International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.90 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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1 - 14 Film cooling effectiveness distribution of cylindrical hole injections at different locations on a vane endwall
Li XY, Ren J, Jiang HD
15 - 25 Azimuthal instability modes in a viscoelastic liquid layer flowing down a heated cylinder
Moctezuma-Sanchez M, Davalos-Orozco LA
26 - 33 Non-continuum effects on natural convection-radiation boundary layer flow from a heated vertical plate
Cao K, Baker J
34 - 39 Nonlocal study of the near field radiative heat transfer between two n-doped semiconductors
Singer F, Ezzahri Y, Joulain K
40 - 48 A scale analysis model for film boiling heat transfer on a vertical flat plate with wide applicability
Das DC, Ghosh K, Sanyal D
49 - 57 Convective heat transfer optimization in a circular tube based on local exergy destruction minimization
Wang JB, Liu ZC, Yuan F, Liu W, Chen G
58 - 71 Heat transfer through rarefied gas confined between two concentric spheres
Ho MT, Graur I
72 - 80 Numerical modelling of contact heat transfer problem with work hardened rough surfaces
Murashov MV, Panin SD
81 - 91 Theoretical evaluation of the treatment effectiveness of a novel coaxial multi-slot antenna for conformal microwave ablation of tumors
Wang T, Zhao G, Qiu BS
92 - 101 Experimental study of jet impingement heat transfer on a variable-curvature concave surface in a wing leading edge
Bu XQ, Peng L, Lin GP, Bai LZ, Wen DS
102 - 108 Orientation effects on thermal performance of radial heat sinks with a concentric ring subject to natural convection
Li B, Byon C
109 - 120 Performance study on composite desiccant material coated fin-tube heat exchangers
Hu LM, Ge TS, Jiang Y, Wang RZ
121 - 130 A new correlation for predicting the thermal conductivity of nanofluids; using dimensional analysis
Hassani S, Saidur R, Mekhilef S, Hepbasli A
131 - 139 Scaling of natural circulation loop operation modes
Huang ZC, Zhang MM, Wen SZ, He ZH
140 - 148 Numerization of a memory effect for an homogenized composite material with a large contrast in the phase thermal conductivities
Dureisseix D, Royer P, Faverjon B
149 - 158 Heat transfer and critical heat flux at evaporation and boiling in refrigerant mixture films falling down the tube with structured surfaces
Pecherkin N, Pavlenko AN, Volodin OA
159 - 166 Investigation on the pressure drop during flow boiling of liquefied natural gas in a vertical micro-fin tube
Bin X, Shi YM
167 - 179 Effects of optical parameters on fluid flow and heat transfer of participating fluid between two vertical coaxial rotating cylinders
Wang W, Li BW
180 - 190 Natural convection heat transfer in a square cavity with sinusoidal roughness elements
Yousaf M, Usman S
191 - 200 Wetting and evaporation phenomena of water droplets on textured surfaces
Yu DI, Kwak HJ, Doh SW, Kang HC, Ahn HS, Kiyofumi M, Park HS, Kim MH
201 - 217 Frost formation in the cross-flow plate heat exchanger for energy recovery
Anisimov S, Jedlikowski A, Pandelidis D
218 - 226 A full spectrum k-distribution based weighted-sum-of-gray-gases model for oxy-fuel combustion
Guo JJ, Li XY, Huang XH, Liu ZH, Zheng CG
227 - 238 An experimental investigation on comparison of synthetic and continuous jets impingement heat transfer
Tan XM, Zhang JZ, Yong S, Xie GN
239 - 245 Two-dimensional numerical simulation of heat transfer with moving heat source in welding using the Finite Pointset Method
Resendiz-Flores EO, Saucedo-Zendejo FR
246 - 253 Synergic relationships between thermophysical properties of wall materials in energy-saving building design
Huo H, Jing CJ, Li K, Huo HB
254 - 258 Local mass transfer rates of a first-order chemical reaction on a wall: Application to the prediction of local platelet deposition in a perfusion chamber
Pallares J
259 - 265 The robustness of the permeability of constructal tree-shaped fissures
Alalaimi M, Lorente S, Wechsatol W, Bejan A
266 - 279 Does anisotropy promote spatial uniformity of stent-delivered drug distribution in arterial tissue?
McGinty S, Wheel M, McKee S, McCormick C
280 - 290 Experimental evaluation of pairs of inline tubes of different size as components for heat exchanger tube bundles
Mavridou SG, Konstandinidis E, Bouris DG
291 - 301 Fast-multipole accelerated singular boundary method for large-scale three-dimensional potential problems
Gu Y, Gao HW, Chen W, Liu CJ, Zhang CZ, He XQ
302 - 313 An experimental study on the effects of agitation on convective heat transfer
Agrawal S, Simon T, North M, Cui TH
314 - 322 An interface integral formulation of heat energy calculation of steady state heat conduction in heterogeneous media
Dong CY
323 - 338 Flow boiling and critical heat flux in horizontal channel with one-sided and double-sided heating
Kharangate CR, O'Neill LE, Mudawar I, Hasan MM, Nahra HK, Balasubramaniam R, Hall NR, Macner AM, Mackey JR
339 - 349 Visualization study of condensation of ethanol-water mixtures in trapezoidal microchannels
Jiang R, Ma XH, Lan Z, Bai YX, Bai T
350 - 350 The experimental investigation of tube's diameter and inclination angle in a separate effect PAFS test facility for APR+ (vol 86, pg 914, 2015)
Shin CW, No HC, Yun BY, Jeon BG
351 - 357 A Multi-Spectral Energy Bundle method for efficient Monte Carlo radiation heat transfer computations in participating media
Maurente A, Franca FHR
358 - 363 Modeling the effect of gas on the effective thermal conductivity of heterogeneous materials
Pan L, Lu LX, Wang J, Qiu XL
364 - 375 An inverse problem in determining the optimum shapes for partially wet annular fins based on efficiency maximization
Huang CH, Chung YL
376 - 387 Heat transfer characteristics of water spray impinging on high temperature stainless steel plate with finite thickness
Dou RF, Wen Z, Zhou G
388 - 395 Heat transfer enhancement by external magnetic field for paramagnetic laminar pipe flow
Kaneda M, Tsuji A, Ooka H, Suga K
396 - 405 Transient microscale flow boiling heat transfer characteristics of HFE-7000
Basu S, Werneke B, Peles Y, Jensen MK
406 - 417 Computer simulation of radio frequency selective heating of insects in soybeans
Huang Z, Chen L, Wang SJ
418 - 426 Effect of induced electric field on magneto-natural convection in a vertical cylindrical annulus filled with liquid potassium
Afrand M, Rostami S, Akbari M, Wongwises S, Esfe MH, Karimipour A
427 - 438 Mass transfer at a rotating tubular packed bed of woven screens in relation to electrochemical and catalytic reactor design
Abdel-Aziz MH, Nirdosh I, Sedahmed GH
439 - 453 The impact, freezing, and melting processes of a water droplet on an inclined cold surface
Jin ZY, Sui DY, Yang ZG
454 - 465 Mechanism of enhancement of heat transfer for plate-fin heat sinks with dual piezoelectric fans
Ma SL, Chen JW, Li HY, Yang JT
466 - 479 Thermal analysis of laser-irradiated tissue phantoms using dual phase lag model coupled with transient radiative transfer equation
Kumar S, Srivastava A
480 - 490 Effect of the water content measurements on the estimation and identifiability of water diffusion and convection mass transfer coefficients
Mercier S, Marcos B, Moresoli C, Mondor M, Villeneuve S
491 - 498 A new inverse analysis method based on a relaxation factor optimization technique for solving transient nonlinear inverse heat conduction problems
Cui M, Duan WW, Gao XW
499 - 504 Entropy generation analysis of particle suspension induced by Couette flow
Wang Y, Chen ZQ, Ling X
505 - 514 Modelling the efficiency of a nanofluid direct absorption solar collector
Cregan V, Myers TG
515 - 522 The drying rates of spray freeze drying systems increase through the use of stratified packed bed structures
Bruttini R, Liapis AI
523 - 541 Experimental and numerical investigation of convective heat transfer and fluid flow in twisted spiral tube
Tang XY, Dai XF, Zhu DS
542 - 551 The influence of viscous dissipation on the unsteady conjugate forced convection heat transfer from a fluid sphere
Juncu G
552 - 560 Investigating the effects of geometry in solar thermal absorber plates with micro-channels
Oyinlola MA, Shire GSF, Moss RW
561 - 567 Heat transfer characteristics of Marangoni condensation for ethanol-water mixtures on a horizontal plate
Li Y, Wang JS, Shao F, Chen NN, Yan JJ
568 - 577 Moving boundary modeling of conventional and transgenic soybean hydration: Moisture profile and moving front experimental validation
Nicolin DJ, Jorge RMM, Jorge LMM
578 - 590 Developing convective flow in a square channel partially filled with a high porosity metal foam and rotating in a parallel-mode
Alhusseny A, Turan A, Nasser A
591 - 604 Piranha Pin Fin (PPF) - Advanced flow boiling microstructures with low surface tension dielectric fluids
Woodcock C, Yu XF, Plawsky J, Peles Y
605 - 612 Influence of natural convection on beam propagation in fluidic optical device
Kim B, Doan HD, Fushinobu K
613 - 626 Conjugate heat transfer analysis of leading edge and downstream mist-air film cooling on turbine vane
Jiang YT, Zheng Q, Dong P, Yao JH, Zhang H, Gao J
627 - 635 Direct optimal control of valve openings in heat exchanger networks and experimental validations
Wang YF, Chen Q
636 - 644 An investigation on dynamic thickness of a boiling liquid film
Gong SJ, Ma WM, Wang C, Mei Y, Gu HY
645 - 653 Estimation of heat transfer coefficients and heat flux on the billet surface by an integrated approach
Yu Y, Luo XC
654 - 664 Compressible direct numerical simulation with a hybrid boundary condition of transitional phenomena in natural convection
Li CG, Tsubokura M, Fu WS, Jansson N, Wang WH
665 - 677 Effects of interfaces on heat transfer in laser welding of electrical steel laminations
Wang HZ, Zhang YS, Lai XM
678 - 688 The effect of noncondensables on buoyancy-thermocapillary convection of volatile fluids in confined geometries
Qin TR, Grigoriev RO
689 - 701 Falling liquid films on a slippery substrate with Marangoni effects
Ding ZJ, Wong TN
702 - 709 Active optimization design theory and method for heat transfer unit and its application on shape design of cylinder in convective heat transfer
Ge Y, Liu ZC, Liu W, Chen G
710 - 718 Direct and inverse heat transfer in non-contacting face seals
Blasiak S, Pawinska A
719 - 727 Constriction resistance of a plated solid
Greenwood JA
728 - 742 Theoretical analysis of coupled thermal and denaturation processes in living tissues subject to a uniform surface heating condition
Sanchez S, Bautista O, Mendez F
743 - 751 Numerical simulation of fluid flow in an annular channel with outer transversally corrugated wall
Artemov VI, Minko KB, Yan'kov GG
752 - 760 A study on the method of short-time approximation - Criteria for applicability
Casandra A, Ismadji S, Noskov BA, Liggieri L, Lin SY
761 - 768 An experimental study on CHF enhancement of wire nets covered surface in R-134a flow boiling under high pressure and high mass flux conditions
Song SL, Chang SH
769 - 780 Mechanism study on the enhancement of silica gel regeneration by power ultrasound with field synergy principle and mass diffusion theory
Yao Y, Wang WW, Yang K
781 - 789 An analytical treatment for the exact solutions of MHD flow and heat over two-three dimensional deforming bodies
Turkyilmazoglu M
790 - 799 Front tracking method in modeling transport phenomena accompanying liquid-solid phase transition in binary alloys and semitransparent media
Seredynski M, Lapka P, Banaszek J, Furmariski P
800 - 811 Heat and mass transfer model to predict the operational performance of a steam sterilisation autoclave including products
Lau WL, Reizes J, Timchenko V, Kara S, Kornfeld B
812 - 824 Analytical research on dynamic temperature field of overburden in goaf fire-area under piecewise-linear third boundary condition
Cheng WM, Xin L, Wang G, Liu Z, Nie W
825 - 837 Film-cooling of cylindrical hole with downstream surface dielectric barrier discharge actuators
Dai SJ, Xiao Y, He LM, Jin T, Zhang Q, Hou PH, Zhao ZC
838 - 847 Pore-scale and volume-averaged numerical simulations of melting phase change heat transfer in finned metal foam
Feng SS, Shi M, Li YF, Lu TJ
848 - 856 The length and bending angle effects on the cooling performance of flat plate heat pipes
Chen JS, Chou JH
857 - 871 An enhanced multi-component vaporization model for high temperature and pressure conditions
Long WQ, Yi P, Jia M, Feng LY, Cui JC
872 - 877 Thermal conductivity of high temperature fluoride molten salt determined by laser flash technique
An XH, Cheng JH, Yin HQ, Xie LD, Zhang P
878 - 893 Local vs global heat transfer and flow analysis of hydrocarbon complete condensation in plate heat exchanger based on infrared thermography
Sarraf K, Launay S, El Achkar G, Tadrist L
894 - 899 A generalized correlation for predicting the thermal conductivity of composites with heterogeneous nanofillers
Ngo IL, Byon C
900 - 910 Unsteady double diffusive convection in an inclined rectangular lid-driven enclosure with different magnetic field angles and non-uniform boundary conditions
Mondal S, Sibanda P
911 - 921 Phase-field simulation of tilted growth of dendritic arrays during directional solidification
Xing H, Dong XL, Chen CL, Wang JY, Du LF, Jin KX
922 - 930 Experimental investigation of natural convection in a supercritical binary fluid
Long ZQ, Zhang P, Shen B, Li T
931 - 947 Three dimensional simulations of droplet formation in symmetric and asymmetric T-junctions using the color-gradient lattice Boltzmann model
Ba Y, Liu HH, Sun JJ, Zheng RY
948 - 958 Parametric study on thermal performance of microchannel heat sinks with internal vertical Y-shaped bifurcations
Xie GN, Shen H, Wang CC
959 - 967 Conductive and convective heat transfer in fluid flows between differentially heated and rotating cylinders
Lopez JM, Marques F, Avila M
968 - 978 Influences of deposited metal material parameters on weld pool geometry during shield metal arc welding
Tong LG, Gu JC, Wang L, Yin SW
979 - 985 Augmented boiling heat transfer on a copper nanoporous surface and the stability of nano-porosity in a hydrothermal environment
Tang B, Zhou R, Lu LS, Zhou GF
986 - 1000 Numerical study on the effect of jet nozzle aspect ratio and jet angle on swirl cooling in a model of a turbine blade leading edge cooling passage
Liu Z, Li J, Feng ZP, Simon T
1001 - 1008 Dynamic behaviors of CO2 bubbles coalescing at two parallel capillary orifices in microalgae suspension
Zhao S, Ding YD, Chen R, Liao Q, Zhu X
1009 - 1014 On the thermal properties of expanded perlite - Metallic syntactic foam
Fiedler T, Belova IV, Murch GE
1015 - 1025 Connective thinking on building envelope - Human body exergy analysis
Dovjak M, Shukuya M, Krainer A
1026 - 1033 Electric heating of the silicon rods in Siemens reactor
Nie ZF, Hou YQ, Xie G, Cui Y, Yu XH
1034 - 1045 Detailed chemical equilibrium model for porous ablative materials
Lachaud J, van Eekelen T, Scoggins JB, Magin TE, Mansour NN
1046 - 1055 Effects of altitude and inclination on the flame structure over the insulation material PS based on heat and mass transfer
Huang XJ, Zhao J, Tang G, Zhang Y, Sun JH
1056 - 1070 A numerical investigation of gas-particle suspensions as heat transfer media for high-temperature concentrated solar power
Marti J, Haselbacher A, Steinfeld A
1071 - 1081 Three-dimensional thermocapillary-buoyancy flow of a binary mixture with Soret effect in a shallow annular pool
Yu JJ, Li YR, Wu CM, Chen JC
1082 - 1089 Numerical analysis on effects of coolant swirling motion on film cooling performance
Yang X, Liu Z, Liu ZS, Feng ZP
1090 - 1097 A new diffusion for laminar boundary layer flow of power law fluids past a flat surface with magnetic effect and suction or injection
Lin YH, Zheng LC, Li BT, Ma LX
1098 - 1104 Effect of nanoparticles on oxygen absorption enhancement during sulfite forced oxidation
Jiang JZ, Zhao B, Cao M, Zhuo YQ, Wang SJ
1105 - 1108 Expression for effective thermal conductivity of randomly packed granular material
Liang YB
1109 - 1124 Thermal performances of turbulent tubular flows enhanced by ribbed and grooved wire coils
Chang SW, Gao JY, Shih HL
1125 - 1142 Asymmetry and penetration of transitional plane fountains in stratified fluid
Inam MI, Lin WX, Armfield SW, He YH
1143 - 1152 Formation and influence mechanism of keyhole-induced porosity in deep-penetration laser welding based on 3D transient modeling
Lu FG, Li XB, Li ZG, Tang XH, Cui HC
1153 - 1159 Experimental study of small scale n-heptane pool fire with water bath in an altitude chamber
Yao JJ, Liu JH, Chen X, Li HH, Niu Y, Zhou ZH, Wang J
1160 - 1169 Experimental study on transient heat transfer enhancement from a twisted plate in convection flow of helium gas
Liu QS, Zhao Z, Fukuda K
1170 - 1177 A model for a non-uniform spray evaporator taking into account the effect of non-isothermal polydisperse droplets
Wongsarivej P, Tanthapanichakoon W
1178 - 1187 Optical determination of temperature and species concentration for homogeneous turbulent gas medium
Ren T, Modest MF
1188 - 1196 Investigation on thermal analysis of conical coil heat exchanger
Purandare PS, Lele MM, Gupta RK
1197 - 1206 Experimental study of heat transfer augmentation in non-circular duct using combined nanofluids and vortex generator
Ahmed HE, Ahmed MI, Yusoff MZ, Hawlader MNA, Al-Ani H
1207 - 1213 Measurements of the directional spectral emissivity based on a radiation heating source with alternating spectral distributions
Fu TR, Duan MH, Tang JQ, Shi CL
1214 - 1220 Convection in a horizontal fluid layer under an inclined temperature gradient with a negative vertical Rayleigh number
Ortiz-Perez AS, Davalos-Orozco LA
1221 - 1231 The reciprocity function approach applied to the non-intrusive estimation of spatially varying internal heat transfer coefficients in ducts: numerical and experimental results
Colaco MJ, Alves CJS, Bozzoli F
1232 - 1240 An iterative, analytical method for solving conjugate heat transfer problems
Shah K, Jain A
1241 - 1243 Experimental validation of Cooper correlation at higher heat flux
Ji WT, Zhao CY, He YL, Tao WQ
1244 - 1254 Entransy analyses of thermal processes with variable thermophysical properties
Zhou B, Cheng XT, Wang WH, Liang XG
1255 - 1265 The Generalized Leveque Equation and its application to circular pipe flow
Bertsche D, Knipper P, Dietrich B, Wetzel T
1266 - 1274 Pore-scale modeling of effective diffusion coefficient of building materials
Hussain M, Tian E, Cao TF, Tao WQ