International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.62 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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1 - 1 In memoriam of Professor Oleg G. Martynenko (1936-2012)
Penyazkov OG, Pavlyukevich NV, Dobrego KV, Borodulya VA
2 - 8 An experimental study on melting heat transfer of paraffin dispersed with Al2O3 nanoparticles in a vertical enclosure
Ho CJ, Gao JY
9 - 21 Optimum ventilation based on the ventilation effectiveness for temperature and CO2 distribution in ventilated cavities
Serrano-Arellano J, Xaman J, Alvarez G
22 - 30 Effect of microtube length on heat transfer enhancement of an water/Al2O3 nanofluid at high Reynolds numbers
Minea AA
31 - 39 Estimation metrics and optimal regularization in a Tikhonov digital filter for the inverse heat conduction problem
Woodbury KA, Beck JV
40 - 54 Thermal performance of rotating two-phase thermosyphon disc
Chang SW, Lin CY
55 - 62 Closed-form analytical solutions of flow and heat transfer for an unsteady rear stagnation-point flow
Fang TG, Jing W
63 - 72 Linear instability analysis of thermocapillary convection in a bilayer system
Ding ZJ, Liu QS
73 - 77 Phenomenological model of heat transfer in hard-disk air bearing based on nonlocal behavior in air molecular gas
Poletkin KV, Kulish V
78 - 86 Temperature solutions in thin films using thermal wave Green's function solution equation
Haji-Sheikh A, de Monte F, Beck JV
87 - 98 Analysis of microscale heat transfer and ultrafast thermoelasticity in a multi-layered metal film with nonlinear thermal boundary resistance
Tsai TW, Lee YM
99 - 111 Pool boiling on nano-textured surfaces
Jun S, Sinha-Ray S, Yarin AL
112 - 123 Air forced convection through metal foams: Experimental results and modeling
Mancin S, Zilio C, Diani A, Rossetto L
124 - 134 Experiment and visualization on R134a upward flow in the vertical header of microchannel heat exchanger and its effect on distribution
Zou Y, Hrnjak PS
135 - 141 Heat transfer under high-power heating of liquids. 1. Experiment and inverse algorithm
Rutin SB, Smotritskiy AA, Starostin AA, Okulovsky YS, Skripov PV
142 - 152 Visualization of boiling structure and critical heat flux phenomenon for a narrow heating surface in a horizontal pool of saturated water
Chu IC, No HC, Song CH
153 - 162 Study of the one dimensional and transient bioheat transfer equation: Multi-layer solution development and applications
Rodrigues DB, Pereira PJS, Limao-Vieira P, Stauffer PR, Maccarini PF
163 - 173 On microchannel shapes in liquid-cooled electronics applications
Tilley BS
174 - 177 From thermomass to entransy
Cheng XT, Liang XG
178 - 183 A large scale Titanium Thermal Ground Plane
Sigurdson M, Liu YW, Bozorgi P, Bothman D, MacDonald N, Meinhart C
184 - 199 Liquid slip and heat transfer in rotating rectangular microchannels
Roy P, Anand NK, Banerjee D
200 - 204 Combination of spherical harmonics and spectral method for radiative heat transfer in one-dimensional anisotropic scattering medium with graded index
Zhu KY, Huang Y, Wang J
205 - 213 Graphene mediated thermal resistance reduction at strongly coupled interfaces
Hu M, Poulikakos D
214 - 222 Thermophysical property-based evaluation of mixed convection performance and criteria of forced-mixed transition for nanofluids
Feng ZZ, Luo ZY, Zhu HT, Fang ZC, Li W
223 - 229 Thermal characteristics of inclined plate impinged by underexpanded sonic jet
Song J, Lee JW, Yu MS, Shin S, Kim BS, Cho HH
230 - 241 Analysis of the estimation error in a parsimonious temperature-temperature characterization technique
Maillet D, Jannot Y, Degiovanni A
242 - 246 Model of incompressible viscous fluid flow driven by pressure difference in a given channel
Milosevic H, Geydarov NA, Zakharov YN, Stevovic S
247 - 254 Thermal performance analysis of porous media receiver with concentrated solar irradiation
Wang FQ, Shuai Y, Tan HP, Yu CL
255 - 262 Thermal conductivity predictions of composites containing percolated networks of uniform cylindrical inclusions
Wemhoff AP
263 - 271 Transient thermal and pressurization performance of LO2 tank during helium pressurization combined with outside aerodynamic heating
Wang L, Li YZ, Zhao ZX, Liu Z
272 - 285 Isogeometric shape design optimization of heat conduction problems
Yoon M, Ha SH, Cho S
286 - 294 Numerical study on laminar convective heat transfer enhancement of microencapsulated phase change material slurry using liquid metal with low melting point as carrying fluid
Song SH, Liao Q, Shen WD, Ruan Y, Xu JF
295 - 302 Diffusion-controlled emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs): Short-, mid-, and long-term emission profiles
Li M
303 - 313 Experimental study on the characteristics of heat transfer and flow resistance in turbulent pipe flows of viscoelastic-fluid-based Cu nanofluid
Yang JC, Li FC, He YR, Huang YM, Jiang BC
314 - 322 Closed form solutions of the heat diffusion equation with a Gaussian source
Antonakakis T, Maglioni C, Vlachoudis V
323 - 335 Thermal fluid dynamic modelling of a water droplet evaporating in air
Lorenzini G, Saro O
336 - 349 Transient diffusive boundary layers at high Rayleigh numbers in simple and double diffusive fluids: Latency time scaling for the convection onset
Messlinger S, Schopf W, Rehberg I
350 - 361 Tree-like branching fins: Performance and natural convective heat transfer behavior
Calamas D, Baker J
362 - 372 Effects of local geometry and boundary condition variations on transpiration cooling
Liu YQ, Xiong YB, Jiang PX, Wang YP, Sun JG
373 - 381 Computational study of transverse Peltier coolers for low temperature applications
Ali SA, Mazumder S
382 - 390 Instantaneous 2D imaging of temperature in an engine cylinder with flame combustion
Someya S, Okura Y, Munakata T, Okamoto K
391 - 401 Laminar heat transfer simulations for periodic zigzag semicircular channels: Chaotic advection and geometric effects
Zheng ZY, Fletcher DF, Haynes BS
402 - 410 Determination of the heat transfer coefficients for the combined natural and streaming convection on an ultrasonic transducer
Orandrou SV, Roy JC, Bailly Y, Poncet E, Girardot L, Ramel D
411 - 421 One-dimensional solidification of supercooled melts
Font F, Mitchell SL, Myers TG
422 - 434 Heat transfer near an isolated hemispherical gas bubble: The combined influence of thermocapillarity and buoyancy
O'Shaughnessy SM, Robinson AJ
435 - 444 Multiscale modeling of thermoelectric generators for the optimized conversion performance
Zhou SY, Sammakia BG, White B, Borgesen P
445 - 451 Transient heat conduction analysis of a cracked half-plane using dual-phase-lag theory
Hu KQ, Chen ZT
452 - 462 Development of a unified model for the steady-state operation of single-phase natural circulation loops
Basu DN, Bhattacharyya S, Das PK
463 - 472 Element by element prediction model of condensation heat transfer on a horizontal integral finned tube
Al-Badri AR, Gebauer T, Leipertz A, Froba AP
473 - 480 A practical approach to predict soil temperature variations for geothermal (ground) heat exchangers applications
Ozgener O, Ozgener L, Tester JW
481 - 494 Combination of support vector regression and artificial neural networks for prediction of critical heat flux
Jiang BT, Zhao FY
495 - 506 Convective instability of the Darcy-Benard problem with through flow in a porous layer saturated by a power-law fluid
Alves LSD, Barletta A
507 - 514 Lattice Boltzmann simulation of steady laminar film condensation on a vertical hydrophilic subcooled flat plate
Liu XL, Cheng P
515 - 525 Entropy generation in steady MHD flow due to a rotating porous disk in a nanofluid
Rashidi MM, Abelman S, Mehr NF
526 - 533 Buoyancy effects on MHD stagnation point flow and heat transfer of a nanofluid past a convectively heated stretching/shrinking sheet
Makinde OD, Khan WA, Khan ZH
534 - 540 Unsteady thermal radiation mixed convection flow from a moving vertical plate in a parallel free stream: Effect of Newtonian heating
Patil PM, Anilkumar D, Roy S
541 - 542 boiling heat transfer in rectangular microchannels with reentrant cavities
Awad MM
543 - 552 Experimental study of n-Heptane pool fire behavior in an altitude chamber
Yin JS, Yao W, Liu QY, Zhou ZH, Wu N, Zhang H, Lin CH, Wu T, Meier OC
553 - 561 Convective heat transfer and mixing enhancement in a microchannel with a pillar
Wang YY, Houshmand F, Elcock D, Peles Y
562 - 566 Experimental investigation of the performance of a triple concentric pipe heat exchanger
Quadir GA, Jarallah SS, Ahmed NJS, Badruddin IA
567 - 577 Effect of longitudinal wall conduction on the performance of a three-fluid cryogenic heat exchanger with three thermal communications
Krishna V, Spoorthi S, Hegde PG, Seetharamu KN
578 - 578 Analytical Model for the Design of Volumetric Solar Flow Receivers (vol 55, pg 556, 2012)
Veeraragavan A, Lenert A, Yilbas B, Al-Dini S, Wang EN
579 - 585 A thermal environmental analysis method for data centers
Qian XD, Li Z, Li ZX
586 - 603 Modeling of thermophysical properties in heterogeneous periodic media according to a multi-scale approach: Effective conductivity tensor and edge effects
Matine A, Boyard N, Cartraud P, Legrain G, Jarny Y
604 - 611 Experimental investigation on arc characteristic and droplet transfer in CO2 laser-metal arc gas (MAG) hybrid welding
Liu SY, Liu FD, Xu CY, Zhang H
612 - 619 Predictive model for heat transfer performance of oblique and normally impinging jet arrays
Lindeman BA, Anderson JM, Shedd TA
620 - 631 Secondary flow intensity determines Nusselt number on the fin surfaces of circle tube bank fin heat exchanger
Hu WL, Song KW, Guan Y, Chang LM, Liu S, Wang LB
632 - 637 Underground heat flow patterns for dense neighborhoods with heat pumps
Kobayashi H, Lorente S, Anderson R, Bejan A
638 - 646 Evaporation heat transfer and pressure drop of R161 in a 7 mm micro-fin tube
Han XH, Li P, Wang Z, Wang XH, Zhang XJ, Chen GM
647 - 660 Mixed convection flow over a solid sphere embedded in a porous medium filled by a nanofluid containing gyrotactic microorganisms
Tham L, Nazar R, Pop I
661 - 667 Heat regimes in a medium with non-linear transport processes and spatial heat production
Pavlov GA, Troshchiev YV
668 - 679 Cooling performance analysis of steam cooled gas turbine nozzle guide vane
Wang W, Gao JM, Shi XJ, Xu L
680 - 696 Possibilities and limitations of the ART-Sample algorithm for reconstruction of 3D temperature fields and the influence of opaque obstacles
Li YY, Herman C
697 - 710 A geometry factor for natural convection in open cell metal foam
Su Y, Davidson JH, Kulacki FA
711 - 717 Optimal preparation of PCM/diatomite composites for enhancing thermal properties
Jeong SG, Jeon J, Lee JH, Kim S
718 - 728 The boiling phenomenon of alumina nanofluid near critical heat flux
Ahn HS, Kim MH
729 - 740 Quantification of the mass transport in a two phase binary system at elevated pressures applying Raman spectroscopy: Pendant liquid solvent drop in a supercritical carbon dioxide environment
Braeuer A, Knauer OS, Quino J, Leipertz A
741 - 751 Heat transfer enhancement in microchannel heat sinks with periodic expansion-constriction cross-sections
Chai L, Xia GD, Wang L, Zhou MZ, Cui ZZ
752 - 760 Slug flow heat transfer in square microchannels
Talimi V, Muzychka YS, Kocabiyik S
761 - 771 Electrohydrodynamic instability of a rotating couple stress dielectric fluid layer
Shivakumara IS, Akkanagamma M, Ng CO
772 - 781 Axisymmetric thermocapillary migration of a fluid sphere in a spherical cavity
Lee TC, Keh HJ
782 - 793 Effect of turbulent inflow boundary condition in LES of flow over a backward-facing step using spectral element method
Kanchi H, Sengupta K, Mashayek F
794 - 804 Nano/micro-scale surface modifications using copper oxidation for enhancement of surface wetting and falling-film heat transfer
Koroglu B, Lee KS, Park C
805 - 817 Double diffusive buoyancy opposed natural convection in a porous cavity having partially active vertical walls
Jena SK, Mahapatra SK, Sarkar A