International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.89 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Comparison of metal foam heat exchangers to a finned heat exchanger for low Reynolds number applications
Huisseune H, De Schampheleire S, Ameel B, De Paepe M
10 - 23 Heat transfer investigation in rotating smooth square U-duct with different wall-temperature ratios and channel orientations
Li Y, Deng HW, Xu GQ, Tian SQ
24 - 32 Constructal entransy dissipation rate minimization for solid-gas reactors with heat and mass transfer in a disc-shaped body
Feng HJ, Chen LG, Xie ZH, Sun FR
33 - 41 Operational characteristics of a loop heat pipe with a flat evaporator and two primary biporous wicks
Wang DD, Liu ZC, He S, Yang JG, Liu W
42 - 58 Recent developments of jet impingement nucleate boiling
Qiu L, Dubey S, Choo FH, Duan F
59 - 74 Performance improvements of microchannel heat sink using wavy channel and nanofluids
Sakanova A, Keian CC, Zhao JY
75 - 89 Instability of a horizontal porous layer with local thermal non-equilibrium: Effects of free surface and convective boundary conditions
Barletta A, Celli M, Lagziri H
90 - 101 Gravitational convection of magnetic colloid in a horizontal layer
Kolchanov NV, Putin GF
A1 - A3 Professor Issam Mudawar on his 60th birthday
Bernardin J, Chiaramonte F, Dhir V, Galloway J, Goodson K, Incropera F, Kabov O, Kaviany M, Kazimi M, Khusid B, Kim J, Kim SM, Lee J, Minkowycz WJ, Qu WL, Rose J, Sammakia B, Stephan P, Vafai K, Wen CD
A4 - A5 80th Birthday of Academician Vladimir E. Nakoryakov
Khanjalic K, Leontiev AI, Alekseenko SV, Burdukov AP, Kabov OA, Kuznetsov VV, Markovich DM, Terekhov VI
102 - 109 Improving the wetting properties of separator to enhance the performance of microbial fuel cells
Yao S, He YL, Song BY, Xi K, Li XY
110 - 115 Experimental investigation on the pool boiling characteristics and critical heat flux of Cu-R141b nanorefrigerant under atmospheric pressure
Diao YH, Li CZ, Zhao YH, Liu Y, Wang S
116 - 123 Quantitative analyses of factors affecting thermal conductivity of nanofluids using an improved transient hot-wire method apparatus
Lee J, Lee H, Baik YJ, Koo J
124 - 137 Effect of row-crossing header configuration on refrigerant distribution in a two row/four pass parallel flow minichannel heat exchanger
Byun HW, Kim NH
138 - 158 Heat pipe heat exchangers and heat sinks: Opportunities, challenges, applications, analysis, and state of the art
Shabgard H, Allen MJ, Sharifi N, Benin SP, Faghri A, Bergman TL
159 - 164 Investigation of natural convection heat transfer around a radial heat sink with a concentric ring
Li B, Byon C
165 - 175 Experimental study and modeling of disturbance wave height of vertical annular flow
Pan LM, He H, Ju P, Hibiki T, Ishii M
176 - 185 Evaporation of an isolated liquid plug moving inside a capillary tube
Srinivasan V, Marty-Jourjon V, Khandekar S, Lefevre F, Bonjour J
186 - 192 Derivation of isosteric heat of adsorption for non-ideal gases
Askalany AA, Saha BB
193 - 205 Transient MHD heat transfer and entropy generation in a microparallel channel combined with pressure and electroosmotic effects
Jian YJ
206 - 215 Numerical study of the evaporation by mixed convection of ethanol in partially heated plate along a vertical channel
Alla AN, Feddaoui M, Meftah H
216 - 228 The effects of interior emissivity and room layout on forced air space-conditioning power usage
Buckmaster DJ, Abramson AR
229 - 241 Turbulence modeling for the two-phase flow and heat transfer in condensers
Mirzabeygi P, Zhang C
242 - 250 Development of an advanced printed circuit heat exchanger analysis code for realistic flow path configurations near header regions
Son S, Lee Y, Lee JI
251 - 266 Partially Averaged Navier Stokes simulation of turbulent heat transfer from a square cylinder
Ranjan P, Dewan A
267 - 290 FDLBM simulation of entropy generation in double diffusive natural convection of power-law fluids in an enclosure with Soret and Dufour effects
Kefayati GHR
291 - 307 Modulated heat transfer tube with short conical-mesh inserts: A linking from microflow to macroflow
Cao Z, Xu JL
308 - 319 Measurement of properties and performance prediction of the new MWCNT-embedded zeolite 13X/CaCl2 composite adsorbents
Chan KC, Chao CYH, Wu CL
320 - 332 Fluid flow and heat transfer of natural convection adjacent to upward-facing, rectangular plates of arbitrary aspect ratios
Kitamura K, Mitsuishi A, Suzuki T, Kimura F
333 - 338 A mathematical model to predict adiabatic temperatures from isothermal heat evolutions with validation for cementitious materials
Xu QW, Wang KJ, Medina C, Engquist B
339 - 344 Investigation of radiative scattering effect of VIP filler materials using a novel statistical formulation
Choi B, Lee J, Song TH
345 - 352 Counter-current motion of a droplet levitated on a liquid film undergoing Marangoni convection
Davanlou A, Kumar R
353 - 358 Dropwise steam condensation on various hydrophobic surfaces: Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), and self-assembled micro/nano silver (SAMS)
Zhang BJ, Kuok C, Kim KJ, Hwang T, Yoon H
359 - 378 Performance analysis and feasibility study of ant colony optimization, particle swarm optimization and cuckoo search algorithms for inverse heat transfer problems
Udayraj, Mulani K, Talukdar P, Das A, Alagirusamy R
379 - 389 Heat transfer and flow characteristics of rising Taylor bubbles
Scammell A, Kim J
390 - 405 Flow boiling instability characteristics in expanding silicon microgap heat sink
Tamanna A, Lee PS
406 - 413 One-dimensional Raman spectroscopy and shadowgraphy for the analysis of the evaporation behavior of acetone/water drops
Quino J, Hellwig T, Griesing M, Pauer W, Moritz HU, Will S, Braeuer A
414 - 424 Axisymmetric modeling of the thermal cooling, including radiation, of a circular glass disk
Siedow N, Lochegnies D, Bechet F, Moreau P, Wakatsuki H, Inoue N
425 - 432 Effect of Marangoni flow on subcooled pool boiling on micro-scale and macro-scale heaters in water and surfactant solutions
Hetsroni G, Mosyak A, Pogrebnyak E
433 - 443 Transport properties and heat transfer coefficients of ZnO/(ethylene glycol plus water) nanofluids
Cabaleiro D, Colla L, Agresti F, Lugo L, Fedele L
444 - 453 Conjugate free convection with surface radiation in open top cavity
Singh DK, Singh SN
454 - 459 Numerical and analytic study on the time-of-flight thermal flow sensor
Byon C
460 - 467 Investigating the effect of powder-mixing parameter in biporous wick manufacturing on enhancement of loop heat pipe performance
Wu SC, Wang D, Lin WJ, Chen YM
468 - 481 Investigating atomic layer deposition characteristics in multi-outlet viscous flow reactors through reactor scale simulations
Shaeri MR, Jen TC, Yuan CY, Behnia M
482 - 493 Spatiotemporally resolved heat transfer measurements for flow boiling in microchannels
Rao SR, Peles Y
494 - 504 Flow patterns and heat transfer mechanisms during flow boiling over open microchannels in tapered manifold (OMM)
Kalani A, Kandlikar SG
505 - 513 Alignments and network of graphite fillers to improve thermal conductivity of epoxy-based composites
Burger N, Laachachi A, Mortazavi B, Ferriol M, Lutz M, Toniazzo V, Ruch D
514 - 521 A high-efficiency hybrid high-concentration photovoltaic system
Zimmermann S, Helmers H, Tiwari MK, Paredes S, Michel B, Wiesenfarth M, Bett AW, Poulikakos D
522 - 538 Local heat transfer coefficient in helical coils with single phase flow
Hardik BK, Baburajan PK, Prabhu SV
539 - 566 Effect of aiding buoyancy on heat transfer from an isothermal elliptical cylinder in Newtonian and Bingham plastic fluids
Patel SA, Chhabra RP
567 - 575 Heat transfer process in gas-solid fluidized bed combustors: A review
Abdelmotalib HM, Youssef MAM, Hassan AA, Youn SB, Im IT
576 - 587 Numerical investigation of heat transfer in three-fluid stratified flows
Li HY, Yap YF, Lou J, Shang Z
588 - 595 Formation of unsaturated regions in the porous wick of a capillary evaporator
Nishikawara M, Nagano H, Mottet L, Prat M
596 - 605 A numerical study of nanofluid natural convection in a cubic enclosure with a circular and an ellipsoidal cylinder
Ravnik J, Skerget L
606 - 612 Laminar forced convective slip flow in a microduct with a sinusoidally varying heat flux in axial direction
Aydin O, Avci M
613 - 619 Stability and enhanced thermal conductivity of ethylene glycol-based SiC nanofluids
Li XK, Zou CJ, Lei XY, Li WL
620 - 626 Pressure drop and convective heat transfer of Al2O3/water and MWCNT/water nanofluids in a chevron plate heat exchanger
Huang D, Wu Z, Sunden B
627 - 640 Experimental and numerical study of external performance and internal flow of a molten salt pump that transports fluids with different viscosities
Shao CL, Zhou JF, Cheng WJ
641 - 651 Experimental study on heat and mass transfer characteristics for a desiccant-coated fin-tube heat exchanger
Li Z, Michiyuki S, Takeshi F
652 - 666 Analytical solutions for three-dimensional steady and transient heat conduction problems of a double-layer plate with a local heat source
Jiang HJ, Dai HL
667 - 684 Influence of turn geometry on turbulent fluid flow and heat transfer in a stationary two-pass square duct
Erelli R, Saha AK, Panigrahi PK
685 - 693 A novel inverse method for identification of 3D thermal conductivity coefficients of anisotropic media by the boundary element analysis
Hematiyan MR, Khosravifard A, Shiah YC
694 - 706 Thermodynamic analysis and optimization of fully developed turbulent forced convection in a circular tube with water-Al2O3 nanofluid
Mwesigye A, Huan ZJ
707 - 713 Measurement on falling film thickness distribution around horizontal tube with laser-induced fluorescence technology
Chen X, Shen SQ, Wang YX, Chen JX, Zhang JS
714 - 723 A molecular dynamics study on thermal conductivity of thin epoxy polymer sandwiched between alumina fillers in heat-dissipation composite material
Tanaka K, Ogata S, Kobayashi R, Tamura T, Kouno T
724 - 732 Air-side performance of serrated welded spiral fin-and-tube heat exchangers
Kiatpachai P, Pikulkajorn S, Wongwises S
733 - 742 The flow factor approach model for the fluid flow in a nano channel
Zhang YB
743 - 748 A novel technique for Interfacial Thermal Resistance measurement for nanoscale thin films
Pulavarthy RA, Haque MA
749 - 759 Computational study of gas separation using a hollow fiber membrane
Alkhamis N, Anqi AE, Oztekin A
760 - 769 First and second thermodynamic laws analyses between and inside two rotating solid cylindrical geometries with magnetohydrodynamic flow
Torabi M, Zhang KL
770 - 782 Effect of heating surface morphology on the size of bubbles during the subcooled flow boiling of water at low pressure
Paz C, Conde M, Porteiro J, Concheiro M
783 - 791 Mixed convection heat transfer from surface-mounted block heat sources in a horizontal channel with nanofluids
Esfe MH, Arani AAA, Niroumand AH, Yan WM, Karimipour A
792 - 798 Exchange of stability in Cattaneo-LTNE porous convection
Straughan B
799 - 808 Three dimensional mesoscopic simulation of magnetic field effect on natural convection of nanofluid
Sheikholeslami M, Ellahi R
809 - 816 A unit-cell approach for determining the effective thermal conductivity of the polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell microporous layer
Botelho SJ, Banerjee R, Bazylak A
817 - 828 Experimental investigation on the thermal performance of a micro pulsating heat pipe with a dual-diameter channel
Kwon GH, Kim SJ
829 - 837 Chebyshev collocation spectral method simulation for the 2D boundary layer flow and heat transfer in variable viscosity MHD fluid over a stretching plate
Tian XY, Li BW, Wu YS, Zhang JK
838 - 845 Effects of slot-jet length on the cooling performance of hybrid microchannel/slot-jet module
Kim CB, Leng C, Wang XD, Wang TH, Yan WM
846 - 855 Rolling waves on the surface of a thin layer of viscous liquid at phase transition
Nakoryakov VE, Ostapenko VV, Bartashevich MV
856 - 865 Simulating heat transfer from moving rigid bodies using high-order ghost-cell based immersed-boundary method
Xia JJ, Luo K, Fan JR
866 - 871 Photothermal response of hollow gold nanoshell to laser irradiation: Continuous wave, short and ultrashort pulse
Hatef A, Fortin-Deschenes S, Boulais E, Lesage F, Meunier M
872 - 883 Numerical simulation of mold filling process for high chromium cast iron matrix composite reinforced by ZTA ceramic particles
Du J, Chong XY, Jiang YH, Feng J
884 - 893 Local instantaneous heat transfer around a rising single Taylor bubble
Babin V, Shemer L, Barnea D
894 - 902 Modeling of repeating freezing of biological tissues and analysis of possible microwave monitoring of local regions of thawing
Dombrovsky LA, Nenarokomova NB, Tsiganov DI, Zeigarnik YA
903 - 912 Transition to chaotic thermocapillary convection in a half zone liquid bridge
Matsugase T, Ueno I, Nishino K, Ohnishi M, Sakurai M, Matsumoto S, Kawamura H
913 - 919 Water temperature influence on the spherical body's falling velocity
Gylys J, Skvorcinskiene R, Paukstaitis L, Gylys M, Adomavicius A
920 - 928 Modeling radiative properties of air plasma sprayed thermal barrier coatings in the dependent scattering regime
Wang BX, Zhao CY
929 - 936 Solution of the inverse jet in a crossflow problem by a predictor-corrector technique
VanderVeer JR, Jaluria Y
937 - 949 Isogeometric configuration design optimization of heat conduction problems using boundary integral equation
Yoon M, Choi MJ, Cho S
950 - 963 Thermo-fluidic characteristics of ice slurry in horizontal circular pipes
Zhang P, Shi XJ
964 - 976 Experimental study and RANS calculation on velocity and temperature of a kerosene-fueled swirl laboratory combustor with and without centerbody air injection
Zhu XR, Li RF, Li DG, Zhang P, Qian RZ
977 - 984 Transient thermal analysis in 2D orthotropic FG hollow cylinder with heat source
Daneshjou K, Bakhtiari M, Alibakhshi R, Fakoor M
985 - 995 Film thickness of vertical upward co-current adiabatic flow in pipes
Ju P, Brooks CS, Ishii M, Liu Y, Hibiki T
996 - 1006 On discriminating sizes of CFD generated bubbles with signal processing analysis
Khan MS, Montes G, Valencia A, Bhatti SM, Yoma NB
1007 - 1015 Pressure drop of water flow across a micro-pin-fin array part 2: Adiabatic liquid-vapor two-phase flow
Mita J, Qu WL
1016 - 1023 Inverse heat transfer analysis of multi-layered tube using thermal resistance network and Kalman filter
Noh JH, Kim WG, Cha KU, Yook SJ
1024 - 1033 Numerical investigation of gas-surface scattering dynamics on the rarefied gas flow through a planar channel caused by a tangential temperature gradient
Rovenskaya OI
1034 - 1043 Hydro dynamic modeling of stratified smooth two-phase turbulent flow with curved interface through circular pipe
Duan JM, Liu HS, Wang N, Gong J, Jiao GW
1044 - 1053 Experimental study on heat transfer to the supercritical water upward flow in a vertical tube with internal helical ribs
Zhang Q, Li HX, Zhang WQ, Li LX, Lei XL
1054 - 1060 Solute redistribution around crystal shapes growing under hyperbolic mass transport
Galenko PK, Danilov DA, Alexandrov DV
1061 - 1072 Analysis of Al-steel resistance spot welding process by developing a fully coupled multi-physics simulation model
Wang J, Wang HP, Lu FG, Carlson BE, Sigler DR
1073 - 1082 Pressure drop of water flow across a micro-pin-fin array part 1: Isothermal liquid single-phase flow
Mita J, Qu WL
1083 - 1094 Surface deformation and film corrugation during drying of polymer solutions induced by Marangoni phenomena
Yiantsios SG, Serpetsi SK, Doumenc F, Guerrier B
1095 - 1109 Single-point transition modeling using the laminar kinetic energy concept
Accordi IA, de Lemos MJS
1110 - 1118 Particle concentration levels of various nanofluids in plate heat exchanger for best performance
Tiwari AK, Ghosh P, Sarkar J
1119 - 1126 Heat conduction and thermal conductivity of 3D cracked media
Vu MN, Nguyen ST, Vu MH, Tang AM, To VT
1127 - 1134 Local frost behaviors of a scaled-up louvered fin heat exchanger
Park JS, Kim DR, Lee KS
1135 - 1140 "Volume-point" mass transfer constructal optimization based on flow resistance minimization with cylindrical element
Chen LG, Feng HJ, Xie ZH, Sun FR
1141 - 1154 Film cooling sensitivity of laidback fanshape holes to variations in exit configuration and mainstream turbulence intensity
Liu CL, Liu JL, Zhu HR, Wu AS, He YH, Zhou ZX
1155 - 1163 Numerical study of lean combustibility limits extension in a reciprocal flow porous media burner for ethanol/air mixtures
Henriquez-Vargas L, Valeria M, Bubnovich V
1164 - 1171 Micromachined passive phase-change cooler for thermal management of chip-level electronics
So HY, Pisano AP
1172 - 1183 The influences of gas-liquid interfacial properties on interfacial shear stress for vertical annular flow
Pan LM, He H, Ju P, Hibiki T, Ishii M
1184 - 1189 Thermal performance improvement of a radial heat sink with a hollow cylinder for LED downlight applications
Park SJ, Jang D, Lee KS
1190 - 1206 Prediction of the lifetime of droplets emitted from mechanical cooling towers by numerical investigation
Sanchez F, Kaiser AS, Zamora B, Ruiz J, Lucas M
1207 - 1215 Numerical studies on heat transfer enhancement and synergy analysis on few metal oxide water based nanofluids
Minea AA
1216 - 1229 Swirling performance of flow-driven rotating mixing vane toward critical heat flux enhancement
Sea H, Park SD, Bin Seo S, Heo H, Bang IC
1230 - 1238 Experimental study of steam-air condensation over a vertically longitudinal finned tube
Tong P, Fan GM, Sun ZN, Ding M
1239 - 1257 Turbulent mixing in non-isothermal jet in crossflow
Esmaeili M, Afshari A, Jaberi FA
1258 - 1276 Numerical modeling of fluid flow and coupled heat and mass transfer in a counter-cross-flow parallel-plate liquid-to-air membrane energy exchanger
Vali A, Ge GM, Besant RW, Simonson CJ
1277 - 1289 A conductive heat transfer model for particle flows over immersed surfaces
Morris AB, Pannala S, Ma Z, Hrenya CM
1290 - 1296 Thermal performance of a PCB channel heat sink for LED light bulbs
Jang D, Park SJ, Lee KS
1297 - 1315 Bubble dynamics and nucleate pool boiling heat transfer on microporous copper surfaces
Thiagarajan SJ, Yang RG, King C, Narumanchi S
1316 - 1330 Numerical and statistical analysis on unsteady magnetohydrodynamic convection in a semi-circular enclosure filled with ferrofluid
Rahman MM, Mojumder S, Saha S, Joarder AH, Saidur R, Naim AG
1331 - 1341 Analysis of gaseous slip flow in a porous micro-annulus under local thermal non-equilibrium condition - An exact solution
Wang KY, Tavakkoli F, Vafai K
1342 - 1368 Sensitivity of heatfunction boundary conditions on invariance of Bejan's heatlines for natural convection in enclosures with various wall heatings
Biswal P, Basak T
1369 - 1385 Heat and mass transfer in polygonal micro heat pipes under small imposed temperature differences
Rao SS, Wong H
1386 - 1401 An innovative phase transition modeling for reproducing cavitation through a five-equation model and theoretical generalization to six and seven-equation models
Rodio MG, Abgrall R