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8185 - 8193 Mobile phone infrastructure development: Lessons for the development of a hydrogen infrastructure
Hardman S, Steinberger-Wilckens R
8194 - 8203 Hydrogen evolution assisted electrodeposition of bimetallic 3D nano/micro-porous PtPd films and their electrocatalytic performance
Ojani R, Hasheminejad E, Raoof JB
8204 - 8214 Assessment of the potential for hydrogen production from renewable resources in Argentina
Sigal A, Leiva EPM, Rodriguez CR
8215 - 8224 Influence of different carbon nanostructures on the electrocatalytic activity and stability of Pt supported electrocatalysts
Stamatin SN, Borghei M, Andersen SM, Veltze S, Ruiz V, Kauppinen E, Skou EM
8225 - 8237 Nickel catalysts obtained from hydrotalcites by coprecipitation and urea hydrolysis for hydrogen production
Montanez MK, Molina R, Moreno S
8238 - 8245 Shape-dependent localized surface plasmon enhanced photocatalytic effect of ZnO nanorods decorated with Ag
Zhang XL, Zhao JL, Wang SG, Dai HT, Sun XW
8246 - 8256 Hollow nanoporous Au/Pt core-shell catalysts with nanochannels and enhanced activities towards electro-oxidation of methanol and ethanol
Zhang CL, Zhu AM, Huang R, Zhang QG, Liu QL
8257 - 8270 Thermodynamic analysis of autothermal reforming of methane via entropy maximization: Hydrogen production
de Souza TL, Rossi CDRD, Alonso CG, Guirardello R, Cabral VF, Fernandes-Machado NRC, Specchia S, Zabaloy MS, Cardozo-Filho L
8271 - 8282 Using three chemical looping reactors in ammonia production process - A novel plant configuration for a green production
Edrisi A, Mansoori Z, Dabir B
8283 - 8292 Material properties and empirical rate equations for hydrogen sorption reactions in 2 LiNH2-1.1 MgH2-0.1 LiBH4-3 wt.% ZrCoH3
Burger I, Hu JJ, Vitillo JG, Kalantzopoulos GN, Deledda S, Fichtner M, Baricco M, Linder M
8293 - 8302 Phase boundary of pressure-induced I4mm to Cmc2(1) transition in ammonia borane at elevated temperature determined using Raman spectroscopy
Sun YZ, Chen JH, Drozd V, Durigin A, Najiba S, Liu XY
8303 - 8310 Study on hydrogenation behaviors of a Mg-13Y alloy
Shi XY, Zou JX, Liu C, Cheng LF, Li DJ, Zeng XQ, Ding WJ
8311 - 8320 Hydrogen uptake of reduced graphene oxide and graphene sheets decorated with Fe nanoclusters
Hudson MSL, Raghubanshi H, Awasthi S, Sadhasivam T, Bhatnager A, Simizu S, Sankar SG, Srivastava ON
8321 - 8330 SANS characterization of porous magnesium for hydrogen storage
Posada JOG, Hall PJ
8331 - 8339 Composite materials of melt-spun Mg90Ni10 and graphite: Microstructural changes during cyclic hydrogenation and the impact on gas and heat transport characteristics
Pohlmann C, Kieback B, Rontzsch L
8340 - 8346 Study on the hydrogen storage properties and reaction mechanism of NaAlH4-MgH2-LiBH4 ternary-hydride system
Ismail M
8347 - 8350 Improved design of metal-organic frameworks for efficient hydrogen storage at ambient temperature: A multiscale theoretical investigation
Volkova EI, Vakhrushey AV, Suyetin M
8351 - 8356 Microstructure and hydrogen storage properties of (Ti0.32Cr0.43V0.25) + x wt% La (x=0-10) alloys
Singh BK, Cho SW, Bartwal KS
8357 - 8373 Hydrogen networks synthesis considering separation performance of purifiers
Zhang Q, Liu GL, Feng X, Chu KH, Deng C
8374 - 8384 Generalized model of desorption kinetics: Characterization of hydrogen trapping in a homogeneous membrane
Legrand E, Feaugas X, Bouhattate J
8385 - 8389 Nb-HfCo alloys with pronounced high hydrogen permeability: A new family of metallic hydrogen permeation membranes
Yan EH, Li XZ, Liu DM, Rettenmayr M, Su YQ, Guo JJ
8390 - 8400 Maximum power cold start mode of proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Du Q, Jia B, Luo YQ, Chen JX, Zhou YB, Jiao K
8401 - 8409 Impact of PTFE distribution on the removal of liquid water from a PEMFC electrode by lattice Boltzmann method
Molaeimanesh GR, Akbari MH
8410 - 8420 Thermal modeling and temperature control of a PEM fuel cell system for forklift applications
Liso V, Nielsen MP, Kaer SK, Mortensen HH
8421 - 8430 Investigation of single-layer and multilayer coatings for aluminum bipolar plate in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
Li ZG, Feng K, Wang ZY, Cai X, Yao CW, Wu YX
8431 - 8436 Investigation of A-site deficient Ba0.9Co0.7Fe0.2Nb0.1O3-delta cathode for proton conducting electrolyte based solid oxide fuel cells
Yang CH, Zhao F, Chen FL, Liu ML
8437 - 8448 Nd2-xGdxZr2O7 electrolytes: Thermal expansion and effect of temperature and dopant concentration on ionic conductivity of oxygen
Razmkhah M, Mosavian MTH, Moosavi F
8449 - 8456 Pd nanoparticles supported on PDDA-functionalized carbon black with enhanced ORR activity in alkaline medium
Xue YH, Zhang L, Zhou WJ, Chan SH
8457 - 8473 Coupling of a continuum fuel cell model with a discrete liquid water percolation model
Alink R, Gerteisen D
8474 - 8481 Preparation and electrochemical properties of La-Mg-Ni-based La0.75Mg0.25Ni3.3Co0.5 multiphase hydrogen storage alloy as negative material of Ni/MH battery
Tian X, Yun GH, Wang HY, Shang T, Yao ZQ, Wei W, Liang XX
8482 - 8494 Perspective on hydrogen energy carrier and its automotive applications
Cipriani G, Di Dio V, Genduso F, La Cascia D, Liga R, Miceli R, Galluzzo GR
8495 - 8509 Thermodynamic real gas analysis of a tank filling process
Striednig M, Brandstatter S, Sartory M, Klell M
8510 - 8524 Predicting the performance and NOx emissions of a turbocharged spark-ignition engine generator fueled with biogases and hydrogen addition under down-boosting condition
Park J, Song S
8525 - 8534 An experimental investigation of hydrogen-enriched gasoline in a Wankel rotary engine
Amrouche F, Erickson P, Park J, Varnhagen S
8535 - 8556 Kinetics of NiO reduction by H-2 and Ni oxidation at conditions relevant to chemical-looping combustion and reforming
Zhou ZQ, Han L, Bollas GM
8557 - 8563 Effects of ignition location on premixed hydrogen/air flame propagation in a closed combustion tube
Xiao HH, Duan QL, Jiang L, Sun JH
8564 - 8575 Comparative study of Schottky diode type hydrogen sensors based on a honeycomb GaN nanonetwork and on a planar GaN film
Zhong AH, Sasaki T, Hane K
8576 - 8576 Preface HYFUSEN 2013
Gervasoni JL
8577 - 8581 Scheme of thermal compression of hydrogen (TCH) using MmNi(4.25)Al(0.75) recovered with ethyl alcohol and handled under non protective atmospheres
Obregon SA, Esquivel MR
8582 - 8589 Polyaniline and polyaniline-carbon black nanostructures as electrochemical capacitor electrode materials
Bavio MA, Acosta GG, Kessler T
8590 - 8595 Hydrogen absorption in Pd thin-films
de Debiaggi SR, Crespo EA, Braschi FU, Bringa EM, Ali ML, Ruda M
8596 - 8603 Development of FPGA based power flow monitoring system in a microgrid
Ozdemir MT, Sonmez M, Akbal A
8604 - 8608 "Quality specification and safety in hydrogen production, commercialization and utilization"
Aprea JL
8609 - 8620 Sizing methodology for hybrid systems based on multiple renewable power sources integrated to the energy management strategy
Feroldi D, Zumoffen D
8621 - 8630 The influence of pre-adsorbed Pt on hydrogen adsorption on B2 FeTi(111)
Verdinelli V, German E, Jasen P, Gonzalez E, Marchetti JM
8631 - 8634 Design of an integrated power system using a proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Lavorante MJ, Messina LG, Franco JI, Bonelli P
8635 - 8649 Model predictive control to ensure high quality hydrogen production for fuel cells
Rullo P, Degliuomini LN, Garcia M, Basualdo M
8650 - 8655 Hydrogen production by glycerol steam-reforming over nickel and nickel-cobalt impregnated on alumina
Sanchez EA, Comelli RA
8656 - 8660 Conductivity of Nafion (R) 117 membrane used in polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Napoli L, Franco J, Fasoli H, Sanguinetti A
8661 - 8666 Preparation and characterization of positive electrode of Ni-MH batteries with cobalt additives
Ortiz MG, Real SG, Castro EB
8667 - 8674 Synthesis and characterization of Cu core Pt-Ru shell nanoparticles for the electro-oxidation of alcohols
Sieben JM, Comignani V, Alvarez AE, Duarte MME
8675 - 8681 Cu/MnOx-CeO2 and Ni/MnOx-CeO2 catalysts for the water-gas shift reaction: Metal-support interaction
Poggio-Fraccari E, Sambeth J, Baronetti G, Marino F
8682 - 8689 Identification of Argentinian saline drylands suitable for growing Salicornia bigelovii for bioenergy
Falasca SL, Ulberich A, Acevedo A
8690 - 8696 Influence of metallic oxides on ethanol oxidation
Luna AMC, Bonesi AR, Moreno MS, Zampieri G, Bengio S, Triaca WE
8697 - 8701 Mechanical milled doped Zn-based semiconductors powders for photovoltaic devices
Laborde JI, Hoya J, Tolosa MDR, Hernandez-Fenollosa MA, Damonte LC
8702 - 8707 Modeling and simulation of grid-connected photovoltaic energy conversion systems
Molina MG, Espejo EJ
8708 - 8711 Cost-benefit analysis of a photovoltaic power plant
Reinoso CRS, De Paula M, Buitrago RH
8712 - 8719 Co catalysts modified by rare earths (La, Ce or Pr) for hydrogen production from ethanol
Barroso MN, Gomez MF, Arrua LA, Abello MC
8720 - 8727 Modeling of a Vanadium Redox Flow Battery for power system dynamic studies
Ontiveros LJ, Mercado PE
8728 - 8737 Development of PtGe and PtIn anodic catalysts supported on carbonaceous materials for DMFC
Veizaga NS, Paganin VA, Rocha TA, Scelza OA, de Miguel SR, Gonzalez ER
8738 - 8743 Effects of the electrode configuration, phase relationship and microstructure on the polarization resistance of La0.3Ba0.7CoO3-delta as cathode material for IT-SOFC
Setevich C, Prado F, de Florio DZ
8744 - 8748 Density Functional Theory study of the hydrogen storage in a vacancy zone of an iron-nickel cell
Canto G, Salazar-Ehuan I, Gonzalez-Sanchez J, Tapia A, Quijano R, Simonetti S
8749 - 8753 Study of hydrogen adsorption properties on MCM-41 mesoporous materials modified with nickel
Carraro P, Elias V, Blanco AAG, Sapag K, Eimer G, Oliva M
8754 - 8758 Electrical properties of vegetable oils between 20 Hz and 2 MHz
Corach J, Sorichetti PA, Romano SD
8759 - 8766 Ni-Cu/Ce0.9Zr0.1O2 bimetallic cermets for electrochemical and catalytic applications
Toscani LM, Zimicz MG, Casanova JR, Larrond SA
8767 - 8771 Formation kinetics and microstructure of Mg-Ti hydrides made by reactive ball milling
Biasetti A, Meyer M, Zelis LM
8772 - 8779 Second-order sliding mode observer for biomass concentration and growth rate estimation in batch photo-bioreactors
Nunez S, Garelli F, De Battista H
8780 - 8790 Bonding in PdH2 and Pd2H2 systems adsorbed on carbon nanotubes: Implications for hydrogen storage
Lopez-Corral I, Irigoyen B, Juan A
8791 - 8796 Stability of LaNi5-xSnx cycled in hydrogen
Borzone EM, Blanco MV, Baruj A, Meyer GO
8797 - 8802 Numerical and experimental study on laminar burning velocity of syngas produced from biomass gasification in sub-atmospheric pressures
Amell AA, Yepes HA, Cadavid FJ
8803 - 8812 Grid connected fuel cell and PV hybrid power generating system design with Matlab Simulink
Bayrak G, Cebeci M
8813 - 8820 Unsteady and non-linear aeroelastic analysis of large horizontal-axis wind turbines
Maza MS, Preidikman S, Flores FG
8821 - 8826 Mesoporous carbon as Pt support for PEM fuel cell
Viva FA, Bruno MM, Franceschini EA, Thomas YRJ, Sanchez GR, Solorza-Feria O, Corti HR
8827 - 8832 Wind generation applied to water desalination and H-2 production in remote areas with weak networks
Cendoya MG, Toccaceli GM, Battaiotto PE
8833 - 8840 Design and simulation of a solar-hydrogen system for different situations
Ural Z, Gencoglu MT
8841 - 8845 Effect of carbon nanotubes purification in the performance of a negative electrode of a Ni/MH battery
Benavides LA, Cuscueta DJ, Troiani H, Ghilarducci AA, Salva HR
8846 - 8851 Passivity control via Power Shaping of a wind turbine in a dispersed network
Pena RR, Fernandez RD, Mantz RJ
8852 - 8860 Short-range order of H in the Nb-H solid solution
Garces J
8861 - 8867 Simulation and study of proposed modifications over straight-parallel flow field design
Imbrioscia GM, Fasoli HJ
8868 - 8871 Interaction of hydrogen in carbon matrix with impurities of nickel. Effects of spin fluctuation
Geruasoni JL, Segui S
8872 - 8880 A novel anti islanding detection method for grid connected fuel cell power generation systems
Bayrak G, Cebeci M