International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Vol.35, No.17 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-3199 (Print) 

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8831 - 8840 Electrocatalytic oxidation of formic acid and formaldehyde on platinum nanoparticles decorated carbon-ceramic substrate
Habibi B, Delnavaz N
8841 - 8847 Design and preparation of CNT@SnO(2) core-shell composites with thin shell and its application for ethanol oxidation
Zhang XW, Zhu H, Guo ZJ, Wei YS, Wang FH
8848 - 8854 Multi-electrode continuous flow microbial electrolysis cell for biogas production from acetate
Rader GK, Logan BE
8855 - 8861 A monetary comparison of energy recovered from microbial fuel cells and microbial electrolysis cells fed winery or domestic wastewaters
Cusick RD, Kiely PD, Logan BE
8862 - 8867 Decomposition of hydrogen iodide over Pt-Ir/C bimetallic catalyst
Wang ZC, Wang LJ, Chen SZ, Zhang P, Xu JM, Chen J
8868 - 8875 EIS studies on electro-electrodialysis cell for concentration of hydriodic acid
Sow PK, Sant S, Shukla A
8876 - 8883 Impedance characterization of dye-sensitized solar cells in a tandem arrangement for hydrogen production by water splitting
Andrade L, Cruz R, Ribeiro HA, Mendes A
8884 - 8890 Production of hydrogen-rich gas from plant biomass by catalytic pyrolysis at low temperature
Hao QL, Wang C, Lu DQ, Wang Y, Li D, Li GJ
8891 - 8911 Hydrogen rich gas production by the autothermal reforming of biodiesel (FAME) for utilization in the solid-oxide fuel cells: A thermodynamic analysis
Nahar GA
8912 - 8920 Hydrogen and/or syngas from steam reforming of glycerol. Study of platinum catalysts
Pompeo F, Santori G, Nichio NN
8921 - 8928 Nickel and cobalt as active phase on supported zirconia catalysts for bio-ethanol reforming: Influence of the reaction mechanism on catalysts performance
Padilla R, Benito M, Rodriguez L, Serrano A, Munoz G, Daza L
8929 - 8937 Hydrogen production from water hyacinth through dark- and photo-fermentation
Su HB, Cheng J, Zhou JH, Song WL, Cen KF
8938 - 8944 The role of the ferric-uptake regulator Fur and iron homeostasis in controlling levels of the [NiFe]-hydrogenases in Escherichia coli
Pinske C, Sawers RG
8945 - 8952 Improved hydrogen production via thermophilic fermentation of corn stover by microwave-assisted acid pretreatment
Liu CZ, Cheng XY
8953 - 8961 Ceria-zirconia stabilised tungsten oxides for the production of hydrogen by the methane-water redox cycle
Sim A, Cant NW, Trimm DL
8962 - 8969 Development of a high-efficiency hydrogen generator for fuel cells for distributed power generation
Duraiswamy K, Chellappa A, Smith G, Liu Y, Li MH
8970 - 8982 A vapor-phase surface modification method to enhance different types of hollow fiber membranes for industrial scale hydrogen separation
Lau CH, Low BT, Shao L, Chung TS
8983 - 8992 Aliphatic-aromatic polyimide blends for H(2) separation
Garcia MG, Marchese J, Ochoa NA
8993 - 9001 Fabrication of nickel boride-coated carbon nanotube films by electrophoresis and electroless deposition for electrochemical hydrogen storage
Wu MS, Hsu HL, Chiu HH, Lin YP
9002 - 9011 First principles study to identify the reversible reaction step of a multinary hydrogen storage "Li-Mg-B-N-H" system
Choudhury P, Bhethanabotla VR, Stefanakos E
9012 - 9020 Microstructure of ball milled MgH(2) powders upon hydrogen cycling: An electron microscopy study
Paik B, Walton A, Mann V, Book D, Jones IP, Harris IR
9021 - 9026 Synthesis of nanostructured manganese oxides from a dipolar binary liquid (water/benzene) system and hydrogen storage ability research
Men H, Gao P, Sun YZ, Chen YJ, Wang XN, Wang LQ
9027 - 9037 Synergetic effect of C (graphite) and Nb(2)O(5) on the H(2) sorption properties of the Mg-MgH(2) system
Milanese C, Girella A, Garroni S, Bruni G, Berbenni V, Matteazzi P, Marini A
9038 - 9045 Adsorption and compression contributions to hydrogen storage in activated anthracites
Fierro V, Zhao W, Izquierdo MT, Aylon E, Celzard A
9046 - 9059 Hydrogen storage properties of multi-principal-component CoFeMnTi(x)V(y)Zr(z) alloys
Kao YF, Chen SK, Sheu JH, Lin JT, Lin WE, Yeh JW, Lin SJ, Liou TH, Wang CW
9060 - 9069 Kinetics of hydrogen evolution from MgH(2): Experimental studies, mechanism and modelling
Evard E, Gabis I, Yartys VA
9070 - 9081 Changes in hydrogen storage properties of carbon nano-horns submitted to thermal oxidation
Comisso N, Berlouis LEA, Morrow J, Pagura C
9082 - 9087 Effects of V content on hydrogen storage properties of V-Ti-Cr alloys with high desorption pressure
Kuriiwa T, Maruyama T, Kamegawa A, Okada M
9088 - 9094 Small-scale hydrogen liquefaction with a two-stage Gifford-McMahon cycle refrigerator
Nakano A, Maeda T, Ito H, Masuda M, Kawakami Y, Kato A, Tange M, Takahashi T, Matsuo M
9095 - 9103 Effect of surface dynamic wettability in proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Jiao K, Li XG
9104 - 9109 Neural network model of 100 W portable PEM fuel cell and experimental verification
Sisworahardjo NS, Yalcinoz T, El-Sharkh MY, Alam MS
9110 - 9123 Coolant circuit modeling and temperature fuzzy control of proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Hu P, Cao GY, Zhu XJ, Hu MR
9124 - 9133 The conception of in-plate adverse-flow flow field for a proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Zhang HF, Pei PC, Li PC, Yuan X
9134 - 9143 A pore network study on water distribution in bi-layer gas diffusion media: Effects of inlet boundary condition and micro-porous layer properties
Wu R, Zhu X, Liao QA, Wang H, Ding YD, Li J, Ye DD
9144 - 9150 Droplet pinning by PEM fuel cell GDL surfaces
Fishman JZ, Leung H, Bazylak A
9151 - 9157 Electrode properties of Co-doped Ca(2)Fe(2)O(5) as new cathode materials for intermediate-temperature SOFCs
Li QA, Sun LP, Huo LH, Zhao H, Grenier JC
9158 - 9165 Effect of isothermal aging on the mechanical performance of brazed ceramic/metal joints for planar SOFC-stacks
Kuhn B, Wessel E, Malzbender J, Steinbrech RW, Singheiser L
9166 - 9176 Lifetime prediction through accelerated degradation testing of membrane electrode assemblies in direct methanol fuel cells
Bae SJ, Kim SJ, Park JI, Lee JH, Cho H, Park JY
9177 - 9181 The performance of Pt nanoparticles supported on Sb(2)O(5 center dot)Sno(2), on carbon and on physical mixtures of Sb2O5 center dot SnO2 and carbon for ethanol electro-oxidation
Neto AO, Brandalise M, Dias RR, Ayoub JMS, Silva AC, Penteado JC, Linardi M, Spinace EV
9182 - 9185 Noble metal nanowires incorporated Nafion (R) membranes for reduction of methanol crossover in direct methanol fuel cells
Liang ZX, Shi JY, Liao SJ, Zeng JH
9186 - 9198 CFD study on flow distribution uniformity in fuel distributors having multiple structural bifurcations of flow channels
Liu H, Li PW, Van Lew J
9199 - 9204 The fusion of dt mu, tt mu and dd mu molecules in three-layer arrangement including deuterium degrader and moderator
Gheisari R
9205 - 9213 Effect of hydrogen addition on combustion and emissions performance of a spark-ignited ethanol engine at idle and stoichiometric conditions
Wang SF, Ji CW, Zhang B
9214 - 9217 Deoxidation of Ti-Al intermetallics via hydrogen treatment
Su YQ, Liu XW, Luo LS, Zhao L, Guo JJ, Fu HZ
9218 - 9231 Effect of wind and buoyancy on hydrogen release and dispersion in a compartment with vents at multiple levels
Prasad K, Pitts W, Yang JA
9232 - 9232 The first national conference on hydrogen & fuel cell, January 20-21, 2009
Rowshanzamir S, Eikani MH
9233 - 9240 Enhancing the durability of multi-walled carbon nanotube supported by Pt and Pt-Pd nanoparticles in gas diffusion electrodes
Golikand AN, Lohrasbi E, Asgari M
9241 - 9251 The synergy between multi-wall carbon nanotubes and Vulcan XC72R in microporous layers
Gharibi H, Javaheri M, Mirzaie RA
9252 - 9260 Investigation of physical properties and cell performance of Nafion/TiO2 nanocomposite membranes for high temperature PEM fuel cells
Amjadi M, Rowshanzamir S, Peighambardoust SJ, Hosseini MG, Eikani MH
9261 - 9268 Optimization of Nafion content in Nafion-polyaniline nano-composite modified cathodes for PEMFC application
Zhiani M, Gharibi H, Kakaei K
9269 - 9275 A diagnosis method for identification of the defected cell(s) in the PEM fuel cells
Khorasani MRA, Asghari S, Mokmeli A, Shahsamandi MH, Imani BF
9276 - 9282 An investigation into the effect of anode purging on the fuel cell performance
Mokmeli A, Asghari S
9283 - 9290 Study of PEM fuel cell performance by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Asghari S, Mokmeli A, Samavati M
9291 - 9297 Design and manufacturing of end plates of a 5 kW PEM fuel cell
Asghari S, Shahsamandi MH, Khorasani MRA
9298 - 9305 Methanol electro-oxidation on Pt/C modified by polyaniline nanofibers for DMFC applications
Zhiani M, Rezaei B, Jalili J
9306 - 9317 Numerical simulation of direct methanol fuel cells using lattice Boltzmann method
Delavar MA, Farhadi M, Sedighi K
9318 - 9328 Methanol oxidation on the polymer coated and polymer-stabilized Pt nano-particles: A comparative study of permeability and catalyst particle distribution ability of the PANI and its derivatives
Habibi B, Pournaghi-Azar MH
9329 - 9337 Experimental and numerical investigation on passive and active mu DMFC
Ghayor R, Shakeri M, Sedighi K, Farhadi M
9338 - 9348 Effect of primary parameters on the performance of PEM fuel cell
Tohidi M, Mansouri SH, Amiri H
9349 - 9384 Review of the proton exchange membranes for fuel cell applications
Peighambardoust SJ, Rowshanzamir S, Amjadi M
9385 - 9397 Survey of sulfonated polyimide membrane as a good candidate for nafion substitution in fuel cell
Akbarian-Feizi L, Mehdipour-Ataei S, Yeganeh H
9398 - 9400 Preparation and investigation of electrical and electrochemical properties of lanthanum-based cathode for solid oxide fuel cell
Pakzad A, Salamati H, Kameli P, Talaei Z
9401 - 9404 Fabrication and investigation of electrochemical characterization of Ba based cathodes
Talaei ZS, Salamati H, Pakzad A
9405 - 9410 The role of electrical conductivity of substrate on the YSZ film formed by EPD for solid oxide fuel cell applications
Talebi T, Raissi B, Haji M, Maghsoudipour A
9411 - 9419 Preparation of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3 nanoceramic cathode powders for solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) application
Ghouse M, Al-Yousef Y, Al-Musa A, Al-Otaibi MF
9420 - 9426 Effect of sintering temperature on the microstructure, roughness and electrochemical impedance of electrophoretically deposited YSZ electrolyte for SOFCs
Talebi T, Haji M, Raissi B
9427 - 9433 Investigation of electrical and mechanical properties of tetragonal/cubic zirconia composite electrolytes prepared through stabilizer coating method
Ghatee M, Irvine JTS
9434 - 9439 The role of addition of water to non-aqueous suspensions in electrophoretically deposited YSZ films for SOFCs
Talebi T, Raissi B, Maghsoudipour A
9440 - 9447 Investigation on microstructures of NiO-YSZ composite and Ni-YSZ cermet for SOFCs
Talebi T, Sarrafi MH, Haji M, Raissi B, Maghsoudipour A
9448 - 9454 Synthesis of nanostructured BSCF by oxalate co-precipitation - As potential cathode material for solid oxide fuels cells
Toprak MS, Darab M, Syvertsen GE, Muhammed M
9455 - 9459 YSZ electrolyte coating on NiO-YSZ composite by electrophoretic deposition for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs)
Talebi T, Haji M, Raissi B, Maghsoudipour A
9460 - 9467 Fuel cell energy generation and recovery cycle analysis for residential application
Baniasadi E, Alemrajabi AA
9468 - 9478 Performance analysis of a SOFC button cell using a CFD model
Barzi YM, Raoufi A, Lari H
9479 - 9488 Kinetics of methane decomposition to COx-free hydrogen and carbon nanofiber over Ni-Cu/MgO catalyst
Borghei M, Karimzadeh R, Rashidi A, Izadi N
9489 - 9495 Modification of single wall carbon nanotubes (SWNT) for hydrogen storage
Rashidi AM, Nouralishahi A, Khodadadi AA, Mortazavi Y, Karimi A, Kashefi K
9496 - 9503 Hydrogen production in a zigzag and straight catalytic wall coated micro channel reactor by CFD modeling
Fazeli A, Behnam M
9504 - 9509 Two-dimensional modeling of selective CO oxidation in a hydrogen-rich stream
Akbari MH, Vahabi M
9510 - 9515 Ion beam analysis of hydrogen in advanced materials: Recent experience of Van de Graaff lab
Kakuee OR, Fathollahi V, Rachti ML
9516 - 9525 Use of technology mapping in identification of fuel cell sub-technologies
Arasti MR, Moghaddam NB