International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.92 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Porosity distribution optimization of insulation materials by the variational method
Hao JH, Chen Q, Hu K
8 - 14 Experimental study on the effective thermal conductivity of methane hydrate-bearing sand
Li DL, Liang DQ
15 - 22 Functionalized graphite nanoplatelets/epoxy resin nanocomposites with high thermal conductivity
Gu JW, Yang XT, Lv ZY, Li N, Liang CB, Zhang QY
23 - 33 Multi-row film cooling characteristics on a vane endwall
Li XY, Ren J, Jiang HD
34 - 54 Numerical simulation of three-dimensional ice accretion on an aircraft wing
Cao YH, Huang JS, Yin J
55 - 65 Experimental investigation on the effect of asymmetrical sealing on tunnel fire behavior
Chen CK, Zhu CX, Liu XY, Yu NH
66 - 75 Velocity reversals via bifurcation in thermal convection
Herrada MA, Shtern VN
76 - 82 Natural convection in a trapezoidal enclosure filled with carbon nanotube-EG-water nanofluid
Esfe MH, Arani AAA, Yan WM, Ehteram H, Aghaie A, Afrand M
83 - 90 Numerical simulation of thermal field and Fe-based coating doped Ti
Gao WY, Zhao SS, Wang YB, Zhang ZY, Liu FL, Lin XC
91 - 99 Flow boiling heat transfer in a helically coiled steam generator for nuclear power applications
Santini L, Cioncolini A, Butel MT, Ricotti ME
100 - 109 Unsteady flow of nanofluid with double stratification and magnetohydrodynamics
Hayat T, Imtiaz M, Alsaedi A
110 - 119 Correlations highlighting effects of the PCB's Copper ratio on the free convective heat transfer for a tilted QFN32 electronic package
Bairi A
120 - 130 Predictions of effective thermal conductivities for three-dimensional four-directional braided composites using the lattice Boltzmann method
Fang WZ, Chen L, Gou JJ, Tao WQ
131 - 138 Modeling heat transfer through phase-differentiated nano-scale constructions of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell microporous layers
Banerjee R, Bazylak A
139 - 148 Charge injection enhanced natural convection heat transfer in horizontal concentric annuli filled with a dielectric liquid
Wu J, Traore P, Zhang MQ, Perez AT, Vazquez PA
149 - 157 Performance of adsorbent-embedded heat exchangers using binder-coating method
Li A, Thu K, Bin Ismail A, Shahzad MW, Ng KC
158 - 172 Lattice BGK simulations of the double diffusive mixed convection in an enclosure with different outlet locations
Xu HT, Li BB, Chen J, Lou Q, Yan ZR, Yang M
173 - 183 Heat and mass transfer mechanisms in nanofluids boundary layers
Serna J
184 - 189 A multi-component drop evaporation model based on analytical solution of Stefan-Maxwell equations
Tonini S, Cossali GE
190 - 205 Droplet impact dynamics and transient heat transfer of a micro spray system for power electronics devices
Hsieh SS, Luo SY
206 - 227 Laser-Doppler measurements of the turbulent mixing of two rectangular water jets impinging on a stationary pool
Wang HH, Lee S, Hassan YA, Ruggles AE
228 - 235 Special n-sided Voronoi fiber/matrix elements for clustering thermal effect in natural-hemp-fiber-filled cement composites
Wang H, Qin QH, Xiao Y
236 - 243 Numerical study on heat transfer in a conical fluidized bed combustor considering particle elasticity
Abdelmotalib HM, Youssef MAM, Hassan AA, Youn SB, Im IT
244 - 251 Analytical solutions for thermo-fluidic transport in electroosmotic flow through rough microtubes
Keramati H, Sadeghi A, Saidi MH, Chakraborty S
252 - 267 Flow regimes and void fractions during condensation of hydrocarbons in horizontal smooth tubes
Milkie JA, Garimella S, Macdonald MP
268 - 282 Numerical investigations of laminar heat transfer and flow performance of Al2O3-water nanofluids in a flat tube
Zhao NB, Yang JL, Li H, Zhang ZY, Li SY
283 - 297 Evaporation heat transfer and pressure drop in flattened microfin tubes having different aspect ratios
Lee EJ, Kim NH
298 - 302 Permeability of microporous wicks with geometric inverse to sintered particles
Ngo IL, Byon C
303 - 311 Effect of surfactant on the break-up of a liquid thread: Modeling, computations and experiments
Hameed M, Maldarelli C
312 - 329 Design and testing of a novel 3-fluid liquid-to-air membrane energy exchanger (3-fluid LAMEE)
Abdel-Salam MRH, Besant RW, Simonson CJ
330 - 338 A computational model of thermal monitoring at a leakage in pipelines
Bhuiyan MAS, Hossain MA, Alam JM
339 - 348 Forced convection heat transfer in a semi annulus under the influence of a variable magnetic field
Sheikholeslami M, Vajravelu K, Rashidi MM
349 - 359 A study of entropy generation in tree-shaped flow structures
Miguel AF
360 - 369 Evaporation, boiling and explosive breakup of heterogeneous droplet in a high-temperature gas
Kuznetsov GV, Piskunov MV, Strizhak PA
370 - 380 Mesoscale investigation of reaction-diffusion and structure evolution during Fe-Al inhibition layer formation in hot-dip galvanizing
Min T, Gao YM, Chen L, Kang QJ, Tao WQ
381 - 393 Modelling of the evaporation of a droplet suspended in a binary atmosphere
Oberman GJ, Farrell TW
394 - 402 Influence of swirling flow on mass and momentum transfer downstream of a pipe with elbow and orifice
Takano T, Ikarashi Y, Uchiyama K, Yamagata T, Fujisawa N
403 - 413 A study on the mechanisms triggering the departure from nucleate boiling in subcooled vertical flow boiling using a complementary experimental approach
Bloch G, Bruder M, Sattelmayer T
414 - 429 Fluid flow and heat transfer of natural convection induced around a vertical row of heated horizontal cylinders
Kitamura K, Mitsuishi A, Suzuki T, Kimura F
430 - 434 Energy flux in semiconductors: Interaction of thermal and concentration nonequilibriums
Lashkevych I, Gurevich YG
435 - 448 A contribution to the modelling of heat conduction for cylindrical composite conductors with non-uniform distribution of constituents
Ostrowski P, Michalak B
449 - 466 Effects of thermal radiation on MHD flow and heat transfer in a cubic cavity
Luo XH, Li BW, Hu ZM
467 - 482 Consolidated methodology to predicting flow boiling critical heat flux for inclined channels in Earth gravity and for microgravity
Kharangate CR, Konishi C, Mudawar I
483 - 489 A new method of temperature measurement using thermochromic liquid crystals (extension of measurable range based on spectral intensity in the narrow-band wavelength)
Toriyama K, Tada S, Ichimiya K, Funatani S, Tomita Y
490 - 496 Study on phase change interface for erythritol with nano-copper in spherical container during heat transport
Zhang XL, Chen XD, Han Z, Xu WW
497 - 506 Experiment research on the effect of the evaporator's configuration design of an innovative ultra-thin looped heat pipe
Hong SH, Zhang XQ, Tang YL, Wang SF, Zhang ZG
507 - 522 3D CFD simulations of air cooled condenser-II: Natural draft around a single finned tube kept in a small chimney
Kumar A, Joshi JB, Nayak AK, Vijayan PK
523 - 538 Determination of relative positions and phase angle of dual piezoelectric fans for maximum heat dissipation of fin surface
Huang CH, Fan GY
539 - 549 Thermal conductivity correlations of open-cell foams: Extension of Hashin-Shtrikman model and introduction of effective solid phase tortuosity
Kumar P, Topin F
550 - 557 Nanofluids: An innovative phase change material for cold storage systems?
MacDevette MM, Myers TG
558 - 571 A model for the non-isothermal drying of particle-laden pastes
Brenn G, Steiner H, Kondor I, Planchette C, Mercuri A, Scharrer G
572 - 577 The effect of nanoparticle shape on the thermal resistance of a flat-plate heat pipe using acetone-based Al2O3 nanofluids
Kim HJ, Lee SH, Bin Kim S, Jang SP
578 - 588 The effect of a hub turning vane on turbulent flow and heat transfer in a four-pass channel at high rotation numbers
Lei J, Su PF, Xie GN, Lorenzini G
589 - 602 Experimental determination and fractal modeling of the effective thermal conductivity of autoclaved aerated concrete: Effects of moisture content
Jin HQ, Yao XL, Fan LW, Xu X, Yu ZT
603 - 609 Adhesive behavior of a calcium carbonate particle to solid walls having different hydrophilic characteristics
Hidema R, Toyoda T, Suzuki H, Komoda Y, Shibata Y
610 - 616 Calculating the single-domain heat conduction with heat source problem by virtual boundary meshfree Galerkin method
Yang DS, Ling J
617 - 627 Enhanced heat transfer of heat sink channels with micro pin fin roughened walls
Yeom T, Simon T, Zhang T, Zhang M, North M, Cui TH
628 - 638 Plasma arc and weld pool coupled modeling of transport phenomena in keyhole welding
Li Y, Feng YH, Li YF, Zhang XX, Wu CS
639 - 642 A theoretical model for predicting the thermal conductivity of binary molten salts
Zhao QG, Liu SJ, Guo H, Chen X
643 - 657 Transient conjugated heat transfer in thermally developing laminar flow in thick walled pipes and minipipes with time periodically varying wall temperature boundary condition
Altun AH, Bilir S, Ates A
658 - 664 The modified polynomial expansion method for identifying the time dependent heat source in two-dimensional heat conduction problems
Kuo CL, Liu CS, Chang JR
665 - 674 Research on convection heat transfer character of super critical carbon dioxide flows inside horizontal tube
Ding T, Li Z
675 - 688 Prediction of the heating characteristic of billets in a walking hearth type reheating furnace using CFD
Prieler R, Mayr B, Demuth M, Holleis B, Hochenauer C
689 - 699 Numerical study of the flow and heat transfer in a turbulent bubbly jet impingement
Pakhomov MA, Terekhov VI
700 - 707 Marangoni abnormal convection heat transfer of power-law fluid driven by temperature gradient in porous medium with heat generation
Jiao CR, Zheng LC, Lin YH, Ma LX, Chen GO
708 - 717 A ghost-cell immersed boundary method for simulations of heat transfer in compressible flows under different boundary conditions
Luo K, Zhuang ZY, Fan JR, Haugen NEL
718 - 731 Direct numerical simulation of the compression stroke under engine relevant conditions: Local wall heat flux distribution
Schmitt M, Frouzakis CE, Wright YM, Tomboulides A, Boulouchos K
732 - 743 Experimental investigation on flow instability of forced circulation in a mini-rectangular channel under rolling motion
Yu ZT, Tan SC, Yuan HS, Chen C, Chen XB
744 - 750 Extraction of molybdenum-containing species from heavy oil residues using the filtration combustion method
Manelis GB, Glazov SV, Salgansky EA, Lempert DB, Gudkova IY, Domashnev IA, Kolesnikova AM, Kislov VM, Kolesnikova YY
751 - 756 Thermophysical properties of ethylene glycol based yttrium aluminum garnet (Y(3)AL(5)O(12)-EG) nanofluids
Zyla G
757 - 765 Model and experiments of the transient evolution of a thin, evaporating liquid film
Hanchak MS, Vangsness MD, Ervin JS, Byrd LW
766 - 773 Analysis of heat transfer influences on gas production from methane hydrates using a combined method
Song YC, Wang JQ, Liu Y, Zhao JF
774 - 783 Investigation of single-droplet/wall collision heat transfer characteristics using infrared thermometry
Jung J, Jeong S, Kim H
784 - 791 Heat-loss modified Angstrom method for simultaneous measurements of thermal diffusivity and conductivity of graphite sheets: The origins of heat loss in Angstrom method
Zhu Y
792 - 806 A new formulation of variable turbulent Prandtl number for heat transfer to supercritical fluids
Bae YY
807 - 814 Combustion characteristic and heating performance of stoichiometric biogas-hydrogen-air flame
Zhen HS, Leung CW, Cheung CS, Huang ZH
815 - 823 On the thermally developing forced convection through a porous material under the local thermal non-equilibrium condition: An analytical study
Dehghan M, Valipour MS, Keshmiri A, Saedodin S, Shokri N
824 - 837 Numerical and experimental investigation on the effects of diameter and length on high mass flux subcooled flow boiling in horizontal microtubes
Sadaghiani AK, Kosar A
838 - 849 Effects of inlet velocity profile on flow and heat transfer in the entrance region of a ribbed channel
Kim DH, Lee BJ, Park JS, Kwak JS, Chung JT
850 - 858 On the thermal and structural characteristics of an artificially generated young turbulent spot
Chaiworapuek W, Kittichaikarn C
859 - 863 Experimental and numerical study of CO2 adsorption on copper benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxylate (Cu-BTC) metal organic framework
Wang H, Qu ZG, Zhang W, Yu QN, He YL
864 - 876 Prediction of hydrodynamic and optical properties of TiO2/water suspension considering particle size distribution
Song DX, Hatami M, Wang YC, Jing DW, Yang Y
877 - 883 Key design and operating parameters for enhancing dropwise condensation through wettability patterning
Mahapatra PS, Ghosh A, Ganguly R, Megaridis CM
884 - 892 Curvilinear melting - A preliminary experimental and numerical study
Schuller K, Kowalski J, Raback P
893 - 903 Performance assessment and optimization of a heat pipe thermal management system for fast charging lithium ion battery packs
Ye YH, Shi Y, Saw LH, Tay AAO
904 - 919 Thermo-mechanical analysis of periodic porous materials with microscale heat transfer by multiscale asymptotic expansion method
Yang ZQ, Cui JZ, Zhou S
920 - 928 Hydrogen inactivation of liquid metal heat pipes
Leimert JM, Dillig M, Karl J
929 - 939 Performance of annular flow path heat pipe with a polymer insert controlling compactness for energy applications
Kim IG, Kim KM, Jeong YS, Bang IC
940 - 947 Aspect ratio effect on the prediction of boundary layer interference in steady natural convection inside heterogeneous enclosures
Lage JL, Junqueira SLM, De Lai FC, Franco AT
948 - 956 Visualization experiments on the condensation process in the vertical tube condenser of a loop thermosyphon
Wong SC, Huang JC
957 - 969 A diffuse interface immersed boundary method for convective heat and fluid flow
970 - 978 A multiple/scale/direction polynomial Trefftz method for solving the BHCP in high-dimensional arbitrary simply-connected domains
Liu CS
979 - 986 Laminar film condensation of pseudo-plastic non-Newtonian fluid with variable thermal conductivity on an isothermal vertical plate
Si XH, Zhu XD, Zheng LC, Zhang XX, Lin P
987 - 994 Complete spatial concentration distribution for Taylor dispersion in packed tube flow
Wu Z, Fu XD, Wang GQ
995 - 1003 The effective thermal conductivity of ballistic-diffusive heat conduction in nanostructures with internal heat source
Hua YC, Cao BY
1004 - 1008 The flow equation for a nanoscale fluid flow
Zhang YB
1009 - 1017 Study on emptying-box problem with different inflow directions
Lin YJP, Fan YC
1018 - 1025 Asymptotic accelerated boundary layer over the permeable wall
Makarov MS, Sakhnov AY
1026 - 1033 Peculiarities of heat transfer in a flat disk-shaped evaporator of a loop heat pipe
Chernysheva MA, Maydanik YF
1034 - 1040 A global boundary integral equation method for recovering space-time dependent heat source
Liu CS, Chang CW
1041 - 1052 Experimental and numerical investigation of nanofluids heat transfer characteristics for application in solar heat exchangers
Ebrahimnia-Bajestan E, Moghadam MC, Niazmand H, Daungthongsuk W, Wongwises S
1053 - 1060 Effect of thermal dispersion on transient natural convection in a wavy-walled porous cavity filled with a nanofluid: Tiwari and Das' nanofluid model
Sheremet MA, Pop I, Bachok N
1061 - 1065 Monte Carlo study on extinction coefficient of silicon carbide porous media used for solar receiver
Zhao Y, Tang GH
1066 - 1089 Simulation of heat transfer and entropy generation of MHD natural convection of non-Newtonian nanofluid in an enclosure
Kefayati GR
1090 - 1105 Heat and mass transfer on MHD mixed convection axisymmetric chemically reactive flow of Maxwell fluid driven by exothermal and isothermal stretching disks
Khan N, Mahmood T, Sajid M, Hashmi MS
1106 - 1119 A new mesoscopic scale timestep adjustable non-dimensional lattice Boltzmann method for melting and solidification heat transfer
Su Y, Davidson JH
1120 - 1127 Adsorption characteristics of AQSOA zeolites and water for adsorption chillers
Kayal S, Sun BC, Saha BB
1128 - 1142 Interferometric study of natural convection in a differentially-heated cavity with Al2O3-water based dilute nanofluids
Rao SS, Srivastava A
1143 - 1157 An experimental study of flow boiling heat transfer of R134a and evaluation of existing correlations
Xu Y, Fang XD, Li GH, Li DK, Yuan YL
1158 - 1165 Vertical vibration effect on stability of conductive state of two-layer system with deformable interface
Lyubimova T, Lyubimov D, Parshakova Y
1166 - 1170 Immersed boundary-lattice Boltzmann simulation of natural convection in a square enclosure with a cylinder covered by porous layer
Hu Y, Li DC, Shu S, Niu XD
1171 - 1181 Effect of vapor flow on the falling film evaporation of R134a outside a horizontal tube bundle
Ji WT, Zhao CY, Zhang DC, Yoshioka S, He YL, Tao WQ
1182 - 1190 Heat and mass transfer at the ignition of vapors of volatile liquid fuels by hot metal core: Experimental study and modelling
Glushkov DO, Legros JC, Strizhak PA, Volkov RS
1191 - 1200 Effect of receiver diameter ratio on thermal performance of natural circulation steam generation system as applied to parabolic trough collector using water as working fluid
Zhang L, Hua M, Lu H, Fan LW, Mei RW
1201 - 1204 Radiative property characterization of spherical void phase graphitic foam
Dyck NJ, Straatman AG
1205 - 1217 Numerical study on variable thermophysical properties of heat transfer fluid affecting EGS heat extraction
Cao WJ, Huang WB, Jiang FM
1218 - 1235 Experimental and numerical study on heat transfer in trailing edge cooling passages with dimples/protrusions under the effect of side wall slot ejection
Shen ZY, Xie YH, Zhang D
1236 - 1251 Effect of flow direction for flow and heat transfer characteristics in outward convex asymmetrical corrugated tubes
Han HZ, Li BX, Shao W