International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.39, No.26 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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13941 - 13953 A portfolio of powertrains for the UK: An energy systems analysis
Dodds PE, Ekins P
13954 - 13961 Ammonia decomposition activity over Ni/SiO2 catalysts with different pore diameters
Atsumi R, Noda R, Takagi H, Vecchione L, Di Carlo A, Del Prete Z, Kuramoto K
13962 - 13971 Investigation on hydrogen production by catalytic steam reforming of maize stalk fast pyrolysis bio-oil
Fu P, Yi WM, Li ZH, Bai XY, Zhang AD, Li YM, Li Z
13972 - 13978 First mononuclear copper(II) electro-catalyst for catalyzing hydrogen evolution from acetic acid and water
Cao JP, Fang T, Fu LZ, Zhou LL, Zhan SZ
13979 - 13990 Solar steam reforming for enriched methane production: Reactor configurations modeling and comparison
De Falco M, Caputo G, Frattari S, Gironi F, Annesini MC
13991 - 14007 LaCoO3 perovskite on ceramic monoliths - Pre and post reaction analyzes of the partial oxidation of methane
Brackmann R, Perez CA, Schmal M
14008 - 14017 Ab initio study of hydrogen adsorption on Zn-2(NDC)(2)(diPyTz) metal-organic framework decorated with alkali and alkaline earth metal cations
Yeganegi S, Sokhanvaran V
14018 - 14026 Synthesis of three-dimensional Pd nanospheres decorated with a Pt monolayer for the oxygen reduction reaction
Li HL, Liao SJ, You CH, Zhang BQ, Song HY, Fu ZY
14027 - 14032 Metal adatoms-decorated silicene as hydrogen storage media
Wang YS, Zheng R, Gao HY, Zhang J, Xu B, Sun Q, Jia Y
14033 - 14038 Reversible de-/hydriding characteristics of a novel Mg18In1Ni3 alloy
Lu YS, Zhu M, Wang H, Li ZM, Ouyang LZ, Liu J
14039 - 14049 Anion-conducting ionomers: Study of type of functionalizing amine and macromolecular cross-linking
Di Vona ML, Narducci R, Pasquini L, Pelzer K, Knauth P
14050 - 14060 Experimental assessment of hydrogen separation from H-2/CH4 mixtures by the "steam-iron process" in an interconnected circulating fluidized bed reactor
Herguido J, Pena JA, Carazo E
14061 - 14070 Assessing fuel-cell coolant flow fields with numerical models and infrared thermography
Gould BD, Ramamurti R, Osland CR, Swider-Lyons KE
14071 - 14078 Electrochemical stability of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-delta-infiltrated YSZ oxygen electrode for reversible solid oxide fuel cells
Fan H, Keane M, Li N, Tang D, Singh P, Han MF
14079 - 14096 Energy and provision management study: A research activity on fuel cell design and breadboarding for lunar surface applications supported by European Space Agency
Barbera O, Mailland F, Hovland S, Giacoppo G
14097 - 14108 Investigations on the effects of intake temperature and charge dilution in a hydrogen fueled HCCI engine
Ibrahim MM, Ramesh A
14109 - 14119 Characterization of hydrogen triple flame propagation in vitiated laminar coaxial flow
Wu CY, Chen KH
14120 - 14131 Oxygen argon plasma treatment effect on hydrogen uptake in austenitic stainless steels
Barnoush A, Basa A, Thaulow C
14132 - 14141 Safety approach for composite pressure vessels for road transport of hydrogen. Part 1: Acceptable probability of failure and hydrogen mass
Lasn K, Echtermeyer AT
14142 - 14152 Safety approach for composite pressure vessels for road transport of hydrogen. Part 2: Safety factors and test requirements
Echtermeyer AT, Lasn K
14153 - 14153 Preface to WHTC 2013 special section
Mao ZQ
14154 - 14160 Optimization of thermophilic fermentative hydrogen production by the newly isolated Caloranaerobacter azorensis H53214 from deep-sea hydrothermal vent environment
Jiang LJ, Long CN, Wu XB, Xu HX, Shao ZZ, Long MN
14161 - 14165 Effects of the second metals on the active carbon supported Pt catalysts for HI decomposition in the iodine-sulfur cycle
Wang LJ, Hu SZ, Li DC, Han Q, Zhang P, Chen SZ, Xu JM
14166 - 14171 Photovoltaic devices in hydrogen production
Peng XN, He C, Fan X, Liu QY, Zhang J, Wang H
14172 - 14177 Start-up behaviors of a H2SO4-H2O distillation column for the 50 NI H-2/H sulfur-iodine cycle
Shin Y, Chang J, Lee T, Lee K, Kim Y
14178 - 14183 Electronic and dehydrogenation properties of TiB2 cluster-doped NaAlH4 (101) surface: A first-principle approach
Liu C, Jiang JL, Huang SP, Wang P, Tian HP
14184 - 14190 Application of atmospheric pressure microwave plasma source for hydrogen production from ethanol
Hrycak B, Czylkowski D, Miotk R, Dors M, Jasinski M, Mizeraczyk J
14191 - 14195 Effect of anolyte pH and cathode Pt loading on electricity and hydrogen co-production performance of the bio-electrochemical system
Liu YP, Wang YH, Wang BS, Chen QY
14196 - 14203 Pt-based bimetallic catalysts for SO2-depolarized electrolysis reaction in the hybrid sulfur process
Xue LL, Zhang P, Chen SZ, Wang LJ
14204 - 14211 Co-producing hydrogen and methane from higher-concentration of corn stalk by combining hydrogen fermentation and anaerobic digestion
Guo YC, Dai Y, Bai YX, Li YH, Fan YT, Hou HW
14212 - 14221 Characterisation tools development for PEM electrolysers
van der Merwe J, Uren K, van Schoor G, Bessarabov D
14222 - 14226 Improving steam-reforming performance by nanopowdering CuCrO2
Chiu TW, Hong RT, Yu BS, Huang YH, Kameoka S, Tsai AP
14227 - 14233 Integrated fossil fuel and solar thermal systems for hydrogen production and CO2 mitigation
Wang ZL, Naterer GF
14234 - 14239 Comparison of hydrogen-producing bacterial communities adapted in continuous and discontinuous reactors
Hernandez-Mendoza CE, Moreno-Andrade I, Buitron G
14240 - 14246 Catalytic effect of carbon nanostructures on the hydrogen storage properties of MgH2-NaAlH4 composite
Bhatnagar A, Pandey SK, Dixit V, Shukla V, Shahi RR, Shaz MA, Srivastava ON
14247 - 14254 Structures and properties of Mg-La-Ni ternary hydrogen storage alloys by microwave-assisted activation synthesis
Li Q, Pan YB, Leng HY, Chou KC
14255 - 14261 Effects of Ti-based catalysts and synergistic effect of SWCNTs-TiF3 on hydrogen uptake and release from MgH2
Shahi RR, Bhatnagar A, Pandey SK, Dixit V, Srivastava ON
14262 - 14274 Mg-based nanocomposites with improved hydrogen storage performances
Liu T, Wang CX, Wu Y
14275 - 14281 Study on reversible hydrogen sorption behaviors of a 3NaBH(4)/HoF3 composite
Chong L, Zou JX, Zeng XQ, Ding WJ
14282 - 14287 An investigation on electrochemical and gaseous hydrogen storage performances of as-cast La1-xPrxMgNi3.6CO0.4 (x=0-0.4) alloys
Zhai TT, Yang T, Yuan ZM, Zhang YH
14288 - 14295 The effect of Sn on platinum dispersion in Pt/graphene catalysts for the methanol oxidation reaction
Wang XM, Lian J, Wang Y
14296 - 14305 Dynamic modeling and dynamic responses of grid-connected fuel cell
Yang YX, Luo X, Dai CH, Chen WR, Liu ZX, Li Q
14306 - 14311 Types of simplified flow channels without flow obstacles in microbial fuel cells
Wang CT, Chen YM, Qi ZQ, Wang YT, Yang YC
14312 - 14321 Bipolar polymer electrolyte interfaces for hydrogen-oxygen and direct borohydride fuel cells
Arges CG, Prabhakaran V, Wang LH, Ramani V
14322 - 14327 Electrochemical performance of continuously gradient composite cathode fabricated by electro-static slurry spray deposition
Lee H, Choi J, Park I, Shin D
14328 - 14333 Novel doped barium cerate-carbonate composite electrolyte material for low temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Hei YF, Huang JB, Wang C, Mao ZQ
14334 - 14341 A Schottky barrier based model for the grain size effect on oxygen ion conductivity of acceptor-doped ZrO2 and CeO2
Wang BX, Lin ZJ
14342 - 14348 Continuously gradient anode functional layer for BCZY based proton-conducting fuel cells
Lee S, Park I, Lee H, Shin D
14349 - 14354 New Nb-doped SrCo1-xNbxO3-delta perovskites performing as cathodes in solid-oxide fuel cells
Cascos V, Martinez-Coronado R, Alonso JA
14355 - 14361 Density functional theory study of hydroxide-ion induced degradation of imidazolium cations
Wang WP, Wang SB, Xie XF, Lv YF, Ramani V
14362 - 14369 A novel cross-linked anion exchange membrane with conjugated and non-conjugated pyridine groups
Li CP, Zhang S, Wang SB, Xie XF, Deng CS, Pei PC
14370 - 14375 Diagnosis of membrane electrode assembly degradation with drive cycle test technique
Liu MY, Wang C, Zhang JB, Wang JL, Hou ZJ, Mao ZQ
14376 - 14380 Electrical properties of SDC-BCY composite electrolytes for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell
Li B, Liu SF, Liu XM, Qi S, Yu J, Wang HP, Su WH
14381 - 14390 The degradation study of Nafion/PTFE composite membrane in PEM fuel cell under accelerated stress tests
Wu BB, Zhao M, Shi WY, Liu WM, Liu JG, Xing DM, Yao YF, Hou ZJ, Ming PW, Gu J, Zou ZG
14391 - 14396 Enhanced conductivity of SDC based nanocomposite electrolyte by spark plasma sintering
Jing YF, Ma Y, Patakangas J, Zhu B, Johnsson M, Cura ME, Lund P
14397 - 14401 Thermal stability study of La0.9Sr0.1Ga0.8Mg0.2O2.85-(Li/Na)(2)CO3 composite electrolytes for low-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Xie FC, Wang C, Mao ZQ, Zhan ZL
14402 - 14410 Design of proton exchange membrane fuel cell grid-connected system based on resonant current controller
Chen WR, Han Y, Li Q, Liu ZX, Peng F
14411 - 14415 MoO3 nanorods/Fe-2(MoO4)(3) nanoparticles composite anode for solid oxide fuel cells
Yang W, Zhu CL, Ma ZH, Sun CW, Chen LQ, Chen YJ
14416 - 14420 Flame aerosol synthesis of carbon-supported Pt-Ru catalysts for a fuel cell electrode
Lee H, Kim TJ, Li C, Choi ID, Kim YT, Coker Z, Choi TY, Lee D
14421 - 14427 Comparative study of Pd and PdO as cathodes for oxygen reduction reaction in intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Wang FZ, Wang A, Chen J, Chi B, Pu J, Jian L
14428 - 14433 One-dimensional Sr0.7Y0.3CoO2.65-delta nanofibers as cathode material for IT-SOFCs
Fan LQ, Liu LB, Wang YW, Huo H, Xiong YP
14434 - 14440 BaZr0.2Ce0.8-xYxO3-delta solid oxide fuel cell electrolyte synthesized by so-gel combined with composition-exchange method
Tseng CJ, Chang JK, Hung IM, Lee KR, Lee SW
14441 - 14447 Investigation of the recoverable degradation of PEM fuel cell operated under drive cycle and different humidities
Wang FJ, Yang DJ, Li B, Zhang H, Hao CP, Chang FR, Ma JX
14448 - 14459 Performance analysis of fuel cell thermoelectric cogeneration system with methanol steam reformer
Hwang JJ, Lin CH, Kuo JK
14460 - 14465 Fibrous mixed conducting cathode with embedded ionic conducting particles for solid oxide fuel cells
Choi JY, Kim B, Shin D
14466 - 14471 Investigation on the cold start characteristics of a hydrogen-enriched methanol engine
Zhang B, Ji CW, Wang SF, Xiao YC
14472 - 14478 The distinctive characteristics of combustion duration in hydrogen internal combustion engine
Bai-Gang S, Hua-Yu T, Fu-Shui L
14479 - 14486 Sonochemistry synthesis of Bi2S3/CdS heterostructure with enhanced performance for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Hao LX, Chen G, Yu YG, Zhou YS, Han ZH, Liu Y
14487 - 14495 Synthesis, phase stability and conduction behavior of rare earth and transition elements doped barium cerates
Babu AS, Bauri R
14496 - 14502 Loading MIL-53(Al) with Ag nanoparticles: Synthesis, structural stability and catalytic properties
Qian XK, Zhong ZY, Yadian BL, Wu JS, Zhou K, Teo JSK, Chen LW, Long Y, Huang YZ