International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.53, No.15-16 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0017-9310 (Print) 

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2943 - 2950 Synthesis of biofilm resistance characteristics against antibiotics
Shafahi M, Vafai K
2951 - 2954 Thermal effects on Rayleigh-Marangoni-Benard instability in a system of superposed fluid and porous layers
Zhao SC, Liu QS, Liu R, Nguyen-Thi H, Billia B
2955 - 2962 Heat transfer and pressure drop correlations for compact heat exchangers with multi-region louver fins
Li W, Wang XL
2963 - 2968 The "flow of stresses" concept: The analogy between mechanical strength and heat convection
Lorente S, Lee J, Bejan A
2969 - 2978 Phase-field modeling of bubble growth and flow in a Hele-Shaw cell
Sun Y, Beckermann C
2979 - 2988 High temperature latent heat thermal energy storage using heat pipes
Shabgard H, Bergman TL, Sharifi N, Faghri A
2989 - 2995 Modelling turbulent high Schmidt number mass transfer across undeformable gas-liquid interfaces
Suga K, Kubo M
2996 - 3005 Shape optimization of a fan-shaped hole to enhance film-cooling effectiveness
Lee KD, Kim KY
3006 - 3012 A numerical study of the unsteady heat/mass transfer inside a circulating sphere
Juncu G
3013 - 3022 Application of the TLVA model for predicting film cooling under rotating frames
Xu GQ, Zhu JQ, Tao Z
3023 - 3029 Experimental study of rectangular channel with modified rectangular longitudinal vortex generators
Min CH, Qi CY, Kong XF, Dong JF
3030 - 3034 Soret and Dufour effects on free convection along a vertical wavy surface in a fluid saturated Darcy porous medium
Narayana PAL, Sibanda P
3035 - 3044 Transient model for coupled heat, air and moisture transfer through multilayered porous media
Tariku F, Kumaran K, Fazio P
3045 - 3056 Heat transfer correlations of perpendicularly impinging jets on a hemispherical-dimpled surface
Kanokjaruvijit K, Martinez-Botas RF
3057 - 3066 A comprehensive approach for simulation of capillary jet breakup
Zhang KKQ, Shotorban B, Minkowycz WJ, Mashayek F
3067 - 3074 Growth of bubbles containing plasma in water by high-frequency irradiation
Mukasa S, Maehara T, Nomura S, Toyota H, Kawashima A, Hattori Y, Hashimoto Y, Yamashita H
3075 - 3079 Some considerations on thermal boundary condition of slip flow
Hong C, Asako Y
3080 - 3087 Non-Fourier effect in the presence of coupled heat and moisture transfer
Andarwa S, Tabrizi HB
3088 - 3101 Effect of rotation on the onset of thermal convection in a sparsely packed porous layer using a thermal non-equilibrium model
Malashetty MS, Swamy M
3102 - 3110 Numerical investigation of gas-to-particle cluster convective heat transfer in circulating fluidized beds
Wang SY, Liu GD, Wu YB, Chen JH, Liu YJ, Wei LX
3111 - 3120 Integrated analysis of whole building heat, air and moisture transfer
Tariku F, Kumaran K, Fazio P
3121 - 3130 Pressure drop during air flow in aluminum foams
Mancin S, Zilio C, Cavallini A, Rossetto L
3131 - 3142 Experimental study of free convection from a pair of vertical arrays of horizontal cylinders at very low Rayleigh numbers
D'Orazio A, Fontana L
3143 - 3155 Three-dimensional natural convection in an enclosure with a sphere at different vertical locations
Yoon HS, Yu DH, Ha MY, Park YG
3156 - 3165 Enhancement of an impingement heat transfer between turbulent mist jet and flat surface
Pakhomov MA, Terekhov VI
3166 - 3174 Convectional mass/heat transfer in a rotary regenerator rotor consisted of the corrugated sheets
Bieniasz B
3175 - 3185 Lattice Boltzmann study of velocity, temperature, and concentration in micro-reactors
Verma N, Mewes D, Luke A
3186 - 3192 Volume fraction and temperature variations of the effective thermal conductivity of nanodiamond fluids in deionized water
Yeganeh M, Shahtahmasebi N, Kompany A, Goharshadi EK, Youssefi A, Siller L
3193 - 3201 Heat transfer model for gas-liquid slug flows under constant flux
Walsh PA, Walsh EJ, Muzychka YS
3202 - 3212 Vortex shedding and heat transfer dependence on effective Reynolds number for mixed convection around a cylinder in cross flow
Bhattacharyya S, Singh AK
3213 - 3221 Wave motion and heat and mass transfer of the disperse phase under the conditions of low-frequency gas pulsations
Akulich PV, Akulich AV, Dragun VL
3222 - 3230 A synthesis of tortuosity and dispersion in effective thermal conductivity of porous media
Yang C, Nakayama A
3231 - 3240 Experimental investigation of a dual compensation chamber loop heat pipe
Lin GP, Li N, Bai LZ, Wen DS
3241 - 3261 Heatline approach for visualization of heat flow and efficient thermal mixing with discrete heat sources
Kaluri RS, Basak T, Roy S
3262 - 3274 Thermo-hydraulic study of a single row heat exchanger consisting of metal foam covered round tubes
T'Joen C, De Jaeger P, Huisseune H, Van Herzeele S, Vorst N, De Paepe M
3275 - 3283 Measurement of the temperature non-uniformity in a microchannel heat sink using microscale laser-induced fluorescence
Chamarthy P, Garimella SV, Wereley ST
3284 - 3291 A new model for three-dimensional random roughness effect on friction factor and heat transfer in microtubes
Xiong RQ, Chung JN
3292 - 3299 Human tissue temperatures achieved during recharging of new-generation neuromodulation devices
Smith DK, Lovik RD, Sparrow EM, Abraham JP
3300 - 3307 Preliminary experimental study of a bio-inspired, phase-change particle capillary heat exchanger
Hassanipour F, Lage JL
3308 - 3318 Unsteady conjugate mixed convection phase change of a power law non-Newtonian fluid in a square cavity
Moraga NO, Andrade MA, Vasco DA
3319 - 3325 Heat transfer analysis of peristaltic flow in a curved channel
Ali N, Sajid M, Javed T, Abbas Z
3326 - 3334 Pool boiling heat transfer on the tube surface in an inclined annulus
Kang MG
3335 - 3345 Heat transfer characteristics and pressure variation in a nanoscale evaporating meniscus
Maroo SC, Chung JN
3346 - 3356 Analysis of evaporating mist flow for enhanced convective heat transfer
Kumari N, Bahadur V, Hodes M, Salamon T, Kolodner P, Lyons A, Garimella SV
3357 - 3365 Enhancement of pool-boiling heat transfer using nanostructured surfaces on aluminum and copper
Hendricks TJ, Krishnan S, Choi CH, Chang CH, Paul B
3366 - 3371 Comparison of thermal characteristics of confined and unconfined impinging jets
Choo KS, Kim SJ
3372 - 3376 Heat transfer performance of lithium bromide solution in falling film generator
Shi CM, Chen QH, Jen TC, Yang W