International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.37, No.15 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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10973 - 10985 Impact of energy supply infrastructure in life cycle analysis of hydrogen and electric systems applied to the Portuguese transportation sector
Lucas A, Neto RC, Silva CA
10986 - 10991 Electric system management through hydrogen production - A market driven approach in the French context
Mansilla C, Louyrette J, Albou S, Barbieri G, Collignon N, Bourasseau C, Salasc B, Valentin S, Dautremont S, Martin J, Thais F
10992 - 11000 PEM steam electrolysis at 130 degrees C using a phosphoric acid doped short side chain PFSA membrane
Hansen MK, Aili D, Christensen E, Pan C, Eriksen S, Jensen JO, von Barner JH, Li QF, Bjerrum NJ
11001 - 11003 HyPIR electrolysis for a 0.12 M Epsom salt solution
Fanchi JR
11004 - 11011 Sulfur trioxide electrolysis studies: Implications for the sulfur-iodine thermochemical cycle for hydrogen production
Mawdsley JR, Carter JD, Myers DJ, Lewis MA, Krause TR
11012 - 11020 Hydrogen generation through rolling using Al-Sn alloy
Hu XY, Zhu GZ, Zhang YJ, Wang YM, Gu MS, Yang S, Song PX, Li XJ, Fang HJ, Jiang GS, Wang ZF
11021 - 11034 Determining parameters of heat exchangers for heat recovery in a Cu-Cl thermochemical hydrogen production cycle
Rabbani M, Dincer I, Naterer GE, Aydin M
11035 - 11045 Calorimetric investigation of the aluminum-water reaction
Nie HQ, Schoenitz M, Dreizin EL
11046 - 11060 Toward the design of asymmetric photocatalytic membranes for hydrogen production: Preparation of TiO2-based membranes and their properties
Tsydenov DE, Parmon VN, Vorontsov AV
11061 - 11071 Hydrogen production from water splitting under visible light irradiation using sensitized mesoporous-assembled TiO2-SiO2 mixed oxide photocatalysts
Rungjaroentawon N, Onsuratoom S, Chavadej S
11072 - 11080 Band gap of C3N4 in the GW approximation
Xu Y, Gao SP
11081 - 11089 In-situ synthesis, local structure, photoelectrochemical property of Fe-intercalated titanate nanotube
Jang JS, Kim DH, Choi SH, Jang JW, Kim HG, Lee JS
11090 - 11103 Estimation of the state-of-charge of gel lead-acid batteries and application to the control of a stand-alone wind-solar test-bed with hydrogen support
Gonzalez I, Ramiro A, Calderon M, Calderon AJ, Gonzalez JF
11104 - 11112 Hydrogen production from alcohol wastewater by an anaerobic sequencing batch reactor under thermophilic operation: Nitrogen and phosphorous uptakes and transformation
Intanoo P, Rangsunvigit P, Namprohm W, Thamprajamchit B, Chavadej J, Chavadej S
11113 - 11121 Hydrogen production from C1 compounds by a novel marine hyperthermophilic archaeon Thermococcus onnurineus NA1
Lee J, Seol E, Kaur G, Oh YK, Park S
11122 - 11131 Experimental research on acetic acid steam reforming over Co-Fe catalysts and subsequent density functional theory studies
Wang SR, Li XB, Guo L, Luo ZY
11132 - 11140 Fundamental understanding of the role of potassium on the activity of Pt/CeO2 for the hydrogen production from ethanol
He Z, Wang XQ, Pu Y, Qian Z
11141 - 11156 Design of optimization-based controllers applied to an ethanol steam reformer for hydrogen production
Recio-Garrido D, Ocampo-Martinez C, Serra-Prat M
11157 - 11166 Factors influencing methanol steam reforming inside the oriented linear copper fiber sintered felt
Pan MQ, Wei XL, Tang Y
11167 - 11175 Enhanced electrocatalytic performance for methanol oxidation of Pt nanoparticles on Mn3O(4)-modified multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Yang XL, Wang XY, Zhang GQ, Zheng JP, Wang TS, Liu XZ, Shu CY, Jiang L, Wang CR
11176 - 11184 Effect of noble metal on oxidative steam reforming of methanol over CuO/ZnO/Al2O3 catalysts
Chang CC, Hsu CC, Chang CT, Chen YP, Liaw BJ, Chen YZ
11185 - 11194 Comparison of ethanol electro-oxidation on Pt/C and Pd/C catalysts in alkaline media
Ma L, Chu D, Chen RR
11195 - 11207 CO2 dry-reforming of methane over La0.8Sr0.2Ni0.8M0.2O3 perovskite (M = Bi, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe): Roles of lattice oxygen on C-H activation and carbon suppression
Sutthiumporn K, Maneerung T, Kathiraser Y, Kawi S
11208 - 11217 Hydrogen production by steam reforming of liquefied natural gas (LNG) over mesoporous nickel-alumina xerogel catalysts prepared by a single-step carbon-templating sol-gel method
Bang Y, Lee J, Han SJ, Seo JG, Youn MH, Song JH, Song IK
11218 - 11226 The effect of Zn addition into NiFe2O4 catalyst for high-temperature shift reaction of natural gas reformate assuming no external steam addition
Lee MS, Lee JY, Lee DW, Moon DJ, Lee KY
11227 - 11236 Effect of CaO hydration and carbonation on the hydrogen production from sorption enhanced water gas shift reaction
Li ZS, Liu Y, Cai NS
11237 - 11243 Characterization and the hydrogen storage capacity of titania-coated electrospun boron nitride nanofibers
Shahgaldi S, Yaakob Z, Khadem DJ, Daud WRW
11244 - 11254 Optimum Pareto design of non-linear predictive control with multi-design variables for PEM fuel cell
Shokuhi-Rad A, Jamali A, Naghashzadegan M, Nariman-zadeh N, Hajiloo A
11255 - 11267 Pore network modeling of cathode catalyst layer of proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Wu R, Liao Q, Zhu X, Wang H
11268 - 11275 CO tolerance of nano-architectured Pt-Mo anode electrocatalysts for PEM fuel cells
Hu JE, Liu ZF, Eichhorn BW, Jackson GS
11276 - 11289 Synthesis and optimization of proton exchange membranes by a pulsed plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition technique
Jiang ZQ, Jiang ZJ
11290 - 11298 Effects of hot pressing conditions on the performance of Nafion membranes coated by ink-jet printing of Pt/MWCNTs electrocatalyst for PEMFCs
Yazdanpour M, Esmaeilifar A, Rowshanzamir S
11299 - 11307 Design and control of a PEMFC powered electric wheelchair
Wang FC, Chiang YS
11308 - 11320 An easy parameter estimation procedure for modeling a HT-PEMFC
Ubeda D, Pinar FJ, Canizares P, Rodrigo MA, Lobato J
11321 - 11333 Investigating the transport characteristics and cell performance for a micro PEMFC through the micro sensors and CFD simulations
Su A, Ferng YM, Chen WT, Cheng CH, Weng FB, Lee CY
11334 - 11344 Investigation of sintered stainless steel fiber felt as gas diffusion layer in proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Yi PY, Peng LF, Lai XM, Li MT, Ni J
11345 - 11350 Synthesis and characterization of aluminum-doped perovskites as cathode materials for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Lou ZL, Qiao JS, Yan YM, Peng J, Wang ZH, Jiang TZ, Sun KN
11351 - 11359 Synthesis and characterization of NiO/GDC-GDC dual nano-composite powders for high-performance methane fueled solid oxide fuel cells
Myung JH, Ko HJ, Lee JJ, Lee JH, Hyun SH
11360 - 11369 A new formulation of barium-strontium silicate glasses and glass-ceramics for high-temperature sealant
Sharma K, Kothiyal GP, Montagne L, Mear FO, Revel B
11370 - 11377 Effect of the anode microstructure on the enhanced performance of solid oxide fuel cells
Sarikaya A, Petrovsky V, Dogan F
11378 - 11382 Validation of H+/O2- conduction in doped ceria-carbonate composite material using an electrochemical pumping method
Zhao YC, Xia C, Xu ZR, Li YD
11383 - 11393 Self-crosslinked anion exchange membranes by bromination of benzylmethyl-containing poly(sulfone)s for direct methanol fuel cells
Zhao CH, Gong Y, Liu QL, Zhang QG, Zhu AM
11394 - 11400 A heuristic method of variable selection based on principal component analysis and factor analysis for monitoring in a 300 kW MCFC power plant
Jeong H, Cho S, Kim D, Pyun H, Ha D, Han C, Kang M, Jeong M, Lee S
11401 - 11408 Feasibility of using ash-free coal in a solid-oxide-electrolyte direct carbon fuel cell
Kim JP, Choi HK, Chang YJ, Jeon CH
11409 - 11424 Sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone)/poly(ether sulfone) composite membranes as an alternative proton exchange membrane in microbial fuel cells
Lim SS, Daud WRW, Jahim JM, Ghasemi M, Chong PS, Ismail M
11425 - 11430 Silicon modified ultrafiltration-based proton-conductive membranes with improved performance for H-2/Cl-2 fuel cell application
Liu S, Yu HM, Zhou L, Wang PJ, Shao ZG, Yi BL
11431 - 11447 A novel design of bipolar interconnect plate for self-air breathing micro fuel cells and degradation issues
Giddey S, Badwal SPS, Fini D
11448 - 11457 Vehicle refueling with liquid hydrogen thermal compression
Petitpas G, Aceves SM, Gupta N
11458 - 11465 Onset of cellular instabilities in spherically propagating hydrogen-air premixed laminar flames
Liu FS, Bao XC, Gu JY, Chen R
11466 - 11473 Experimental study and three-dimensional simulation of premixed hydrogen/air flame propagation in a closed duct
Xiao HH, Shen XB, Sun JH
11474 - 11486 Hydrogen diffusion and hydrogen influenced critical stress intensity in an API X70 pipeline steel welded joint - Experiments and FE simulations
Olden V, Alvaro A, Akselsen OM
11487 - 11487 Hydrogen Enriched Methane
De Falco M, Basile A
11488 - 11494 Ni catalysts derived from Mg-Al layered double hydroxides for hydrogen production from landfill gas conversion
Wang QS, Ren W, Yuan XL, Mu RM, Song ZL, Wang XL
11495 - 11503 Efficiency and emissions in a vehicle spark ignition engine fueled with hydrogen and methane blends
Moreno F, Munoz M, Arroyo J, Magen O, Monne C, Suelves I
11504 - 11513 The effect of low pressure and mixing on biological hydrogen production via anaerobic fermentation
Clark IC, Zhang RHH, Upadhyaya SK
11514 - 11530 Combining experimental and numerical investigations to explore the potential of downsized engines operating with methane/hydrogen blends
Laget O, Richard S, Serrano D, Soleri D
11531 - 11540 Mixtures of hydrogen and methane in the internal combustion engine -Synergies, potential and regulations
Klell M, Eichlseder H, Sartory M
11541 - 11548 Hydromethane: A bridge towards the hydrogen economy or an unsustainable promise?
Villante C, Genovese A
11549 - 11555 Bio-hythane production from food waste by dark fermentation coupled with anaerobic digestion process: A long-term pilot scale experience
Cavinato C, Giuliano A, Bolzonella D, Pavan P, Cecchi F
11556 - 11561 Production of enriched methane by a molten-salt concentrated solar power plant coupled with a steam reforming process: An LCA study
Piemonte V, De Falco M, Giaconia A, Basile A, Iaquaniello G