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ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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14921 - 14933 Pressurized PEM water electrolysis: Efficiency and gas crossover
Schalenbach M, Carmo M, Fritz DL, Mergel J, Stolten D
14934 - 14942 Graphene oxide modified non-noble metal electrode for alkaline anion exchange membrane water electrolyzers
Seetharaman S, Balaji R, Ramya K, Dhathathreyan KS, Velan M
14943 - 14951 Composite oxygen electrode LSM-BCZYZ impregnated with Co3O4 nanoparticles for steam electrolysis in a proton-conducting solid oxide electrolyzer
Li SS, Yan RQ, Wu GJ, Xie K, Cheng JG
14952 - 14967 Stand-alone operation of an alkaline water electrolyser fed by wind and photovoltaic systems
Ursua A, Martin IS, Barrios EL, Sanchis P
14968 - 14991 Reactor technology options for distributed hydrogen generation via ammonia decomposition: A review
Chiuta S, Everson RC, Neomagus HWJP, van der Gryp P, Bessarabov DG
14992 - 15002 Enhanced hydrogen generation from aluminum-water reactions
Yavor Y, Goroshin S, Bergthorson JM, Frost DL, Stowe R, Ringuette S
15003 - 15011 Influence of the structural and surface characteristics of activated carbon on the catalytic decomposition of hydrogen iodide in the sulfur-iodine cycle for hydrogen production
Lin XD, Zhang YW, Wang R, Wang ZH, Zhou JH, Cen KF
15012 - 15018 CdO-CdS nanocomposites with enhanced photocatalytic activity for hydrogen generation from water
Kahane SV, Sasikala R, Vishwanadh B, Sudarsan V, Mahamuni S
15019 - 15026 Directed electrochemical synthesis of ZnO/PDMcT core/shell nanorod arrays with enhanced photoelectrochemical properties
Su YZ, Xiao K, Liao ZJ, Zhong YH, Li N, Chen YB, Liu ZQ
15027 - 15035 CuInxGa1-xSe2 as an efficient photocathode for solar hydrogen generation
Jacobsson TJ, Platzer-Bjorkman C, Edoff M, Edvinsson T
15036 - 15048 The role of CuO in promoting photocatalytic hydrogen production over TiO2
Chen WT, Jovic V, Sun-Waterhouse D, Idriss H, Waterhouse GIN
15049 - 15054 Hydrogen production by mechano-chemical reaction of Ti2O3 in water
Uno M, Nishimoto S, Kameshima Y, Miyake M
15055 - 15062 Hydrogen-methane production from pulp & paper sludge and food waste by mesophilic-thermophilic anaerobic co-digestion
Lin YQ, Wu SB, Wang DH
15063 - 15073 Biohydrogen production from ricebran using Clostridium saccharoperbutylacetonicum N1-4
Dada O, Yusoff WMW, Kalil MS
15074 - 15083 Comparison of the use of sucrose and glucose as a substrate for hydrogen production in an upflow anaerobic fixed-bed reactor
Lima DMF, Moreira WK, Zaiat M
15084 - 15091 Catalytic decomposition of biogas to produce hydrogen rich fuels for SI engines and valuable nanocarbons
de Llobet S, Pinilla JL, Moliner R, Suelves I, Arroyo J, Moreno F, Munoz M, Monne C, Camean I, Ramos A, Cuesta N, Garcia AB
15092 - 15099 Biohydrogen purification using a commercial polyimide membrane module: Studying the effects of some process variables
Bakonyi P, Kumar G, Nemestothy N, Lin CY, Belafi-Bako K
15100 - 15104 Evaluation of continuous biohydrogen production from enzymatically treated cornstalk hydrolysate
Zhao L, Cao GL, Wang AJ, Ren HY, Ren NQ
15105 - 15118 Steam reforming of ethanol: Effects of support and additives on Ni-based catalysts
Trane-Restrup R, Dahl S, Jensen AD
15119 - 15127 Hydrogen production by steam reforming of ethanol over mesoporous Ni-Al2O3-ZrO2 aerogel catalyst
Han SJ, Bang Y, Yoo J, Kang KH, Song JH, Seo JG, Song IK
15128 - 15139 Role of the composition and preparation method in the activity of hydrotalcite-derived Ru catalysts in the catalytic partial oxidation of methane
Ballarini A, Benito P, Fornasari G, Scelza O, Vaccari A
15140 - 15151 Autothermal reforming of iso-octane and gasoline over Rh-based catalysts: Influence of CeO2/gamma-Al2O3-based mixed oxides on hydrogen production
Jung YG, Kim Y, Lee DH, Jang SC, Nam SW, Han JH, Hong SA, Choi DK, Yoon CW
15152 - 15159 Methanol oxidation on hybrid catalysts: PtRu/C nanostructures promoted with cerium and titanium oxides
Kolla P, Smirnova A
15160 - 15172 Nickel catalyst auto-reduction during steam reforming of bio-oil model compound acetic acid
Cheng F, Dupont V
15173 - 15179 Slow and fast dynamics of a natural gas hydrogen reformer
Skataric M, Gajic Z
15180 - 15199 Hydrogen production through sorption enhanced steam reforming of natural gas: Thermodynamic plant assessment
Martinez I, Romano MC, Chiesa P, Grasa G, Murillo R
15200 - 15209 CO2 reforming of methane over Ni/SBA-15 prepared with beta-cyclodextrin - Role of beta-cyclodextrin in Ni dispersion and performance
Liu HM, Li YM, Wu H, Miyake T, He DH
15210 - 15218 Experimental validation of local thermal equilibrium in a MW plasma torch for hydrogen production
Ogungbesan B, Kumar R, Su L, Sassi M
15219 - 15232 Economic impact of performances degradation on the competitiveness of energy storage technologies-Part 1: Introduction to the simulation-optimization platform ODYSSEY and elements of validation on a PV-hydrogen hybrid system
Guinot B, Bultel Y, Montignac F, Riu D, Pinton E, Noirot-Le Borgne I
15233 - 15241 Non-noble Ni-Cu/ACC bimetallic catalyst for dehydrogenation of liquid organic hydrides for hydrogen storage
Patil SP, Pande JV, Biniwale RB
15242 - 15253 Performance simulation and experimental confirmation of a mini-channel metal hydrides reactor
Meng XY, Wu Z, Bao ZW, Yang FS, Zhang ZX
15254 - 15263 DFT model of hydrogen desorption from MgH2: The role of iron catalyst
Giusepponi S, Celino M
15264 - 15268 Short communication: High-pressure synthesis and crystal structure of a novel Mg3CuHx ternary hydride
Torres B, Martinez-Lope MJ, Alonso JA, Serafini D, Fernandez-Diaz MT, Martinez-Coronado R
15269 - 15274 Thermochemical recycling of hydrolyzed NaBH4. Part I: In-situ and ex-situ evaluations
Ou TJ, Giuliano A, Panizza M, Barbucci A, Cerisola G
15275 - 15284 Metal ion-imprinted hydrogel with magnetic properties and enhanced catalytic performances in hydrolysis of NaBH4 and NH3BH3
Seven F, Sahiner N
15285 - 15294 Dehydrogenation mechanisms of ammonia borane catalyzed by Pd atoms adsorbed on an MgO(100) surface
Tong MQ, Yin ZF, Wang Y, Chen GJ
15295 - 15301 The effects of plasma treatment on electrochemical activity of Co-W-B catalyst for hydrogen production by hydrolysis of NaBH4
Ekinci A, Sahin O, Saka C, Avci T
15302 - 15306 Equilibrium shift of methylcyclohexane dehydrogenation in a thermally stable organosilica membrane reactor for high-purity hydrogen production
Li G, Niimi T, Kanezashi M, Yoshioka T, Tsuru T
15307 - 15317 Prognostics and Health Management of PEMFC - State of the art and remaining challenges
Jouin M, Gouriveau R, Hissel D, Pera MC, Zerhouni N
15318 - 15327 Relating the N-shaped polarization curve of a PEM fuel cell to local oxygen starvation and hydrogen evolution
Zamel N, Hanke-Rauschenbach R, Kirsch S, Bhattarai A, Gerteisen D
15328 - 15334 Evaluation of the oxidation and Cr evaporation properties of selected FeCr alloys used as SOFC interconnects
Sachitanand R, Sattari M, Svensson JE, Froitzheim J
15335 - 15347 Thin films of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3-delta dip-coated on Fe-Cr alloys for SOFC metallic interconnect
da Conceicao L, Dessemond L, Djurado E, Souza MMVM
15348 - 15353 High performance intermediate temperature micro-tubular SOFCs with Ba0.9Co0.7Fe0.2Nb0.1O3-delta as cathode
Yang CH, Ren C, Yu L, Jin C
15354 - 15360 Proton conductivities and structures of BaO-ZnO-P2O5 glasses in the ultraphosphate region for intermediate temperature fuel cells
Sumi H, Nakano Y, Fujishiro Y, Kasuga T
15361 - 15370 High- and low- temperature behaviors of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-delta cathode operating under CO2/H2O-containing atmosphere
Zhao Z, Liu L, Zhang XM, Wu WM, Tu BF, Cui DA, Ou DR, Cheng MJ
15371 - 15378 Development of Al2O3/glass-based multi-layer composite seals for planar intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Zhang WH, Yan D, Duan JB, Pu J, Chi B, Li J
15379 - 15387 Effects of interface roughness on a liquid-Sb-anode solid oxide fuel cell
Wang HJ, Shi YX, Cai NS
15388 - 15394 Use of Pd-MnMoO4-graphene hybrids as efficient and CO poisoning tolerant electrocatalysts for methanol oxidation
Sharma CS, Awasthi R, Singh RN
15395 - 15404 Electrochemical oxidation of alcohols on Pt-TiO2 binary electrodes
Hasa B, Kalamaras E, Papaioannou EI, Sygellou L, Katsaounis A
15405 - 15413 Parameter estimation of fuel cell polarization curve using BMO algorithm
Askarzadeh A
15414 - 15427 The role of the gas diffusion layer on slug formation in gas flow channels of fuel cells
Hellstern T, Gauthier E, Cheah MJ, Benziger JB
15428 - 15437 Performance tests on a double-stage metal hydride based heat transformer
Sekhar BS, Muthukumar P
15438 - 15451 Disruptive innovations: The case for hydrogen fuel cells and battery electric vehicles
Hardman S, Steinberger-Wilckens R, van der Horst D
15452 - 15468 Assessment of elliptic flame front propagation characteristics of hydrogen in an optically accessible spark ignition engine
Ihracska B, Wen DS, Imran S, Emberson DR, Ruiz LM, Crookes RJ, Korakianitis T
15469 - 15476 Performance and combustion characteristic of CI engine fueled with hydrogen enriched diesel
Ghazal OH
15477 - 15487 Study of the cycle-to-cycle variations of an internal combustion engine fuelled with natural gas/hydrogen blends from the diagnosis of combustion pressure
Reyes M, Melgar A, Perez A, Gimenez B
15488 - 15499 Modeling and analysis of flow distribution in an A-type microchannel reactor
Mei DQ, Liang LW, Qian M, Lou XY
15500 - 15509 A laminar flame speed correlation of hydrogen-methanol blends valid at engine-like conditions
Liu XL, Ji CW, Gao BB, Wang SF, Liang C, Yang JX
15510 - 15519 Interaction of pressure wave and propagating flame during knock
Yang F, Zhang HQ, Chen Z, Kong WJ
15520 - 15531 Nanomechanical characterization of the hydrogen effect on pulsed plasma nitrided super duplex stainless steel
Asgari M, Johnsen R, Barnoush A
15532 - 15541 Electro-oxidation of formate-based solutions on Au/Pd core-shell nanoparticles - Experiment and simulation
Hsu CJ, Huang CW, Hao YW, Liu FQ
15542 - 15552 Synergic effect of V2O5 and P2O5 on the sealing properties of barium-strontium alumino-silicate glass/glass-ceramics
Sharma K, Kothiyal GP, Montagne L, Mear FO, Revel B
15553 - 15558 Planar momentum-dominated regime of small-scale hydrogen leakage
El-Amin MF, Jaha YA, El-Ameen MA
15559 - 15566 Feasibility of H-2 sensors composed of tungsten oxide nanocluster films
Zhao M, Huang JX, Ong CW
15567 - 15567 The 2012 Asian Biohydrogen and Bioproducts Symposium 2012 ABBS: Preface
Lin CY, Liao Q, Miyake J
15568 - 15573 Electricity generation by Shewanella sp HN-41 in microbial fuel cells
Wu D, Xing DF, Mei XX, Liu BF, Guo CH, Ren NQ
15574 - 15579 Double-chamber microbial fuel cells started up under room and low temperatures
Liu LH, Tsyganova O, Lee DJ, Chang JS, Wang AJ, Ren NQ
15580 - 15589 Control of dual-chambered microbial fuel cell by anodic potential: Implications with sulfate reducing bacteria
Chou TY, Whiteley CG, Lee DJ, Liao Q
15590 - 15597 Kinetic analysis on gaseous and aqueous product formation by mixed anaerobic hydrogen-producing cultures
Fang F, Mu Y, Sheng GP, Yu HQ, Li YY, Kubota K, Harada H
15598 - 15605 Unveiling characteristics of dye-bearing microbial fuel cells for energy and materials recycling: Redox mediators
Chen BY, Hsueh CC, Liu SQ, Hung JY, Qiao Y, Yueh PL, Wang YM
15606 - 15612 Bioelectricity production on xylose with a compost enrichment culture
Makinen AE, Lay CH, Nissila ME, Puhakka JA
15613 - 15619 Improved hydrogen production of the downstream bioreactor by coupling single chamber microbial fuel cells between series-connected photosynthetic biohydrogen reactors
Li J, Zou WT, Xu Z, Ye DD, Zhu X, Liao Q
15620 - 15629 Identifying global competition and devising a biohydrogen roadmap on a continental level
Lee DH
15630 - 15637 Non-sterile bio-hydrogen fermentation from food waste in a continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR): Performance and population analysis
Reungsang A, Sreela-or C, Plangklang P
15638 - 15645 Bioelectrochemical analyses of a thermophilic biocathode catalyzing sustainable hydrogen production
Fu Q, Kobayashi H, Kuramochi Y, Xu J, Wakayama T, Maeda H, Sato K
15646 - 15652 Effects of brush lengths and fiber loadings on the performance of microbial fuel cells using graphite fiber brush anodes
Liu CM, Li J, Zhu X, Zhang L, Ye DD, Brown RK, Liao Q
15653 - 15659 Development of AFEX-based consolidated bioprocessing on wheat straw for biohydrogen production using anaerobic microflora
Cao GL, Xia XF, Zhao L, Wang ZY, Li X, Yang Q
15660 - 15669 Constructing an innovative Bio-Hydrogen Integrated Renewable Energy System
Chang PL, Hsu CW, Hsiung CM, Lin CY
15670 - 15679 A simulation on PSB biofilm formation with considering cell inactivation
Chen R, Pu YK, Liao Q, Zhu X, Wang YZ
15680 - 15685 Simulation of bacterial locomotion and attachment in the interspaces of packed bed reactors
Zhang C, Chen R, Liao Q, Zhu X
15686 - 15692 Comparative study of biohydrogen production by four dark fermentative bacteria
Hu CC, Giannis A, Chen CL, Qi W, Wang JY
15693 - 15699 Biohydrogen production from pentose-rich oil palm empty fruit bunch molasses: A first trial
Abdul PM, Jahim JM, Harun S, Markom M, Hassan O, Mohammad AW, Asis AJ
15700 - 15709 Lattice Boltzmann simulation of substrate solution through a porous granule immobilized PSB-cell for biohydrogen production
Liao Q, Yang YX, Zhu X, Chen R
15710 - 15715 Performance of a microfluidic microbial fuel cell based on graphite electrodes
Ye DD, Yang Y, Li J, Zhu X, Liao Q, Deng BW, Chen R
15716 - 15722 Performance of liter-scale microbial fuel cells with electrode arrays: Effect of array pattern
Zhu X, Zhang L, Li J, Liao Q, Ye DD
15723 - 15729 Improved performance of a tubular microbial fuel cell with a composite anode of graphite fiber brush and graphite granules
Li J, Liu CM, Liao Q, Zhu X, Ye DD
15730 - 15737 Enhancement of hydrogen production by adsorption of Rhodoseudomonas palustris CQK 01 on a new support material
Liao Q, Zhong NB, Zhu X, Chen R, Wang YZ, Lee DJ
15738 - 15743 Detection of furfural and 5-hydroxymethylfurfural with a yhcN::luxCDABE bioreporter strain
Monnappa AK, Lee JH, Mitchell RJ
15744 - 15750 Properties of thermodynamic equilibrium-based methane autothermal reforming to generate hydrogen
Yan YF, Zhang J, Zhang L
15751 - 15756 Alkali-treated sewage sludge as a seeding source for hydrogen fermentation of food waste leachate
Kim DH, Lee MK, Jung KW, Kim MS
15757 - 15763 Study on pine biomass air and oxygen/steam gasification in the fixed bed gasifier
Pu G, Zhou HP, Hao GT
15764 - 15769 Production of hydrogen and methane by one and two stage fermentation of food waste
Nathao C, Sirisukpoka U, Pisutpaisal N
15770 - 15776 Effect of AI crude extract on PHB accumulation and hydrogen photoproduction in Rhodobacter sphaeroides
Ye JY, Liu T, Chen Y, Liao Q, Wang ZK, Chen GC
15777 - 15786 Thermophilic biohydrogen production from the enzymatic hydrolysate of cellulose fraction of sweet sorghum bagasse by Thermoanaerobacterium thermosaccharolyticum KKU19: Optimization of media composition
Boonsayompoo O, Reungsang A
15787 - 15793 The aluminum silicate catalyst effect on efficiency of energy yield in gasification of paper-reject sludge
Chiang KY, Lu CH, Chien KL
15794 - 15800 Liquid phase reforming of rice straw for furfural production
Lin KH, Huang MH, Chang ACC
15801 - 15806 Optimizing external voltage for enhanced energy recovery from sludge fermentation liquid in microbial electrolysis cell
Xu LJ, Liu WZ, Wu YN, Wang AJ, Li S, Ji W
15807 - 15814 Biohydrogen production by a novel integration of dark fermentation and mixotrophic microalgae cultivation
Liu CH, Chang CY, Liao Q, Zhu X, Liao CF, Chang JS
15815 - 15822 Dark fermentative hydrogen production with crude glycerol from biodiesel industry using indigenous hydrogen-producing bacteria
Lo YC, Chen XJ, Huang CY, Yuan YJ, Chang JS
15823 - 15829 Biohydrogen production evaluation from rice straw hydrolysate by concentrated acid pre-treatment in both batch and continuous systems
Liu CM, Chu CY, Lee WY, Li YC, Wu SY, Chou YP
15830 - 15835 Determination of developing trend for a novelty microbial electrolysis cell by a modified inventive problem solving approach
Li YC, Chu CY, Chien WC, Chang PL, Hsu CW, Wu SY
15836 - 15842 Constructing an evaluation model for hydrogen application pathways
Hsu CW
15843 - 15848 Multivariate statistics to evaluate factors affecting hydrogen production in a pilot-scale operation system
Huang ST, Chang ACC
15849 - 15855 Effect of substrate concentration and pH on biohydrogen production kinetics from food industry wastewater by mixed culture
Chu CY, Tung L, Lin CY