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International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.42, No.15 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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9353 - 9360 La2O3-modified highly dispersed AuPd alloy nanoparticles and their superior catalysis on the dehydrogenation of formic acid
Jiang YQ, Fan XL, Xiao XZ, Huang X, Liu MJ, Li SQ, Ge HW, Chen LX
9361 - 9370 Modeling of hydrogen and electrical energy storages in wind/PV energy system on the Lake Baikal coast
Marchenko OV, Solomin SV
9371 - 9383 Highly dispersed platinum nanoparticles on graphitic carbon nitride: A highly active and durable electrocatalyst for oxidation of methanol, formic acid and formaldehyde
Sadhukhan M, Kundu MK, Bhowmik T, Barman S
9384 - 9395 Investigation of V-doped TiO2 as an anodic catalyst support for SPE water electrolysis
Hao CP, Lv H, Zhao Q, Li B, Zhang CM, Mi CG, Song YK, Ma JX
9396 - 9405 Effects of sulfur poisoning on degradation phenomena in oxygen electrodes of solid oxide electrolysis cells and solid oxide fuel cells
Kushi T
9406 - 9418 Influence of process conditions on gas purity in alkaline water electrolysis
Haug P, Koj M, Turek T
9419 - 9427 In situ growth of MoS2 on carbon nanofibers with enhanced electrochemical catalytic activity for the hydrogen evolution
Li AN, Hu YZ, Yu MP, Liu XW, Li MG
9428 - 9439 Selective storage and evolution of hydrogen on nafion/NaCl/graphene quantum dot mixed matrix using tensammetry as power electrochemical technique
Deylaminezhad M, Zakipour M, Doroodmand MM, Mehrtash M
9440 - 9447 High temperature plasma equilibrium analysis by remote magnetic diagnostics in large aspect ratio tokamaks
Elahi AS, Ghoranneviss M
9448 - 9457 Gasification of diosgenin solid waste for hydrogen production in supercritical water
Cao W, Cao CQ, Guo LJ, Jin H, Dargusch M, Bernhardt D, Yao XD
9458 - 9466 Pt/Fe-NF electrode with high double-layer capacitance for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline media
Huang LR, Hou YP, Yu ZB, Peng ZB, Wang L, Huang J, Zhang BG, Qian L, Wu LD, Li ZC
9467 - 9481 Quantum dots as enhancer in photocatalytic hydrogen evolution: A review
Kandi D, Martha S, Parida KM
9482 - 9492 Ni/CeO2-MgO catalysts supported on stainless steel plates for ethanol steam reforming
Santander JA, Tonetto GM, Pedernera MN, Lopez E
9493 - 9499 Effects of NiO-loading on n-type GaN photoanode for photoelectrochemical water splitting using different aqueous electrolytes
Koike K, Yamamoto K, Ohara S, Kikitsu T, Ozasa K, Nakamura S, Sugiyama M, Nakano Y, Fujii K
9500 - 9510 Prioritizing of wind farm locations for hydrogen production: A case study
Rezaei-Shouroki M, Mostafaeipour A, Qolipour M
9511 - 9523 Autonomous hybrid system and coordinated intelligent management approach in power system operation and control using hydrogen storage
Nasri S, Slama SB, Yahyaoui I, Zafar B, Cherif A
9524 - 9532 New ultra thin CIGS structure solar cells using SCAPS simulation program
Heriche H, Rouabah Z, Bouarissa N
9533 - 9544 Hybrid photo-thermal sulfur-ammonia water splitting cycle: Thermodynamic analysis of the thermochemical steps
Kalyva AE, Vagia EC, Konstandopoulos AG, Srinivasa AR, T-Raissi A, Muradov N, Kakosimos KE
9545 - 9552 Application of CuS-ZnS PN junction for photoelectrochemical water splitting
Heidari G, Rabani M, Ramezanzadeh B
9553 - 9566 Enhanced hydrogen production over incorporated Cu and Ni into titanic photocatalyst in glycerol-based photoelectrochemical cell: Effect of total metal loading and calcination temperature
Bashiri R, Mohamed NM, Kait CF, Sufian S, Khatani M
9567 - 9576 Design study of an AnSBBR for hydrogen production by co-digestion of whey with glycerin: Interaction effects of organic load, cycle time and feed strategy
Lovato G, Albanez R, Stracieri L, Zaiat M, Ratusznei SM, Rodrigues JAD
9577 - 9588 Recyclable CeO2-ZrO2\ and CeO2-TiO2 mixed oxides based Pt catalyst for aqueous-phase reforming of the low-boiling fraction of bio-oil
Chen AP, Guo HJ, Song YM, Chen P, Lou H
9589 - 9599 Effect of inoculum pretreatment on the microbial community structure and its performance during dark fermentation using anaerobic fluidized-bed reactors
Cisneros-Perez C, Etchebehere C, Celis LB, Carrillo-Reyes J, Alatriste-Mondragon F, Razo-Flores E
9600 - 9610 Influence of C/P and C/N ratios and microbial characterization in hydrogen and ethanol production in an anaerobic fluidized bed reactor
Carosia MF, dos Reis CM, Sakamoto IK, Varesche MBA, Silva EL
9611 - 9618 Catalytic decomposition of tar derived from biomass pyrolysis using Ni-loaded chicken dropping catalysts
Kannari N, Oyama Y, Takarada T
9619 - 9629 Degradation and transformation of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) and dissolved organic matters (DOM) during two-stage anaerobic digestion with waste sludge
Zhang ZS, Guo L, Wang Y, Li FM, Zhao YG, Gao MC, She ZL
9630 - 9640 CFD optimization of horizontal continuous stirred-tank (HCSTR) reactor for bio-hydrogen production
Ri PC, Ren NQ, Ding J, Kim JS, Guo WQ
9641 - 9649 Overexpressing atpXF enhanced photo-fermentative hydrogen production performance of Rhodobacter sphaeroides
Zhang Y, Hu J, Ma HY, Yang HH, Guo LJ
9650 - 9659 Anaerobic solid-state fermentation of biohydrogen from microalgal Chlorella sp biomass
Phanduang O, Lunprom S, Salakkam A, Reungsang A
9660 - 9666 Hydrogen production by non-catalytic partial oxidation of coal in supercritical water: The study on reaction kinetics
Ge ZW, Guo LJ, Jin H
9667 - 9678 H-2 and CO production through coking wastewater in supercritical water condition: ReaxFF reactive molecular dynamics simulation
Jiang DD, Wang Y, Zhang M, Zhang JL, Li W, Han Y
9679 - 9687 Catalytic effect of sodium components on the microstructure and steam gasification of demineralized Shengli lignite char
Lu RR, Wang J, Liu QS, Wang Y, Te GS, Ban YP, Li N, Zhang XR, He RX, Zhou HC, Zhi KD
9688 - 9695 Thermodynamic analysis of waste heat recovery of molten blast furnace slag
Li P
9696 - 9706 Steam-to-carbon ratio control strategy for start-up and operation of a fuel processor
Ji H, Cho S
9707 - 9721 Syngas production from methane dry reforming over SmCoO3 perovskite catalyst: Kinetics and mechanistic studies
Osazuwa OU, Setiabudi HD, Abdullah S, Cheng CK
9722 - 9732 Copper-decorated TiO2 nanorod thin films in optofluidic planar reactors for efficient photocatalytic reduction of CO2
Cheng M, Yang S, Chen R, Zhu X, Liao Q, Huang Y
9733 - 9743 PARAFAC study of bovine serum albumin conformational changes in the interaction with nanosized manganese oxide as a biomimetic model for water-oxidizing complex
Akbarian S, Najafpour MM, Kompany-Zareh M
9744 - 9753 Charge transfer processes involved in photocatalytic hydrogen production over CuO/ZrO2-TiO2 materials
Guerrero-Araque D, Acevedo-Pena P, Ramirez-Ortega D, Calderon HA, Gomez R
9754 - 9765 Ce-promoted Co/Al2O3 catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Pardo-Tarifa F, Cabrera S, Sanchez-Dominguez M, Boutonnet M
9766 - 9774 Carbon nanodots prepared from NaOH-boiled graphene and its usage as a support of PdO for ethanol oxidation reaction
Ding KQ, Wang PY, Zhao J, Li Y, Chen YY, Zhang Y, Wei BJ, Sun YZ, Pan JQ
9775 - 9783 Heterogeneous Ir3Sn CeO2/C as alternative Pt-free electrocatalysts for ethanol oxidation in acidic media
Chai D, Wang W, Wang FX, Jing WL, Wang PD, Lei ZQ
9784 - 9794 Enhanced hydrogen generation from formic acid by a biomimetic ruthenium complex with a covalently bonded phosphine ligand
Chen MH, Lin JH, Li CR, Gliniak J, Chang CH, Peng CS, Chen YT, Yu JSK, Wu TK
9795 - 9805 Pt nanoparticles supported on NiTiO3/C as electrocatalyst towards high performance Methanol Oxidation Reaction
Thiagarajan V, Manoharan R, Karthikeyan P, Nikhila E, Hernandez-Ramirez A, Rodriguez-Varela FJ
9806 - 9815 Ultrasonic-assisted galvanic displacement synthesis of Pt-Pd/MWCNT for enhanced oxygen reduction reaction: Effect of Pt concentration
Zapata-Fernandez JR, Gochi-Ponce Y, Salazar-Gastelum MI, Reynoso-Soto EA, Paraguay-Delgado F, Lin SW, Felix-Navarro RM
9816 - 9830 Fischer-Tropsch synthesis over an iron-cobalt-manganese (ternary) nanocatalyst prepared by hydrothermal procedure: Effects of nanocatalyst composition and operational conditions
Golestan S, Mirzaei AA, Atashi H
9831 - 9839 Low-temperature CO2 reforming of methane over Ni supported on ZnAl mixed metal oxides
Sokolov S, Radnik J, Schneider M, Rodemerck U
9840 - 9857 K-doped LaNiO3 perovskite for high-temperature water-gas shift of reformate gas: Role of potassium on suppressing methanation
Maneerung T, Hidajat K, Kawi S
9858 - 9872 Effect of combining Al, Mg, Ce or La oxides to extracted rice husk nanosilica on the catalytic performance of NiO during COX-free hydrogen production via methane decomposition
Awadallah AE, Solyman SM, Aboul-Enein AA, Ahmed HA, Aboul-Gheit NAK, Hassan SA
9873 - 9880 Perovskite-based catalysts for tar removal by steam reforming: Effect of the presence of hydrogen sulfide
Quitete CPB, Manfro RL, Souza MMVM
9881 - 9891 Efficient hydrogen evolution catalysis triggered by electrochemically anchored platinum nano-islands on functionalized-MWCNT
Kunhiraman AK, Ramasamy M, Ramanathan S
9892 - 9902 Aqueous phase reforming of ethylene glycol over bimetallic platinum-cobalt on ceria-zirconia mixed oxide
Jeon S, Park YM, Saravanan K, Han GY, Kim BW, Lee JB, Bae JW
9903 - 9913 Enhanced optical absorption and photocatalytic H-2 production activity of g-C3N4/TiO2 heterostructure by interfacial coupling: A DFT plus U study
Lin YM, Shi HL, Jiang ZY, Wang GS, Zhang XD, Zhu HY, Zhang RQ, Zhu CY
9914 - 9921 Vertically grown CoS nanosheets on carbon cloth as efficient hydrogen evolution electrocatalysts
Li N, Liu X, Li GD, Wu YY, Gao RQ, Zou XX
9922 - 9929 Stacked etched aluminum flow-through membranes for methanol steam reforming
Hiramatsu H, Sakurai M, Maki T, Kameyama H
9930 - 9937 Cu supported on ZnAl-LDHs precursor prepared by in-situ synthesis method on gamma-Al2O3 as catalytic material with high catalytic activity for methanol steam reforming
He JP, Yang ZX, Zhang L, Li Y, Pan LW
9938 - 9944 Photoelectrochemical analysis of band gap modulated TiO2 for photocatalytic water splitting
Saraf S, Giraldo M, Paudel HP, Sakthivel TS, Shepard C, Gupta A, Leuenberger MN, Seal S
9945 - 9951 Hydrogen generation from alkaline NaBH4 solution using a dandelion-like Co-Mo-B catalyst supported on carbon cloth
Wei YS, Wang R, Meng LY, Wang Y, Li GD, Xin SG, Zhao XS, Zhang K
9952 - 9957 Carbon tubular membranes from nanocrystalline cellulose blended with P84 co-polyimide for H-2 and He separation
Sazali N, Salleh WNW, Ismail AF
9958 - 9965 Palladium composite membrane fabricated on rough porous alumina tube without intermediate layer for hydrogen separation
Guo Y, Wu HM, Fan XF, Zhou LD, Chen QQ
9966 - 9977 Theoretical evaluation of N-alkylcarbazoles potential in hydrogen release
Mehranfar A, Izadyar M
9978 - 10013 Ammonia borane, a material with exceptional properties for chemical hydrogen storage
Demirci UB
10014 - 10022 Characterization and hydrogen sorption behaviors of FeNiCr-carbon composites derived from Fe, Ni and Cr-containing polyacrylonitrile fibers prepared by electrospinning method
Kaneko T, Watanuki Y, Toyama T, Kojima Y, Nishimiya N
10023 - 10037 Interpreting the hydrogen adsorption on organic groups functionalized MOF-5s by statistical physics model
Wjihi S, Yang J, Sellaoui L, Knani S, Ben Lamine A
10038 - 10046 Elastic properties of perovskite-type hydrides LiBeH3 and NaBeH3 for hydrogen storage
Rehmat B, Rafiq MA, Javed Y, Irshad Z, Ahmed N, Mirza SM
10047 - 10056 In-situ nitrogen doping in carbon nanotubes using a fluidized bed reactor and hydrogen storage behavior of the doped nanotubes
Sharma A, Dasgupta K, Banerjee S, Patwardhan A, Srivastava D, Joshi JB
10057 - 10063 Hydrogen adsorption on graphane: An estimate using ab-initio interaction
Dicko M, Seydou M, Lamari FD, Langlois P, Maurel F, Levesque D
10064 - 10071 Tunable H-2 binding on alkaline and alkaline earth metals decorated graphene substrates from first-principles calculations
Wen YW, Xie F, Liu XL, Liu X, Chen R, Cho K, Shan B
10072 - 10080 Fe3O4/Ag microsheets assembled by interlaced nanothorns as high performance anode materials for lithium storage
Hao Q, Wang ZH, Ye JJ, Xu CX
10081 - 10088 Experimental study of the influences substitution from Ni by Co, Al and Mn on the hydrogen storage properties of LaNi3.6Mn0.3Al0.4Co0.7 alloy
Briki C, Belkhiria S, Dhaou MH, de Rango P, Jemni A
10089 - 10098 Functionalised hybrid Poly(ether ether ketone) containing MnO2: Investigation of operative conditions for hydrogen sorption
Pedicini R, Sigalas M, Carbone A, Gatto I
10099 - 10108 Li-decorated porous graphene as a high-performance hydrogen storage material: A first-principles study
Wang FD, Zhang T, Hou XY, Zhang WQ, Tang SW, Sun H, Zhang JP
10109 - 10116 Hydrogen absorption properties of a non-stoichiometric Zr-based Laves alloy against gaseous impurities
Zhang YL, Li JS, Zhang TB, Kou HC, Xue XY
10117 - 10123 The equilibrium between hydrogen isotopes and TiVCr alloys
Yang YB, Rao YC, Luo LZ, Chen CA, Ye XQ, Luo DL
10124 - 10130 Fast hydrogen diffusion along Sigma 13 grain boundary of alpha-Al2O3 and its suppression by the dopant Cr: A first-principles study
Dong Y, Wang F, Lai WS
10131 - 10141 Characteristics of A(2)B(7)-type La-Y-Ni-based hydrogen storage alloys modified by partially substituting Ni with Mn
Xiong W, Yan HZ, Wang L, Verbetsky V, Zhao X, Mitrokhin S, Li BQ, Li J, Wang Y
10142 - 10157 Direct liquid fuel cells: A review
Ong BC, Kamarudin SK, Basri S
10158 - 10174 Dynamic performance of an in-rack proton exchange membrane fuel cell battery system to power servers
Zhao L, Brouwer J, James S, Siegler J, Peterson E, Kansal A, Liu J
10175 - 10183 Fabrication of TiN inverse opal structure and Pt nanoparticles by atomic layer deposition for proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Liu YR, Hsueh YC, Perng TP
10184 - 10198 Oxidative steam reforming of ethanol on rhodium catalyst - I: Spatially resolved steady-state experiments and microkinetic modeling
Baruah R, Dixit M, Parejiya A, Basarkar P, Bhargav A, Sharma S
10199 - 10207 Influence of deposition temperature on the microstructure of thin-film electrolyte for SOFCs with a nanoporous AAO support structure
Lim Y, Hong S, Bae J, Yang H, Kim YB
10208 - 10216 Experimental and thermodynamic evaluation of La1-xSrxMnO3 +/-delta and La1-xSrxCo1-yFeyO3-delta cathodes in Cr-containing humidified air
Hu BX, Krishnan S, Liang CY, Heo SJ, Aphale AN, Ramprasad R, Singh P
10217 - 10227 Structure failure of the sealing in the assembly process for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Liang P, Qiu DK, Peng LF, Yi PY, Lai XM, Ni J
10228 - 10237 A novel strategy for constructing a highly conductive and swelling-resistant semi-flexible aromatic polymer based anion exchange membranes
Zhao BL, He GH, El Hamouti I, Gao L, Liu YJ, Deng RL, Yan XM
10238 - 10247 Efficient electro-oxidation of methanol using PtCo nanocatalysts supported reduced graphene oxide matrix as anode for DMFC
Baronia R, Goel J, Tiwari S, Singh P, Singh D, Singh SP, Singhal SK
10248 - 10263 Thermodynamic assessment of advanced SOFC-blade cooled gas turbine hybrid cycle
Choudhary T, Sanjay
10264 - 10274 Investigation of the anode reactions in solid oxide electrolyte based carbon fuel cells
Xu K, Hu HY, Li ZH, Zhu XQ, Liu H, Luo GQ, Li X, Yao H
10275 - 10284 Electrospun multifunctional sulfonated carbon nanofibers for design and fabrication of SPEEK composite proton exchange membranes for direct methanol fuel cell application
Liu XP, Yang ZH, Zhang YF, Li CC, Dong JM, Liu Y, Cheng HS
10285 - 10297 Combined micro-cogeneration and electric vehicle system for household application: An energy and economic analysis in a Northern European climate
Vialetto G, Noro M, Rokni M
10298 - 10307 Sputtered MnCu metallic coating on ferritic stainless steel for solid oxide fuel cell interconnects application
Geng SJ, Zhao QQ, Li YH, Mu JJ, Chen G, Wang FH, Zhu SL
10308 - 10316 Novel, cobalt-free, and highly active Sr2Fe1.5Mo0.5-xSnxO6-delta cathode materials for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells
He BB, Gong C, Wang ZB, Jia LC, Zhao L
10317 - 10328 Influence of alkaline 2D carbon nitride nanosheets as fillers for anchoring HPW and improving conductivity of SPEEK nanocomposite membranes
Dong CC, Wang Q, Cong CB, Meng XY, Zhou Q
10329 - 10340 Simulation of a reversible SOFC with Aspen Plus
Hauck M, Herrmann S, Spliethoff H
10341 - 10353 Biogas use in high temperature fuel cells: Enhancement of KOH-KI activated carbon performance toward H2S removal
Barelli L, Bidini G, de Arespacochaga N, Perez L, Sisani E
10354 - 10362 Ultrathin nitrogen doped carbon layer stabilized Pt electrocatalyst supported on N-doped carbon nanotubes
Zhang Q, Yu XX, Ling Y, Cai WW, Yang ZH
10363 - 10375 The comparison of direct borohydride-hydrogen peroxide fuel cell performance with membrane electrode assembly prepared by catalyst coated membrane method and catalyst coated gas diffusion layer method using Ni@Pt/C as anodic catalyst
Hosseini MG, Mahmoodi R
10376 - 10389 The development of a PEMFC hybrid power electric vehicle with automatic sodium borohydride hydrogen generation
Wang FC, Fang WH
10390 - 10406 Numerical analysis of high-temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells during start-up by inlet gas heating and applied voltage
Rasheed RKA, Zhang CZ, Chan SH
10407 - 10415 Electrospun Co-TiC nanoparticles embedded on carbon nanofibers: Active and chemically stable counter electrode for methanol fuel cells and dye-sensitized solar cells
Yousef A, Brooks RM, El-Newehy MH, Al-Deyab SS, Kim HY
10416 - 10422 Electrochemical investigations of cobalt-free perovskite cathode material for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell
Javed MS, Shaheen N, Idrees A, Hu CG, Raza R
10423 - 10434 Highly active and stable non noble metal catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
Zhang BD, Lin ZP, Huang JL, Cao LM, Wu XX, Yu X, Zhan YF, Xie FY, Zhang WH, Chen J, Mai WJ, Xie WG, Meng H
10435 - 10447 Novel hybrid fuzzy-PID control scheme for air supply in PEM fuel-cell-based systems
Baroud Z, Benmiloud M, Benalia A, Ocampo-Martinez C
10448 - 10454 Carbon xerogel as gas diffusion layer in PEM fuel cells
Trefilov AMI, Tiliakos A, Serban EC, Ceaus C, Iordache SM, Voinea S, Balan A
10455 - 10465 Numerical analysis of passive techniques for optimizing the performance of scramjet combustor
Kummitha OR
10466 - 10474 Effects of fuel composition and strain rate on NO emission of premixed counter-flow H-2/CO/air flames
Ning DG, Fan AW, Yao H
10475 - 10484 Combustion improvement in HCCI engine operating on synthesis gas via addition of ozone or excited oxygen molecules to the charge: Modeling study
Starik AM, Korobov AN, Titova NS
10485 - 10500 Effect of parametric variation of strut layout and position on the performance of a typical two-strut based scramjet combustor
Choubey G, Pandey KM
10501 - 10512 Modes of reaction front propagation and end-gas combustion of hydrogen/air mixtures in a closed chamber
Shi X, Ryu JI, Chen JY, Dibble RW
10513 - 10523 Investigation of a pure hydrogen fueled gas turbine burner
Cappelletti A, Martelli F
10524 - 10535 Numerical analysis of scramjet combustor with innovative strut and fuel injection techniques
Kummitha OR, Suneetha L, Pandey KM
10536 - 10546 Effects of hydrogen enrichment on combustion characteristics of a CI engine
Yilmaz IT, Demir A, Gumus M
10547 - 10554 Effect of ignition location on external explosion in hydrogen-air explosion venting
Cao Y, Guo J, Hu KL, Xie LF, Li B
10555 - 10567 Effect of loading mode on blistering in iron submitted to plastic prestrain before hydrogen cathodic charging
Ayadi S, Charles Y, Gasperini M, Lemaire IC, Botelho TD
10568 - 10578 Experimental measurement of out-of-plane displacement in crack propagation under gaseous hydrogen
Bilotta G, Henaff G, Halm D, Arzaghi M
10579 - 10590 Simulation of thermal desorption spectrum of hydrogen from austenite embedded in the martensite matrix
Enomoto M
10591 - 10603 Application of the time-domain and frequency-domain radiative measurement signals in retrieving the spectral complex refractive index of microalgae
He ZZ, Qi H, Ren YT, Ruan LM, Mao JK
10604 - 10610 Hydrogen sorption by Ni-coated titanium alloy VT1-0
Kudiiarov VN, Kashkarov EB, Syrtanov MS, Lider AM
10611 - 10621 Decarburization mechanism during hydrogen reduction descaling of hot-rolled strip steel
Jing YA, Yuan YM, Yan XL, Zhang L, Sha MH
10622 - 10635 Effect of laser parameters and compression ratio on particulate emissions from a laser ignited hydrogen engine
Agarwal AK, Singh AP, Pal A
10636 - 10644 Simulation-based safety investigation of a hydrogen fueling station with an on-site hydrogen production system involving methylcyclohexane
Nakayama J, Misono H, Sakamoto J, Kasai N, Shibutani T, Miyake A
10645 - 10655 Development of a selective hydrogen leak sensor based on chemically doped SnO2 for automotive applications
Lavanya N, Sekar C, Fazio E, Neri F, Leonardi SG, Neri G
10656 - 10682 Computational approach for hydrogen leakage with crack propagation of pressure vessel wall using coupled particle and Euler method
Ishimoto J, Sato T, Combescure A
10683 - 10694 Reactive air brazing of YSZ-electrolyte and Al2O3-substrate for gas sensor sealing: Interfacial microstructure and mechanical properties
Cao J, Si XQ, Li WJ, Song XG, Feng JC
10695 - 10695 A review on the application of liquid metals as heat transfer fluid in Concentrated Solar Power technologies (vol 41, pg 6990, 2016)
Lorenzin N, Abanades A