International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.39, No.19 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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9931 - 9942 Biosphere synergism and the humankind virtual path to the hydrogen civilization era
Goltsov VA, Goltsova LF
9943 - 9961 A design for hydrogen production and dispensing for northeastern United States, along with its infrastructural development timeline
Hamad YM, Hamad TA, Agll AAA, Bapat SG, Bauer C, Clum A, Shivaprasad N, Thomas M, Sheffield JW
9962 - 9972 Thermodynamic analysis of a combined PV/T-fuel cell system for power, heat, fresh water and hydrogen production
Zafar S, Dincer I
9973 - 9984 Comparative study of artificial intelligence techniques for sizing of a hydrogen-based stand-alone photovoltaic/wind hybrid system
Maleki A, Askarzadeh A
9985 - 9993 Oxide content optimized ZnS-ZnO heterostructures via facile thermal treatment process for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production
Hong E, Kim JH
9994 - 10002 Fermentative H-2 production using a switchgrass steam exploded liquor fed to mixed anaerobic cultures: Effect of hydraulic retention time, linoleic acid and nitrogen sparging
Veeravalli SS, Chaganti SR, Lalman JA, Heath DD
10003 - 10015 Using a statistical approach to model hydrogen production from a steam exploded corn stalk hydrolysate fed to mixed anaerobic cultures in an ASBR
Shanrnugam SR, Chaganti SR, Lalman JA, Heath D
10016 - 10027 High-performance biofilm photobioreactor based on a GeO2-SiO2-chitosan-medium-coated hollow optical fiber
Liao Q, Zhong NB, Zhu X, Chen R
10028 - 10040 Regulating feedback inhibition caused by the accumulated acid intermediates during acidogenic hydrogen production through feed replacement
Srikanth S, Mohan SV
10041 - 10050 Evaluation of ultrasonication as a treatment strategy for enhancement of biohydrogen production from complex distillery wastewater and process optimization
Gadhe A, Sonawane SS, Varma MN
10051 - 10060 A newly isolated Rhodobacter sphaeroides HY01 with high hydrogen production performance
Yang HH, Zhang J, Wang XQ, Feng JT, Yan W, Guo LJ
10061 - 10073 Performance characteristics of Mo-Ni/Al2O3 catalysts in LPG oxidative steam reforming for hydrogen production
Malaibari ZO, Amin A, Croiset E, Epling W
10074 - 10089 The effect of the absence of Ni, Co, and Ni-Co catalyst pretreatment on catalytic activity for hydrogen production via oxidative steam reforming of ethanol
Munoz M, Moreno S, Molina R
10090 - 10100 Promotion of CO2 methanation activity and CH4 selectivity at low temperatures over Ru/CeO2/Al2O3 catalysts
Tada S, Ochieng OJ, Kikuchi R, Haneda T, Kameyama H
10101 - 10107 A highly reactive and stable Ru/Co6-xMgxAl2 catalyst for hydrogen production via methane steam reforming
Homsi D, Aouad S, Gennequin C, Aboukais A, Abi-Aad E
10108 - 10120 Impact of the reaction conditions on the photocatalytic reduction of water on mesoporous polymeric carbon nitride under sunlight irradiation
Schroder M, Kailasam K, Rudi S, Richter M, Thomas A, Schomacker R, Schwarze M
10121 - 10127 Electrochemical and fuel cell evaluation of PtAu/C electrocatalysts for ethanol electro-oxidation in alkaline media
da Silva SG, Silva JCM, Buzzo GS, De Souza RFB, Spinace EV, Neto AO, Assumpcao MHMT
10128 - 10134 High-performance doped carbon electrocatalyst derived from soybean biomass and promoted by zinc chloride
Liu FF, Peng HL, Qiao XC, Fu ZY, Huang PY, Liao SJ
10135 - 10140 Evaluation of various carbon materials supported Pt catalyts for aqueous-phase reforming of lignocellulosic biomass hydrolysate
Kaya B, Irmak S, Hasanoglu A, Erbatur O
10141 - 10153 Catalytic CO2 reforming of CH4 over Cr-promoted Ni/char for H-2 production
Xu L, Duan L, Tang MC, Liu P, Ma XX, Zhang YL, Harris HG, Fan MH
10154 - 10160 CO2 methanation combined with NH3 decomposition by in situ H-2 separation using a Pd membrane reactor
Miyamoto M, Hayakawa R, Makino Y, Oumi Y, Uemiya S, Asanuma M
10161 - 10168 First-principles study of single atom adsorption on capped single-walled carbon nanotubes
Shao XJ, Luo HJ, Cai JQ, Dong CK
10169 - 10174 In situ monitoring of the volume change and cracking of a MgTi hydride electrode
Etiemble A, Idrissi H, Roue L
10175 - 10183 Interface effects in NaAlH4-carbon nanocomposites for hydrogen storage
Gao JB, Ngene P, Herrich M, Xia W, Gutfleisch O, Muhler M, de Jong KP, de Jongh PE
10184 - 10194 Effect of multi-wall carbon nanotubes supported palladium addition on hydrogen storage properties of magnesium hydride
Yuan JG, Zhu YF, Li Y, Zhang L, Li LQ
10195 - 10207 Hydrogen storage and demand to increase wind power onto electricity distribution networks
Carr S, Premier GC, Guwy AJ, Dinsdale RM, Maddy J
10208 - 10215 The characteristics of regenerative energy for PEMFC hybrid system with additional generator
Kim BH, Kwon OJ, Song JS, Cheon SH, Oh BS
10216 - 10229 A passive lithium hydride based hydrogen generator for low power fuel cells for long-duration sensor networks
Strawser D, Thangavelautham J, Dubowsky S
10230 - 10244 Influence of ageing on the dynamic behaviour and the electrochemical characteristics of a 500 We PEMFC stack
Mocoteguy P, Ludwig B, Steiner N
10245 - 10252 Proton exchange membrane fuel cell of polybenzimidazole electrolyte doped with phosphoric acid and antimony chloride
Chen WC, Tsai DS, Tseng LW, Yang LR, Le MV
10253 - 10257 Highly stable Ti-Co-Phen/C catalyst as the cathode for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Yin FX, Li GR
10258 - 10266 High efficient aqueous-film rotating disk photocatalytic fuel cell (RDPFC) with triple functions: Cogeneration of hydrogen and electricity with dye degradation
Tang TT, Li K, Ying DW, Sun TH, Wang YL, Jia JP
10267 - 10274 A parametric study of the direct formic acid fuel cell (DFAFC) performance and fuel crossover
Rejal SZ, Masdar MS, Kamarudin SK
10275 - 10283 Photoautotrophic microalgae Scenedesmus obliquus attached on a cathode as oxygen producers for microbial fuel cell (MFC) operation
Kakarla R, Min B
10284 - 10292 Effects of incident shock wave on mixing and flame holding of hydrogen in supersonic air flow
Shekarian AA, Tabejamaat S, Shoraka Y
10293 - 10302 The role of induced alpha'-martensite on the hydrogen-assisted fatigue crack growth of austenitic stainless steels
Chen TC, Chen ST, Tsay LW
10303 - 10312 The effects of temperature and oxygen pressure on the initial oxidation of stainless steel 441
Chen ZY, Wang LJ, Li FS, Chou KC, Sun ZH
10313 - 10319 Investigation of WO3/ZnO thin-film heterojunction-based Schottky diodes for H-2 gas sensing
Liu Y, Yu J, Lai PT
10320 - 10321 Comparative study of large-scale hydrogen storage technologies: Is hydrate-based storage at advantage over existing technologies (vol 39, pg 1888, 2014)
Ozaki M, Tomura S, Ohmura R, Mori YH