International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.41, No.21 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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8755 - 8776 A techno-economic assessment of large scale wind-hydrogen production with energy storage in Western Canada
Olateju B, Kumar A, Secanell M
8777 - 8784 Studies on development of titania nanotube (TNT) based ePTFE-Nafion (R)-composite membrane for electrochemical methanol reformation
Manjula N, Balaji R, Ramya K, Dhathathreyan KS, Ramachandraiah A
8785 - 8792 Efficient electrochemical water splitting catalyzed by electrodeposited NiFe nanosheets film
Luo Q, Peng MY, Sun XP, Luo YL, Asiri AM
8793 - 8802 Rice husk gasification in a two-stage fixed-bed gasifier: Production of hydrogen rich syngas and kinetics
Khonde R, Chaurasia A
8803 - 8818 Electrocatalysis of oxygen reduction on multi-walled carbon nanotube supported Ru-based catalysts in alkaline media
Hosseini MG, Zarciari P
8819 - 8828 Direct synthesis of methyl formate from syngas on Cu-Mn mixed oxide catalyst
Zhao HJ, Fang KG, Zhou J, Lin MG, Sun YH
8829 - 8838 Electrochemical growth of triazine based metal ion containing polymers on nanostructured nickel electrodeposits and their hydrogen evolution activities in acidic condition
Vishwanath RS, Kandaiah S
8839 - 8846 Bimetallic AuPd nanoclusters supported on graphitic carbon nitride: One-pot synthesis and enhanced electrocatalysis for oxygen reduction and hydrogen evolution
Peng JJ, Chen LX, Song P, Wu XL, Wang AJ, Yuan JH
8847 - 8854 Hierarchical NiCo2O4 hollow nanospheres as high efficient bi-functional catalysts for oxygen reduction and evolution reactions
Wang J, Fu Y, Xu YJ, Wu J, Tian JH, Yang RZ
8855 - 8862 Preparation and characterization of mesoporous nanocrystalline La-, Ce-, Zr-, Sr-containing Ni-A1(2)O(3) methane autothermal reforming catalysts
Sepehri S, Rezaei M, Garbarino G, Busca G
8863 - 8870 Facile synthesis of Co-based selenides for oxygen reduction reaction in acidic medium
Yu BB, Wu WQ, Jin JY, Wu HM, Wang SF, Xia QH
8871 - 8880 Hydrogen bubbles template-directed synthesis of self-supported AuPt nanowire networks for improved ethanol oxidation and oxygen reduction reactions
Liu L, Chen LX, Wang AJ, Yuan JH, Shen LG, Feng JJ
8881 - 8892 A simple, cheap and effective methanol electrocatalyst based of Mn(II)-exchanged clinoptilolite nanoparticles
Tohidi MS, Nezamzacieh-Ejhieh A
8893 - 8899 Reactivity with water vapor and hydrogen storage capacity of Be2Ti compound
Kim JH, Iwakiri H, Nakamichi M
8900 - 8916 Cryogenic adsorption hydrogen storage with enhanced heat distribution An in-depth investigation
Schlemminger C, Naess E, Bunger U
8917 - 8924 Activation of titanium-vanadium alloy for hydrogen storage by introduction of nanograins and edge dislocations using high-pressure torsion
Edalati K, Shao H, Emami H, Iwaoka H, Akiba E, Horita Z
8925 - 8934 Laser-accelerated proton beam for fast ignition considering formation factor of a cloud and penetrability in (PB)-B-11 reaction
Hosseinimotlagh SN
8935 - 8945 Fabrication and characterization of aluminide coating on V-5Cr-5Ti by electrodeposition and subsequent heat treating
Peng XX, Zhang GK, Yang FL, Xiang X, Luo LZ, Chen CA, Wang XL
8946 - 8953 In situ grown Co3O4 on hydrogen storage alloys for enhanced electrochemical performance
Li MM, Yang CC, Jing WT, Jin B, Lang XY, Jiang Q
8954 - 8962 Performance of carbon-supported palladium and palladium ruthenium catalysts for alkaline membrane direct ethanol fuel cells
Carrion-Satorre S, Montiel M, Escudero-Cid R, Fierro JLG, Fatas E, Ocon P
8963 - 8977 Ultra low loading of anode catalyst for direct methanol fuel cells with ZrO2/ pyrolysed (PANI-melamine) as catalyst support
Ganesan A, Narayanasamy M, Shunmugavel K, Chinnappa IJ
8978 - 8991 Study of the entropy generation in a SOFC for different operating conditions
Ramirez-Minguela JJ, Uribe-Ramirez AR, Mendoza-Miranda JM, Perez-Garcia V, Rodriguez-Munoz JL, Minchaca-Mojica JI, Alfaro-Ayala JA
8992 - 9003 Fatigue properties of catalyst coated membranes for fuel cells: Ex-situ measurements supported by numerical simulations
Khorasany RMH, Singh Y, Alavijeh AS, Kjeang E, Wang GG, Rajapakse RKND
9004 - 9021 Performances of a micro-CHP system fed with bio-ethanol based on fluidized bed membrane reactor and PEM fuel cells
Foresti S, Manzolini G
9022 - 9034 High-performance direct methanol fuel cell with optimized membrane electrode assembly: A theoretical approach
Jung S
9035 - 9047 Isolating the impact of CO concentration in syngas mixtures on SOFC performance via internal reforming and direct oxidation
Ong KM, Lee WY, Hanna J, Ghoniem AF
9048 - 9058 All-solid-state direct carbon fuel cells with thin yttrium-stabilized-zirconia electrolyte supported on nickel and iron bimetal-based anodes
Yu FY, Zhang YP, Yu L, Cai WZ, Yuan LL, Liu J, Liu ML
9059 - 9065 A single layer solid oxide fuel cell composed of La2NiO4 and doped curia-carbonate with H-2 and methanol as fuels
Li P, Yu BL, Li J, Yao XL, Zhao YC, Li YD
9066 - 9074 Ensure continuity of operation of an electric vehicle under fault condition in converter
Azib A, Ziane D, Rekioua T
9075 - 9086 Effects of inert dilution on the lean blowout characteristics of syngas flames
Li SH, Zhang XY, Zhong D, Weng FL, Li SS, Zhu M
9087 - 9099 Simulation of cycle-to-cycle variations on spark ignition engines fueled with gasoline-hydrogen blends
Martinez-Boggio SD, Curto-Risso PL, Medina A, Hernandez AC
9100 - 9107 Hydrogen behavior in Al-Cr alloys: Synchrotron-based photoelectron microscopy of the rapidly solidified structure
Tashlykova-Bushkevich II, Amati M, Aleman B, Sezen H, Gregoratti L, Kiskinova M
9108 - 9116 Hydrogen diffusion in doped and undoped alpha-Ti: An ab-initio investigation
Bakulin AV, Spiridonova TI, Kulkova SE, Hocker S, Schmauder S
9117 - 9117 Advances in energy and fuels: A preface to the special issue section on "The 2nd China USA symposium on energy, Shanghai, China, June 26-28 2015"
Jin FM, Hu YH
9118 - 9122 Hydrothermal conversion of ethylene carbonate to ethylene glycol
Fu J, Jiang NM, Ren DZ, Song ZY, Li L, Huo ZB
9123 - 9127 Reduction of CO2 with water splitting hydrogen under subcritical and supercritical hydrothermal conditions
Chen YQ, Jing ZZ, Miao JJ, Zhang Y, Fan JJ
9128 - 9134 Kinetics and mechanism of reduction of CO2 by glycerol under alkaline hydrothermal conditions
Wang YQ, Wang FW, Li CJ, Jin FM
9135 - 9139 Hydrazine as a facile and highly efficient hydrogen source for reduction of NaHCO3 into formic acid over Ni and ZnO catalysts
Yao GD, Chen FY, Huo ZB, Jin FM
9140 - 9144 Theoretical study on highly efficient reduction of CO2 by in-situ produced hydrogen using Al under mild hydrothermal conditions
Zeng X, Jin FM, Yao GD, Huo ZB
9145 - 9152 Hydrogen production from steam reforming of bio-oil model compound and byproducts elimination
Mei YF, Wu C, Liu RH
9153 - 9158 Enhanced biogas production from sorghum stem by co-digestion with cow manure
Zhang ZK, Zhang GY, Li WL, Li CX, Xu GW
9159 - 9166 Nitrogen and sulfur co-doped mesoporous carbon as cathode catalyst for H-2/O-2 alkaline membrane fuel cell effect of catalyst/bonding layer loading
Xu NN, Zhu TS, Qiao JL, Zhang FY, Chen ZW
9167 - 9174 Enhanced performance of mixed matrix membrane by incorporating a highly compatible covalent organic framework into poly(vinylamine) for hydrogen purification
Cao XC, Qiao ZH, Wang Z, Zhao S, Li PY, Wang JX, Wang SC
9175 - 9182 The capture and simultaneous fixation of CO2 in the simulation of fuel gas by bifunctionalized ionic liquids
Luo XY, Chen KH, Li HR, Wang CM
9183 - 9190 Kinetic mechanisms of hydriding and dehydriding reactions in La-Mg-Ni alloys investigated by the modified Chou model
Pang YP, Li Q, Li Q, Luo Q, Chou KC
9191 - 9196 Construction of a high-performance air-breathing cathode using platinum catalyst supported by carbon black and carbon nanotubes
Xiong ZA, Liao SJ, Hou SY, Zou HB, Dang D, Tian XL, Nan HX, Shu T, Du L
9197 - 9203 High-performance membrane electrode assembly with multi-functional Pt/SnO2-SiO2/C catalyst for proton exchange membrane fuel cell operated under low-humidity conditions
Hou SY, Chen R, Zou HB, Shu T, Ren JW, Li XH, Liao SQ
9204 - 9210 Graphitic mesoporous carbon xerogel as an effective catalyst support for oxygen reduction reaction
Jin H, Li JY, Gao LX, Chen FY, Zhang HM, Liu QY
9211 - 9218 Facile synthesis of NiCo2O4 nanosphere-carbon nanotubes hybrid as an efficient bifunctional electrocatalyst for rechargeable Zn-air batteries
Ma CY, Xu NN, Qiao JL, Jian SS, Zhang JJ
9219 - 9226 The effects of humidity on combustion characteristics of a nonpremixed syngas flame
Ge B, Tian YS, Zang SS