International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.55, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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513 - 514 Professor Ralph L. Webb (1934-2011) In Memoriam
Goldstein RJ, Sparrow EM, Minkowycz WJ, Wanni AS, Rudy TM, Kedzierski MA, Kim NH, Li W, Adamek T, Menze KW, Manglik RM, Saha SK, Bergles AE
515 - 521 Multidisciplinary optimization of a pin-fin radial heat sink for LED lighting applications
Jang D, Yu SH, Lee KS
522 - 530 Liquid-to-particle mass transfer in a micro packed bed reactor
Tidona B, Desportes S, Altheimer M, Ninck K, von Rohr PR
531 - 537 Effect of surface free energy difference on steam-ethanol mixture condensation heat transfer
Ma XH, Lan Z, Xu W, Wang MZ, Wang SF
538 - 546 Thermal management using the bi-disperse porous medium approach
Narasimhan A, Reddy BVK, Dutta P
547 - 555 The effect of liquid film evaporation on flow boiling heat transfer in a micro tube
Han YB, Shikazono N, Kasagi N
556 - 564 Analytical model for the design of volumetric solar flow receivers
Veeraragavan A, Lenert A, Yilbas B, Al-Dini S, Wang EN
565 - 573 On thermodynamics of methane plus carbonaceous materials adsorption
Rahman KA, Chakraborty A, Saha BB, Ng KC
574 - 585 Experimental validation of a CFD model for tubes in a phase change thermal energy storage system
Tay NHS, Bruno F, Belusko M
586 - 596 Wicking and thermal characteristics of micropillared structures for use in passive heat spreaders
Ranjan R, Patel A, Garimella SV, Murthy JY
597 - 606 Estimation of heat flux on the surface of an initially hot cylinder cooled by a laminar confined impinging jet
Chen WL
607 - 617 Characterization of heat transfer between phases inside a porous medium as applied to vegetal set representations
Lamorlette A, Collin A, Sero-Guillaume O
618 - 628 Heat conduction in a semi-infinite medium with a spherical inhomogeneity and time-periodic boundary temperature
Rabinovich A, Dagan G, Miloh T
629 - 641 Evaluation of temperature field and heat flux by inverse analysis during steel strip rolling
Weisz-Patrault D, Ehrlacher A, Legrand N
642 - 648 Flow and heat transfer characteristics on a moving plate in a nanofluid
Bachok N, Ishak A, Pop I
649 - 654 Numerical simulations of a coupled radiative-conductive heat transfer model using a modified Monte Carlo method
Kovtanyuk AE, Botkin ND, Hoffmann KH
655 - 664 An experimental and theoretical study of solidification in a free-convection flow inside a vertical annular enclosure
Lipnicki Z, Weigand B
665 - 679 Salt transport and crystallization in non-isothermal, partially saturated porous materials considering ions interaction model
Koniorczyk M
680 - 694 Effect of natural convection on oscillating flow in a pipe with cryogenic temperature difference across the ends
Ashwin TR, Narasimham GSVL, Jacob S
695 - 700 Entropy generation due to mixed convection in an enclosure with heated corners
Ovando-Chacon GE, Ovando-Chacon SL, Prince-Avelino JC
701 - 709 Effects of choking on flow and heat transfer in micro-channels
Lijo V, Kim HD, Setoguchi T
710 - 714 Green-Naghdi type III viscous fluids
Quintanilla R, Straughan B
715 - 725 Solutions of special type describing the three dimensional thermocapillary flows with an interface
Goncharova ON, Kabov OA, Pukhnachov VV
726 - 733 Heat transfer in turbulent separated flow behind a rib on the surface of square channel at different orientation angles relative to flow direction
Smulsky YI, Terekhov VI, Yarygina NI
734 - 743 Modeling of quasi-steady sodium droplet combustion in convective environment
Rao PM, Raghavan V, Velusamy K, Sundararajan T, Shet USP
744 - 751 Iterative algorithms for solving inverse problems of heat conduction in multiply connected domains
Frackowiak A, Cialkowski M, Wroblewska A
752 - 761 Thermal optimization of plate-fin heat sinks with fins of variable thickness under natural convection
Kim DK
762 - 772 Combined influences of viscous dissipation, non-uniform Joule heating and variable thermophysical properties on convective heat transfer in microtubes
Yavari H, Sadeghi A, Saidi MH, Chakraborty S
773 - 788 SOFC modeling considering electrochemical reactions at the active three phase boundaries
Andersson M, Yuan JL, Sunden B
789 - 801 DNS and RANS modelling of a turbulent plane impinging jet
Jaramillo JE, Trias FX, Gorobets A, Perez-Segarra CD, Oliva A
802 - 807 The physics of spreading ideas
Bejan A, Lorente S
808 - 816 Modeling of shell and tube heat recovery exchanger operated with nanofluid based coolants
Leong KY, Saidur R, Mahlia TMI, Yau YH
817 - 824 Experimentally measured thermal transport properties of aluminum-polytetrafluoroethylene nanocomposites with graphene and carbon nanotube additives
Kappagantula K, Pantoya ML
825 - 833 Microjet array flow boiling with R134a and the effect of dissolved nitrogen
Browne EA, Jensen MK, Peles Y
834 - 847 Impingement-based high performance cooling configurations for automotive power converters
Panda PR, Ekkad SV, Ngo K
848 - 863 Depth-averaged turbulent heat and fluid flow in a vegetated porous medium
Larmaei MM, Mahdi TF
864 - 873 Transient oscillatory saturated flow boiling heat transfer and associated bubble characteristics of FC-72 over a small heated plate due to heat flux oscillation
Wang SL, Chen CA, Lin YL, Lin TF
874 - 885 Latest developments on the viscosity of nanofluids
Mahbubul IM, Saidur R, Amalina MA
886 - 896 Numerical study on thermal-induced lubricant depletion in laser heat-assisted magnetic recording systems
Zeng Y, Zhou WD, Huang XY, Yu SK
897 - 906 Heat transfer enhancement in a small pipe by spinodal decomposition of a low viscosity, liquid-liquid, strongly non-regular mixture
Di Fede F, Poesio P, Beretta GP
907 - 914 Fully developed mixed convection flow of a nanofluid through an inclined channel filled with a porous medium
Cimpean DS, Pop I
915 - 924 Numerical investigation of an evaporating meniscus in a channel
Dhavaleswarapu HK, Murthy JY, Garimella SV
925 - 940 Holographic interferometric study of heat transfer to a sliding vapor bubble
Manickam S, Dhir V
941 - 957 Dissipation of shock wave in a gas-droplet mixture by droplet fragmentation
Yeom GS, Chang KS
958 - 970 Theoretical model for annular flow condensation in rectangular micro-channels
Kim SM, Mudawar I
971 - 983 Flow condensation in parallel micro-channels - Part 1: Experimental results and assessment of pressure drop correlations
Kim SM, Kim J, Mudawar I
984 - 994 Flow condensation in parallel micro-channels - Part 2: Heat transfer results and correlation technique
Kim SM, Mudawar I
995 - 1003 Transient natural convective heat transfer of a low-Prandtl-number fluid from a heated horizontal circular cylinder to its coaxial triangular enclosure
Xu X, Yu ZT, Hu YC, Fan LW, Cen KF
1004 - 1013 Effect of open microchannel geometry on pool boiling enhancement
Cooke D, Kandlikar SG
1014 - 1021 Effects of particle volume fraction on spray heat transfer performance of Al2O3-water nanofluid
Chang TB, Syu SC, Yang YK
1022 - 1029 Formation and breakup of compound pendant drops at the tip of a capillary and its effect on upstream velocity fluctuations
Che ZZ, Wong TN, Nguyen NT, Chai JC
1030 - 1035 The onset of natural convection in a horizontal fluid layer heated isothermally from below
Choi CK, Moon JH, Chung TJ, Kim MC, Ahn KH, Hwang ST, Davis EJ
1036 - 1047 Numerical model of a multi-turn Closed Loop Pulsating Heat Pipe: Effects of the local pressure losses due to meanderings
Mameli M, Marengo M, Zinna S
1048 - 1065 Boiling of R134a inside a glass minichannel. A new statistical approach of flow pattern characterization based on flow visualization
Dall'Olio S, Marengo M
1066 - 1075 Determination of moisture diffusion coefficient in transformer paper using thermogravimetric analysis
Garcia DF, Garcia B, Burgos JC, Garcia-Hernando N
1076 - 1082 Simulation and experimental validation of heat transfer in a novel hybrid solar panel
Yang DJ, Yuan ZF, Lee PN, Yin HM
1083 - 1094 Influence of hydrodynamic instability on the heat transfer coefficient during condensation of R134a and R404A refrigerants in pipe mini-channels
Kuczynski W, Charun H, Bohdal T
1095 - 1102 Thermal instability in a plane channel with internal heating and horizontal Poiseuille throughflow
Nield DA, Barletta A
1103 - 1112 Effects of moving lid direction on MHD mixed convection in a linearly heated cavity
Al-Salem K, Oztop HF, Pop I, Varol Y
1113 - 1125 Heat transfer in the thermal entrance region for drag reduction surfactant solutions in pipe flow
Rozanski J
1126 - 1132 Heat transfer in the boundary layer with asymptotic favorable pressure gradient
Volchkov EP, Makarov MS, Sakhnov AY
1133 - 1140 Interphase heat transfer during bulk condensation in the flow of vapor-gas mixture
Kortsenshteyn NM, Yastrebov AK
1141 - 1148 A numerical investigation of transient natural convection heat transfer of aqueous nanofluids in a horizontal concentric annulus
Yu ZT, Xu X, Hu YC, Fan LW, Cen KF
1149 - 1153 Experimental study of natural convection in fluid-superposed porous layers heated locally from below
Bagchi A, Kulacki FA
1154 - 1163 Experimental study of conjugate heat transfer within a bottom heated vertical concentric cylindrical enclosure
Malik AH, Alvi MSI, Khushnood S, Mahfouz FM, Ghauri MKK, Shah A
1164 - 1169 Onset of Rayleigh-Benard MHD convection in a micropolar fluid
Alloui Z, Vasseur P
1170 - 1178 Effect of heat-conductive filler of interface gap on thermoelastic contact of solids
Martynyak R, Chumak K
1179 - 1188 Two-phase flow behaviour and pressure drop of R134a in a smooth hairpin
De Kerpel K, Ameel B, Huisseune H, T'Joen C, Caniere H, De Paepe M
1189 - 1196 Time-dependent crystallization in magma chambers and lava lakes cooled from above: The role of convection and kinetics on nonlinear dynamics of binary systems
Alexandrov DV, Netreba AV, Malygin AP
1197 - 1207 The generalized amalgam method for modal reduction
Quemener O, Joly F, Neveu A
1208 - 1217 Laminar film condensation driven latent thermal energy storage in rectangular containers
Kota K, Chow L, Leland Q
1218 - 1225 A molecular dynamics investigation on evaporation of thin liquid films
Yu JP, Wang H
1226 - 1235 Heat transfer through a double-glazed unit with an internal louvered blind: Determination of the thermal transmittance using a biquadratic equation
Urbikain MK, Sala JM
1236 - 1245 Thermocapillary instabilities in liquid columns under co - and counter-current gas flows
Ryzhkov II, Shevtsova VM
1246 - 1260 Flow regime-based modeling of heat transfer and pressure drop in microchannel flow boiling
Harirchian T, Garimella SV
1261 - 1270 Simulation study on acoustic streaming and convective cooling in blood vessels during a high-intensity focused ultrasound thermal ablation
Solovchuk MA, Sheu TWH, Lin WL, Kuo I, Thiriet M
1271 - 1278 Temperature dependent viscosity and surface tension effects on deformations of non-isothermal falling liquid film
Kabova YO, Kuznetsov VV, Kabov OA
1279 - 1290 Axisymmetric impinging jet excited by a synthetic jet system
Travnicek Z, Nemcova L, Kordik J, Tesar V, Kopecky V
1291 - 1303 Poiseuille flow of moderately rarefied gases in annular channels
Taheri P, Struchtrup H
1304 - 1315 Study on heat transfer performance for loop heat pipe with circular flat evaporator
Nguyen XH, Sung BH, Choi J, Ryoo SR, Ko HS, Kim C
1316 - 1324 Heat transfer in a liquid film over an unsteady stretching sheet
Nandeppanavar MM, Vajravelu K, Abel MS, Ravi S, Jyoti H
1325 - 1342 Heat flow visualization for natural convection in rhombic enclosures due to isothermal and non-isothermal heating at the bottom wall
Anandalakshmi R, Basak T
1343 - 1354 Drag forces and heat transfer coefficients for spherical, cuboidal and ellipsoidal particles in cross flow at sub-critical Reynolds numbers
Richter A, Nikrityuk PA
1355 - 1362 Investigation of combined heat and mass transfer by Lie group analysis with variable diffusivity taking into account hydrodynamic slip and thermal convective boundary conditions
Hamad MAA, Uddin MJ, Ismail AIM
1363 - 1374 Finite element analysis and material sensitivity of Peltier thermoelectric cells coolers
Perez-Aparicio JL, Palma R, Taylor RL
1375 - 1384 Prediction of fully developed turbulent heat transfer of internal helically ribbed tubes - An extension of Gnielinski equation
Ji WT, Zhang DC, He YL, Tao WQ
1385 - 1402 Bubble growth and horizontal coalescence in saturated pool boiling on a titanium foil, investigated by high-speed IR thermography
Golobic I, Petkovsek J, Kenning DBR
1403 - 1411 Effect of number of tube rows on the air-side performance of crimped spiral fin-and-tube heat exchanger with a multipass parallel and counter cross-flow configuration
Pongsoi P, Pikulkajorn S, Wang CC, Wongwises S
1412 - 1418 Effect of vapour velocity on condensate retention between fins during condensation on low-finned tubes
Fitzgerald CL, Briggs A, Rose JW, Wang HS
1419 - 1422 Convective mass transfer from a horizontal rotating large-diameter cylinder
Ma HT, Hao SF, Wang MH, Yang GL, Wang FC
1423 - 1424 Comment on "Unsteady stagnation-point flow over a plate moving along the direction of flow impingement" by Y. Zhong and T. Fang, Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, 54 (2011) 3103-3108
Magyari E, Weidman PD
1425 - 1426 Reply to "Comment on "Unsteady stagnation-point flow over a plate moving along the direction of flow impingement" by Y. Zhong and T. Fang, Int. J. Heat MassTransfer 54 (2011)3103-3108"
Fang TG, Zhong YF