International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.66 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Two-stream cross flow heat exchangers in thermal communication with the surroundings - A generalized analysis
Dixit T, Ghosh I
10 - 22 Effect of bleed hole on flow and heat transfer performance of U-shaped channel with dimple structure
Shen ZY, Qu HC, Zhang D, Xie YH
23 - 30 Conjugate heat transfer during oscillatory laminar flow in porous media
Pathak MG, Mulcahey TI, Ghiaasiaan SM
31 - 45 Flow condensation in horizontal tubes
Lee H, Mudawar I, Hasan MM
46 - 63 Large eddy simulation of turbulent flow and heat transfer in a square duct with unstable natural convection on the cross section
Ma LD, Li ZY, Tao WQ
64 - 71 Nucleate boiling heat transfer in a helium natural circulation loop coupled with a cryocooler
Song Y, Four A, Baudouy B
72 - 79 Interactions between heat transfer, flow field and flame stabilization in a micro-combustor with a bluff body
Fan AW, Wan JL, Maruta K, Yao H, Liu W
80 - 89 Experimental study of the SO2 removal efficiency and volumetric mass transfer coefficients in a pilot-scale multi-nozzle spray tower
Codolo MC, Bizzo WA
90 - 100 Gas-liquid two-phase flow in a mini-square-channel with a permeable wall (influence of surface characteristics of a permeable wall)
Li J, Zhao J, Wang SX
101 - 110 Thermal characteristics of an N2O catalytic igniter with metal foam for hybrid rocket motors
You WJ, Moon HJ, Jang SP, Kim JK
111 - 117 An experimental investigation of melting of nanoparticle-enhanced phase change materials (NePCMs) in a bottom-heated vertical cylindrical cavity
Zeng Y, Fan LW, Xiao YQ, Yu ZT, Cen KF
118 - 127 Pool boiling of R-134a/oil mixtures on enhanced tubes having different pore and gap sizes
Kim NH, Lee EJ, Byun HW
128 - 138 Experimental investigation of convection heat transfer in converging-diverging wall channels
Pehlivan H
139 - 153 Numerical study on the cross-corrugated primary surface heat exchanger having asymmetric cross-sectional profiles for advanced intercooled-cycle aero engines
Kim M, Ha MY, Min JK, Stieger R, Rolt A, Son C
154 - 163 Influence of the Prandtl number on the stability of convective flows between non-isothermal concentric spheres
Travnikov V, Eckert K, Odenbach S
164 - 176 The effect of corrugation on heat transfer and pressure drop in channel flow with different Prandtl numbers
Mirzaei M, Davidson L, Sohankar A, Innings F
177 - 191 Heat transfer and flow structure in turbulent channel flow over protrusions
Chen Y, Chew YT, Khoo BC
192 - 199 An experimental study on natural convection heat transfer of liquid gallium in a rectangular loop
Kang S, Ha KS, Kim HT, Kim JH, Bang IC
200 - 209 Laminar mixed convection flow and heat transfer characteristics in a lid driven cavity with a circular cylinder
Khanafer K, Aithal SM
210 - 222 Second moment closure modelling of flow, turbulence and heat transfer in droplet-laden mist flow in a vertical pipe with sudden expansion
Pakhomov MA, Terekhov VI
223 - 234 Pressure variations in a cryogenic liquid storage tank subjected to periodic excitations
Ludwig C, Dreyer ME, Hopfinger EJ
235 - 243 Thermal performance analysis of porous-microchannel heat sinks with different configuration designs
Hung TC, Huang YX, Yan WM
244 - 260 Flow and heat transfer characteristics of transverse perforated ribs under impingement jets
Caliskan S
261 - 270 Characterization of pool boiling mechanisms over micro-patterned surfaces using PIV
Teodori E, Moita AS, Moreira ALN
271 - 278 Thermal analysis and design of a multi-layered rigidity tunable composite
Shan WL, Lu T, Wang ZH, Majidi C
279 - 283 A new correlation of flow boiling heat transfer coefficients based on R134a data
Fang XD
284 - 294 Heat/mass transport in a drop translating in time-periodic electric fields
Abdelaal MR, Jog MA
295 - 314 A numerical study on natural convection in an inclined square enclosure with a circular cylinder
Park HK, Ha MY, Yoon HS, Park YG, Son C
315 - 323 Constructal design of combined microchannel and micro pin fins for electronic cooling
Adewumi OO, Bello-Ochende T, Meyer JP
324 - 333 Heat and mass transfer in landfills: Simulation of the pile self-heating and of the soil contamination
Zambra CE, Moraga NO
334 - 337 Investigation on optimal working fluid inventory of a cryogenic loop heat pipe
Yan T, Zhao YN, Liang JT, Liu FL
338 - 348 Application of the lattice Boltzmann method combined with large-eddy simulations to turbulent convective heat transfer
Chang SC, Yang YT, Chen CK, Chen WL
349 - 354 Least-squares natural element method for radiative heat transfer in graded index medium with semitransparent surfaces
Zhang Y, Yi HL, Tan HP
355 - 365 Numerical and experimental study of steady state free convection generated by constant heat flux in tilted hemispherical cavities
Bairi A, de Maria JMG
366 - 375 Numerical and experimental investigation of a new film cooling geometry with high P/D ratio
Montomoli F, D'Ammaro A, Uchida S
376 - 381 Heat flux effect in laminar flow of a water/alumina nanofluid
Alvarino PF, Jabardo JMS, Agras JDP, Simon MLS
382 - 395 Numerical model for thin liquid film with evaporation and condensation on solid surfaces in systems with conjugated heat transfer
Sosnowski P, Petronio A, Armenio V
396 - 403 Visualization experiments for groove-wicked flat-plate heat pipes with various working fluids and powder-groove evaporator
Wong SC, Chen CW
404 - 411 Numerical simulation of evaporation and drying of a bi-component droplet
Gopireddy SR, Gutheil E
412 - 422 A simple and efficient method for the evaluation of effective thermal conductivity of open-cell foam-like structures
Mendes MAA, Ray S, Trimis D
423 - 439 A-priori study of subgrid-scale models for the flow field in the rotor exit region of a centrifugal turbomachine
Akbari G, Montazerin N
440 - 443 Comments on two analyses of thermal non-equilibrium Darcy-Brinkman convection in cylindrical porous media
Dukhan N, Hooman K
444 - 450 Thermal contact conductance and its dependence on load cycling
Gopal V, Whiting MJ, Chew JW, Mills S
451 - 460 Fractional order heat conduction law in micropolar thermo-viscoelasticity with two temperatures
Deswal S, Kalkal KK
461 - 471 The extended Graetz problem with specified heat flux for multicomponent fluids with Soret and Dufour effects
Ryzhkov II
472 - 488 Heat transfer mechanism, pressure drop and flow patterns during FC-72 flow boiling in horizontal and vertical minichannels with enhanced walls
Piasecka M
489 - 495 Conjugate heat transfer in a plate - One surface at constant temperature and the other cooled by forced or natural convection
Lindstedt M, Karvinen R
496 - 506 Application of Adomian decomposition method and inverse solution for a fin with variable thermal conductivity and heat generation
Singla RK, Das R
507 - 516 Application of homogenous continuous Ant Colony Optimization algorithm to inverse problem of one-dimensional coupled radiation and conduction heat transfer
Zhang B, Qi H, Ren YT, Sun SC, Ruan LM
517 - 530 Maximization of heat transfer across micro-channels
Moradi HV, Floryan JM
531 - 542 Large Eddy Simulation of stack effect on natural smoke exhausting effect in urban road tunnel fires
Ji J, Gao ZH, Fan CG, Sun JH
543 - 552 Pressure drop and heat transfer in rotating smooth square U-duct under high rotation numbers
Qiu L, Deng HW, Sun JN, Tao Z, Tian SQ
553 - 574 Heat transfer correlation for flow boiling in small to micro tubes
Mahmoud MM, Karayiannis TG
575 - 584 Molecular dynamics simulations of nano-encapsulated and nanoparticle-enhanced thermal energy storage phase change materials
Rao ZH, Wang SF, Peng FF
585 - 591 Breakdown of Wiedemann-Franz law in individual suspended polycrystalline gold nanofilms down to 3 K
Wang HD, Liu JH, Zhang X, Takahashi K
592 - 602 A transient ballistic-diffusive heat conduction model for heat pulse propagation in nonmetallic crystals
603 - 612 Triple diffusive free convection along a horizontal plate in porous media saturated by a nanofluid with convective boundary condition
Khan ZH, Khan WA, Pop I
613 - 624 Effect of nanotextured array of conical features on explosive boiling over a flat substrate: A nonequilibrium molecular dynamics study
Seyf HR, Zhang YW
625 - 631 Mixed convection heat transfer from confined tandem square cylinders in a horizontal channel
Huang Z, Xi G, Zhang W, Wen SP
632 - 641 Two nanofluid configurations for heat conduction systems: performance comparison
Bai C, Wang LQ
642 - 654 Film cooling effectiveness distribution on first-stage vane endwall with and without leading-edge fillets
Zhang Y, Yuan X, Ligrani P
655 - 671 Experimental investigation of flow boiling heat transfer and instabilities in straight microchannels
Balasubramanian K, Jagirdar M, Lee PS, Teo CJ, Chou SK
672 - 683 Experimental and numerical investigation of melting of phase change material/nanoparticle suspensions in a square container subjected to a constant heat flux
Dhaidan NS, Khodadadi JM, Al-Hattab TA, Al-Mashat SM
684 - 694 Turbulent stresses in a direct contact condensation jet in cross-flow in a duct with implications for particle break-up
Clerx N, van der Geld CWM, Kuerten JGM
695 - 698 Experimental study on radiative properties of air plasma sprayed thermal barrier coatings
Yang G, Zhao CY, Wang BX
699 - 705 Analytical solution of oscillating flow in a capillary tube
Yin D, Ma HB
706 - 722 A review of gas turbine effusion cooling studies
Krewinkel R
723 - 732 An edge-based smoothed tetrahedron finite element method (ES-T-FEM) for thermomechanical problems
Li E, He ZC, Xu X
733 - 744 Heat transfer study in rotating smooth square U-duct at high rotation numbers
Deng HW, Qiu L, Tao Z, Tian SQ
745 - 756 Analysis of the transition from laminar annular flow to intermittent flow of steam condensation in noncircular microchannels
Hao TT, Ma XH, Lan Z, Jiang R, Fan XG
757 - 771 Transient heat and moisture transfer characteristics of a liquid-to-air membrane energy exchanger (LAMEE) model verification and extrapolation
Namvar R, Ge GM, Simonson CJ, Besant RW
772 - 780 Comparison of empirical correlations and a two-equation predictive model for heat transfer to arbitrary arrays of single-phase impinging jets
Lindeman BA, Shedd TA
781 - 790 Double-sided cooling of heated slab: Conjugate heat transfer DNS
Tiselj I, Oder J, Cizelj L
791 - 797 Experimental analysis of the non isothermal rarefied gas flow through a packed bed of spheres
Afrasiabian E, Marino L, Casciola CM
798 - 807 Sloped-collector solar updraft tower power plant performance
Zhou XP, Yuan S, Bernardes MAD
808 - 817 Experimental study on direct contact condensation of stable steam jet in water flow in a vertical pipe
Xu Q, Guo LJ, Zou SF, Chen JW, Zhang XM
818 - 822 Experimental and numerical study of premixed flame propagation in a closed duct with a 90 degrees curved section
Xiao HH, He XC, Wang QS, Sun JH
823 - 829 Experimental and numerical study of the effective thermal conductivity of nano composites with thermal boundary resistance
Kothari R, Sun C, Dinwiddie R, Wang H
830 - 837 Crystallization of supercooled water: A level-set-based modeling of the dendrite tip velocity
Criscione A, Kintea D, Tukovic Z, Jakirlic S, Roisman IV, Tropea C
838 - 843 Hall effects on natural convection of participating MHD with thermal radiation in a cavity
Zhang JK, Li BW, Chen YY
844 - 854 Local mass non-equilibrium dynamics in multi-layered porous media: application to the drug-eluting stent
Pontrelli G, Di Mascio A, De Monte F
855 - 867 An experimentally optimized model for heat and mass transfer in direct contact membrane distillation
Andrjesdottir O, Ong CL, Nabavi M, Paredes S, Khalil ASG, Michel B, Poulikakos D
868 - 878 Effective thermal conductivity of sintered porous media: Model and experimental validation
Florez JPM, Mantelli MBH, Nuernberg GGV
879 - 888 Effect of enhanced heat and mass transport and flow reversal during cool down on weld pool shapes in laser spot welding of steel
Saldi ZS, Kidess A, Kenjeres S, Zhao C, Richardson IM, Kleijn C
889 - 897 Condensation heat transfer on patterned surfaces
Chatterjee A, Derby MM, Peles Y, Jensen MK
898 - 905 Constructal design of a comb-like channel network for self-healing and self-cooling
Lee J, Kim Y, Lorente S, Bejan A
906 - 910 An analytical solution for the temperature field around a cylindrical surface subjected to a time dependent heat flux
Zanchini E, Pulvirenti B
911 - 921 Vapor compression refrigeration cycle for electronics cooling - Part I: Dynamic modeling and experimental validation
Catano J, Zhang TJ, Wen JT, Jensen MK, Peles Y
922 - 929 Vapor compression refrigeration cycle for electronics cooling - Part II: gain-scheduling control for critical heat flux avoidance
Catano J, Lizarralde F, Zhang TJ, Wen JT, Jensen MK, Peles Y
930 - 938 Numerical and experimental studies on laminar hydrodynamic and thermal characteristics in fractal-like microchannel networks. Part A: Comparisons of two numerical analysis methods on friction factor and Nusselt number
Zhang CP, Lian YF, Yu XF, Liu W, Teng JT, Xu TT, Hsu CH, Chang YJ, Greif R
939 - 947 Numerical and experimental studies on laminar hydrodynamic and thermal characteristics in fractal-like microchannel networks. Part B: Investigations on the performances of pressure drop and heat transfer
Zhang CP, Lian YF, Yu XF, Liu W, Teng JT, Xu TT, Hsu CH, Chang YJ, Greif R
948 - 956 Frequency domain and finite difference modeling of ventilated concrete slabs and comparison with field measurements: Part 1, modeling methodology
Chen YX, Athienitis AK, Galal KE
957 - 966 Frequency domain and finite difference modeling of ventilated concrete slabs and comparison with field measurements: Part 2. Application
Chen YX, Athienitis AK, Galal KE