International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.65 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Impingement heat transfer of a plate fin heat sink with fillet profile
Wong KC, Indran S
10 - 22 Unsteady thin film flow on spinning disks at large Ekman numbers using an integral boundary layer method
Prieling D, Steiner H
23 - 32 Effect of mutual location and the shape of heaters on the stability of thin films flowing over locally heated surfaces
Liu R, Kabov OA
33 - 43 Microvortex-enhanced heat transfer in 3D-integrated liquid cooling of electronic chip stacks
Renfer A, Tiwari MK, Tiwari R, Alfieri F, Brunschwiler T, Michel B, Poulikakos D
44 - 61 Climbing film, flooding and falling film behavior in upflow condensation in tubes
Park I, Mudawar I
62 - 72 Volume of fluid-based numerical modeling of condensation heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics in microchannels
Ganapathy H, Shooshtari A, Choo K, Dessiatoun S, Alshehhi M, Ohadi M
73 - 79 Self similar solutions for the flow and heat transfer of Powell-Eyring fluid over a moving surface in a parallel free stream
Jalil M, Asghar S, Imran SM
80 - 94 Transient temperature gradient in a single-component vaporizing droplet
Snegirev AY
95 - 101 Hydrodynamics of liquid CO2 with hydrate formation in packed bed
Abe Y, Takagi Y, Kaneko A, Yamane K
102 - 109 Mixed convection stagnation point flow past a vertical flat plate with a second order slip: Heat flux case
Rosca NC, Pop I
110 - 122 Transient response of buried oil pipelines fiber optic leak detector based on the distributed temperature measurement
Mirzaei A, Bahrampour AR, Taraz M, Bahrampour A, Bahrampour MJ, Foroushani SMA
123 - 130 Solution of an inverse convection problem by a predictor-corrector approach
VanderVeer JR, Jaluria Y
131 - 142 Dynamic response of a single-phase rectangular natural circulation loop to different excitations of input power
Basu DN, Bhattacharyya S, Das PK
143 - 152 Influence of particle and gas radiation in oxy-fuel combustion
Johansson R, Leckner B, Andersson K, Johnsson F
153 - 164 Computational analysis of actively-cooled 3D woven microvascular composites using a stabilized interface-enriched generalized finite element method
Soghrati S, Najafi AR, Lin JH, Hughes KM, White SR, Sottos NR, Geubelle PH
165 - 172 Vapor distribution above an evaporating sessile drop
Kelly-Zion PL, Pursell CJ, Hasbamrer N, Cardozo B, Gaughan K, Nickels K
173 - 179 Experimental study of a counter flow regenerative evaporative cooler with finned channels
Lee J, Lee DY
180 - 191 Stomatal transpiration and droplet evaporation on leaf surfaces by a microscale modelling approach
Defraeye T, Verboven P, Derome D, Carmeliet J, Nicolai B
192 - 198 Comparison of configurations for a compact regenerative evaporative cooler
Lee J, Choi B, Lee DY
199 - 202 Can thermocouple measure surface temperature of light emitting diode module accurately?
Fu X, Luo XB
203 - 218 Criteria for negating the influence of gravity on flow boiling critical heat flux with two-phase inlet conditions
Konishi C, Mudawar I, Hasan MM
219 - 224 Enhanced insulation temperature and the reduced thermal conductivity of nanostructured ceramic coating systems
Liang LH, Wei H, Chang XC, Xu W, Li XN, Wei YG
225 - 234 Vortex structure of swirl flows
Mitrofanova OV, Podzorov GD, Pozdeeva IG
235 - 243 Thermal three-dimensional Lattice Boltzmann simulations of suspended solid particles in microchannels
Hashemi Z, Abouali O, Kamali R
244 - 253 3D numerical simulation on the shell side heat transfer and pressure drop performances of twisted oval tube heat exchanger
Tan XH, Zhu DS, Zhou GY, Yang L
254 - 264 Second law analysis for Poiseuille flow of immiscible micropolar fluids in a channel
Murthy JVR, Srinivas J
265 - 273 Exploring buildings' secrets: The ideal thermophysical properties of a building's wall for energy conservation
Zhang Y, Chen Q, Zhang YP, Wang X
274 - 279 A hybrid transform technique for the hyperbolic heat conduction problems
Chen TM
280 - 288 Experimental investigation of mass transfer in 90 degrees pipe bends using a dissolvable wall technique
Mazhar H, Ewing D, Cotton JS, Ching CY
289 - 307 Flow boiling heat-transfer in micro to macro transition flows
McNeil DA, Raeisi AH, Kew PA, Hamed RS
308 - 313 A thermodynamic analysis for heterogeneous boiling nucleation under an external electric field
Quan XJ, Chen G, Cheng P
314 - 320 An investigation of axial dispersion enhanced by thermosolutal natural convection in a horizontal annular-like enclosure
James DL, Leggett WF, Webb SW
321 - 326 Solute transport with longitudinal and transverse diffusion in temporally and spatially dependent flow from a pulse type source
Djordjevich A, Savovic S
327 - 338 A two-phase numerical study of buoyancy-driven convection of alumina-water nanofluids in differentially-heated horizontal annuli
Corcione M, Habib E, Quintino A
339 - 347 Particle image velocimetry measurement of jet impingement in a cylindrical chamber with a heated rotating disk
Liu YH, Tseng LW, Huang CY, Lin KL, Chen CC
348 - 356 Study on flow boiling critical heat flux enhancement of graphene oxide/water nanofluid
Lee SW, Kim KM, Bang IC
357 - 365 Effect of entrance region and curvature on heat transfer in mini scale curved tubing at constant wall temperature
Ghobadi M, Muzychka YS
366 - 373 Micromechanical modeling of thermal spallation in granitic rock
Walsh SDC, Lomov IN
374 - 380 An extended thermal Lattice Boltzmann model for transition flow
Lopez P, Bayazitoglu Y
381 - 388 Theoretical investigations of a novel microfluidic cooling/warming system for cell vitrification cryopreservation
Zhou XM, Liu Z, Liang XM, Shu ZQ, Du PG, Gao DY
389 - 399 Electromagnetic field effects on biological materials
Keangin P, Vafai K, Rattanadecho P
400 - 408 Effects of cone angle of truncated electrode on heat and mass transfer in resistance spot welding
Li YB, Wei ZY, Li YT, Shen Q, Lin ZQ
409 - 422 Energy conservative dissipative particle dynamics simulation of natural convection in eccentric annulus
Cao ZH, Luo K, Yi HL, Tan HP
423 - 434 The influence of wave propagation mode on specific absorption rate and heat transfer in human body exposed to electromagnetic wave
Siriwitpreecha A, Rattanadecho P, Wessapan T
435 - 450 Effects of thermal boundary conditions on natural convection in a square enclosure with an inner circular cylinder locally heated from the bottom wall
Lee HJ, Doo JH, Ha MY, Yoon HS
451 - 459 Understanding transport mechanism of a self-sustained thermally driven oscillating two-phase system in a capillary tube
Rao M, Lefevre F, Khandekar S, Bonjour J
460 - 470 Operating characteristics of a loop heat pipe-based isothermal region generator
Joung W, Kim YG, Yang I, Gam KS
471 - 480 Honeycomb filters made from mesoporous composite material for an open sorption thermal energy storage system to store low-temperature industrial waste heat
Liu HZ, Nagano K, Sugiyama D, Togawa J, Nakamura M
481 - 490 MHD convection-dissipation heat transfer over a non-linear stretching and shrinking sheets in nanofluids with thermal radiation
Pal D, Mandal G, Vajravelu K
491 - 499 Developing forced convection in converging-diverging microchannels
Ghaedamini H, Lee PS, Teo CJ
500 - 513 Analysis of natural convection heat transfer and entropy generation inside porous right-angled triangular enclosure
Bhardwaj S, Dalal A
514 - 532 A review of entropy generation in nanofluid flow
Mahian O, Kianifar A, Kleinstreuer C, Al-Nimr MA, Pop I, Sahin AZ, Wongwises S
533 - 544 Lattice kinetic simulation of buoyancy induced MHD flows
Chatterjee D
545 - 551 Investigation of the two-phase convective boiling of HFO-1234yf in a 3.9 mm diameter tube
Lu MC, Tong JR, Wang CC
552 - 560 Numerical modeling of the impact of regenerator housing on the determination of Nusselt numbers
Nielsen KK, Nellis GF, Klein SA
561 - 571 Experimental study of the low-pressure-vaporization of water in different porous media
Augusto CM, Ribeiro JB, Gaspar AR, Costa JJ
572 - 583 Computational techniques and a numerical study of a buoyancy-driven ventilation system
Bangalee MZI, Miau JJ, Lin SY
584 - 591 Experimental study on static flash evaporation of aqueous NaCl solution at different flash speed: Heat transfer characteristics
Zhang D, Chong DT, Yan JJ, Zhao BC
592 - 598 Thermal conductivity of highly loaded aluminium nitride-poly (propylene glycol) dispersions
Wozniak M, Danelska A, Rutkowski P, Kata D
599 - 609 Conditions for the occurrence of heat transfer deterioration in light hydrocarbons flows
Urbano A, Nasuti F
610 - 618 Effects of nanofluids on heat transfer characteristics of a two-phase closed thermosyphon
Kamyar A, Ong KS, Saidur R
619 - 626 Heat transfer measurement during dropwise condensation using micro/nano-scale porous surface
Lee S, Cheng K, Palmre V, Bhuiya MMH, Kim KJ, Zhang BJ, Yoon H
627 - 634 Gas dispersion of oscillatory flow in expanding and contracting multi-branching airways
Sera T, Yokota H, Himeno R, Tanaka G
635 - 648 Capillarity-induced resonance of blobs in a 3-D duct: lattice Boltzmann modelling
Randive P, Dalal A
649 - 654 Formation of clathrate hydrates under crystallization of gas-saturated amorphous ice
Faizullin MZ, Vinogradov AV, Koverda VP
655 - 661 Critical heat flux of bi-porous sintered copper coatings in FC-72
Byon C, Choi S, Kim SJ
662 - 669 Performance analysis of a low-temperature waste heat-driven adsorption desalination prototype
Thu K, Yanagi H, Saha BB, Ng KC
670 - 681 Finite volume method for non-equilibrium radiative heat transfer
Ramamoorthy B, Cheng GC, Koomullil RP, Rahmani RK
682 - 685 The Cheng-Minkowycz problem for natural convective boundary layer flow in a porous medium saturated by a nanofluid: A revised model
Kuznetsov AV, Nield DA
686 - 695 A numerical study on compact enhanced fin-and-tube heat exchangers with oval and circular tube configurations
Han H, He YL, Li YS, Wang Y, Wu M
696 - 712 Study on natural convection in a cold square enclosure with a pair of hot horizontal cylinders positioned at different vertical locations
Park YG, Ha MY, Yoon HS
713 - 718 A study of near-infrared nanosecond laser ablation of silicon carbide
Duc DH, Naoki I, Kazuyoshi F
719 - 726 Comparison of condensation heat transfer and pressure drop of CO2 in rectangular microchannels
Heo J, Park H, Yun R
727 - 738 One underground heat exchanger for multiple heat pumps
Errera MR, Lorente S, Anderson R, Bejan A
739 - 749 A compound thermodynamic model for transient bubble growth in microscale
Li J
750 - 764 Comparison of various integration to wall (ITW) RANS models for predicting turbulent slot jet impingement heat transfer
Dutta R, Dewan A, Srinivasan B
765 - 778 The effect of conducting boundaries on Lapwood-Prats convection
Rees DAS, Mojtabi A
779 - 788 Evaporation, two phase flow, and thermal transport in porous media with application to low-temperature fuel cells
Medici EF, Allen JS
789 - 797 A predictive model of nucleate pool boiling on heated hydrophilic surfaces
Li YY, Liu ZH, Wang GS
798 - 806 Three-dimensional PCM melting in a vertical cylindrical enclosure including the effects of tilting
Sharifi N, Robak CW, Bergman TL, Faghri A
807 - 816 Influence of water vapor condensation on exhaust gas recirculation cooler fouling
Warey A, Bika AS, Long D, Balestrino S, Szymkowicz P
817 - 825 Sorption-desorption operations on two connected fluidized bed using organic sorbent powder
Horibe A, Haruki SN, Hiraishi D
826 - 844 Numerical analysis of heat-mass transport and pressure buildup of unsaturated porous medium in a rectangular waveguide subjected to a combined microwave and vacuum system
Chaiyo K, Rattanadecho P
845 - 854 An Eulerian model for particles nonisothermally carried by a compressible fluid
Shotorban B, Jacobs GB, Ortiz O, Truong Q
855 - 862 Mean flow effects in magneto-convection
Rameshwar Y, Sayeed MAR, Rani HP, Laroze D
863 - 872 A theoretical model on the effective stagnant thermal conductivity of an adsorbent embedded with a highly thermal conductive material
Chan KC, Chao CYH
873 - 882 Experimental and numerical investigation of a fully confined impingement round jet
Caggese O, Gnaegi G, Hannema G, Terzis A, Ott P
883 - 892 Alternative analytical analysis for improved Loschmidt diffusion cell
Cekmer O, LaManna JM, Mench MM
893 - 906 Flows and mass transfers in two superimposed liquid layers in an induction furnace
Courtessole C, Etay J
907 - 918 Heat transfer for falling film evaporation of black liquor up to very high Prandtl numbers
Karlsson E, Gourdon M, Olausson L, Vamling L
919 - 927 Laminar mixed convection of large-Prandtl-number in-tube nanofluid flow, Part I: Experimental study
Feng ZZ, Li W
928 - 935 Laminar mixed convection of large-Prandtl-number in-tube nanofluid flow, Part II: Correlations
Li W, Feng ZZ