International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.38, No.11 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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4221 - 4231 Optimization of hydrogen vehicle refueling via dynamic simulation
Rothuizen E, Merida W, Rokni M, Wistoft-Ibsen M
4232 - 4240 The public's value of hydrogen fuel cell buses: A contingent valuation study
Heo JY, Yoo SH
4241 - 4249 Performance simulation and analysis of a fuel cell/battery hybrid forklift truck
Hosseinzadeh E, Rokni M, Advani SG, Prasad AK
4250 - 4265 Renewable and low carbon hydrogen for California - Modeling the long term evolution of fuel infrastructure using a quasi-spatial TIMES model
Yang C, Ogden JM
4266 - 4271 Stability of Y2O3 hydrogen isotope permeation barriers in hydrogen at high temperatures
Li Q, Liu J, Lv WL, Mo LB, Duan DW, Gu HW, Ding FZ, Tang T, Luo DL, Cao JL
4272 - 4280 Optimization of the electrode-supported tubular solid oxide cells for application on fuel cell and steam electrolysis
Shao L, Wang SR, Qian JQ, Ye XF, Wen TL
4281 - 4290 Long-term tests of a Julich planar short stack with reversible solid oxide cells in both fuel cell and electrolysis modes
Nguyen VN, Fang QP, Packbier U, Blum L
4291 - 4297 Influence of electrodeposition parameters of Ni-W on Ni cathode for alkaline water electrolyser
Tasic GS, Lacnjevac U, Tasic MM, Kaninski MM, Nikolic VM, Zugic DL, Jovic VD
4298 - 4307 Configuration design and performance optimum analysis of a solar-driven high temperature steam electrolysis system for hydrogen production
Zhang HC, Su SH, Chen XH, Lin GX, Chen JC
4308 - 4314 Detailed kinetic modeling of homogeneous HI decomposition for hydrogen production-Part II: Effect of I-2 on HI decomposition
Zhang YW, Liu JB, Lin XD, Wang ZH, Zhou JH, Cen KF
4315 - 4323 A new route to control texture of materials: Nanostructured ZnFe2O4 photoelectrodes
Tahir AA, Burch HA, Wijayantha KGU, Pollet BG
4324 - 4333 Photocatalytic hydrogen generation by splitting of water from electrospun hybrid nanostructures
Veluru JB, Manippady KK, Rajendiren M, Mya KM, Rayavarapu PR, Appukuttan SN, Seeram R
4334 - 4341 Power management control for off-grid solar hydrogen production and utilisation system
Zhang F, Thanapalan K, Procter A, Carr S, Maddy J, Premier G
4342 - 4350 Synthesis and characterization of bifunctional beta-MnO2-based Pt/C photoelectrochemical cell for hydrogen production
Pai YH, Tsai CT
4351 - 4360 Biohydrogen production from food waste in batch and semi-continuous conditions: Evaluation of a two-phase approach with digestate recirculation for pH control
Chinellato G, Cavinato C, Bolzonella D, Heaven S, Banks CJ
4361 - 4367 Biohydrogen from molasses with ethanol-type fermentation: Effect of hydraulic retention time
Wang B, Li YF, Ren NQ
4368 - 4379 Hydrogen production from catalytic supercritical water reforming of glycerol with cobalt-based catalysts
Pairojpiriyakul T, Croiset E, Kiatkittipong W, Kiatkittipong K, Arpornwichanop A, Assabumrungrat S
4380 - 4388 Support effects on the properties of Co and Ni catalysts for the hydrogen production from bio-ethanol partial oxidation
Kraleva E, Sokolov S, Schneider M, Ehrich H
4389 - 4396 Improved hydrogen gas production in electrohydrolysis of vinegar fermentation wastewater by scrap aluminum and salt addition
Kargi F, Arikan S
4397 - 4406 CeO2-ZrO2-promoted CuO/ZnO catalyst for methanol steam reforming
Zhang L, Pan LW, Ni CJ, Sun TJ, Zhao SS, Wang SD, Wang AJ, Hu YK
4407 - 4417 Effect of CaO addition on acid properties of Ni-Ca/Al2O3 catalysts applied to ethanol steam reforming
Elias KFM, Lucredio AF, Assaf EM
4418 - 4428 Ethanol steam reforming for hydrogen generation over structured catalysts
Lopez E, Divins NJ, Anzola A, Schbib S, Borio D, Llorca J
4429 - 4436 Preferential CO oxidation over CuO-CeO2 in excess hydrogen: Effectiveness factors of catalyst particles and temperature window for CO removal
Kim DH, Park DR, Lee J
4437 - 4444 Nanocrystalline and coarse grained polycrystalline nickel catalysts for the hydrogen evolution reaction
Grubac Z, Metikos-Hukovic M, Babic R
4445 - 4455 Dual-templating fabrication of three-dimensionally ordered macroporous ceria with hierarchical pores and its use as a support for enhanced catalytic performance of preferential CO oxidation
Liu Z, Yang Y, Mi JH, Tan XL, Lv C
4456 - 4465 Comparison of structure and catalytic performance of Pt-Co and Pt-Cu bimetallic catalysts supported on Al2O3 and CeO2 synthesized by electron beam irradiation method for preferential CO oxidation
Kugai J, Moriya T, Seino S, Nakagawa T, Ohkubo Y, Nitani H, Yamamoto TA
4466 - 4473 NiMn composite electrodes as cathode material for hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline solution
Yuce AO, Doner A, Kardas G
4474 - 4482 Enhancement of electrochemical properties of Pd/C catalysts toward ethanol oxidation reaction in alkaline solution through Ni and Au alloying
Su PC, Chen HS, Chen TY, Liu CW, Lee CH, Lee JF, Chan TS, Wang KW
4483 - 4491 La0.6Sr0.4Co0.8Ni0.2O3-delta hollow fiber membrane reactor: Integrated oxygen separation - CO2 reforming of methane reaction for hydrogen production
Yang NT, Kathiraser Y, Kawi S
4492 - 4501 Ce-Fe oxygen carriers for chemical-looping steam methane reforming
Zhu X, Wei YG, Wang H, Li KZ
4502 - 4507 H-2 production from a single stage water-gas shift reaction over Pt/CeO2, Pt/ZrO2, and Pt/Ce(1-x)Zr(x)O2 catalysts
Jeong DW, Potdar HS, Shim JO, Jang WJ, Roh HS
4508 - 4512 H-2 and CO production over a stable Ni-MgO-Ce0.8Zr0.2O2 catalyst from CO2 reforming of CH4
Jang WJ, Jeong DW, Shim JO, Roh HS, Son IH, Lee SJ
4513 - 4523 Kinetic model and prediction for coal hydrogasification
Yan LB, He BS, Pei XH, Li XS, Wang CJ, Liang HX
4524 - 4532 Methane tri-reforming over a Ni/beta-SiC-based catalyst: Optimizing the feedstock composition
Garcia-Vargas JM, Valverde JL, de Lucas-Consuegra A, Gomez-Monedero B, Dorado F, Sanchez P
4533 - 4576 5 Years of hydrogen storage research in the US DOE Metal Hydride Center of Excellence (MHCoE)
Klebanoff LE, Keller JO
4577 - 4586 NMR spectroscopic and thermodynamic studies of the etherate and the alpha, alpha', and gamma phases of AlH3
Humphries TD, Munroe KT, DeWinter TM, Jensen CM, McGrady GS
4587 - 4596 Macroscopic kinetics of hydrate formation of mixed hydrates of hydrogen/tetrahydrofuran for hydrogen storage
Veluswamy HP, Linga P
4597 - 4610 Numerical investigation of heat and mass transfer during the desorption process of an Mg2Ni-H-2 reactor
Ben Maad H, Askri F, Ben Nasrallah S
4611 - 4617 Effect of nitrogen induced defects in Li dispersed graphene on hydrogen storage
Lee S, Lee M, Choi H, Yoo DS, Chung YC
4618 - 4621 Diameter and chirality effects of narrow SWCNTs on molecular hydrogenation
Khoshneuisan B, Kachoei MY, Mohammadi M
4622 - 4627 High-pressure torsion of TiFe intermetallics for activation of hydrogen storage at room temperature with heterogeneous nanostructure
Edalati K, Matsuda J, Iwaoka H, Toh S, Akiba E, Horita Z
4628 - 4635 Ammonia borane at low temperature down to 90 K and high pressure up to 15 GPa
Najiba S, Chen JH, Drozd V, Durygin A, Sun YZ
4636 - 4647 Hydrolysis of ammonia-borane catalyzed by an iron-nickel alloy on an SBA-15 support
Lai SW, Lin HL, Lin YP, Yu TL
4648 - 4653 Superior low-temperature hydrogen release from the ball-milled NH3BH3-LiNH2-LiBH4 composite
Luo JH, Kang XD, Wang P
4654 - 4663 Dynamical stability of the lanthanum dihydride under high pressure: A density functional lattice dynamics approach
Gupta SK, Jha PK
4664 - 4669 Effects of SnO2 on hydrogen desorption of MgH2
Abdellatief M, Campostrini R, Leoni M, Scardi P
4670 - 4674 Hydrogen absorption/desorption behavior of Mg50La20Ni30 bulk metallic glass
Du YL, Xu L, Shen Y, Zhuang W, Zhang SH, Chen G
4675 - 4688 Multi-scale coupling between two dynamical models for PEMFC aging prediction
Robin C, Gerard M, Franco AA, Schott P
4689 - 4696 An analysis of fluidic voltage statistical correlation for a diagnosis of PEM fuel cell flooding
Giurgea S, Tirnovan R, Hissel D, Outbib R
4697 - 4704 Polymer-supported 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium trifluoromethanesulfonate and 1-ethylimidazolium trifluoromethanesulfonate as electrolytes for the high temperature PEM-type fuel cell
Malis J, Mazur P, Schauer J, Paidar M, Bouzek K
4705 - 4713 Development of HT-PEFC stacks in the kW range
Janssen H, Supra J, Luke L, Lehnert W, Stolten D
4714 - 4724 30,000 h operation of a 70 kW stationary PEM fuel cell system using hydrogen from a chlorine factory
Verhage AJL, Coolegem JF, Mulder MJJ, Yildirim MH, de Bruijn FA
4725 - 4733 Balancing dimensional stability and performance of proton exchange membrane using hydrophilic nanofibers as the supports
Wang ZB, Tang HL, Li JR, Jin AP, Wang Z, Zhang HJ, Pan M
4734 - 4739 Manufacturing and performance assessment of stamped, laser welded, and nitrided FeCrV stainless steel bipolar plates for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Brady MP, Abd Elhamid M, Dadheech G, Bradley J, Toops TJ, Meyer HM, Tortorelli PF
4740 - 4747 Coupling and thermal integration of a solid oxide fuel cell with a magnesium hydride tank
Delhomme B, Lanzini A, Ortigoza-Villalba GA, Nachev S, de Rango P, Santarelli M, Marty P, Leone P
4748 - 4759 Analysis of a pressurized solid oxide fuel cell-gas turbine hybrid power system with cathode gas recirculation
Saebea D, Patcharavorachot Y, Assabumrungrat S, Arpornwichanop A
4760 - 4766 Modification of the La0.6Sr0.4CoO3 coating deposited on ferritic stainless steel by spray pyrolysis after oxidation in air at high temperature
Korb MD, Savaris ID, Feistauer EE, Barreto LS, Heck NC, Muller IL, Malfatti CD
4767 - 4775 Operational characteristics of a planar steam reformer thermally coupled with a catalytic burner
Lee K, Yun J, Ahn K, Lee S, Kang S, Yu S
4776 - 4781 LaNbO4 toughened NiO-Y2O3 stabilized ZrO2 composite for the anode support of planar solid oxide fuel cells
Ma B, Chi B, Pu J, Jian L
4782 - 4791 An analysis for a molten carbonate fuel cell of complex geometry using three-dimensional transport equations with electrochemical reactions
Kim H, Bae J, Choi D
4792 - 4797 Electrode structure optimization combined with water feeding modes for Bi-Functional Unitized Regenerative Fuel Cells
Zhuo XL, Sui S, Zhang JL
4798 - 4808 Reactivity of complex hydrides Mg2FeH6, Mg2CoH5 and Mg2NiH4 with lithium ion: Far from equilibrium electrochemically driven conversion reactions
Zaidi W, Bonnet JP, Zhang J, Cuevas F, Latroche M, Couillaud S, Bobet JL, Sougrati MT, Jumas JC, Aymard L
4809 - 4815 Effect of mixer type on cylinder-to-cylinder variation and performance in hydrogen-natural gas blend fuel engine
Park C, Lee S, Lim G, Choi Y, Kim C
4816 - 4830 Characterization of the time-averaged overall heat transfer in a direct-injection hydrogen-fueled engine
Rahman MM, Hamada KI, Aziz ARA
4831 - 4838 Effects of compression ratio on performance and emission characteristics of heavy-duty SI engine fuelled with HCNG
Lim G, Lee S, Park C, Choi Y, Kim C
4839 - 4847 Imaging based chemiluminescence characterisation of partially premixed syngas flames through DFCD technique
Huang HW, Zhang Y
4848 - 4863 Hydrogen-enriched nonpremixed jet flames: Effects of preferential diffusion
Dinesh KKJR, Jiang X, van Oijen JA, Bastiaans RJM, de Goey LPH
4864 - 4876 Influence of hydrogen content on the tensile properties and fracture of austenitic stainless steel welds
Younes CM, Steele AM, Nicholson JA, Barnett CJ
4877 - 4878 High-pressure hydrogen/carbon monoxide syngas turbulent burning velocities measured at constant turbulent Reynolds numbers (vol 37, pg 10935, 2012)
Chiu CW, Dong YC, Shy SS
4879 - 4879 High hydrogen storage capacity of rice hull based porous carbon (vol 37, pg 1888, 2012)
Chen HB, Wang HB, Xue ZP, Yang LF, Xiao Y, Zheng MT, Lei BF, Liu YL, Sun LX