International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.38, No.29 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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12695 - 12703 Electrochemical hydrogen evolution catalyzed by SrMoO4 spindle particles in acid water
Aruna KK, Manoharan R
12704 - 12717 Linear sweep voltammetry measurements and factorial design model of hydrogen production by HCl/CuCl electrolysis
Aghahosseini S, Dincer I, Naterer GF
12718 - 12724 Heterogeneous photocatalytic hydrogen generation in a solar pilot plant
Villa K, Domenech X, Malato S, Maldonado MI, Peral J
12725 - 12732 Understanding the positive effects of (Co-Pi) co-catalyst modification in inverse-opal structured alpha-Fe2O3-based photoelectrochemical cells
Shi XJ, Zhang K, Park JH
12733 - 12738 Enhanced photocatalytic performance of chemically bonded SiC-graphene composites for visible-light-driven overall water splitting
Wang YW, Guo XN, Dong LL, Jin GQ, Wang YY, Guo XY
12739 - 12746 Photocatalytic water splitting of surfactant-free fabricated high surface area NaTaO3 nanocrystals
Jiang W, Jiao XL, Chen DR
12747 - 12754 Effect of ammonia on biohydrogen production from food waste via anaerobic fermentation
Pan JM, Chen X, Sheng KC, Yu YH, Zhang CX, Ying YB
12755 - 12766 Electrocatalytic oxidation of formic acid on Pt-Pd decorated polyfluorenes with hydroxyl and carboxyl substitution
Yue RR, Wang CQ, Jiang FX, Wang HW, Du YK, Xu JK, Yang P
12767 - 12773 A highly active porous Pt-PbOx/C catalyst toward alcohol electro-oxidation in alkaline electrolyte
Li GL, Jiang LH, Zhang BS, Jiang Q, Su DS, Sun GQ
12774 - 12785 Synthesis of mesoporous silica (SBA-16) nanoparticles using silica extracted from stem cane ash and its application in electrocatalytic oxidation of methanol
Azizi SN, Ghasemi S, Yazdani-Sheldarrei H
12786 - 12794 Hydrogen production by non-catalytic partial oxidation of coal in supercritical water: Explore the way to complete gasification of lignite and bituminous coal
Ge ZW, Guo SM, Guo LJ, Cao CQ, Su XH, Jin H
12795 - 12802 Optimization of carbon fiber usage in Type 4 hydrogen storage tanks for fuel cell automobiles
Roh HS, Hua TQ, Ahluwalia RK
12803 - 12810 Development of Ti-Cr-Mn-Fe based alloys with high hydrogen desorption pressures for hybrid hydrogen storage vessel application
Chen ZW, Xiao XZ, Chen LX, Fan XL, Liu LX, Li SQ, Ge HW, Wang QD
12811 - 12816 Molybdenum effect on the kinetic behavior of a metal hydride electrode
Diaz V, Teliz E, Ruiz F, Martinez PS, Faccio R, Zinola F
12817 - 12829 Effect of functionality of polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane [POSS] on the properties of sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone) [SPEEK] based hybrid nanocomposite proton exchange membranes for fuel cell applications
Gupta D, Madhukar A, Choudhary V
12830 - 12837 Stack performance of phosphotungstic acid functionalized mesoporous silica (HPW-meso-silica) nanocomposite high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Zeng J, Jin BQ, Shen PK, He BB, Lamb K, De Marco R, Jiang SP
12838 - 12846 Investigation of AuNi/C anode catalyst for direct methanol fuel cells
Yan SH, Gao LZ, Zhang SC, Gao LL, Zhang WK, Li YZ
12847 - 12855 The effects and characteristics of hydrogen in SNG on gas turbine combustion using a diffusion type combustor
Park S, Kim U, Lee M, Kim S, Cha D
12856 - 12864 Dynamics of premixed hydrogen/air flame in a closed combustion vessel
Xiao HH, An WG, Duan QL, Sun JH
12865 - 12877 Hydrogen sensing using gold nanoclusters supported on tungsten trioxide thin films
Ahmad MZ, Golovko VB, Adnan RH, Abu Bakar F, Ruzicka JY, Anderson DP, Andersson GG, Wlodarski W
12878 - 12878 12th International Conference on Clean Energy (ICCE 2012)
Guo LJ
12879 - 12885 Effect of wettability on water removal from the gas diffusion layer surface in a novel proton exchange membrane fuel cell flow channel
Qin YZ, Li XG, Du Q, Yin Y, Jiao K
12886 - 12890 Optimization of photosynthetic hydrogen production from acetate by Rhodobacter sphaeroides RV
Han HL, Jia QB, Liu BQ, Yang HJ, Shen JQ
12891 - 12903 Gas diffusion layer deformation and its effect on the transport characteristics and performance of proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Zhou YB, Jiao K, Du Q, Yin Y, Li XG
12904 - 12911 Synergetic catalytic effect of MWCNTs and TiF3 on hydrogenation properties of nanocrystalline Mg-10wt%Ni alloys
Hou XJ, Hu R, Zhang TB, Kou HC, Li JS, Xue XY
12912 - 12920 An experimental investigation of sewage sludge gasification in near and super-critical water using a batch reactor
Chen YN, Guo LJ, Jin H, Yin JR, Lu YJ, Zhang XM
12921 - 12926 Low temperature synthesis of Yb doped SrCeO3 powders by gel combustion process
Zhang C, Li S, Liu XP, Zhao XS, He D, Qiu HC, Yu QH, Wang SM, Jiang LJ
12927 - 12937 Continuous hydrogen production by biomass gasification in supercritical water heated by molten salt flow: System development and reactor assessment
Xiao P, Guo LJ, Zhang XM, Zhu C, Ma SH
12938 - 12945 A new photosensitive coordination compound [RuL(bpy)(2)](PF6)(2) and its application in photocatalytic H-2 production under the irradiation of visible light
Zheng HQ, Yong H, Ting OY, Fan YT, Hou HW
12946 - 12952 Autothermal steam reforming of glycerol for hydrogen production over packed-bed and Pd/Ag alloy membrane reactors
Lin KH, Chang ACC, Lin WH, Chen SH, Chang CY, Chang HF
12953 - 12967 Boiling coal in water: Hydrogen production and power generation system with zero net CO2 emission based on coal and supercritical water gasification
Guo LJ, Jin H
12968 - 12976 Simulation and multi-objective optimization of an integrated process for hydrogen production from refinery off-gas
Wang DL, Feng X
12977 - 12983 Photoelectrochemical and photocatalytic properties of Ag-loaded BaTiO3/TiO2 heterostructure nanotube arrays
Li QY, Li R, Zong LL, He JH, Wang XD, Yang JJ
12984 - 12990 Roles of organic acids during exectrooxidation reaction over Pt-supported carbon electrodes in direct methanol fuel cells
Wong CY, Chen SK, Lo AY, Tseng CM, Lin CY, Liu SB
12991 - 12999 Hydrogen production by sewage sludge gasification in supercritical water with a fluidized bed reactor
Chen YA, Guo LJ, Cao W, Jin H, Guo SM, Zhang XM
13000 - 13010 Simulation of hydrogen storage tank packed with metal-organic framework
Xiao JS, Hu M, Benard P, Chahine R
13011 - 13016 PtFe nanotubes/graphene hybrid: Facile synthesis and its electrochemical properties
Luo BM, Yan XB, Chen JT, Xu S, Xue QJ
13017 - 13022 Controllable proton and CO2 photoreduction over Cu2O with various morphologies
Handoko AD, Tang JW
13023 - 13030 Enhancement of photoelectrochemical response by Au modified in TiO2 nanorods
Li YK, Yu HM, Zhang CK, Fu L, Li GF, Shao ZG, Yi BL
13031 - 13037 Disruption of multidrug resistance protein gene of Rhodobacter capsulatus results in improved photoheterotrophic hydrogen production
Ma C, Yang HH, Zhang Y, Guo LJ
13038 - 13044 Solar receiver/reactor for hydrogen production with biomass gasification in supercritical water
Liao B, Guo LJ, Lu YJ, Zhang XM
13045 - 13049 Preparation of a microalgal photoanode for hydrogen production by photo-bioelectrochemical water-splitting
Chen ZA, Lyu YX, Wang KY, Dong XL, Deng MC, Bai CM, Xu YP, Zhang W, Liu ZM
13050 - 13054 Characterization of Ti-based hydrogen absorbing alloys
Deng GX, Zhao XS, Wang SM, Liu XP, Li ZN, Jiang LJ
13055 - 13061 Photochemical synthesis of fluorescent Ag nanoclusters and enhanced fluorescence by ionic liquid
Lu F, Zhou SW, Zhu JJ
13062 - 13068 Study on the environment-resource-economy comprehensive efficiency evaluation of the biohydrogen production technology
Ma T, Chen MQ, Wang CJ, Mao ZQ, Jiang MH
13069 - 13076 Fabricating CdS/BiVO4 and BiVO4/CdS heterostructured film photoelectrodes for photoelectrochemical applications
Jiang JG, Wang M, Li R, Ma LJ, Guo LJ
13077 - 13083 Synthesis of uniform ZnO/ZnS/CdS nanorod films with ion-exchange approach and photoelectrochemical performances
Jiang JG, Wang M, Ma LJ, Chen QY, Guo LJ
13084 - 13090 Theoretical analysis of the characteristics of the solid oxide fuel cells with a bi-layer electrolyte
Shen SL, Guo LJ, Liu HT
13091 - 13096 Synthesis of CdS/CNTs photocatalysts and study of hydrogen production by photocatalytic water splitting
Wang XX, Liu MC, Chen QY, Zhang K, Chen J, Wang M, Guo PH, Guo LJ
13097 - 13103 ZnS/ZnO heterojunction as photoelectrode: Type H band alignment towards enhanced photoelectrochemical performance
Guo PH, Jiang JG, Shen SH, Guo LJ
13104 - 13109 Synthesis and hydrogen storage studies of metal-organic framework UiO-66
Zhao Q, Yuan W, Liang JM, Li JP
13110 - 13116 Controllable O-2(center dot-) oxidization graphene in TiO2/graphene composite and its effect on photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Gao HY, Chen W, Yuan J, Jiang Z, Hu GX, Shangguan WF, Sun YZ, Su JC
13117 - 13124 Hydrogen production by supercritical water gasification of biomass: Particle and residence time distribution in fluidized bed reactor
Wei LP, Lu YJ, Wei JJ
13125 - 13131 Effect of the structure of Ni nanoparticles on the electrocatalytic activity of Ni@Pd/C for formic acid oxidation
Wang RF, Wang H, Wang XL, Liao SJ, Linkov V, Ji S