International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.42, No.12 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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7761 - 7769 Fabrication of Mg-Ni-Sn alloys for fast hydrogen generation in seawater
Oh S, Cho T, Kim M, Lim J, Eom K, Kim D, Cho E, Kwon H
7770 - 7785 Optimal monolithic configuration for heat integrated ethanol steam reformer
Sidhu TPK, Govil A, Roy S
7786 - 7797 Hydrogen production by sorption-enhanced steam reforming of acetic acid over Ni/CexZr1-xO2-CaO catalysts
Hu RR, Li DP, Xue HY, Zhang N, Liu ZW, Liu ZT
7798 - 7810 Techno-economic and environmental performances of glycerol reforming for hydrogen and power production with low carbon dioxide emissions
Cormos AM, Cormos CC
7811 - 7819 Three-dimensional structure of WS2/graphene/Ni as a binder-free electrocatalytic electrode for highly effective and stable hydrogen evolution reaction
Qi F, Li PJ, Chen YF, Zheng BJ, Liu JB, Zhou JH, He JR, Hao X, Zhang WL
7820 - 7825 Experimental investigation of preparing and using the H2O based nanofluids in the heating process of HVAC system model
Hatami M, Domairry G, Mirzababaei SN
7826 - 7835 A ternary Ag/TiO2/CNT photoanode for efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting under visible light irradiation
Chaudhary D, Singh S, Vankar VD, Khare N
7836 - 7846 Multi-objective optimization of the hybrid wind/solar/fuel cell distributed generation system using Hammersley Sequence Sampling
Chen H, Yang C, Deng KJ, Zhou NN, Wu HC
7847 - 7856 Experimental investigation of heterogeneous hydrolysis with Zn vapor under a temperature gradient
Lindemer MD, Advani SG, Prasad AK
7857 - 7865 Supercritical water gasification of glucose in fluidized bed reactor: A numerical study
Yao L, Lu YJ
7866 - 7874 Enhanced hydrogen production and biological saccharification from spent mushroom compost by Clostridium thermocellum 27405 supplemented with recombinant beta-glucosidases
Hu BB, Zhu MJ
7875 - 7882 Glycerol and mixture of carbon sources conversion to hydrogen by Clostridium beijerinckii DSM79 1 and effects of various heavy metals on hydrogenase activity
Trchounian K, Muller N, Schink B, Trchounian A
7883 - 7894 The evaluation of a process for clean syngas based on lump coal pressurized gasification
Shi ZY, Shen SG, Li TJ, Sun YJ, Shan WW, Bai YG, Zhang QG, Li F
7895 - 7907 Hydrogen production by methane decomposition over Co-Al mixed oxides derived from hydrotalcites: Effect of the catalyst activation with H-2 or CH4
Zardin L, Perez -Lopez OW
7908 - 7916 Highly active nanostructured water oxidation catalyst electrodeposited from Co(cyclam) complex
Duraisamy S, Kim H, Shin W
7917 - 7929 Photocatalytic degradation of butyric acid over Cu2O/Bi2WO6 composites for simultaneous production of alkanes and hydrogen gas under UV irradiation
Zheng XJ, Li CL, Zhao M, Zheng Z, Wei LF, Chen FH, Li XL
7930 - 7937 An efficient exfoliation method to obtain graphitic carbon nitride nanosheets with superior visible-light photocatalytic activity
Sun H, Zhou XZ, Zhang HZ, Tul WX
7938 - 7950 Mn-containing ZSM-5 type zeolite as a water-oxidizing catalyst: New findings and current controversies
Khatamian M, Heidari S, Najafpour MM
7951 - 7956 In-situ grown of Ni2P nanoparticles on 2D black phosphorus as a novel hybrid catalyst for hydrogen evolution
Lin Y, Pan Y, Zhang J
7957 - 7973 Hydrogen and aromatic production by means of a novel membrane integrated cross flow CCR naphtha reforming process
Saeedi R, Iranshahi D
7974 - 7985 Impact of the patterned membrane morphology on PEMFC performances of ultra-low platinum loaded MEAs
Cuynet S, Caillard A, Bigarre J, Buvat P
7986 - 7996 Effect of the porous stainless steel substrate shape on the ZrO2 deposition by vacuum assisted dip-coating
Contardi I, Cornaglia L, Tarditi AM
7997 - 8005 Long term and performance testing of NaMg double salts for H-2/CO2 separation
Ji G, Motuzas J, Birizett G, Smart S, Hooman K, da Costa JCD
8006 - 8020 High performance of bulk Mo2N and Co3Mo3N catalysts for hydrogen production from ammonia: Role of citric acid to Mo molar ratio in preparation of high surface area nitride catalysts
Podila S, Zaman SF, Driss H, Al-Zahrani AA, Daous MA, Petrov LA
8021 - 8031 Hydrogen adsorption and kinetics in MIL-101(Cr) and hybrid activated carbon-MIL-101(Cr) materials
Yu ZW, Deschamps J, Hamon L, Prabhakaran PK, Pre P
8032 - 8041 Effect of surface functional groups on hydrogen adsorption properties of Pd dispersed reduced graphene oxide
Das TK, Banerjee S, Pandey M, Vishwanadh B, Kshirsagar RJ, Sudarsan V
8042 - 8049 Hydride bed control: Understanding of hydride bed using tank efflux
Yun SH, Chang MH, Kang HG, Chung D, Lee HG, Jung KJ, Chung H, Song KM, Lee ES, Lee IB, Park BE
8050 - 8056 Study on the dehydrogenation properties and reversibility of Mg(BH4)(2)-AlH3 composite under moderate conditions
Zheng JG, Xiao XZ, Zhang LT, He Y, Li SQ, Ge HW, Chen LX
8057 - 8062 Influence of micro-amount O-2 or N-2 on the hydrogenation/dehydrogenation kinetics of hydrogen-storage material MgH2
Xu E, Li H, You XM, Bu C, Zhang LF, Wang Q, Zhao ZG
8063 - 8074 Novel reactor design for metal hydride cooling systems
Weckerle C, Burger I, Linder M
8075 - 8082 Notched-tensile properties under high-pressure gaseous hydrogen: Comparison of pipeline steel X70 and austenitic stainless type 304L, 316L steels
Song EJ, Baek SW, Nahm SH, Baek UB
8083 - 8088 A first principles study on resonant perturbation field effects on toroidal field ripples in tokamaks
Mahdavipour B, Elahi AS
8089 - 8097 An analogy of interstitial site occupancy and hydrogen induced disproportionation of Zr1-xTixCo ternary alloys
Jat RA, Singh R, Pati S, Sastry PU, Das A, Agarwal R, Parida SC
8098 - 8108 Elaboration and electrochemical characterization of Mg-Ni hydrogen storage alloy electrodes for Ni/MH batteries
Agaoglu GH, Orhan G
8109 - 8118 Validation of a fuel cell compression spring equivalent model using polarisation data
Ahmad M, Harrison R, Meredith J, Bindel A, Todd B
8119 - 8129 Performance improvement in direct borohydride/peroxide fuel cells
Sanli AE, Gordesel M, Yilmaz ES, Ozden SK, Gunlu G, Uysal BZ
8130 - 8138 Tungsten-molybdenum oxide nanowires/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite with enhanced and durable performance for electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction
Imran M, Bin Yousaf A, Zaidi SJ, Fernandez C
8139 - 8149 Membrane degradation in PEM fuel cells: From experimental results to semi-empirical degradation laws
Chandesris M, Vincent R, Guetaz L, Roch JS, Thoby D, Quinaud M
8150 - 8165 Coupled continuum and condensation-evaporation pore network model of the cathode in polymer-electrolyte fuel cell
Belgacem N, Prat M, Pauchet J
8166 - 8196 Fuel cell electric vehicle as a power plant: Fully renewable integrated transport and energy system design and analysis for smart city areas
Oldenbroek V, Verhoef LA, van Wijk AJM
8197 - 8206 Efficient CO2 electrolysis with scandium doped titanate cathode
Lu JH, Li SS, Tao SW, Zhang T, Xie K
8207 - 8215 Cathode modification with peptide nanotubes (PNTs) incorporating redox mediators for azo dyes decolorization enhancement in microbial fuel cells
Xu HD, Quan XC, Xiao ZT, Chen L
8216 - 8223 Self-supported N-doped carbon nanonet integrated on carbon paper for gas diffusion electrode
Li HB, Yang PP, Xie ZY, Sun M, Huang QZ
8224 - 8232 Synergistic effect of graphene oxide and carbon nanotubes on sulfonated poly(arylene ether nitrile)-based proton conducting membranes
Feng MN, Huang YM, Cheng T, Liu XB
8233 - 8241 Microbial fuel cell (MFC) using commercially available unglazed ceramic wares: Low-cost ceramic separators suitable for scale-up
Khalili HB, Mohebbi-Kalhori D, Afarani MS
8242 - 8254 Electric vehicle charging in stochastic smart microgrid operation with fuel cell and RES units
Anastasiadis AG, Konstantinopoulos S, Kondylis GP, Volzas GA
8255 - 8263 Carbon nanobowls supported ultrafine palladium nanocrystals: A highly active electrocatalyst for the formic acid oxidation
Jia N, Shi YR, Zhang SX, Chen XB, Chen P, An ZW
8264 - 8277 Investigation on no-vent filling process of liquid hydrogen tank under microgravity condition
Ma Y, Li YZ, Zhu K, Wang Y, Wang L, Tan HB
8278 - 8287 Simulations of combustion oscillation and flame dynamics in a strut-based supersonic combustor
Huang ZW, He GQ, Wang S, Qin F, Wei XG, Shi L
8288 - 8298 Effect of addition of hydrogen and exhaust gas recirculation on characteristics of hydrogen gasoline engine
Du YD, Yu XM, Liu L, Li RZ, Zuo XYN, Sun Y
8299 - 8309 An experimental study on performance, emission and combustion parameters of hydrogen fueled spark ignition engine with the timed manifold injection system
Navale SJ, Kulkarni RR, Thipse SS
8310 - 8313 Heat pipes thermoelectric solar collectors for energy applications
Omer G, Yavuz AH, Ahiska R
8314 - 8328 Assessment of the method for calculating the Lewis number of H-2/CO/CH4 mixtures and comparison with experimental results
Lapalme D, Lemaire R, Seers P
8329 - 8337 Hydrogen-induced softening of Ti-44Al-6Nb-1Cr-2V alloy during hot deformation
Ma TF, Chen RR, Zheng DS, Guo JJ, Ding HS, Su YQ, Fu HZ
8338 - 8345 Instantaneous power factor signature analysis for efficient fault diagnosis in inverter fed three phased induction motors
Akar M, Gercekcioglu HS
8346 - 8368 GASFLOW-MPI: A new 3-D parallel all-speed CFD code for turbulent dispersion and combustion simulations
Xiao JJ, Breitung W, Kuznetsov M, Zhang H, Travis JR, Redlinger R, Jordan T
8369 - 8381 GASFLOW-MPI: A new 3-D parallel all-speed CFD code for turbulent dispersion and combustion simulations Part II: First analysis of the hydrogen explosion in Fukushima Daiichi Unit 1
Xiao JJ, Breitung W, Kuznetsov M, Zhang H, Travis JR, Redlinger R, Jordan T
8382 - 8391 Effects of the geometry of downstream pipes with different angles on the shock ignition of high-pressure hydrogen during its sudden expansion
Gong L, Duan QL, Sun Q, Jin KQ, Sun JH
8392 - 8398 Room temperature hydrogen gas sensors of functionalized carbon nanotubes based hybrid nanostructure: Role of Pt sputtered nanoparticles
Dhall S, Sood K, Nathawat R
8399 - 8405 Rapid hydrogen sensing response and aging of alpha-MoO3 nanowires paper sensor
Luo XT, You KK, Hu YM, Yang SL, Pan XM, Wang Z, Chen WP, Gu HS
8408 - 8409 Preface to the special issue section on "The 7th International Conference on Photosynthesis and Hydrogen Energy Research for Sustainability in Honor of Nathan Nelson and T. Nejat Veziroglu, 19-25 June 2016, Pushchino, Russia"
Hou HJM, Allakhverdiev SI
8410 - 8417 An introduction to the special issue section on "The 7th International Conference on Photosynthesis and Hydrogen Energy Production in Honor of Nathan Nelson and T. Nejat Veziroglu, 19-25 June 2016, Pushchino, Russia"
Hou HJM, Tomo T, Allakhverdiev SI
8418 - 8449 A review of TiO2 nanostructured catalysts for sustainable H-2 generation
Ge MZ, Cai JS, Iocozzia J, Cao CY, Huang JY, Zhang XN, Shen JL, Wang SC, Zhang SN, Zhang KQ, Lai YK, Lin ZQ
8450 - 8461 Biofuel production: Challenges and opportunities
Rodionova MV, Poudyal RS, Tiwari I, Voloshin RA, Zharmukhamedov SK, Nam HG, Zayadan BK, Bruce BD, Hou HJM, Allakhverdiev SI
8462 - 8474 A facile template-free electrodeposition method for vertically standing nanorods on conductive substrates and their applications for photoelectrochemical catalysis
Wang J, Gupta A, Pan SL
8475 - 8485 Photocatalytic water oxidation at bismuth vanadate thin film electrodes grown by direct liquid injection chemical vapor deposition method
Archana PS, Shan ZC, Pan SL, Gupta A
8486 - 8496 Design of an integrated process for simultaneous chemical looping hydrogen production and electricity generation with CO2 capture
Mehrpooya M, Sharifzadeh MMM, Rajabi M, Aghbashlo M, Tabatabai M, Hosseinpour S, Ramakrishna S
8497 - 8504 Effect of growth conditions on advantages of hup(-) strain for H-2 photoproduction by Rubrivivax gelatinosus
Laurinavichene T, Kitashima M, Nagashima KVP, Sato T, Sakurai H, Inoue K, Tsygankov A
8505 - 8517 Mixotrophic cultivation, a preferable microalgae cultivation mode for biomass/bioenergy production, and bioremediation, advances and prospect
Zhan J, Rong JF, Wang Q
8518 - 8529 Multi-objective exergy-based optimization of a continuous photobioreactor applied to produce hydrogen using a novel combination of soft computing techniques
Hosseinpour S, Aghbashlo M, Tabatabaei M, Younesi H, Mehrpooya M, Ramakrishna S
8530 - 8538 Hydrogen energy production using manganese/semiconductor system inspired by photosynthesis
8539 - 8544 Lessons from metal oxides to find why Nature selected manganese and calcium for water oxidation
Najafpour MM, Amini M, Ashrafi M
8545 - 8553 Light conversion film promotes CO2 assimilation by increasing cyclic electron flow around Photosystem I in Arabidopsis thaliana
Li Y, Tu WF, Liu C, Liu W, Hu GJ, Liu XT, Chen ZD, Yang CH
8554 - 8559 Significant improvement in the dehydriding properties of perovskite hydrides, NaMgH3, by doping with K2TiF6
Wang ZM, Tao S, Deng JQ, Zhou HY, Yao QR
8560 - 8568 Transformation of La0.65Sr0.35MnO3 in electrochemical water oxidation
Najafpour MM, Amin AS, Balaghi SE, Deljoo B, Mousazade Y, Jafari T, Aindow M, Suib SL
8569 - 8575 Carbazole based D-A-pi-A chromophores for dye sensitized solar cells: Effect of the side alkyl chain length on device performance
Kiymaz D, Sezgin M, Sefer E, Zafer C, Koyuncu S
8576 - 8585 Optimization and characterization of TiO2-based solar cell design using diverse plant pigments
Voloshin RA, Bedbenov VS, Gabrielyan DA, Brady NG, Kreslavski VD, Zharmukhamedov SK, Rodionova MV, Bruce BD, Allakhverdiev SI
8586 - 8591 Waste-free technology of wastewater treatment to obtain microalgal biomass for biodiesel production
Zayadan BK, Sadvakasova AK, Usserbayeva AA, Bolatkhan K, Baizhigitova AM, Akmukhanova NR, Sidorov RA, Sinetova MA, Los DA