International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.55, No.23-24 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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6293 - 6294 Professor Yasuo Mori (1923-2012) In Memoriam
Nakayama W, Echigo R, Inoue T, Kasagi N, Kurosaki Y, Maruyama S, Miyauchi T, Nishio S, Okazaki K, Tanasawa I, Yabe A, Yamada Y, Yoshida H
6295 - 6306 A review on air flow and coolant flow circuit in vehicles' cooling system
Pang SC, Kalam MA, Masjuki HH, Hazrat MA
6307 - 6320 Interfacial heat transfer during microdroplet evaporation on a laser heated surface
Putnam SA, Briones AM, Ervin JS, Hanchak MS, Byrd LW, Jones JG
6321 - 6339 Experimental investigation of buoyant flows in inclined differentially heated cavities
Cooper D, Craft TJ, Esteifi K, Iacovides H
6340 - 6348 Development of modified SPH approach for modeling of high-velocity impact
Alhussan KA, Babenko VA, Kozlov IM, Smetannikov AS
6349 - 6362 PIV and numerical analysis of natural convection in tilted enclosures filled with air and with opposite active walls
Corvaro F, Paroncini M, Sotte M
6363 - 6373 Liquid and oxygen transport through bilayer gas diffusion materials of proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Wu R, Liao Q, Zhu X, Wang H
6374 - 6383 An accurate evaluation of geometric view factors for modelling radiative heat transfer in randomly packed beds of equally sized spheres
Feng YT, Han K
6384 - 6390 Analysis of steady flows in viscous fluid with heat/mass transfer and slip effects
Ellahi R, Shivanian E, Abbasbandy S, Rahman SU, Hayat T
6391 - 6399 Hot water cooled electronics: Exergy analysis and waste heat reuse feasibility
Zimmermann S, Tiwari MK, Meijer I, Paredes S, Michel B, Poulikakos D
6400 - 6409 Wall shear stress measurements and parametric analysis of impinging wall jets
Loureiro JBR, Freire APS
6410 - 6424 Local heat transfer coefficient measurement through a visibly-transparent heater under jet-impingement cooling
Haustein HD, Tebrugge G, Rohlfs W, Kneer R
6425 - 6434 Thermal and catalytic decomposition of aqueous ethylene glycol mixtures by film boiling
Evangelista JW, Avedisian CT, Tsang W
6435 - 6445 Experimental investigation of the turbulent heavy liquid metal heat transfer in the thermal entry region of a vertical annulus with constant heat flux on the inner surface
Marocco L, Loges A, Wetzel T, Stieglitz R
6446 - 6457 Boiling of water and FC-72 in microchannels enhanced with novel features
Sitar A, Sedmak I, Golobic I
6458 - 6462 Accuracy of tracer stimulus response experiments in laminar flows
Chlup H, Novotny P, Zitny R
6463 - 6472 Numerical simulation of the pressure drop and heat transfer of two phase slug flows in microtubes using moving frame of reference technique
Talimi V, Muzychka YS, Kocabiyik S
6473 - 6484 Explosive nucleation in microgravity: The Constrained Vapor Bubble experiment
Plawsky JL, Wayner PC
6485 - 6490 Asymptotic solutions for turbulent mass transfer augmented by a first order chemical reaction
van Reeuwijk M, Lari KS
6491 - 6498 Heat transfer from a nano-sphere with temperature and velocity discontinuities at the interface
Feng ZG, Michaelides EE
6499 - 6505 The boundary layers of an unsteady stagnation-point flow in a nanofluid
Bachok N, Ishak A, Pop I
6506 - 6513 Numerical investigation of natural convection in inclined parallel-plate channels partly filled with metal foams
Piller M, Stalio E
6514 - 6518 Heat and mass transfer in the liquid film on a vertical wall in roll-wave regime
Nakoryakov VE, Ostapenko VV, Bartashevich MV
6519 - 6529 Heat transfer in a turbulent particle-laden channel flow
Arcen B, Taniere A, Khalij M
6530 - 6537 Anisotropic thermal conductivity measurement of carbon-fiber/epoxy composite materials
Tian T, Cole KD
6538 - 6554 Influence of convective heat transfer modeling on the estimation of thermal effects in cryogenic cavitating flows
Rodio MG, De Giorgi MG, Ficarella A
6555 - 6566 Effect of fin pitches on the optimum heat transfer performance of crimped spiral fin-and-tube heat exchangers
Pongsoi P, Pikulkajorn S, Wongwises S
6567 - 6572 Experimental study of wall-free non-stationary vortices generation due to air unstable stratification
Varaksin AY, Romash ME, Kopeitsev VN, Gorbachev MA
6573 - 6581 Reconstruction of a space and time dependent heat source from finite measurement data
Yang L, Yu JN, Luo GW, Deng ZC
6582 - 6588 Partially-Averaged Navier-Stokes method with modified k-epsilon model for cavitating flow around a marine propeller in a non-uniform wake
Ji B, Luo XW, Wu YL, Peng XX, Xu HY
6589 - 6594 Series solution of convective radiative conduction equation of the nonlinear fin with temperature dependent thermal conductivity
Mosayebidorcheh S, Mosayebidorcheh T
6595 - 6599 A generalized relation between the local values of temperature and the corresponding heat flux in a one-dimensional semi-infinite domain with the moving boundary
Kulish V, Poletkin KV
6600 - 6608 Integral equation solutions based on exact ray paths for radiative transfer in a participating medium with formulated refractive index
Wu CY, Hou MF
6609 - 6617 The behavior of water droplets on the heated surface
Nakoryakov VE, Misyura SY, Elistratov SL
6618 - 6631 Forced oscillations, optimal forcing and resonance of thermal convection under small, time-varying forcing
Ishida H, Yamamoto K, Nishihara S, Oki T, Kawahara G
6632 - 6637 Flow and heat transfer in a moving fluid over a moving non-isothermal surface
Mukhopadhyay S, Vajravelu K, Van Gorder RA
6638 - 6650 Influences of a confined elliptic cylinder at different aspect ratios and inclinations on the laminar natural and mixed convection flows
Liao CC, Lin CA
6651 - 6664 Determination of equilibrium wire-feed-speeds for stable gas metal arc welding
Rao ZH, Zhou J, Tsai HL
6665 - 6675 Forced convective heat transfer in a microtube including rarefaction, viscous dissipation and axial conduction effects
Bahrami H, Bergman TL, Faghri A
6676 - 6681 Characteristics and performance evaluation of surface-treated louvered-fin heat exchangers under frosting and wet conditions
Kim K, Lee KS
6682 - 6694 +Transient characteristics of a liquid-to-air membrane energy exchanger (LAMEE) experimental data with correlations
Namvar R, Pyra D, Ge GM, Simonson CJ, Besant RW
6695 - 6704 Unsteady 3D heat and mass transfer diffusion coupled with turbulent forced convection for compost piles with chemical and biological reactions
Zambra CE, Moraga NO, Rosales C, Lictevout E
6705 - 6715 On the column apparatuses modeling
Doichinova M, Boyadjiev C
6716 - 6722 Carbon nanotube thermal interfaces on gadolinium foil
McCarthy PT, Marinero EE, Fisher TS
6723 - 6733 An experimental study of pressure loss and heat transfer in the pin fin-dimple channels with various dimple depths
Rao Y, Wan CY, Xu YM
6734 - 6756 Numerical study of heat transfer enhancement for a novel flat-plate solar water collector using metal-foam blocks
Chen CC, Huang PC
6757 - 6765 Performance of 2D scheme and different models in predicting flow turbulence and heat transfer through a supersonic turbine nozzle cascade
Guo L, Yan YY, Maltson JD
6766 - 6774 Modelling the effect of binary phase composition on inward solidification of a particle
Yang J, Zhao CY, Hutchins D
6775 - 6785 Combination of the fictitious domain method and the sharp interface method for direct numerical simulation of particulate flows with heat transfer
Shao XM, Shi Y, Yu ZS
6786 - 6797 A new frontier of nanofluid research - Application of nanofluids in heat pipes
Liu ZH, Li YY
6798 - 6807 Contact melting of a three-dimensional phase change material on a flat substrate
MacDevette MM, Myers TG
6808 - 6818 Numerical investigation of several physical and geometric parameters in the natural convection into trapezoidal cavities
da Silva A, Fontana E, Mariani VC, Marcondes F
6819 - 6831 Heat transfer of a horizontal spiral heat exchanger under groundwater advection
Li H, Nagano K, Lai YX
6832 - 6845 Experimental investigation on the leading edge film cooling of cylindrical and laid-back holes with different hole pitches
Liu CL, Zhu HR, Zhang ZW, Xu DC
6846 - 6853 Steady-state heat conduction analysis of solids with small open-ended tubular holes by BFM
Qin XY, Zhang JM, Liu LP, Li GY
6854 - 6863 Estimation of bonding quality between bitumen and aggregate under asphalt mixture manufacturing condition by thermal contact resistance measurement
Some SC, Gaudefroy V, Delaunay D
6864 - 6872 Finite element simulation of heat and mass transfer in activated carbon hydrogen storage tank
Xiao JS, Liu Y, Wang JJ, Benard P, Chahine R
6873 - 6880 Dynamic modeling and control of plate heat exchanger
Al-Dawery SK, Alrahawi AM, Al-Zobai KM
6881 - 6889 Incipience of boiling on a wire
Nardin JC, Poulain C, Duplat J
6890 - 6896 Temperature transitions on the surface of a thermoplastic melt during injection moulding and its use for chemical reactions
Nagel J, Heinrich G
6897 - 6907 A discrete multicomponent fuel evaporation model with liquid turbulence effects
Abianeh OS, Chen CP
6908 - 6915 Critical heat flux for CuO nanofluid fabricated by pulsed laser ablation differentiating deposition characteristics
Lee SW, Park SD, Bang IC
6916 - 6926 An embedding finite element analysis of heat transfer on the surface of circular cylinders in flow
Lo DC, Su DT
6927 - 6937 Crystallization fouling of CaCO3 - Analysis of experimental thermal resistance and its uncertainty
Paakkonen TM, Riihimaki M, Simonson CJ, Muurinen E, Keiski RL
6938 - 6943 Simulation of droplets impact on curved surfaces with lattice Boltzmann method
Shen SQ, Bi FF, Guo YL
6944 - 6950 Control optimization in experiments for the heat transfer assessment of saturated packed bed regenerators
Scarpa F, Tagliafico G, Tagliafico LA
6951 - 6958 Geometric optimization of a convective T-shaped cavity on the basis of constructal theory
Lorenzini G, Biserni C, Garcia FL, Rocha LAO
6959 - 6965 Three dimensional MHD stagnation flow due to a stretchable rotating disk
Turkyilmazoglu M
6966 - 6978 On the accuracy of the diffusion coefficient measurements using different initial shear cell configurations at low and moderate Rayleigh numbers
Ruiz X, Pallares J
6979 - 6993 Dual steady transports of heat and moisture in a vent enclosure with all round states of ambient air
Zhao FY, Rank E, Liu D, Wang HQ, Ding YL
6994 - 7004 Instability of pressure driven viscous fluid streams in a microchannel under a normal electric field
Li HW, Wong TN, Nguyen NT
7005 - 7014 Performance of LHPs with a novel design evaporator
Xu JY, Zhang L, Xu H
7015 - 7023 Analyses of non-Fourier heat conduction in 1-D cylindrical and spherical geometry - An application of the lattice Boltzmann method
Mishra SC, Sahai H
7024 - 7035 An experimental investigation and characterization on flame bifurcation and leaning transition behavior of a pool fire in near wake of a square cylinder
Hu LH, Zhao XY, Zhu W, Tang F
7036 - 7045 Flow distribution and heat transfer coefficients inside gas holes discharging into an orthogonal cross flow
Acharya S, Eshtiaghi AH, Schilp R
7046 - 7055 Prandtl number scaling of the unsteady natural convection boundary layer adjacent to a vertical flat plate for Pr > 1 subject to ramp surface heat flux
Saha SC, Brown RJ, Gu YT
7056 - 7062 Unidirectional bubble growth in microchannels with asymmetric surface features
Hardt S, Herbert S, Kunkelmann C, Mahjoob S, Stephan P
7063 - 7071 Experimental and numerical studies on inclined flame evolution in packing bed
Shi JR, Xie MZ, Xue ZJ, Xu YN, Liu HS
7072 - 7078 Experimental study of flow and heat transfer characteristics of natural convection in an enclosure with horizontal parallel heated plates
Horibe A, Shimoyama R, Haruki N, Sanada A
7079 - 7092 Double-diffusive mixed convection in a vertical pipe: A thermal non-equilibrium approach
Bera P, Kapoor S, Khandelwal MK
7093 - 7103 Buoyant Darcy flow driven by a horizontal temperature gradient: A linear stability analysis
Barletta A, di Schio ER
7104 - 7108 Fluidic lens by using thermal lens effect
Doan HD, Akamine Y, Fushinobu K
7109 - 7118 Application of parametric identification methods for the analysis of the heat exchanger dynamics
Piotrowska E, Chochowski A
7119 - 7132 Study of trans-critical CO2 natural convective flow with unsteady heat input and its implications on system control
Chen L, Zhang XR, Cao SM, Bai H
7133 - 7143 Theoretical model on the heat and mass transfer in silica gel packed beds during the regeneration assisted by high-intensity ultrasound
Yao Y, Zhang WJ, Yang K, Liu SQ, He BX
7144 - 7150 Effects of Al2O3/R-123 nanofluids containing C19H40 core-shell phase change materials on critical heat flux
Park SD, Lee SW, Kang S, Kim SM, Seo H, Bang IC
7151 - 7165 Rayleigh-Benard convection in a supercritical fluid along its critical isochore in a shallow cavity
Shen B, Zhang P
7166 - 7174 Influence of thermophoresis and chemical reaction on MHD micropolar fluid flow with variable fluid properties
Das K
7175 - 7187 Natural convection in a square porous annulus
Badruddin IA, Al-Rashed AAAA, Ahmed NJS, Kamangar S, Jeevan K
7188 - 7198 Analysis of charge, momentum and energy transfer by an impinging sub-keV electron beam on a conductor via Monte Carlo simulation including secondary-electron generation
Wong BT
7199 - 7206 Experimental study on static flash evaporation of aqueous NaCl solution
Zhang D, Chong DT, Yan JJ, Zhao BC
7207 - 7212 Visualization of electroporation-induced temperature rise using temperature-sensitive ink
Kurata K, Yoshii T, Uchida S, Fukunaga T, Takamatsu H
7213 - 7217 Investigation of potential profile in electrolyte membrane of PEFC by using microprobe technique
Ohishi M, Okano Y, Ono Y, Ohma A, Fushinobu K, Okazaki K
7218 - 7222 A study on flow and heat transfer characteristics for saturated falling-film evaporation of liquid oxygen in a vertical channel
Zhou YY, Yu JL, Li YZ
7223 - 7233 Slip flow and heat transfer in microbearings with fractal surface topographies
Zhang WM, Meng G, Wei XY, Peng ZK
7234 - 7246 Analytical Monte Carlo Ray Tracing simulation of radiative heat transfer through bimodal fibrous insulations with translucent fibers
Arambakam R, Tafreshi HV, Pourdeyhimi B
7247 - 7256 Effect of rotating cylinder on heat transfer in a square enclosure filled with nanofluids
Roslan R, Saleh H, Hashim I
7257 - 7267 Numerical study on characteristics of flow and heat transfer in a cooling passage with protrusion-in-dimple surface
Kim JE, Doo JH, Ha MY, Yoon HS, Son C
7268 - 7277 Numerical investigation of turbulent flow and heat transfer in a channel with novel longitudinal vortex generators
Min CH, Qi CY, Wang EY, Tian LT, Qin YJ
7278 - 7286 3-D finite element simulation of the cylinder temperature distribution in boil-off gas (BOG) compressors
Shen YH, Zhang B, Xin DB, Yang DH, Peng XY
7287 - 7296 Nonlinear programming optimization of filler shapes for composite materials with inverse problem technique to maximize heat conductivity
Zhang LZ, Wang XJ, Pei LX
7297 - 7311 Axisymmetric natural convection-driven evaporation of hot water and the Mpemba effect
Vynnycky M, Maeno N
7312 - 7320 CHF and near-wall boiling behaviors in pool boiling of water on a heating surface coated with nanoparticles
Sakashita H
7321 - 7329 Natural convection in square enclosures filled with fluid-saturated porous media under the influence of the magnetic field induced by two parallel vertical electric currents
Costa VAF, Sousa ACM, Vasseur P
7330 - 7335 General procedure for calculation of diffuse view factors between arbitrary planar polygons
Mazumder S, Ravishankar M
7336 - 7340 Solving nonlinear direct and inverse problems of stationary heat transfer by using Trefftz functions
Grysa K, Maciag A, Pawinska A
7341 - 7345 Effects of the outflow area on saturated pool boiling in a vertical annulus
Kang MG
7346 - 7351 An analytical solution to the problem of frost growth and densification on flat surfaces
Hermes CJL
7352 - 7354 Impact of the apparent contact angle on the bubble departure at boiling
Nikolayev VS, Janecek V