst derived from double polymer coatings
Ling Y, Yu XX, Zhang Q, Cai WW, Luo F, Yang ZH
11813 - 11822 Development of a low temperature decal transfer method for the fabrication of proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Shahgaldi S, Alaefour I, Unsworth G, Li XG
11823 - 11829 Interfacial effects on electrical conductivity in ultrafine-grained Sm0.2Ce0.8O2_(delta) electrolytes fabricated by a two-step sintering process
Sun HB, Rainwater BH, Xiong XH, Chen Y, Wei T, Zhang QB, Yang ZZ, Li CX, Liu ML
11830 - 11837 Performance of niobium nitride-modified AISI316L stainless steel as bipolar plates for direct formic acid fuel cells
Cui JL, Jing B, Xu X, Wang LX, Cheng FP, Li S, Wen ZS, Ji SJ, Sun JC
11838 - 11844 In-situ simulation of membrane fatigue in polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Khorasany RMH, Singh Y, Alavijeh AS, Rajapakse RKND, Kjeang E
11845 - 11856 The effect of adjusting the hydrophilic-hydrophobic block length in densely sulfonated poly(fluorenyl ether sulfone) block copolymer membranes
Kwon S, Kim TH
11857 - 11867 Risk-based optimal performance of a PV/fuel cell/battery/grid hybrid energy system using information gap decision theory in the presence of demand response program
Nojavan S, Majidi M, Zare K
11868 - 11878 Load profile based empirical model for the lifetime prediction of an automotive PEM fuel cell
Zhang XF, Yang DJ, Luo MH, Dong ZM
11879 - 11892 Examination of the effect of differential molecular diffusion in DNS of turbulent non-premixed flames
Han C, Lignell DO, Hawkes ER, Chen JH, Wang HF
11893 - 11901 Improving idle performance of a hydrogen-gasoline rotary engine at stoichiometric condition
Su T, Ji CW, Wang SF, Shi L, Yang JX, Cong XY
11902 - 11910 Mechanism of self-ignition of pressurized hydrogen flowing into the channel through rupturing diaphragm
Ivanov MF, Kiverin AD, Smygalina AE, Golub VV, Golovastov SV
11911 - 11925 Comparative study of the simulation ability of various recent hydrogen combustion mechanisms in HCCI engines using stochastic reactor model
Maurya RK, Akhil N
11926 - 11936 Study on the lower flammability limit of H-2/CO in O-2/H2O environment
Wang PX, Zhao YJ, Chen YJ, Bao LB, Meng S, Sun SZ
11937 - 11944 Linearized correction to a flamelet-based model for hydrogen-fueled supersonic combustion
Shan FL, Hou LY, Chen Z, Chen J, Wang L
11945 - 11961 Effects of nitrogen dilution on the NOx formation characteristics of CH4/CO/H-2 syngas counterflow non-premixed flames
Park S, Kim Y
11962 - 11975 Benchmarking of water injection in a hydrogen-fueled diesel engine to reduce emissions
Taghavifar H, Anvari S, Parvishi A
11976 - 11979 On the three explosion limits of an H-2-O-2 system and their relationships to ignition delay
Lidor A, Weihs D, Slier I, Sher E
11980 - 11995 A coupled diffusion and cohesive zone modelling approach for numerically assessing hydrogen embrittlement of steel structures
Jemblie L, Olden V, Akselsen OM
11996 - 12004 Sealing performance analysis of rubber O-ring in high-pressure gaseous hydrogen based on finite element method
Zhou CL, Zheng IY, Gu CH, Zhao YZ, Liu PF
12005 - 12014 Hydrogen-enhanced fatigue life analysis of Cr-Mo steel high-pressure vessels
Hua ZL, Zhang X, Zheng JY, Gu CH, Cui TC, Zhao YZ, Peng WZ
12015 - 12021 Hydrogen-induced nanohardness variations in a CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloy
Zhao Y, Lee DH, Lee JA, Kim WJ, Han HN, Ramamurty U, Suh JY, Jang JI
12022 - 12031 Synergistic effects of anaerobic digestion from sewage sludge with lime mud
Zhang JS, Yao C, Zheng PW, Zang LH
12032 - 12045 Direct methanol fuel cell system reliability analysis
Deodath R, Jhingoorie J, Riverol C