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ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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15841 - 15849 Electro-hydrolysis of cheese whey solution for hydrogen gas production and chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal using photo-voltaic cells (PVC)
Kargi F, Uzuncar S
15850 - 15854 Thermodynamic and electrochemical hydrogenation properties of LaNi5 (-) In-x(x) alloys
Drulis H, Hackemer A, Folcik L, Giza K, Bala H, Gondek L, Figiel H
15855 - 15866 Repeated-batch production of hydrogen using Rhodobacter sphaeroides S10
Pattanamanee W, Choorit W, Kantachote D, Chisti Y
15867 - 15874 Improvement of hydrogen production with thermophilic mixed culture from rice spent wash of distillery industry
Roy S, Ghosh S, Das D
15875 - 15885 Impairment of NADH dehydrogenase for increased hydrogen production and its effect on metabolic flux redistribution in wild strain and mutants of Enterobacter aerogenes
Ma K, Zhao HX, Zhang C, Lu Y, Xing XH
15886 - 15892 The photoheterotrophic H-2 evolution of Rhodobacter sphaeroides is enhanced in the presence of ethanol
Oh EK, Kim EJ, Hwang HJ, Tong X, Nam JM, Kim MS, Lee JK
15893 - 15900 A Rhodopseudomonas palustris nifA* mutant produces H-2 from NH4+-containing vegetable wastes
Adessi A, McKinlay JB, Harwood CS, De Philippis R
15901 - 15907 High-surface-area Ce0.8Zr0.2O2 solid solutions supported Ni catalysts for ammonia decomposition to hydrogen
Deng QF, Zhang H, Hou XX, Ren TZ, Yuan ZY
15908 - 15913 Manganese-promoted nickel/alumina catalysts for hydrogen production via auto-thermal reforming of ethanol
Huang LH, Zhang FB, Chen RR, Hsu AT
15914 - 15924 Effect of zirconium addition on the structure and properties of CuO/CeO2 catalysts for high-temperature water-gas shift in an IGCC system
Jiang L, Zhu HW, Razzaq R, Zhu ML, Li CS, Li ZX
15925 - 15937 Effect of manufacturing conditions on properties of electroless deposited Co-P/Ni foam catalyst for hydrolysis of sodium borohydride solution
Oh TH, Kwon S
15938 - 15947 CeO2 nanoparticles improved Pt-based catalysts for direct alcohol fuel cells
Yu LH, Xi JY
15948 - 15955 MoO2 nanocrystals down to 5 nm as Pt electrocatalyst promoter for stable oxygen reduction reaction
Yan ZX, Xie JM, Jing JJ, Zhang MM, Wei W, Yin SB
15956 - 15965 Reaction pathways derived from DFT for understanding catalytic decomposition of formic acid into hydrogen on noble metals
Hu CQ, Ting SW, Chan KY, Huang W
15966 - 15975 Ni-based catalysts for reforming of methane with CO2
Damyanova S, Pawelec B, Arishtirova K, Fierro JLG
15976 - 15982 Covalent hybrid of hemin and mesoporous carbon as a high performance electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction
Xu JB, Zhao TS, Zeng L
15983 - 15991 Gaining insight into the catalytic dehydrogenation of hydrazine borane in water
Cakanyildirim C, Petit E, Demirci UB, Moury R, Petit JF, Xu Q, Miele P
15992 - 15999 Co and Ni supported on CeO2 as selective bimetallic catalyst for dry reforming of methane
Luisetto I, Tuti S, Di Bartolomeo E
16000 - 16005 Hydrogen production by radio frequency plasma stimulation in methane hydrate at atmospheric pressure
Putra AEE, Nomura S, Mukasa S, Toyota H
16006 - 16012 SrCe0.7Zr0.2Eu0.1O3-based hydrogen transport water gas shift reactor
Li JL, Yoon H, Oh TK, Wachsman ED
16013 - 16017 Hydrogen storage properties of Mg2Ni affected by Cr catalyst
Vyas D, Jain P, Agarwal G, Jain A, Jain IP
16018 - 16024 Field ionization effect on hydrogen adsorption over TiO2-coated activated carbon
Zhang Z, Hwang JY, Ning M, Li X
16025 - 16030 Improvement of reaction kinetics by metal chloride on ammonia and lithium hydride system
Miyaoka H, Fujii H, Yamamoto H, Hino S, Nakanishi H, Ichikawa T, Kojima Y
16031 - 16041 Experimental investigation of the swelling/shrinkage of a hydride bed in a cell during hydrogen absorption/desorption cycles
Charlas B, Gillia O, Doremus P, Imbault D
16042 - 16055 Gaseous phase hydrogen storage and electrochemical properties of Zr8Ni21, Zr7Ni10, Zr9Ni11, and ZrNi metal hydride alloys
Nei J, Young K, Regmi R, Lawes G, Salley SO, Ng KYS
16056 - 16069 Mechano-chemical synthesis of manganese borohydride (Mn(BH4)(2)) and inverse cubic spinel (Li2MnCl4) in the (nLiBH(4) + MnCl2) (n=1, 2, 3, 5, 9 and 23) mixtures and their dehydrogenation behavior
Varin RA, Zbroniec L, Polanski M, Filinchuk Y, Cerny R
16070 - 16077 Improving the hydrogen storage capacity of metal organic framework by chemical functionalization
Kumar RM, Sundar JV, Subramanian V
16078 - 16092 An optimization study on the finned tube heat exchanger used in hydride hydrogen storage system - analytical method and numerical simulation
Nyamsi SN, Yang FS, Zhang ZX
16093 - 16103 Anode water removal and cathode gas diffusion layer flooding in a proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Anderson R, Blanco M, Bi XT, Wilkinson DP
16104 - 16116 Pressure control in a PEM fuel cell via second order sliding mode
Matraji I, Laghrouche S, Wack M
16117 - 16122 Effect of B2O3-Bi2O3-PbO frit on the performance of LaBaCo2O5+delta cathode for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Li RF, Ge L, He SC, Chen H, Guo LC
16123 - 16129 Effect of titania concentration on the grain boundary conductivity of Ce0.8Gd0.2O1.9 electrolyte
Ge L, Li RF, He SC, Chen H, Guo LC
16130 - 16139 Sr0.92Y0.08TiO3-delta/Sm0.2Ce0.8O2-delta anode for solid oxide fuel cells running on methane
Kim HS, Yoon SP, Yun JW, Song SA, Jang SC, Nam SW, Shul YG
16140 - 16150 Part load operation of SOFC/GT hybrid systems: Stationary analysis
Barelli L, Bidini G, Ottaviano A
16151 - 16160 Effect of Ti addition on the electric and ionic property of the oxide scale formed on the ferritic stainless steel for SOFC interconnect
Seo HS, Yun DW, Kim KY
16161 - 16167 Improved molten carbonate fuel cell performance via reinforced thin anode
Hoang VPN, Song SA, Park DN, Ham HC, Han J, Yoon SP, Othman MR, Kim J
16168 - 16176 Synthesis and characterization of quaternary ammonium functionalized fluorene-containing cardo polymers for potential anion exchange membrane water electrolyzer applications
Chen DY, Hickner MA, Wang SJ, Pan JJ, Xiao M, Meng YZ
16177 - 16185 Are HFC buses a feasible alternative for urban transportation in Paraguay?
Espinola MOG, da Silva EP, Camargo JC
16186 - 16200 Combustion characteristics of H-2/N-2 and H-2/CO syngas nonpremixed flames
Dinesh KKJR, Jiang X, Kirkpatrick MP, Malalasekera W
16201 - 16213 Time-Resolved Particle Image Velocimetry of dynamic interactions between hydrogen-enriched methane/air premixed flames and toroidal vortex structures
Di Sarli V, Di Benedetto A, Long EJ, Hargrave GK
16214 - 16230 An effective finite element model for the prediction of hydrogen induced cracking in steel pipelines
Traidia A, Alfano M, Lubineau G, Duval S, Sherik A
16231 - 16246 Hydrogen environment embrittlement of stable austenitic steels
Michler T, San Marchi C, Naumann J, Weber S, Martin M
16247 - 16255 Visual indicator for the detection of end-of-life criterion for composite high pressure vessels for hydrogen storage
Chou HY, Bunsell AR, Thionnet A
16256 - 16263 PEFC-type impurity sensors for hydrogen fuels
Noda Z, Hirata K, Hayashi A, Taniguchi S, Nakazato N, Seo A, Yasuda I, Ariura S, Shinkai H, Sasaki K
16265 - 16265 Untitled
Konstandopoulos AG, Papaioannou E
16266 - 16286 Sustainable hydrogen production options and the role of IAHE
Dincer I, Zamfirescu C
16287 - 16301 Comparison of thermochemical, electrolytic, photoelectrolytic and photochemical solar-to-hydrogen production technologies
Wang Z, Roberts RR, Naterer GF, Gabriel KS
16302 - 16307 Potential application of a microporous silica membrane reactor for cyclohexane dehydrogenation
Koutsonikolas D, Kaldis S, Zaspalis VT, Sakellaropoulos GP
16308 - 16320 Comparative exergy analysis of sorption enhanced and conventional methane steam reforming
Tzarzetis KF, Martavaltzi CS, Lemonidou AA
16321 - 16332 Support and alloy effects on activity and product selectivity for ethanol steam reforming over supported nickel cobalt catalysts
Chen LW, Choong CKS, Zhong ZY, Huang L, Wang Z, Lin JY
16333 - 16345 Mechanistic aspects of the low temperature steam reforming of ethanol over supported Pt catalysts
Panagiotopoulou P, Verykios XE
16346 - 16358 A heterogeneous dynamic model for the simulation and optimisation of the steam methane reforming reactor
Pantoleontos G, Kikkinides ES, Georgiadis MC
16359 - 16366 Synthesis gas generation on-board a vehicle: Development and results of testing
Kirillov VA, Sobyanin VA, Kuzin NA, Brizitski OF, Terentiev VY
16367 - 16374 H-2 production by methane decomposition: Catalytic and technological aspects
Frusteri F, Italiano G, Espro C, Cannilla C, Bonura G
16375 - 16381 Alcohol reforming on cobalt-based catalysts prepared from organic salt precursors
Papadopoulou E, Delimaris D, Denis A, Machocki A, Ioannides T
16382 - 16387 Hydrogen generation from water by means of activated aluminum
Ilyukhina AV, Ilyukhin AS, Shkolnikov EI
16388 - 16396 Catalysts for hydrogen production in a multifuel processor by methanol, dimethyl ether and bioethanol steam reforming for fuel cell applications
Snytnikov PV, Badmaev SD, Volkova GG, Potemkin DI, Zyryanova MM, Belyaev VD, Sobyanin VA
16397 - 16401 Experimental study of gaseous effluent and solid conversion in a fluidized bed hydrolysis reactor for hydrogen production
Pope K, Daggupati VN, Naterer GF, Gabriel KS
16402 - 16411 Exergoeconomic analysis of hydrogen production from biomass gasification
Kalinci Y, Hepbasli A, Dincer I
16412 - 16420 Potential for using enriched cultures and thermotolerant bacterial isolates for production of biohydrogen from oil palm sap and microbial community analysis
Noparat P, Prasertsan P, O-Thong S
16421 - 16429 Amelioration of photofermentative hydrogen production from molasses dark fermenter effluent by zeolite-based removal of ammonium ion
Androga DD, Ozgur E, Eroglu I, Gunduz U, Yucel M
16430 - 16436 Kinetic analysis of photosynthetic growth, hydrogen production and dual substrate utilization by Rhodobacter capsulatus
Sevinc P, Gunduz U, Eroglu I, Yucel M
16437 - 16445 Biohydrogen production by Rhodobacter capsulatus Hup(-) mutant in pilot solar tubular photobioreactor
Boran E, Ozgur E, Yucel M, Gunduz U, Eroglu I
16446 - 16452 Steam and air fed biomass gasification: Comparisons based on energy and exergy
Hosseini M, Dincer I, Rosen MA
16453 - 16459 Comparison of mesophilic and thermophilic anaerobic hydrogen production by hot spring enrichment culture
Puhakka JA, Karadag D, Nissila ME
16460 - 16465 Net energy gain from solid organic wastes by dark fermentation and its end products
Perera KRJ, Nirmalakhandan N
16466 - 16472 Temperature resistant mutants of Rhodobacter capsulatus generated by a directed evolution approach and effects of temperature resistance on hydrogen production
Gokce A, Ozturk Y, Cakar ZP, Yucel M
16473 - 16478 Optimizing biohydrogen production from mushroom cultivation waste using anaerobic mixed cultures
Lay CH, Sung IY, Kumar G, Chu CY, Chen CC, Lin CY
16479 - 16488 Statistical optimization of biohydrogen and ethanol production from crude glycerol by microbial mixed culture
Varrone C, Giussani B, Izzo G, Massini G, Marone A, Signorini A, Wang AJ
16489 - 16497 Zn-2x(CuIn)(1-x)S-2 photocatalysts synthesis by a hydrothermal process using H(4)EDTA as complexing agent
Banica R, Nyari T, Sasca V
16498 - 16504 Investigation of biogas and hydrogen production from waste water of milk-processing industry in Turkey
Coskun C, Bayraktar M, Oktay Z, Dincer I
16505 - 16514 Electrical conductivity measurements of aqueous and immobilized potassium hydroxide
Allebrod F, Chatzichristodoulou C, Mollerup PL, Mogensen MB
16515 - 16521 Oxygen evolution on Ebonex-supported Pt-based binary compounds in PEM water electrolysis
Stoyanova A, Borisov G, Lefterova E, Slavcheva E
16522 - 16526 Novel nanostructured electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction in neutral and weak acidic solutions
Mitov M, Chorbadzhiyska E, Rashkov R, Hubenova Y
16527 - 16534 Heat extraction from supercritical water-cooled nuclear reactors for hydrogen production plants
Abedin AH, Wang Z, Rosen MA
16535 - 16541 Pinch analysis for recycling thermal energy in the Cu-Cl cycle
Ghandehariun S, Rosen MA, Naterer GF, Wang Z
16542 - 16556 Thermalhydraulic analysis and heat transfer correlation for an intermediate heat exchanger linking a SuperCritical Water-cooled Reactor and a Copper-Chlorine cycle for hydrogen co-generation
Mokry S, Lukomski A, Pioro I, Gabriel K, Naterer G
16557 - 16569 Towards integration of hydrolysis, decomposition and electrolysis processes of the Cu-Cl thermochemical water splitting cycle
Wang Z, Daggupati VN, Marin G, Pope K, Xiong Y, Secnik E, Naterer GF, Gabriel KS
16570 - 16580 Effect of seeding on hydrogen and carbon particle production in a 10 MW solar thermal reactor for methane decomposition
Patrianakos G, Kostoglou M, Konstandopoulos AG
16581 - 16590 Effect of reactor geometry on the temperature distribution of hydrogen producing solar reactors
Costandy J, El Ghazal N, Mohamed MT, Menon A, Shilapuram V, Ozalp N
16591 - 16603 Infrastructure, automation and model-based operation strategy in a stand-alone hydrolytic solar-hydrogen production unit
Ziogou C, Ipsakis D, Stergiopoulos F, Papadopoulou S, Bezergianni S, Voutetakis S
16604 - 16614 A sulfur-iodine flowsheet using precipitation, electrodialysis, and membrane separation to produce hydrogen
Shin Y, Lee K, Kim Y, Chang J, Cho W, Bae K
16615 - 16622 Development and test of a solar reactor for decomposition of sulphuric acid in thermochemical hydrogen production
Thomey D, de Oliveira L, Sack JP, Roeb M, Sattler C
16623 - 16630 Performance investigation of hydrogen production from a hybrid wind-PV system
Akyuz E, Oktay Z, Dincer I
16631 - 16635 Synthesis and characterisation of a mesoporous carbon/calcium borohydride nanocomposite for hydrogen storage
Ampoumogli A, Steriotis T, Trikalitis P, Bardaji EG, Fichtner M, Stubos A, Charalambopoulou G
16636 - 16641 Production of H-2 and C-2 hydrocarbons from methane in a proton conducting solid electrolyte cell using a Au-5Ce-5Na(2)WO(4)/SiO2 anode
Kyriakou V, Athanasiou C, Garagounis I, Skodra A, Stoukides M
16642 - 16648 Preparation and characterization of IrxPt1-xO2 anode electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction
Papazisi KM, Siokou A, Balomenou S, Tsiplakides D
16649 - 16662 Combustion chemistry aspects of alternative fuels reforming for high-temperature fuel cell applications
Vourliotakis G, Skevis G, Founti MA
16663 - 16672 Durability of PEM fuel cell electrocatalysts prepared by microwave irradiation technique
Sayin ES, Bayrakceken A, Eroglu I
16673 - 16679 Synthesis and characterization of polypyrrole/carbon composite as a catalyst support for fuel cell applications
Memioglu F, Bayrakceken A, Oznuluer T, Ak M
16680 - 16685 Long-term operation stability tests of intermediate and high temperature Ni-based anodes' SOFCs directly fueled with simulated biogas mixtures
Papadam T, Goula G, Yentekakis IV
16686 - 16696 Experimental study of hydrogen production and soot particulate matter emissions from methane rich-combustion in inert porous media
Loukou A, Frenzel I, Klein J, Trimis D
16697 - 16710 Optimal operability by design in a methanol reforming-PEM fuel cell autonomous power system
Ipsakis D, Voutetakis S, Papadopoulou S, Seferlis P
16711 - 16721 Life cycle assessment of hydrogen supply chain with special attention on hydrogen refuelling stations
Wulf C, Kaltschmitt M
16722 - 16732 Acetic acid internal reforming in a solid oxide fuel cell-reactor using Cu-CeO2 anodic composites
Kaklidis N, Besikiotis V, Pekridis G, Marnellos GE
16733 - 16738 Preparation and characterization of La0.8Sr0.2Ga0.83Mg0.17O3 electrolyte by polyol method for solid oxide fuel cells
Kuguoglu RS, Altincekic TG, Ozdemir H, Oksuzomer MAF
16739 - 16747 CuMnOx catalysts for internal reforming methanol fuel cells: Application aspects
Papavasiliou J, Avgouropoulos G, Ioannides T
16748 - 16758 Improvement of PEMFC performance with Nafion/inorganic nanocomposite membrane electrode assembly prepared by ultrasonic coating technique
Devrim Y, Erkan S, Bac N, Eroglu I