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1605 - 1610 Estimates of the price of hydrogen as a medium for wind and solar sources
Bockris JO, Veziroglu TN
1611 - 1615 Thermo-magnetic refrigeration as applied to hydrogen liquefaction I. Fundamentals and type-II superconductors
Ohta T
1616 - 1624 Intermittent renewable energy: The only future source of hydrogen?
Moriarty P, Honnery D
1625 - 1637 Towards the hydrogen economy?
Marban G, Vales-Solis T
1638 - 1654 The THESIS model: An assessment tool for transport and energy provision in the hydrogen economy
Dutton AG, Page M
1655 - 1672 The potential role of hydrogen in energy systems with and without climate policy
van Ruijven B, van Vuuren DP, de Vries B
1673 - 1679 A critical review of the Energy Policy Act of 2005's treatment of hydrogen
Lokey E
1680 - 1685 Study of modular PEC solar cells for photoelectrochemical splitting of water employing nanostructured TiO2 photoelectrodes
Mishra PR, Shukla PK, Srivastava ON
1686 - 1693 Kinetics and electrocatalytic behavior of nanocrystalline CoNiFe alloy in hydrogen evolution reaction
Jafarian M, Azizi O, Gobal F, Mahjani MG
1694 - 1700 Effect of phosphorous content and TiO2-reinforcement on Ni-P electroless plates for hydrogen evolution reaction
Shibli SMA, Dilimon VS
1701 - 1706 Effect of Al and Ce substitutions of the electrochemical properties of amorphous MgNi-based alloy electrodes
Feng Y, Hao LF, Yuan HT, Zhao M
1707 - 1715 Hydrogen generation from the hydrolysis of sodium borohydride by using water dispersible, hydrogenphosphate-stabilized nickel(0) nanoclusters as catalyst
Metin O, Ozkar S
1716 - 1720 The influence of relative content of Ti and Zr on the electrochemical behavior of Laves phase alloy
Xu YH, Chen CP, Wang XL, Lei YQ, Wang XH, Chen LX, Wang QD
1721 - 1727 An EIS study on the capacity fades in MmNi(3.6)Al(0.4)Mn(0.3)Co(0.7) metal-hydride electrodes
Raju M, Manimaran K, Ananth M, Renganathan NG
1728 - 1735 Biological hydrogen production of the genus Clostridium: Metabolic study and mathematical model simulation
Lin PY, Whang LM, Wu YR, Ren WJ, Hsiao CJ, Li SL, Chang JS
1736 - 1741 Experimental verification of various methods for biological hydrogen production
Ust'ak S, Havrland B, Munoz JOJ, Fernandez EC, Lachman J
1742 - 1748 Biological hydrogen production from steam-exploded straw by simultaneous saccharification and fermentation
Li DM, Chen HZ
1749 - 1754 Effect of preparation method on Co-B catalytic activity for hydrogen generation from alkali NaBH4 solution
Jeong SU, Cho EA, Nam SW, Oh IH, Jung UH, Kim SH
1755 - 1761 The investigation of the kinetics and mechanism of hydrogen evolution reaction on tin
Azizi O, Jafarian M, Gobal F, Heli H, Mahjani MG
1762 - 1770 Highly efficient Pt/TiO2 photocatalyst for hydrogen generation prepared by a cold plasma method
Zou JJ, He H, Cui L, Du HY
1771 - 1781 The refinement of the rate determining process in sulfur trioxide electrolysis using the electrolysis cell
Suzuki C, Nakagiri T, Aoto K
1782 - 1788 Hydrogen production by catalytic decomposition of methane over Ni/SiO2
Venugopal A, Kumar SN, Ashok J, Prasad DH, Kumari VD, Prasad KBS, Subrahmanyam M
1789 - 1798 Thermodynamic equilibrium analysis of combined carbon dioxide reforming with partial oxidation of methane to syngas
Amin NAS, Yaw TC
1799 - 1805 Hydrogen from methanol steam-reforming over Cu-based catalysts with and without Pd promotion
Bichon P, Asheim A, Jordal A, Sperle T, Fathi M, Holmen A, Blekkan EA
1806 - 1810 Reactor concept for improved heat integration in autothermal methanol reforming
Schildhauer TJ, Geissler K
1811 - 1819 Hydrogen from ethanol: Theoretical optimization of a PEMFC system integrated with a steam reforming processor
Perna A
1820 - 1824 Effect of overlayer thickness on hydrogen permeation of Pd60Cu40/V-15Ni composite membranes
Yang JY, Komaki M, Nishimura C
1825 - 1836 Synthesis and characterization of new silica membranes using template-sol-gel technology
Pakizeh M, Omidkhah MR, Zarringhalam A
1837 - 1845 The effect of mixture gas on hydrogen permeation through a palladium membrane: Experimental study and theoretical approach
Gallucci F, Chiaravalloti F, Tosti S, Drioli E, Basile A
1846 - 1854 Development of a volumetric method-experimental test bench for hydrogen storage characterisation
Langohr D, Berthon-Fabry S, Gonzalez-Aguilar J, Fulcheri L, Achard P
1855 - 1859 Hydrogenation properties of Mg-based composites prepared by reactive mechanical alloying
Li FB, Zhuo H, Jiang LJ, Jun D, Wang SM, Liu XP, Feng Z
1860 - 1868 Hydrogen absorption/desorption kinetics of magnesium nano-nickel composites synthesized by dry particle coating technique
Jeon KJ, Theodore A, Wu CY, Cai M
1869 - 1874 Characterization of Mg-20 wt% Ni-Y hydrogen storage composite prepared by reactive mechanical alloying
Li ZN, Liu XP, Jiang LJ, Wang SM
1875 - 1884 Feasibility study on the controlled hydriding combustion synthesis of Mg-La-Ni ternary hydrogen storage composite
Li QA, Lu XG, Chou KC, Xu KD, Zhang JY, Chen SL
1885 - 1889 Hydrogenation and degradation of Mg-10 wt% Ni alloy after cyclic hydriding-dehydriding
Ha W, Lee HS, Youn JI, Hong TW, Kim YJ
1890 - 1897 Hydrogen absorption characteristics in Mm(x)Tb(1-x)Co(2) (x=0, 0.05, 0.1, 0.15, 0.2)
Kumar MK, Ramaprabhu S
1898 - 1904 The electrochemical properties of Ti0.9Zr0.2Mn1.5Cr0.3V0.3-x wt% La0.7Mg0.25Zr0.05Ni2.975Co0.525 (x=0, 5, 10) hydrogen storage composite electrodes
Chu HL, Zhang Y, Sun LX, Qiu SJ, Xu F, Yuan HT
1905 - 1910 Comparative study of LaNi4.7M0.3 (M = Ni, Co, Mn, Al) by powder microelectrode technique
Liu J, Yang YF, Li Y, Yu P, He YH, Shao HX
1911 - 1915 Reversible hydrogen storage in NaAlH4 catalyzed with lanthanide oxides
Lee GJ, Shim JH, Cho YW, Lee KS
1916 - 1921 Electrical and optical properties of hydrogenated RNi5/Co (R = Ce, La) bi-layer systems
Jain RK, Jain A, Agarwal G, Vashistha M, Jain IP
1922 - 1927 Experimental and numerical study of discharge process of metal-hydrogen tank
Dhaou H, Mellouli S, Askri F, Jemni A, Ben Nasrallah S
1928 - 1932 Investigations of hydrogen uptake in ball-milled TiMgNi
Sheppard DA, Jiang ZT, Buckley CE
1933 - 1938 Hydrogen storage capability of Se@C-120 system
Turker L
1939 - 1942 Storage of hydrogen in single-walled carbon nanotube bundles with optimized parameters: Effect of external surfaces
Cao DP, Wang WC
1943 - 1948 A novel kind of copper-active carbon nanocomposites with their high hydrogen storage capacities at room temperature
Hu JA, Gao QM, Wu YH, Song SQ
1949 - 1953 Synthesis and hydrogen storing properties of nanostructured ternary Mg-Ni-Co compounds
Xie L, Shao HY, Wang YT, Li Y, Li XG
1954 - 1960 Influence of surface evaporation on stratification in liquid hydrogen tanks of different aspect ratios
Kumar SP, Prasad BVSSS, Venkatarathnam G, Ramamurthi K, Murthy SS
1961 - 1968 Analysis of back-gas behaviour of an automotive liquid hydrogen storage system during refilling at the filling station
Emans M, Mori D, Krainz G
1969 - 1981 Simulation of transient heat and mass transfer during hydrogen sorption in cylindrical metal hydride beds
Phate AK, Maiya MP, Murthy SS
1982 - 1990 The phase-shift method and correlation constants for determining adsorption isotherms of hydrogen at a palladium electrode interface
Chun JH, Jeon SK, Chun JY
1991 - 1998 Specificity of the UPD of H to the structure of highly dispersed Pt on carbon support
Elezovic NR, Babic BM, Krstajic NV, Gajic-Krstajic LM, Vracar LM
1999 - 2004 Molecular dynamics study of hydrogen adsorption in carbonaceous microporous materials and the effect of oxygen functional groups
Georgakis M, Stavropoulos G, Sakellaropoulos GP
2005 - 2009 Evaluation on the electro-electrodialysis to concentrate HI from HIx solution by using two types of the electrode
Hong SD, Kim JK, Kim BK, Choi SI, Bae KK, Hwang GJ
2010 - 2021 Sol-gel synthesized of nanocomposite palladium-alumina ceramic membrane for H-2 permeability: Preparation and characterization
Ahmad AL, Mustafa NNN
2022 - 2031 Numerical analysis of dynamic processes in fully humidified PEM fuel cells
Wu H, Li XG, Berg P
2032 - 2042 Study of mass transfer through new templated silica membranes prepared by sol-gel method
Pakizeh M, Omidkhah MR, Zarringhalam A
2043 - 2056 Intake charge dilution effects on control of nitric oxide emission in a hydrogen fueled SI engine
Subramanian V, Mallikarjuna JM, Ramesh A
2057 - 2065 Effect of hydrogen addition on the performance of a biogas fuelled spark ignition engine
Porpatham E, Ramesh A, Nagalingam B
2066 - 2072 An experimental study on performance and emission characteristics of a hydrogen fuelled spark ignition engine
Kahraman E, Ozcanli SC, Ozerdem B
2073 - 2080 The effect of H-2 and CO on the selective catalytic reduction of NO, under real diesel engine exhaust conditions over Pt/Al2O3
Abu-Jrai A, Tsolakis A
2081 - 2093 Characterization of high-pressure, underexpanded hydrogen-jet flames
Schefer RW, Houf WG, Williams TC, Bourne B, Colton J
2094 - 2104 Interactions of hydrogen flames with walls: Influence of wall temperature, pressure, equivalence ratio, and diluents
Owston R, Magi V, Abraham J