International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.96 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Numerical and experimental investigation of a helical coil heat exchanger for seawater-source heat pump in cold region
Zheng WD, Zhang H, You SJ, Ye TZ
11 - 19 Phase change mass transfer model for frost growth and densification
Wu XM, Ma Q, Chu FQ, Hu S
20 - 28 Influence of droplet concentration on evaporation in a high-temperature gas
Volkov RS, Kuznetsov GV, Strizhak PA
29 - 41 Comparative study of the Boltzmann and McCormack equations for Couette and Fourier flows of binary gaseous mixtures
Ho MT, Wu L, Graur I, Zhang YH, Reese JM
42 - 63 Performance improvement of natural draft dry cooling system by interior and exterior windbreaker configurations
Chen L, Yang LJ, Du XZ, Yang YP
64 - 74 Identification of two-phase flow patterns in minichannel based on RQA and PCA analysis
Mosdorf R, Gorski G
75 - 83 Experimental investigation on water migration mechanism of macroporous silica gel in the coupling process of moisture adsorption and electro-osmosis regeneration
Zhang GY, Qin F, Zou HM, Tian CQ
84 - 96 Spectral collocation method for natural convection in a square porous cavity with local thermal equilibrium and non-equilibrium models
Chen YY, Li BW, Zhang JK
97 - 109 Numerical and experimental study of the drying of bi-component droplets under various drying conditions
Grosshans H, Griesing M, Monckedieck M, Hellwig T, Walther B, Gopireddy SR, Sedelmayer R, Pauer W, Moritz HU, Urbanetz NA, Gutheil E
110 - 117 Numerical studies of heat transfer enhancement by cross-cut flow control in wavy fin heat exchangers
Kim GW, Lim HM, Rhee GH
118 - 124 The spreading simulation of molten Al alloy on Q235 steel in the first cycle of cold metal transfer process
Lin QL, Zeng CZ, Cao R, Chen JH
125 - 131 Direct contact heat transfer from molten salt droplets in a thermochemical water splitting process of hydrogen production
Ghandehariun S, Rosen MA, Naterer GF
132 - 144 Exact solution of Guyer-Krumhansl type heat equation by operational method
Zhukovsky KV
145 - 153 Second-order approximation to forced oscillations of thermal convection under small time-varying forcing
Ishida H, Sugimura S, Kuroda T, Kawahara G
154 - 163 A review on studies of a SOM combustion model for single-and-two-phase combustion
Zhou LX, Wang F, Hu LY, Li K, Luo K
164 - 170 Analytical solutions of the equations for the transient temperature field in the three-fluid parallel-channel heat exchanger with three thermal communications
Malinowski L, Chen JH
171 - 188 Importance of detailed chemical kinetics on combustion and soot modelling of ventilated and under-ventilated fires in compartment
Yuen ACY, Yeoh GH, Timchenko V, Cheung SCP, Barber TJ
189 - 198 Effects of gap size, temperature and pumping pressure on the fluid dynamics and chemical kinetics of in-line spatial atomic layer deposition of Al2O3
Pan DQ, Jen TC, Yuan C
199 - 209 A simplified model for the shielding of fire thermal radiation by water mists
Dombrovsky LA, Dembele S, Wen JX
210 - 217 Velocity and thermal slip effects on peristaltic motion of Walters-B fluid
Javed M, Hayat T, Mustafa M, Ahmad B
218 - 230 Fluctuation of natural ventilation induced by nonlinear coupling between buoyancy and thermal mass
Yang D, Guo YH
231 - 241 The effect of randomly-distributed droplets on thermal radiation of surfaces
Lin QQ, Xuan YM, Han YG
242 - 248 Determination of temperature dependent thermophysical properties using an inverse method and an infrared line camera
Zhang QY, Lippmann S, Grasemann A, Zhu MF, Rettenmayr M
249 - 255 Application of conjugate gradient method for estimation of the wall heat flux of a supersonic combustor
Cheng LW, Zhong FQ, Gu HB, Zhang XY
256 - 266 Heat transfer and thermal stresses in a circular tube with a non-uniform heat flux
Marugan-Cruz C, Flores O, Santana D, Garcia-Villalba M
267 - 277 Heat transfer investigation in a rotating U-turn smooth channel with irregular cross-section
Li HW, You RQ, Deng HW, Tao Z, Zhu JQ
278 - 286 Effects of vortex generators on the jet impingement heat transfer at different cross-flow Reynolds numbers
Wang CL, Luo L, Wang L, Sunden B
287 - 295 Numerical investigation of airborne contaminant transport under different vortex structures in the aircraft cabin
Li F, Liu JJ, Ren JL, Cao XD, Zhu YF
296 - 311 Experimental investigation of 3D woven Cu lattices for heat exchanger applications
Zhao LY, Ryan SM, Ortega JK, Ha S, Sharp KW, Guest JK, Hemker KJ, Weihs TP
312 - 329 Inverse conjugate heat conduction and natural convection inside an enclosure with multiple unknown wall heating fluxes
Zhang DD, Zhang JH, Liu D, Zhao FY, Wang HQ, Li XH
330 - 345 Numerical investigation of natural convection heat transfer over annular finned horizontal cylinder
Senapati JR, Dash SK, Roy S
346 - 352 Simulation and analysis of heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics of variable polarity GTAW process based on a tungsten-arc-specimen coupled model
Pan JJ, Hu SS, Yang LJ, Li H
353 - 361 Effects of coolant mass flow rate ratio on heat transfer in a two-inlet rotating wedge-shaped channel
Li Y, Xu GQ, Deng HW, Qiu L, Yu X
362 - 370 Enhancement of heat transfer by a self-oscillating inverted flag in a Poiseuille channel flow
Park SG, Kim B, Chang CB, Ryu J, Sung HJ
371 - 380 An improved transient plane source method for measuring thermal conductivity of thin films: Deconvoluting thermal contact resistance
Ahadi M, Andisheh-Tadbir M, Tam M, Bahrami M
381 - 395 Numerical investigation of generalized Graetz problem in circular tube with a mass transfer coupling between the solid and the liquid
Pigeonneau F, Jaffrennou B, Letailleur A, Limouzin K
396 - 405 Multiscale mixed finite element, discrete fracture-vug model for fluid flow in fractured vuggy porous media
Zhang N, Yao J, Xue SF, Huang ZQ
406 - 412 Thermal conduction in an orthotropic sphere with circumferentially varying convection heat transfer
Sarkar D, Haji-Sheikh A, Jain A
413 - 429 Experimental and numerical investigations on the flow around and through the fractal soft rocks with water vapor absorption
Zhuang YJ, Yu HZ, Zhu QY
430 - 437 Investigation and prediction of optical properties of alumina nanofluids with different aggregation properties
Song DX, Wang YC, Jing DW, Geng JF
438 - 450 Theoretical analysis and experiment on gas film temperature in a spiral groove dry gas seal under high speed and pressure
Ding XX, Lu JJ
451 - 457 Experimental investigation of transient contact heat transfer between 300M and 5CrNiMo
Zhu Z, Zhang LW, Zhang C, Li RQ, Gu SD
458 - 473 On sharp-interface level-set method for heat and/or mass transfer induced Stefan problem
Shaikh J, Sharma A, Bhardwaj R
474 - 481 Mixed convective peristaltic flow of Carreau-Yasuda fluid with thermal deposition and chemical reaction
Hayat T, Tanveer A, Alsaedi A
482 - 503 Combustion and heat transfer characteristics of nanofluid fuel droplets: A short review
Basu S, Miglani A
504 - 512 Critical heat flux enhancement of pool boiling with adaptive fraction control of patterned wettability
Lee JS, Lee JS
513 - 524 MHD free convection of Al2O3-water nanofluid considering thermal radiation: A numerical study
Sheikholeslami M, Hayat T, Alsaedi A
525 - 534 Non-aligned MHD stagnation point flow of variable viscosity nanofluids past a stretching sheet with radiative heat
Khan WA, Makinde OD, Khan ZH
535 - 547 Numerical simulation of natural convection in a triangular enclosure with caterpillar (C)-curve shape hot wall
Triveni MK, Panua R
548 - 564 Thermal performances of parallelogram channels with skewed ribs and tilted three dimensional fillets
Chang SW, Liou TM, Jiang YR
565 - 572 Role of nanoparticles on boiling heat transfer performance of ethylene glycol aqueous solution based graphene nanosheets nanofluid
Hu YW, Li HR, He YR, Wang LD
573 - 581 Propagation of nitrogen gas in a liquid helium cooled vacuum tube following sudden vacuum loss - Part I: Experimental investigations and analytical modeling
Dhuley RC, Van Sciver SW
582 - 601 Momentum and heat transfer characteristics from heated spheroids in water based nanofluids
Sasmal C, Nirmalkar N
602 - 613 Influence of magnetic field on the periodically oscillating fluid inside a porous medium attached to a thick solid plate
Islam S, Biglarbegian M, Mahmud S
614 - 626 Experimental and theoretical investigation of contact-angle variation for water-ethanol mixture droplets on a low-surface-energy solid
Yonemoto Y, Kunugi T
627 - 642 Analyses of dual-phase lag heat conduction in 1-D cylindrical and spherical geometry - An application of the lattice Boltzmann method
Mukherjee A, Lahiri A, Mishra SC
643 - 659 Numerical study of unsteady, thermally-stratified shear flows in superposed porous and pure-fluid domains
Antoniadis PD, Papalexandris MV
660 - 666 Nucleate boiling of low GWP refrigerants on highly enhanced tube surface
Gorgy E
667 - 684 Transient boiling of water under exponentially escalating heat inputs. Part I: Pool boiling
Su GY, Bucci M, McKrell T, Buongiorno J
685 - 698 Transient boiling of water under exponentially escalating heat inputs. Part II: Flow boiling
Su GY, Bucci M, McKrell T, Buongiorno J
699 - 702 Does anisotropy promote spatial uniformity of stent-delivered drug distribution in arterial tissue? (vol 90, pg 266, 2015)
McGinty S, Wheel M, McKee S, McCormick C
703 - 704 Evaporation and condensation of water mist/cloud droplets with thermal radiation (vol 88, pg 695, 2015)
Brewster MQ
705 - 705 Visualization experiments on the condensation process in the vertical tube condenser of a loop thermosyphon (Retraction of vol 92, pg 948, 2016)
Wong SC, Huang JC