International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.99 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Determination of surface heat flux distributions by using surface temperature measurements and applying inverse techniques
Kant MA, von Rohr PR
10 - 19 Direct numerical simulation of turbulent boundary layer with heat transfer
Zhao H, Wei AY, Luo K, Fan JR
20 - 30 External forced convection from circular cylinders with surface protrusions
Li SW, Zhou T, Sun ZQ, Dong ZY
31 - 43 The static reseal pressure model for cryogenic screen channel liquid acquisition devices
Hartwig JW, Kamotani Y
44 - 52 Numerical investigation of erosion and heat transfer characteristics of molten jet impinging onto solid plate with MPS-LES method
Li G, Liu M, Duan GT, Chong DT, Yan JJ
53 - 64 Numerical analysis on pressure distribution for sonic steam jet condensed into subcooled water
Zhou L, Liu JP, Chong DT, Yan JJ
65 - 75 Numerical simulations of flow and mass transfer during potassium dihydrogen phosphate single crystal growth via the three-dimensional motion growth method
Zhou C, Li MW, Yin HW, Hu ZT
76 - 85 Silicon carbide particle formation/engulfment during directional solidification of silicon
Ma X, Zheng LL, Zhang H
86 - 94 Numerical analysis of convective drying of a moving moist object
Kim D, Son G, Kim S
95 - 101 Uncertainty propagation of heat conduction problem with multiple random inputs
Wang C, Qiu ZP, Yang YW
102 - 106 Thermoelectric properties of nanoscale three dimensional Si phononic crystals
Yang LN, Yang N, Li BW
107 - 121 Saturated pool boiling of FC-72 from enhanced surfaces produced by Selective Laser Melting
Ho JY, Wong KK, Leong KC
122 - 140 Porous media based bio-heat transfer analysis on counter-current artery vein tissue phantoms: Applications in photo thermal therapy
Vyas DCM, Kumar S, Srivastava A
141 - 148 Effect and heat transfer correlations of finned tube heat exchanger under unsteady pulsating flows
Wantha C
149 - 158 Extended lubrication theory for generalized Couette flow through converging gaps
Baric E, Steiner H
159 - 169 Measurement of the condensation rate of vapor bubbles rising upward in subcooled water by using two ultrasonic frequencies
Nguyen TT, Tsuzuki N, Murakawa H, Duong NH, Kikura H
170 - 181 Modeling metal foam enhanced phase change heat transfer in thermal energy storage by using phase field method
Zhao Y, Zhao CY, Xu ZG, Xu HJ
182 - 191 Effect of ambient gas flow on the instability of Marangoni convection in liquid bridges of various volume ratios
Yano T, Maruyama K, Matsunaga T, Nishino K
192 - 200 Multi-layer graded doping in silica aerogel insulation with temperature gradient
Tang GH, Zhao Y, Guo JF
201 - 208 Suitability of the Method Of Lines for rendering analytic/numeric solutions of the unsteady heat conduction equation in a large plane wall with asymmetric convective boundary conditions
Marucho MD, Campo A
209 - 218 A thermal circuit method for analysis and optimization of heat exchangers with consideration of fluid property variation
Zhao SY, Chen Q
219 - 233 Effect of entropy waves on transient energy growth of flow disturbances in triggering thermoacoustic instability
Li L, Zhao D, Yang XL
234 - 242 A methodology of investigation and results for heat regimes multiplicity in chemically reacting media with diffusion and convection
Troshchiev YV, Pavlov GA
243 - 251 Critical heat flux prediction model for low quality flow boiling of water in vertical circular tube
Pan J, Li R, Yang D, Wu G
252 - 260 Experiment study of oscillating heat pipe and phase change materials coupled for thermal energy storage and thermal management
Zhao JT, Rao ZH, Liu CZ, Li YM
261 - 267 Analysis of mass exchangers based on dimensionless numbers
Brandau N, Heinke S, Koehler J
268 - 282 Numerical study on characteristics of heat transfer and friction factor in a circular tube with central slant rods
Liu P, Zheng NB, Shan F, Liu ZC, Liu W
283 - 292 Effects of squealer rim height on heat/mass transfer on the floor of cavity squealer tip in a high turning turbine blade cascade
Kang DB, Lee SW
293 - 302 Linear instability of the vertical throughflow in a horizontal porous layer saturated by a power-law fluid
Barletta A, Storesletten L
303 - 316 A thermodynamic analysis of forced convection through porous media using pore scale modeling
Torabi M, Peterson GP, Torabi M, Karimi N
317 - 326 Liquid temperature dependence of kinetic boundary condition at vapor-liquid interface
Kon M, Kobayashi K, Watanabe M
327 - 343 Estimations and bounds of the effective conductivity of composites with anisotropic inclusions and general imperfect interfaces
Quang HL
344 - 356 Assessment of thermal-hydraulic correlations for narrow rectangular channels with high heat flux and coolant velocity
Ghione A, Noel B, Vinai P, Demaziere C
357 - 371 Air-side flow and heat transfer characteristics of flat and slotted finned tube bundles with various tube pitches
Kong YQ, Yang LJ, Du XZ, Yang YP
372 - 382 Laminar flow and forced convective heat transfer of shear-thinning power-law fluids in dimpled and protruded microchannels
Li P, Xie YH, Zhang D
383 - 390 Multi-scale fluence-dependent dynamics of front-side femtosecond laser heating, melting and ablation of thin supported aluminum film
Kudryashov SI, Ionin AA
391 - 401 Investigation on groundwater velocity based on the finite line heat source seepage model
Zhang WK, Yang HX, Guo XQ, Yu MZ, Fang ZH
402 - 408 Simplifying analysis of sorption of SVOCs to particles: Lumped parameter method and application condition
Liu C, Cao JP, Zhang YP
409 - 424 Simultaneous observation of dynamics and thermal evolution of irreversible dry spot at critical heat flux in pool boiling
Kim DE, Song J, Kim H
425 - 431 Analytical models of axisymmetric reaction-diffusion phenomena in composite media
Zimmerman RA, Jankowski TA, Tartakovsky DM
432 - 440 An experimental investigation of the physical properties of the graphene/multi-walled carbon nanotubes composite
Haque AKMM, Oh GS, Kim T, Kim J, Noh J, Chung H, Jeong H, Huh S
441 - 451 Optimize heat conduction problem using level set method with a weighting based velocity constructing scheme
Zhu BL, Zhang XM, Wang NF, Fatikow S
452 - 460 Modeling and numerical calculation of three-dimensional non-steady state thermal explosion model of cylindrical battery
Guo ZR, Hao JY, Du ZM, Xia Q
461 - 469 Systematic investigation of the misorientation- and temperature-dependent Kapitza resistance in CeO2
Chernatynskiy A, Bai XM, Gan J
470 - 484 Thermomechanical effects in supercritical binary fluids
Long ZQ, Zhang P, Shen B
485 - 503 Heat diffusion in inhomogeneous graded media: Chains of exact solutions by joint Property & Field Darboux Transformations
Krapez JC
504 - 511 Arrays of flow channels with heat transfer embedded in conducting walls
Bejan A, Almerbati A, Lorente S, Sabau AS, Klett JW
512 - 520 Reflooding with internal boiling of a heating model porous medium with mm-scale pores
Sapin P, Gourbil A, Duru P, Fichot F, Prat M, Quintard M
521 - 531 Single bubble dynamics on superheated superhydrophobic surfaces
Li YX, Zhang K, Lu MC, Duan CH
532 - 540 Effective thermal conductivity of nanofluids - A new model taking into consideration Brownian motion
Shukla KN, Koller TM, Rausch MH, Froba AP
541 - 547 Wall-temperature distributions of nucleate pool boiling surfaces vs. boiling curves: A new approach
Golobic I, Zupancic M
548 - 555 Impact of the number and sampling time of water content measurements on the identifiability of a concentration-dependent water diffusivity
Mercier S, Marcos B, Moresoli C, Mondor M, Villeneuve S
556 - 568 Pool boiling heat transfer of porous structures with reentrant cavities
Deng DX, Feng JY, Huang QS, Tang Y, Lian YS
569 - 575 Bubble explosion in pool boiling around a heated wire in surfactant solution
Wang J, Li FC, Li XB
576 - 588 Periodic vortex shedding phenomenon for various separation distances between two plane turbulent parallel jets
Mondal T, Das MK, Guha A
589 - 598 Experimental investigation of fluid flow and heat transfer in a randomly packed bed of sinter particles
Liu Y, Wang JY, Cheng ZL, Yang J, Wang QW
599 - 612 Numerical study of laminar mixed convection in a square open cavity
Burgos J, Cuesta I, Saluena C
613 - 621 CFD analysis of SVOC mass transfer in different chambers
Mao YF, Li Z, He YL, Tao WQ
622 - 629 Counterflow heat exchanger with core and plenums at both ends
Bejan A, Alalaimi M, Lorente S, Sabau AS, Klett JW
630 - 637 Dependency of the thermophysical properties of nanofluids on the excess adsorption
Tamizi M, Kamalvand M, Namazian M
638 - 646 Effects of multiple sintering parameters on the thermal performance of bi-porous nickel wicks in Loop Heat Pipes
Qu Y, Zhou K, Zhang KF, Tian Y
647 - 659 The effect of symmetrical perforated holes on the turbulent heat transfer in the static mixer with modified Kenics segments
Meng HB, Zhu GX, Yu YF, Wang ZY, Wu JH
660 - 671 Modeling drop dynamics at the interface between free and porous-medium flow using the mortar method
Baber K, Flemisch B, Helmig R
672 - 680 Analysis of flow induced by temperature fields in ratchet-like microchannels by Direct Simulation Monte Carlo
Chen J, Stefanov SK, Baldas L, Colin S
681 - 690 Experimental investigation of saturated flow boiling heat transfer of nitrogen in a macro-tube
Fang XD, Sudarchikov AM, Chen YF, Dong AQ, Wang R
691 - 701 Effects of finite-rate droplet evaporation on the extinction of spherical burner-stabilized diffusion flames
Han W, Chen Z
702 - 710 Impact of Cattaneo-Christov heat flux model in flow of variable thermal conductivity fluid over a variable thicked surface
Hayat T, Khan MI, Farooq M, Alsaedi A, Waqas M, Yasmeen T
711 - 720 Numerical study of Heat Modes of laser welding of dissimilar metals with an intermediate insert
Isaev VI, Cherepanov AN, Shapeev VP
721 - 737 A numerical study of natural convection in an inclined square enclosure with an elliptic cylinder using variational multiscale element free Galerkin method
Zhang P, Zhang XH, Deng JH, Song LZ
738 - 749 Compressibility effect on natural convection flow along a vertical plate with isotherm and streamwise sinusoidal surface temperature
Chen N, Wang FL, Hu RF, Hossain MA
750 - 761 Analyzing the structural designs and thermal performance of nonmetal lighting devices of LED bulbs
Wang RT, Wang JC
762 - 769 Constructal design for convection melting of a phase change body
Ziaei S, Lorente S, Bejan A
770 - 781 Experimental study on the melting and solidification behavior of erythritol in a vertical shell-and-tube latent heat thermal storage unit
Wang YF, Wang L, Xie NN, Lin XP, Chen HS
782 - 791 Experimental study on the influence of power steps on the thermohydraulic behavior of a natural circulation loop
Misale M
792 - 804 Natural convection of silica nanofluids in square and triangular enclosures: Theoretical and experimental study
Mahian O, Kianifar A, Heris SZ, Wongwises S
805 - 821 A numerical study on electrowetting-induced jumping and transport of droplet
Raman KA, Jaiman RK, Lee TS, Low HT
822 - 830 Estimation of the porosity of a chitosan-carbon nanoparticle membrane fabricated on a chip: A solute transport-based study
Ding WP, Zhu XX, Zou LL, Liu J, Wang DM, Liang C, Li CP, He LQ
831 - 838 Free convection in a trapezoidal cavity filled with a micropolar fluid
Gibanov NS, Sheremet MA, Pop L
839 - 850 Prediction of dryout and post-dryout heat transfer using a two-phase CFD model
Li HP, Anglart H
851 - 861 Free stream flow and forced convection heat transfer around a rotating circular cylinder subjected to a single gust impulse
Ikhtiar U, Manzoor S, Sheikh NA, Ali M
862 - 871 Experimental study on energy transformation and separation characteristic of circulatory flash evaporation
Zhang YS, Wang JS, Yan JJ, Chong DT, Liu JP
872 - 881 Heatline visualization of MHD natural convection in an inclined wavy open porous cavity filled with a nanofluid with a local heater
Bondareva NS, Sheremet MA, Oztop HF, Abu-Hamdeh N
882 - 894 Impact of traveling permanent magnets on low temperature metal melting in a cuboid
Ben-David O, Levy A, Mikhailovich B, Avnaim M, Azulay A
895 - 903 Heat transfer analysis of PCM slurry flow between parallel plates
Shabgard H, Hu H, Boettcher PA, McCarthy M, Sun Y
904 - 917 A study of gravitational effects on single elongated vapor bubbles
Scammell A, Kim J, Magnini M, Thome JR
918 - 930 Thermal hydraulic evaluation of oscillating-flow regenerators using water: Experimental analysis of packed beds of spheres
Trevizoli PV, Peixer GF, Barbosa JR