International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.41, No.46 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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21057 - 21066 Optimal operation of a hydrogen refuelling station combined with wind power in the electricity market
Carr S, Zhang F, Liu F, Du ZL, Maddy J
21067 - 21077 Reduction of CO2 with hydrogen in a non-equilibrium microwave plasma reactor
de la Fuente JF, Moreno SH, Stankiewicz AI, Stefanidis GD
21078 - 21087 Fabrication of efficient CdS nanoflowers-decorated TiO2 nanotubes array heterojunction photoanode by a novel synthetic approach for solar hydrogen production
Shinde PS, Park JW, Mahadik MA, Ryu J, Park JH, Yi YJ, Jang JS
21088 - 21098 Enhanced photosensitization of zinc oxide nanorods using polyaniline for efficient photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical water splitting
Sharma S, Singh S, Khare N
21099 - 21108 Simulation and exergetic evaluation of hydrogen production from sorption enhanced and conventional steam reforming of acetic acid
Tian XT, Wang SR, Zhou JS, Xiang YY, Zhang F, Lin BW, Liu SA, Luo ZY
21109 - 21120 Fermentative production of H-2 from different concentrations of galactose by the new isolate Clostridium beijerinckii Br21
Fonseca BC, Guazzaroni ME, Reginatto V
21121 - 21130 Energy and exergy analysis of rice husk high-temperature pyrolysis
Wang XY, Lv W, Guo L, Zhai M, Dong P, Qi GL
21131 - 21139 Numerical simulation of the hybrid filtration combustion of biomass
Toledo M, Rosales C, Silvestre C, Caro S
21140 - 21156 (MnO/Mn3O4)-NiAl nanoparticles as smart carbon resistant catalysts for the production of syngas by means of CO2 reforming of methane: Advocating the role of concurrent carbothermic redox looping in the elimination of coke
Touahra F, Sehailia M, Halliche D, Bachari K, Saadi A, Cherifi O
21157 - 21165 Attapulgite clay supported Ni nanoparticles encapsulated by porous silica: Thermally stable catalysts for ammonia decomposition to COx free hydrogen
Li L, Chen F, Shao JL, Dai Y, Ding JF, Tang Z
21166 - 21180 Nanostructured CeO2/MgAl-LDH composite for visible light induced water reduction reaction
Nayak S, Parida KM
21181 - 21192 The synthesis of analcime zeolite nanoparticles using silica extracted from stem of sorghum Halepenesic ash and their application as support for electrooxidation of formaldehyde
Azizi SN, Ghasemi S, Deralzhshani-Mansoorkuhi M
21193 - 21202 Promoted hydrogen generation from formic acid with amines using Au/ZrO2 catalyst
Bi QY, Lin JD, Liu YM, Huang FQ, Cao Y
21203 - 21211 Treated nanolayered Mn oxide by potassium fluoride: An improvement for nanolayered Mn oxide toward water oxidation
Najafpour MM, Hosseini SM, Ghobadi MZ, Rafighi P, Bagheri R, Song Z
21212 - 21220 The mechanism of oxygen reduction reaction on CoN4 embedded graphene: A combined kinetic and atomistic thermodynamic study
Zhang XL, Lu ZS, Yang ZX
21221 - 21235 Activity of varying compositions of Co-Ni-P catalysts for the methanolysis of ammonia borane
Amoo KO, Onyeozili EN, Kalu EE, Omoleye JA, Efeovbokhan VE
21236 - 21245 Preparation of the Ag/RGO nanocomposite by use of Abutilon hirtum leaf extract: A recoverable catalyst for the reduction of organic dyes in aqueous medium at room temperature
Maryami M, Nasrollahzadeh M, Mehdipour E, Sajadi SM
21246 - 21250 Graphene Loading Molybdenum Carbide/Oxide Hybrids as Advanced Electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction
Li XX, Ci SQ, Jia JC, Wen ZH
21251 - 21260 Zinc-copper oxide coated monolithic reactors for high capacity hydrogen sulphide removal from gaseous streams
Mandilas C, Zarvalis D, Karagiannakis G, Pagkoura C, Deloglou D, Konstandopoulos AG
21261 - 21267 Investigation of the capacity degradation mechanism of La-Mg-Ca-Ni AB(3)-type alloy
Xin GB, Yuan HP, Yang K, Jiang LJ, Liu XP, Wang SM
21268 - 21277 Flexible binder-free reduced graphene oxide wrapped Si/carbon fibers paper anode for high-performance lithium ion batteries
Tao HC, Xiong LY, Zhu SC, Yang XL, Zhang LL
21278 - 21285 Novel application of non-aqueous chemical bath deposited Sb2S3 thin films as supercapacitive electrode
Karade SS, Banerjee K, Majumder S, Sankapal BR
21286 - 21292 Strong correlation effect on the thermodynamic and mechanical properties of ytterbium dihydride
Zhang C, Wang ZQ, Cao N
21293 - 21299 Push-pull type material having spirobifluorene as pi-spacer for dye sensitized solar cells
Can M, Bilgili H, Demirak K, Gultekin B, Koyuncu S, Kus M, Zafer C, Demic S, Icli S
21300 - 21309 Nitrogen modified templated carbons for energy application: Effect of templates and nitrogen precursors
Konwar RJ, De M
21310 - 21344 A comprehensive review of PBI-based high temperature PEM fuel cells
Araya SS, Zhou F, Liso V, Sahlin SL, Vang JR, Thomas S, Gao X, Jeppesen C, Kaer SK
21345 - 21351 The effects of the composition of microporous layers on the permeability of gas diffusion layers used in polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Orogbemi OM, Ingham DB, Ismail MS, Hughes KJ, Ma L, Pourkashanian M
21352 - 21365 Understanding formation mechanism of heterogeneous porous structure of catalyst layer in polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Inoue G, Kawase M
21366 - 21374 Tailoring cathode structure of catalyst coated membranes for performance enhancement in direct methanol fuel cells
Mehmood A, An M, Ha HY
21375 - 21384 Surface modification of 304 stainless steels to improve corrosion behavior and interfacial contact resistance of bipolar plates
Dadfar M, Salehi M, Golozar MA, Trasatti S
21385 - 21393 Co-synthesized (La0.8Sr0.2)(0.9)MnO3-Y0.15Zr0.85O2 composite for solid oxide fuel cell cathode
Liu ZB, Zhang XM, Huang ZD, Zhao Z, Cui DA, Cheng MJ
21394 - 21403 A simple strategy to form hollow Pt3Co alloy nanosphere with ultrathin Pt shell with significant enhanced oxygen reduction reaction activity
Li ZY, Zeng R, Wang LG, Jiang LJ, Wang SM, Liu XP
21404 - 21414 Activity and stability of PtxCr/C catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction: Effect of the Pt:Cr ratio and heat treatment atmosphere
Maniwan W, Poochinda K, Hunsom M
21415 - 21426 Identification of critical parameters for PEMFC stack performance characterization and control strategies for reliable and comparable stack benchmarking
Mitzel J, Gulzow E, Kabza A, Hunger J, Araya SS, Piela P, Alecha I, Tsotridis G
21427 - 21438 A comparison of energy storage from renewable sources through batteries and fuel cells: A case study in Turin, Italy
Belmonte N, Girgenti V, Florian P, Peano C, Luetto C, Rizzi P, Baricco M
21439 - 21449 Evaluation and performance optimization of double-perovskite LaSrCoTiO5+delta cathode for intermediate-temperature solid-oxide fuel cells
Jin FJ, Liu JC, Niu BB, Ta L, Li RR, Wang Y, Yang X, He TM
21450 - 21460 Comprehensive evaluation of dopant solubility, proton concentration, proton mobility and phase stability of lanthanum polyphosphate for conductivity improvement
Adachi Y, Hatada N, Uda T
21461 - 21469 Poly(p-phenylene sulfonic acid-ran-2,5-benzophenone) pore-filling membranes with highly packed acid structure and their polymer electrolyte fuel cell performances
Ichimura S, Sota Y, Ishikawa J, Imanishi Y, Kitamura K, Tsujii S, Yamaguchi T
21470 - 21488 Multi-objective optimization of an indirectly integrated solid oxide fuel cell-gas turbine cogeneration system
Khani L, Mehr AS, Yari M, Mahmoudi SMS
21489 - 21496 Micro-tubular flame-assisted fuel cell stacks
Milcarek RJ, Garrett MJ, Ahn J
21497 - 21502 Investigation of a solid oxide fuel cells catalyst LaSrNiO4: Electronic structure, surface segregation, and oxygen adsorption
Zhou YJ, Lu Z, Xu SF, Xu D, Wei B
21503 - 21515 An Energy Management Strategy to concurrently optimise fuel consumption & PEM fuel cell lifetime in a hybrid vehicle
Fletcher T, Thring R, Watkinson M
21516 - 21531 Effects of pressure on cellular flame structure of high hydrogen content lean premixed syngas spherical flames: A DNS study
Dinesh KKJR, Shalaby H, Luo KH, van Oijen JA, Thevenin D
21532 - 21547 Operating strategies for thermally coupled combustion-decomposition catalytic microreactors for hydrogen production
Chen JJ, Yan LF, Song WY, Xu DG
21548 - 21563 Numerical investigation of hydrogen detonation suppression with inert particle in pipelines
Liu Y, Liu XT, Li XQ
21564 - 21570 Leakage-type-based analysis of accidents involving hydrogen fueling stations in Japan and USA
Sakamoto J, Sato R, Nakayama J, Kasai N, Shibutani T, Miyake A
21571 - 21571 Low temperature synthesis of metal doped perovskites catalyst for hydrogen production by autothermal reforming of methane (vol 41, pg 14605, 2016)
Pradhan S
21572 - 21572 Preface to the special issue section on "The 2015 Asia Biohydrogen and Biorefinery Symposium (ABBS), 21-24 September 2015, Kenting, Pingtung County, Taiwan"
Lin CY, Miyake J, Kim MS
21573 - 21582 Using social network analysis to examine the technological evolution of fermentative hydrogen production from biomass
Hsu CW, Lin CY
21583 - 21599 Levelized cost of energy and financial evaluation for biobutanol, algal biodiesel and biohydrogen during commercial development
Lee DH
21600 - 21616 Evaluation of the development of biobutanol with reference to continental level: The rebound effect and effectiveness of the Paris Agreement
Lee DH
21617 - 21627 Biofilm formation on granular activated carbon in xylose and glucose mixture for thermophilic biohydrogen production
Jamali NS, Jahim JM, Isahak WNRW
21628 - 21640 Evaluation of different pretreatments on organic matter solubilization and hydrogen fermentation of mixed microalgae consortia
Kumar G, Sivagurunathan P, Thi NBD, Zhen GY, Kobayashi T, Kim SH, Xu KG
21641 - 21648 Characteristics of hydrogen energy yield by co-gasified of sewage sludge and paper-mill sludge in a commercial scale plant
Chiang KY, Lu CH, Liao CK, Ger RHR
21649 - 21656 Effect of concentration on biohydrogen production in a continuous stirred bioreactor using biofilm induced packed-carrier
Hastuti ZD, Chu CY, Rachman MA, Purwanto WW, Dewi EL, Lin CY
21657 - 21664 Production and characterization of biopolymer as bioflocculant from thermotolerant Bacillus subtilis WD161 in palm oil mill effluent
Chaisorn W, Prasertsan P, O-Thong S, Methacanon P
21665 - 21669 Photosynthetic hydrogen production from enzyme-hydrolyzed micro-grinded maize straws
Hu JJ, Zhang QG, Jing YY, Lee DJ
21670 - 21677 Effect of hydraulic retention time (HRT) on biohydrogen production from galactose in an up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor
Sivagurunathan P, Anburajan P, Kumar G, Kim SH
21678 - 21684 Effect of severity on dilute acid pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass and the following hydrogen fermentation
Gonzales RR, Sivagurunathan P, Kim SH
21685 - 21691 Explore the possible effect of TiO2 and magnetic hematite nanoparticle addition on biohydrogen production by Clostridium pasteurianum based on gene expression measurements
Hsieh PH, Lai YC, Chen KY, Hung CH
21692 - 21701 Thermophilic hydrogen production from co-fermentation of palm oil mill effluent and decanter cake by Thermoanaerobacterium thermosaccharolyticum PSU-2
Mamimin C, Jehlee A, Saelor S, Prasertsan P, O-Thong S
21702 - 21712 Two-stage thermophilic fermentation and mesophilic methanogenic process for biohythane production from palm oil mill effluent with methanogenic effluent recirculation for pH control
O-Thong S, Suksong W, Promnuan K, Thipmunee M, Mamimin C, Prasertsan P
21713 - 21720 Acidogenic fermentation of the main substrates of food waste to produce volatile fatty acids
Yin J, Yu XQ, Wang K, Shen DS
21721 - 21727 Two-stage co-fermentation of lipid-extracted microalgae waste with food waste leachate: A viable way to reduce the inhibitory effect of leftover organic solvent and recover additional energy
Yun YM, Sung S, Choi JS, Kim DH
21728 - 21735 Effects of wettability on the growth of Scenedesmus obliquus biofilm attached on glass surface coated with polytetrafluoroethylene emulsion
Zheng YP, Huang Y, Liao Q, Zhu X, Fu Q, Xia A
21736 - 21746 Hydrogen production from beverage wastewater via dark fermentation and room-temperature methane reforming
Lin CY, Leu HJ, Lee KH
21747 - 21754 The effects of prepared iron-based catalyst on the energy yield in gasification of rice straw
Chiang KY, Liao CK, Lu CH
21755 - 21763 Sulfonated graphene oxide-doped zincoxysulfade composites with enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production performance
Chang CJ, Huang KL, Chu KW, Wei YH, Tseng IH
21764 - 21773 ZnS/polyaniline composites with improved dispersing stability and high photocatalytic hydrogen production activity
Chang CJ, Chu KW
21774 - 21779 AB(5)-type intermetallic compounds for biohydrogen purification and storage
Kazakov AN, Dunikov DO, Mitrokhin SV
21780 - 21786 Sustainable harvesting of aqueous phase fatty acids by expanded graphite and isopropyl alcohol
Do QC, Kim MS, Kim D, Ko SO, Kang S
21787 - 21794 Biohydrogen purification using metal hydride technologies
Dunikov D, Borzenko V, Blinov D, Kazakau A, Lin CY, Wu SY, Chu CY
21795 - 21801 Integration of low-pressure hydrogen storage cylinder and automatic controller for carbon deposit removal in car engine
Yu SP, Lai MW, Chu CY, Huang CL, Lin CY, Borzenko VI, Dunikov DO, Kazakau AN
21802 - 21811 Study of reversible solid oxide fuel cell with different oxygen electrode materials
Jung GB, Chang CT, Yeh CC, Nguyen XV, Chan SH, Lin CY, Yu JW, Lee WT, Chang SW, Kao IC
21812 - 21819 Study of sealants for SOFC
Nguyen XV, Chang CT, Jung GB, Chan SH, Lee WT, Chang SW, Kao IC
21820 - 21826 Electricity generation from swine wastewater in microbial fuel cell: Hydraulic reaction time effect
Ma DM, Jiang ZH, Lay CH, Zhou DD
21827 - 21837 Gas diffusion layer properties on the performance of proton exchange membrane fuel cell: p(c)-s relationship with K-function
Si C, Lu G, Wang XD, Lee DJ