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ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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15865 - 15876 Hydrogen production by steam reforming of DME in a large scale CFB reactor. Part I: Computational model and predictions
Elewuwa FA, Makkawi YT
15877 - 15884 Validation of ISO 6974 for the measurement of the composition of hydrogen-enriched natural gas
van der Veen AMH, Ziel PR, Li JR
15885 - 15892 Overstoichiometric oxides Ln(2)NiO(4+delta) (Ln = La, Pr or Nd) as oxygen anodic electrodes for solid oxide electrolysis application
Ogier T, Mauvy F, Bassat JM, Laurencin J, Mougin J, Grenier JC
15893 - 15900 Hydrogen dissolution and structural analysis in high temperature TiOx-MnO-SiO2 oxide melts
Chung SH, Sohn I
15901 - 15912 Non-oxidative decomposition of methanol into hydrogen in a rotating gliding arc plasma reactor
Zhang H, Li XD, Zhu FS, Bo Z, Cen KF, Tu X
15913 - 15922 Experimental performance evaluation of a combustion heat-assisted catalytic flat plate fuel reformer for fuel cell grade hydrogen
Das SK, Gadde KK
15923 - 15932 System optimization of cyclohexane dehydrogenation under multiphase reaction conditions using the uniform design method
Ping HL, Xu GH, Wu SF
15933 - 15939 A novel approach to utilize thiol reduced graphene oxide as linker molecule for Cu2ZnSnS4 sensitized solar cell
Xu AC, Tao HJ, Chen SL, Zhu LM, Zhao Y, Jiang JJ, Pan L, Tao J
15940 - 15951 Experimental study of methane dry reforming in an electrically heated reactor
Rieks M, Bellinghausen R, Kockmann N, Mleczko L
15952 - 15962 Storage of hydrogenous gas mixture in geological formations: Self-organisation in presence of chemotaxis
Toleukhanov A, Panfilov M, Kaltayev A
15963 - 15971 Thermodynamic comparison between bio-oil and ethanol steam reforming
Montero C, Oar-Arteta L, Remiro A, Arandia A, Bilbao J, Gayubo AG
15972 - 15984 Evaluation of nanoparticle zirconia supports in the thermochemical water splitting cycle over iron oxides
Roberts SJ, Dodson JJ, Carpinone PL, Hagelin-Weaver HE
15985 - 15993 Ni/Ce-Zr-O catalyst for high CO2 conversion during reverse water gas shift reaction (RWGS)
Sun FM, Yan CF, Wang ZD, Guo CQ, Huang SL
15994 - 16000 Microwave-assisted synthesis of rod-like CuO/TiO2 for high-efficiency photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Yu YH, Chen YP, Cheng ZD
16001 - 16009 Solar hydrogen power system for isolated passive house
Motalleb M, Dukic A, Firak M
16010 - 16020 Process parameter optimization and enhancement of photo-biohydrogen production by mixed culture of Rhodobacter sphaeroides NMBL-02 and Escherichia coli NMBL-04 using Fe-nanoparticle
Dolly S, Pandey A, Pandey BK, Gopal R
16021 - 16032 Performance of Fe-Ni bimetallic oxygen carriers for chemical looping gasification of biomass in a 10 kWth interconnected circulating fluidized bed reactor
Wei GQ, He F, Zhao ZL, Huang Z, Zheng AQ, Zhao K, Li HB
16033 - 16044 Enhanced mesophilic bio-hydrogen production of raw rice straw and activated sewage sludge by co-digestion
Alemahdi N, Man HC, Abd Rahman N, Nasirian N, Yang Y
16045 - 16055 Biohydrogen production from food waste by coupling semi-continuous dark-photofermentation and residue post-treatment to anaerobic digestion: A synergy for energy recovery
Ghimire A, Valentino S, Frunzo L, Trably E, Escudie R, Pirozzi F, Lens PNL, Esposito G
16056 - 16069 Structure and growth of research on biohydrogen generation using wastewater
Mohan SR
16070 - 16076 Managing energy recovered from waste tail gas in a full-scale refinery plant
Hsu CK, Lee CL, Wang CH, Jou CJG
16077 - 16085 Catalytic pyrolysis of petroleum sludge for production of hydrogen-enriched syngas
Huang QX, Wang J, Qiu KZ, Pan ZJ, Wang SK, Chi Y, Yan JH
16086 - 16095 A systematic parametric study on the effect of a catalyst coating microstructure on its performance in methane steam reforming
Naseri AT, Peppley BA, Pharoah JG
16096 - 16103 Hydrogen production by Zhundong coal gasification in supercritical water
Jin H, Chen YN, Ge ZW, Liu SK, Ren CS, Guo LJ
16104 - 16114 Inverse diffusion flame of CH4-O-2 in hot syngas coflow
Li XY, Dai ZH, Xu YT, Li C, Zhou ZJ, Wang FC
16115 - 16126 Ni-Co catalyst derived from layered double hydroxides for dry reforming of methane
Zhang XQ, Yang CH, Zhang YP, Xu Y, Shang SY, Yin YX
16127 - 16136 Activity and deactivation of Pd/Al2O3 catalysts in hydrogen and oxygen recombination reaction; a role of alkali (Li, Cs) dopant
Lalik E, Drelinkiewicz A, Kosydar R, Rojek W, Machej T, Gurgul J, Szumelda T, Kolodziej M, Bielanska E
16137 - 16146 Effect of preparation method on Ni2P/SiO2 catalytic activity for NaBH4 methanolysis and phenol hydrodeoxygenation
Yan KQ, Li YH, Zhang X, Yang X, Zhang NW, Zheng JB, Chen BH, Smith KJ
16147 - 16158 Preparation of porous Al2O3 by template method and its application in Ni-based catalyst for CH4/CO2 reforming to produce syngas
Mo WL, Ma FY, Liu YE, Liu JM, Zhong M, Nulahong AS
16159 - 16168 Calcium promoted Fe/Al2O3 oxygen carrier for hydrogen production via cyclic chemical looping steam methane reforming process
Hafizi A, Rahimpour MR, Hassanajili S
16169 - 16177 Hydrogen production by the hydrolysis of milled waste magnesium scraps in nickel chloride solutions and nickel chloride added in Marmara Sea and Aegean Sea Water
Figen AK, Filiz BC
16178 - 16183 Effects of synthetic explanatory variable on saturation magnetization of colloidal nanomagnetite slurry
Bagheri S, Ramimoghadam D, TermehYousefi A, Abd Hamid SB
16184 - 16191 Palladium nanoparticles supported on graphene as an efficient electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Ghasemi S, Hosseini SR, Nabipour S, Asen P
16192 - 16201 Preferential oxidation of CO in excess of hydrogen over Au/CeO2-ZrO2 catalysts
Cordoba LF, Martinez-Hernandez A
16202 - 16214 Influence of reduction temperature on properties for pre-reforming of liquefied petroleum gas over mesoporous gamma-alumina supported Ni-MgO catalyst by one-pot template-free route
Tan MW, Wang XG, Hu Y, Zou XJ, Ding WZ, Lu XG
16215 - 16229 Effect of intervalence charge transfer on photocatalytic performance of cobalt- and vanadium-codoped TiO2 thin films
Chen WF, Koshy P, Sorrell CC
16230 - 16237 N-doped porous carbon derived from biomass as an advanced electrocatalyst for aqueous aluminium/air battery
Wang MR, Lai YQ, Fang L, Li J, Qin FR, Zhang K, Lu H
16238 - 16247 A novel Pt@Te-reduced graphene oxide/polyimide composite catalyst for hydrogen evolution
Zhang AH, Yu SJ, Jiang YM, Jia LP, Xia XH, Ye WC, Wang CM
16248 - 16255 Experiment on the continuous recovery of H-2 from hydrogenation plant off-gas via hydrate formation in tetra-n-butyl ammonium bromide solution
Luo Y, Liu AX, Guo XQ, Sun Q, Yang LY
16256 - 16265 Thermodynamic analysis of GAX and hybrid GAX aqua-ammonia vapor absorption refrigeration systems
Dixit M, Arora A, Kaushik SC
16266 - 16270 Dehydrogenation of pyrrolidine based liquid organic hydrogen carriers by an iridium pincer catalyst, an isothermal kinetic study
Brayton DF, Jensen CM
16271 - 16277 Transition metal Ti coated porous fullerene C24B24: Potential material for hydrogen storage
Tang CM, Chen SW, Zhu WH, Kang J, He X, Zhang ZJ
16278 - 16287 The study of the hydrogen storage capacity of the Ti atoms coated Si@Ga-12 clusters
Tang CM, Kang J, Zhang ZJ, Zou JF, He X, Xu Y
16288 - 16296 Optimization of AB(2) type alloy composition with superior hydrogen storage properties for stationary applications
Manickam K, Grant DM, Walker GS
16297 - 16305 Pseudocapacitance of alpha-CoMoO4 nanoflakes in non-aqueous electrolyte and its bi-functional electro catalytic activity for methanol oxidation
Padmanathan N, Shao H, Selladurai S, Glynn C, O'Dwyer C, Razeeb KM
16306 - 16315 Flexible carbon nanotubes-MnO2/reduced graphene oxide-polyvinylidene fluoride films for supercapacitor electrodes
Bai ZP, Li HJ, Li MJ, Li CP, Wang XF, Qu CQ, Yang BH
16316 - 16322 Catalytic hydrogen generation from hydrolysis of ammonia borane using octahedral Au@Pt nanoparticles
Park JW, Lai SW, Cho SO
16323 - 16329 Hydrogen sorption and desorption behaviors of metal-carbon composites prepared by alcohol CVD method
Kaneko T, Watanuki Y, Toyama T, Kojima Y, Nishimiya N
16330 - 16337 High capacity hydrogen storage at room temperature via physisorption in a coordinatively unsaturated iron complex
Xu GD, Pareek K, Li N, Cheng HS
16338 - 16346 Synergistic effects of TiH2 and Pd on hydrogen desorption performances of MgH2
Zhang Y, Zhuang XY, Zhu YF, Wan N, Li LQ, Dong J
16347 - 16354 Adsorption and dissociation of H-2 on B12C6N6 cage
Jin XL, Yang HH, Zhang Y, Chen HS
16355 - 16364 Cathodic electrodeposition and electrochemical response of manganese oxide pseudocapacitor electrodes
Nguyen T, Carmezim MJ, Boudard M, Montemor MF
16365 - 16374 Synthesis and electrochemical study of Cd@Pd core/shell nanomaterials for hydrogen sorption and storage
Konda SK, Ostrom CK, Chen AC
16375 - 16382 Long-term cycle stability of metal hydride-graphite composites
Dieterich M, Pohlmann C, Burger I, Linder M, Rontzsch L
16383 - 16390 NaMgH3 a perovskite-type hydride as advanced hydrogen storage systems: Electronic structure features
Reshak AH
16391 - 16397 Hydrolytic dehydrogenation of ammonia borane catalyzed by metal-organic framework supported bimetallic RhNi nanoparticles
Xia BQ, Liu C, Wu H, Luo W, Cheng GZ
16398 - 16407 Experimental investigation of non-ideality and non-adiabatic effects under high pressure releases
Kuznetsov M, Pariset S, Friedrich A, Stern G, Travis J, Jordan T
16408 - 16418 Design of a hydrogen supply chain with uncertainty
Nunes P, Oliveira F, Hamacher S, Almansoori A
16419 - 16428 DFT studies of hydrogen retention in beryllium nitride
Allouche A, Oberkofler M, Koppen M, Linsmeier C
16429 - 16433 Room temperature non-aqueous ferrocene/lithium semi-liquid battery with advanced C-rate capability for energy storage application
Qu C, Cheng YH, Zhang FX, Zhang YN, Zhang HZ, Li XF, Zhang HM
16434 - 16442 Effect of intermediate nickel layer on seal strength and chemical compatibility of glass and ferritic stainless steel in oxidizing environment for solid oxide fuel cells
Hasanabadi MF, Nemati A, Kokabi AH
16443 - 16456 Properties and morphology study of proton exchange membranes fabricated from the pendant sulfonated poly(arylene ether ketone) copolymers composed of hydrophobic and hydrophilic multi-blocks for fuel cell
Kang K, Kwon B, Choi SW, Lee J, Kim D
16457 - 16465 Comparative study of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3, Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.2Fe0.8O3 and Sm0.5Sr0.5Co0.2Fe0.8O3 cathodes and the effect of Sm0.2Ce0.8O2 block layer in solid oxide fuel cells
Shen FY, Lu K
16466 - 16476 A multi-timescale modeling methodology for PEMFC performance and durability in a virtual fuel cell car
Mayur M, Strahl S, Husar A, Bessler WG
16477 - 16483 NdBaCu2O5+delta and NdBa0.5Sr0.5Cu2O5+delta layered perovskite oxides as cathode materials for IT-SOFCs
Kong X, Liu GY, Yi ZZ, Ding XF
16484 - 16493 Preparation and electrochemical performance of silver impregnated Ni-YSZ anode for solid oxide fuel cell in dry methane
Wu XY, Zhou XL, Tian Y, Kong XW, Zhang J, Zuo W, Ye XS, Sun KN
16494 - 16502 Feasibility of combining electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and synchrotron X-ray radiography for determining the influence of liquid water on polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell performance
Antonacci P, Chevalier S, Lee J, Yip R, Ge N, Bazylak A
16503 - 16508 Graded porous solid oxide fuel cells fabricated by multilayer tape casting and co-firing progress
Nie LF, Sun Q, Liu Z, Liu MF
16509 - 16520 An advanced numerical model for energy conversion and crack growth predictions in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell units
Shao Q, Fernandez-Gonzalez R, Ruiz-Morales JC, Bouhala L, Fiorelli D, Younes A, Nunez P, Belouettar S, Makradi A
16521 - 16531 Modeling and control of the output current of a Reformed Methanol Fuel Cell system
Justesen KK, Andreasen SJ, Pasupathi S, Pollet BG
16532 - 16539 Long-term stability of infiltrated La0.8Sr0.2CoO3-delta, La0.58Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-delta and SmBa(0.5)Sr(0.5)O(2.0)O5(+delta) cathodes for low temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Zhan WT, Zhou YC, Chen T, Miao GS, Ye XF, Li JL, Zhan ZL, Wang SR, Deng ZY
16540 - 16546 A novel cathode architecture with a thin reaction layer alleviates mixed potentials and catalyst poisoning in direct methanol fuel cells
Yan XH, Zhao TS, An L, Zhao G, Zeng L
16547 - 16555 Respective electrode potential characteristics of photocatalytic fuel cell with visible-light responsive photoanode and air-breathing cathode
Liao Q, Li L, Chen R, Zhu X, Wang H, Ye DD, Cheng X, Zhang MX, Zhou YC
16556 - 16565 Effect of through-plane polytetrafluoroethylene distribution in a gas diffusion layer on a polymer electrolyte unitized reversible fuel cell
Ito H, Abe K, Ishida M, Hwang CM, Nakano A
16566 - 16571 Effects of the presence of sheet iron in freshwater sediment on the performance of a sediment microbial fuel cell
Zhang HK, Zhu DW, Song TS, Ouyang PK, Xie JJ
16572 - 16577 Titanium-substituted lanthanum strontium ferrite as a novel electrode material for symmetrical solid oxide fuel cell
Cao ZQ, Zhang YH, Miao JP, Wang ZH, Lu Z, Sui Y, Huang XQ, Jiang W
16578 - 16586 Design and analysis of liquid hydrogen storage tank for high-altitude long-endurance remotely-operated aircraft
Xu WQ, Li QQ, Huang MJ
16587 - 16596 A comparative study on combustion characteristics of methane, propane and hydrogen fuels in a micro-combustor
Tang AK, Xu YM, Shan CX, Pan JF, Liu YX
16597 - 16604 Study on the critical parameters of spherical detonation direct initiation in hydrogen/oxygen mixtures
Liu QM, Zhang YM, Li SZ
16605 - 16617 Combustion characteristics of the effect of hydrogen addition on LPG-air mixtures
Aravind B, Kishore VR, Mohammad A
16618 - 16633 Effect of hydrogen addition on the counterflow ignition of n-butanol at atmospheric and elevated pressures
Brady KB, Hui X, Sung CJ
16634 - 16648 Chemical kinetic effect of hydrogen addition on ethylene jet flames in a hot and diluted coflow
Wang F, Li P, Mi J, Wang J, Xu M
16649 - 16659 Characterization of instabilities in a Rotating Detonation Combustor
Anand V, St George A, Driscoll R, Gutmark E
16660 - 16672 Life-cycle performance of hydrogen as an energy management solution in hydropower plants: A case study in Central Italy
Valente A, Iribarren D, Dufour J, Spazzafumo G
16673 - 16682 Dispersion of hydrogen leaking from a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle
Liu W, Christopher DM
16683 - 16684 Hydrogen Fuel Cell conference brings an international touch to South Africa: A preface to the special section on "The CARISMA conference 2014, 1-3 December 2014, Cape Town, South Africa"
Pollet BG, Pasupathi S
16685 - 16701 Current energy landscape in the Republic of South Africa
Pollet BG, Staffell L, Adamson KA
16702 - 16713 Performance and degradation studies of RuO2-Ta2O5 anode electrocatalyst for high temperature PBI based proton exchange membrane water electrolyser
Natarajan V, Basu S
16714 - 16723 Effect of free radical-induced degradation on water permeation through PFSA ionomer membranes
Luo XY, Ghassemzadeh L, Holdcroft S
16724 - 16733 Deactivation resistant Pd-ZrO2 supported on multiwall carbon nanotubes catalyst for direct formic acid fuel cells
Malolepszy A, Mazurkiewicz M, Stobinski L, Lesiak B, Kover L, Toth J, Mierzwa B, Borodzinski A, Nitze F, Wagberg T
16734 - 16744 The synthesis of PdPt/carbon paper via surface limited redox replacement reactions for oxygen reduction reaction
Motsoeneng RG, Modibedi RM, Mathe MK, Khotseng LE, Ozoemena KI
16745 - 16759 Improving the design of gas diffusion layers for intermediate temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cells using a sensitivity analysis: A multiphysics approach
Chandan A, Rees NV, Steinberger-Wilckens R, Self V, Richmond J
16760 - 16766 System-level electro-thermal optimisation of air-cooled open-cathode polymer electrolyte fuel cells: Air blower parasitic load and schemes for dynamic operation
Meyer Q, Himeur A, Ashton S, Curnick O, Clague R, Reisch T, Adcock P, Shearing PR, Brett DJL
16767 - 16774 Sulfonated poly(2,5-benzimidazole) (ABPBI)/MMT/ionic liquids composite membranes for high temperature PEM applications
Bao XJ, Zhang F, Liu QT
16775 - 16785 Thermal conductivity in the three layered regions of micro porous layer coated porous transport layers for the PEM fuel cell
Burheim OS, Crymble GA, Bock R, Hussain N, Pasupathi S, du Plessis A, le Roux S, Seland F, Su H, Pollet BG
16786 - 16796 Study of water accumulation dynamics in the channels of an open-cathode fuel cell through electro-thermal characterisation and droplet visualisation
Obeisun OA, Meyer Q, Engebretsen E, Finegan DP, Robinson JB, Hinds G, Shearing PR, Brett DJL
16797 - 16813 New semi-IPN PEMFC membranes composed of crosslinked fluorinated copolymer bearing triazole groups and sPEEK for operation at low relative humidity
Campagne B, David G, Ameduri B, Jones DJ, Roziere J, Roche I
16814 - 16819 Modeling of a HTPEM fuel cell using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Systems
Justesen KK, Andreasen SJ, Sahlin SL
16820 - 16830 Benchmarking the oxygen reduction reaction activity of Pt-based catalysts using standardized rotating disk electrode methods
Shinozaki K, Zack JW, Pylypenko S, Richards RM, Pivovar BS, Kocha SS
16831 - 16845 Coupling continuum and pore-network models for polymer-electrolyte fuel cells
Zenyuk IV, Medici E, Allen J, Weber AZ
16846 - 16859 Understanding flexural, mechanical and physicochemical properties of gas diffusion layers for polymer membrane fuel cell and electrolyzer systems
Dhanushkodi SR, Capitanio F, Biggs T, Merida W
16860 - 16866 Lifetime and degradation of high temperature PEM membrane electrode assemblies
Kerr R, Garcia HR, Rastedt M, Wagner P, Alfaro SM, Romero MT, Terkelsen C, Steenberg T, Hjuler HA